Marxist Prof Claims Calling Her a Marxist is “Red-Baiting”


Red-baiting was one of the more fantastic inventions of the left. Suddenly pointing out that someone was a member of a mass murdering ideology bent on world conquest… was worse than actually being a member of that ideology.

Red-baiting was tacky, hateful and everything that enlightened people didn’t want to be. It was perfectly all-right for a Communist to say he was one. It was alright for an admiring fellow traveler to say it. But not for anyone who thought that mass enslavement and murder under the red flag were bad things.

Red-baiting gave the Marxists and Communists immunity from criticism. Questioning their politics had become worse than their actual politics.

That’s the privilege that Julie Matthaei demands.

Wellesley College professor Julie Matthaei describes herself as a “Marxist-feminist-anti-racist-ecological-economist” on the college’s official website, but accused a pro-business group of “red-baiting” for citing this description in an advertisement opposing minimum wage hikes.

The Boston Globe’s article frames the ad which outed the Marxist ties of professors calling for a minimum wage as a return of the Cold War.

Remember that next time, a liberal pundit accuses conservatives of fearmongering.

Wellesley College economics professor Julie Matthaei is a Marxist living in a modern-day commune in Cambridge who has carved out an academic niche questioning the status quo. She is unapologetic about her beliefs, describing herself on her Wellesley Web page as a “Marxist-feminist-anti-racist-ecological-economist.”

If Matthaei were truly unapologetic, this whole article wouldn’t exist. But unapologetic in academic settings among her own kind is not the same thing as when she gets dragged out from under a rock.

But she was stunned recently when this description was used against her in a full-page advertisement in The New York Times by a murky pro-business group opposed to raising the minimum wage. Matthaei was among 600 academic economists who signed a petition supporting a minimum-wage increase, which the ad tried to discredit.

Do you know what’s murky? Pro-business groups. Know what isn’t murky according to the Boston Globe? Marxism.

“Suddenly you’re thrust on the national stage, and it was a shock,” said Matthaei, who has taught at Wellesley for 36 years. “I felt I was being red-baited.”

So much for the unapologetic part.

The Times ad, taken out by the nonprofit Employment Policies Institute in Washington, had a distinctly 1950s flavor, employing excerpts from quotes that used derivatives of “Marx” four times, praised Soviet-style socialism, and questioned official accounts of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Megan Woolhouse of the Boston Globe is to be congratulated for writing a sentence so convoluted that it leaves readers with the impression that the ad began randomly spewing stuff about Marx and 9/11, rather than noting clearly that the Marx and 9/11 quotes came from the academics involved.

But Saltsman denied any “red-baiting,” noting that the description of Matthaei comes directly from her Wellesley Web page.

“I think we should be asking questions as to whether that’s the person whose insight is most valuable on raising the minimum wage,” Saltsman said. “I don’t think it is.”

Instead of the charge being Marxist, Megan shifts the charge so that it’s now red-baiting, which we can call red-red-baiting.

She likened attempts to vilify her as similar to tactics used to discredit Obama and cast him as a socialist because of his efforts to create a system for universal health care.

Except that Obama at least isn’t, currently, calling himself a Socialist. If you can’t be discredited because of something currently on your self-description, especially if that something is responsible for mass murder, what can you be discredited by?

Oh right, being in a pro-business group.

Karl Marx’s criticisms of capitalism still have resonance today, she said, noting high unemployment, increased concentration of wealth, the erosion of the middle class, and entrenched poverty among low-income families.

Are we going to go there? Let’s try a country that followed the Marxist path and see how it’s doing.

She added that she had the luxury of studying alternative economics because her father paid for her education and provided a monthly stipend, an opportunity many never get.

So she was exactly like Karl Marx with her Republican daddy playing Engels.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “She added that she had the luxury of studying alternative economics
    because her father paid for her education and provided a monthly
    stipend, an opportunity many never get.” Especially never in countries that adopted Marxism, except for the offspring of high-up Party members. Hello, Megan? Anyone home upstairs?

  • PAthena

    President Obama is, I suspect, a Marxist, to be polite about it.. He is a protege ofBill Ayers, communist, founder of the Weatherman, terrorist who was not convicted of terrorist bombings for reasons I do not know.

    • Steeloak

      Not to mention being mentored by Frank Marshall Davis and being closely associated with Valerie Jarrett, daughter-in-law of Vernon Jarrett another Communist & close friend of Frank Marshall Davis.

  • DrLarry

    “Marxist-feminist-anti-racist-ecological-economist = anti-American-man hating-racist-Luddite.

  • A Z

    How is Cornerstone, where the Marxist professor lives, some sort of special commune?

    “Privately-owned, energy-efficient homes”

  • A Z

    Looks like Wellesley College professor Julie Matthae just wants the veneer of of a commune.

    “Cornerstone Village Cohousing is a group of people who began meeting in the summer of 1993 to develop a cohousing community in the northwest inner suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. Our project in North Cambridge, MA, is composed of 32 private housing units — ranging from one-bedroom flats to townhouses — and common facilities.”

  • A Z
  • truebearing

    Murky pro-business groups…that’s the worst kind.

    I wish her photo was a lot more murky. Why are all of these Marxists such a bunch of physical mutants? It’s obvious why they are so ugly spiritually, but there seems to be a genetic factor that attracts these gorgons to equally ugly ideologies.

    Quotes are red baiting, in addition to being racist, sexist, and Islamophobic. It is telling that she considers being called by others what she calls herself to be vilifying. Of course, that absurd position is common among blacks with their frequent use of the “n word” in referring to each other, but violent hysterics if anyone else uses it. Their ability to ban public use, while they use it excessively, has made it special to them — a term of power over others.

