Marxist Mass Murderer w/Drug Ties who Led US Flag Burning March After 9/11 to Become President of El Salvador

El Salvador's Vice President Salvador Sanchez Ceren speaks during the 30th anniversary celebrations of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), in San Salvador

With all the Marxists becoming national leaders in this hemisphere, from Brazil to Nicaragua to El Salvador to the United States, Canada seems to be one of the last oases of freedom left.

A former Marxist guerrilla leader whose party reportedly has ties to Venezuela’s socialist government and drug traffickers is poised to be El Salvador’s next president.

Elliott Abrams, deputy national security adviser in the George W. Bush administration and assistant secretary of state for inter-American affairs under Ronald Reagan, said in an interview that Sanchez Ceren is from the “hardest-line elements of the FMLN.” He said Jose Luis Merino, Sanchez Ceren’s “right-hand man,” has ties to narcotics traffickers in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

While there is still a chance that Quijano could collect votes from the supporters of other candidates in the initial elections, Abrams said it would not be easy.

“It’s going to be very difficult,” he said. “The drug traffickers are in a position to spend a lot of money on the runoff.”

Hope, dope and change.

The left needs financing and the Latin American left has figured out that taking over the drug trade makes it virtually invulnerable.

Noriega said Sanchez Ceren is an “anti-U.S. radical who committed barbaric acts against his own people during a bloody civil war.”

He also led a FMLN march four days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks where participants blamed U.S. policies for the al Qaeda operation and burned an American flag.

What Noriega is talking about is this video…

Among other atrocities that the FMLN was responsible for was the Zona Rosa massacre which killed four US Marines and several other Americans.

On that June 19, 1985, night, the four U.S. Marines sat at an outdoor table at a Chili’s restaurant in the Zona Rosa. All four were unarmed, enjoying down time from guard duty at the U.S. Embassy and wearing civilian clothes.

The seven assailants who arrived in a white pick-up truck were from the Revolutionary Party of Central American Workers, one of the five FMLN factions. Weeks earlier, rebel leaders pronounced that all U.S. military personnel in El Salvador “were legitimate targets in the war,” the faction’s then-leader, Francisco Jovel, said in an interview.

The assailants fired rapidly. When the shooting ended, Marines Thomas Handwork, Patrick R. Kwiatkoski, Bobbie J. Dickson and Gregory H. Weber, and eight civilians, lay dead.

The United States vowed justice, but that was B.O. Before Obama.

In a voice choking with emotion, President Reagan pledged today to bring to justice the killers of four American marines killed Wednesday in San Salvador.

”They say the men who murdered these sons of America escaped, disappeared into the city streets, but I pledge to you today they will not evade justice on earth any more than they can escape the judgment of God,” Mr. Reagan said. ”We and the Salvadoran leaders will move any mountain and ford any river to find the jackals and bring them and their colleagues in terror to justice.”

Mr. Reagan, and his wife, Nancy, flew to Andrews Air Force Base for the brief ceremony that began as the coffins were carried from an Air Force transport plane and ended when each coffin was loaded into a hearse and driven away.

But that was back when we had an American president. These days we have our own Ceren in power who has more in common ideologically with the killers of those Marines than with the Marines themselves. Benghazi was just one of many reminders of that.

But those deaths are a drop in the water in FMLN’s massacres in El Salvador.

Galeas and Ayala are fully engaged in detailing assassinations by the FMLN of 1,200-1,500 persons between 1986 and 1990. For the better part of a year, they have spoken with family survivors, met with assassins and exhumed graves holding 20 or 30 or more skeletal remains.

“One of the favorite interrogation techniques was to bludgeon presumed enemy spies with wooden clubs,” Mr. Galeas recounted. “They first assaulted their arms and legs, brutally breaking them in futile attempts to get them to talk – futile because they had nothing to confess. Eventually, they realized there was nothing forthcoming and they turned their clubs on the victims’ skulls, beating them until they succumbed.”

These were not ordinary murders; they were committed by guerrillas against other guerrillas on the orders of the commanding general in the San Vicente region, known in the FMLN as El Frente Para Central (The Auxiliary Central Front). What’s more, virtually all the murders were based on unproven hearsay allegations that the victims were Salvadoran military agents trying to undermine the terrorist cause.

The commanding general who approved every assassination, with the alias “Leonel Gonzalez,” was none other than Salvador Sanchez Ceren, vice presidential candidate of the FMLN in the country’s March presidential elections. Sanchez Ceren has long been a top FMLN leader and is considered one of the most orthodox hard leftists in the organization

But as Hillary likes to say, what difference does it make anyway?


  • Omar

    This is really bad. Obviously, since the Marxists in Latin America have been destroying democracy in their respective countries, the only way to restore democracy in those countries is for the people to rise up and overthrow their corrupt autocrats militantly. The 1973 coup in Chile can serve as an example of how people of a country fought back against the Marxists and their Cuban imperialist puppeteers. This is yet another reason why Puerto Rico needs to become a state of the American Union. Hopefully, by 2016, Americans would elect a president who would have a foreign policy that would be similar to that of Reagan’s. Democracy must be restored to Latin America.

    • darnellecheri

      This is insanely bad! Unlike the RR era, the BO era American government will not intervene to champion/save democracy, and we might yet watch another Latin American country follow the 21st century model of the Socialist state as it careens down the path of political repression, religious oppression, overall suppression, food shortages and massive corruption. Every Socialist/Communist state believes it can do it better than the previous generation. But it never ends well. Never.

  • wileyvet

    Dirty Sanchez.

  • Drakken

    This was another commi we missed when we were there, if we had been given just a little more time, we would have had him, now our mistake is coming back to haunt us. With Obummer at the helm, the bad news just keeps coming!

  • israel mejia

    I am Israel Mejia , is not in order to generate hatred between brothers is simply for the people out there to know the truth , many people today still believe the war in el salvador was caused due to social discrimination, depends on each individual and their lived reality in my opinion the factor was pure ideological and geopolitical movements of the cold war , social inequality, yes there was and is still there like in many countries in the world.
    but to say that the social issues was the determining factor is a lie, if so today days we should be at war, believing so is only for movies that have been filmed regarding to the conflict in El Salvador , but by accepting this ideological geopolitical reality is like cutting once for all off the justification of the summary execution of people killed by the today president sanchez ceren.
    The incident occurred the tuesday January 20, 1981 in the village of San Jose primero city of san martin. was around as 6:30 pm , suddenly some 60 gunmen with rifles ak47 and fall G3 etc, of the Farabundo Marti Front from the FPL fighting in the country to impose a communist socialist goverment, they surround the house of Mariano Mejia Arias while he was abouth to eat supper on the porch of his house in the company of his family, he was a civilian man who never belonged to any political party or participate in groups or any force of goverment .
    when he married Catalina Cabrera in behalf of my grandma family, he received a wedding gift of one pair of oxen and a small piece of land,
    he spent his life working hard to inhererit a better future for his family, he created jobs and employed people of the vecinity of that area so with effort he came to own his little farm , the FPL began months earlier with killing his livestock, months ago we was finding the skin of the animals , taxing him like making a burden for the fruits of his hard work was not enough, the next step was to assassinate him,
    this man who taught from who i learned to work hard to have dignity as worthy value lefted orphanate family and a widow, i still remember he was bleeding my strong young grandfather,
    until today day the house is still abandoned, there is the record of defunction certificate at the City Hall of san martin city.
    after ransacking the house for hours, they stoled all the money anything that was holding value they took even the last Chinese dish of my grandmother they shoot it him the first shot in the back up on on his shoulder at theirs arrival between 630 pm and the last bullets up on theirs departure,
    he told them take everything but let me go to the hospital but right there in front of his family they put it him on his knees\ shot him twice in the head , the next day I still remember blood was still coming out from one of his ears, killed by salvador ceren sanchez , for the crime of not been a lazy slacker he was of judged and execute for having worked hard for his family,
    these facts are 100 % legitimate verifiable for witneses and phisycal evidence of survivors who that night run for theirs life they still remenber this crime, of a worthy man like my grandfhater for him never was human rights organization condening this atrocity…he is not even in list of casualties of war.
    . sanchez ceren This is real man who many believe worthily represents El Salvador Sanchez Ceren the torturer the killer ??
    in the 9/11 this criminal torturer went the streets of san salvador praising Osama bin laden asking for one more aircraft against the country that have sheltered millions of Salvadoreans, sanchez ceren used to shout it louded YANKY INVASOR FUERA DE EL SALVADOR , he went to the street of San Salvador in the companion of a mob of his party,to show support to the acts of a terrorist organization alquaeda for the 9/11 attack, where 43 salvadoreans lost theirs life’ i can not procees how a human been will rejoice for the killing of thousands of people and not even care for the ones of his own country they burned the united states flag,
    A flag represent the pride of a society the history of a nation, that act commited by a foreigner is the biggets offense tha can be make to a nation.
    the united states is even untill today days the shelter for most of the inmigrants militantes of this communist party the FMLN, a large majority of then even have been ables to became naturalized citizens of a country that they hate.
    this people are in the united states for financial needs seeking financial prosperity, they are organized all across the nations, from LA to miami to new york etc.. make wonder why if they hate america why they dont run to cuba or north corea.
    united states of america not only directly help with hundres of millions the economy of el salvador but also this society the taxpayers provide jobs that allowed then to make monthly remitances that support theirs family and economy of el salvador, he won with fraud the oposition did not have representation in TSE and theirs Ballots odservers voted twuice, they did the horse circle by relieving the odserver taking them to the place that the person is asigned to vote and taking them back to theirs post where they can vote again pretending they have not done it yeah vote again. what a shame for this president…


      Mire solo por que le mataron a su abuelo no significa que el FMLN es mal gobierno. Quiere un regreso a ARENA? ARENA killed many more thousands than the FMLN. Don’t be hypocrites.