    • macktoid

      It’s called feminism (extreme, but typical).

  • 11johnmac66

    I might say that this is a cunning strategy be Marxists professors if I didn’t think they were so deluded with their own sanctimonious righteousness which blinkers them from the horrors of all those past and present regimes that professed and established themselves on Marxism. Thus one so often hears them excuse those bloody states – and environmental disastrous states as ”not truly Marxist”.
    That their socialist utopias’ turn into some Marxist authoritarians is forever lost to their reasoning on centralised economic planning.

  • A Z

    Julie cannot seem to live in a communist country such as Cuba or Venezuela. the most she can do is live in a commune.

    “Most radicals even see the changes in the Soviet Union as buttressing their case. “A lot of the uprising was against the lack of democracy,” says Julie Matthaei, a leading radical economist at Wellesley College. ”

  • A Z

    Most radicals even see the changes in the Soviet Union as buttressing their case. “A lot of the uprising was against the lack of democracy,” says Julie Matthaei, a leading radical economist at Wellesley College.

    Adbuster site is a good laugh too.

  • wileyvet

    How many students has this woman taught her radical ideas to in her 36 years of teaching in the freest nation on earth. She needs to have her leg and armpit hair plucked out one by one and hit over the head with her Birkenstocks.

    • bjedwards

      she needs to have her limbs plucked out, ie. be drawn and quartered.

  • Adobe_Walls

    Reds should be baited. They should be baited often and by someone who knows how

  • AG

    Woolhouse, isn’t she the same same scumbag that went after Robert Spencer when he was invited to speak at the Worcester Arch Diasese? This little free speech killing Nutzi also has written in her articles about how Jews use anti-Semitism to deflect criticism of Israel.


    Take away her pension and give it to the hungry and poor.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I can’t understand why Republicans continue to be politically correct by calling Dhimmicrats liberals and progressives. Come on, take the gloves off and call them what they actually are, that is Marxists. Oh, I almost forgot, most Republicans are also liberals and progressives.

    • kernals

      Fine, so long as we can call you guys racists.

      • Space Cowboy

        You already do.

        • kernals

          And you guys already call us marxists.

          • Space Cowboy

            That’s because you guys are Marxist totalitarians. While at the same time, we are not really racists. You guys, however, call us that in any event, because that’s all you got.

          • kernals

            I don’t support marxism and I say all those who do are incredibly stupid.

          • Space Cowboy

            Well if you support the Dhimmicrat Party and call all Capitalists racist, then that means you are a Marxist totalitarian.

          • kernals

            That is red baiting

          • Space Cowboy

            Sorry, but the truth is not red baiting. As the truth is the truth and nothing but the truth. Indeed, you are a moronic Marxist totalitarian moonbat, and just like you have been inculcated to do anytime a capitalist like me exposes the truth, you yell racism right on cue because you are also controlled via the dynamics of group think by Marxist totalitarians. Indeed, you even said so yourself!

            As a matter of fact, Marxist are expert at exploiting the ignorance’s of disparate groups, which is why they also promote and celebrate PC multiculturalism and diversity in their ends justifies the means mission to divide the country in order to eventually imposed their Marxist totalitarian utopia that will inevitably be little more than a Marxist totalitarian hellhole.

          • kernals

            I only yell racist because you yell marxist.

          • Space Cowboy

            I only yell racist because you yell marxist.

            You yell racist because you have been conditioned via the dynamics of group think to squeal racist anytime a capitalist like me has the audacity to point out the truth. Even though I know and you know that I’m not a racist. But that nonetheless doesn’t matter to you, as it is part of being a Marxist totalitarian where the end always justifies the means.

            For instance, Bill Clinton is a hero among you Marxist totalitarians. Not because he was a good president, because he most certainly was not, since he was very limited because both houses of congress during his administration were Republican and forced him to compromise on his values and on his priorities far more than he wanted, but instead because he lied and got away with it. Indeed, the ends always justifies the means.

            Moreover, I call you a Marxist totalitarian because you obviously support utterly self-destructive Marxist totalitarian policies. Indeed, if you support Obama and the Dhimmicrat Party’s utterly self-destructive Marxist totalitarian policies, then you can’t deny that you are a Marxist totalitarian.

            Hey man…it’s not my fault that Marxism, which cuts against the grain of human nature and common sense, in all of its various manifestations has in time always inevitably failed just like clockwork every time it has been tried. Indeed, if you look back at history it is quite easy to see that it has left nothing but a trail of devastation and desolation in its wake. If that’s what you choose to be a part of it, then so be it.

          • kernals

            stop putting words in my mouth, i said i’m not a marxist

          • Space Cowboy

            stop putting words in my mouth, i said i’m not a Marxist

            Relax…nobody is putting words in your mouth. I’m merely just stating the obvious. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then obviously it is a duck.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Suddenly pointing out that someone was a member of a mass murdering ideology bent on world conquest…

    Gee that sounds eerily like another mass murdering ideology bent on world conquest called Islam…

  • popseal

    My liberal arts professors at the University of New Orleans (then LSUNO) in 1970 were Marxists and constantly bashed America. How bad are they now? The best thing about Vietnam (veteran of two tours) was our Communist kill ratio. My unit sold the farm to 900 and we lost 34 for the history of the war.

  • herb benty

    Absolutely Hillarious! ” Karl Marx’s criticism of capitalism still has resonance today, she said”. Then lists off everything Obama has created in America. So, the left had to artificialy create in America those conditions that Marxist’s use to condemn a free country! Evil has come upon the U.S.A.

  • tom_billesley

    “Marxist” is like the “N” word. It’s ok to use it among Marxists, but never in mixed company.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      That’s what they’re going for. They’re proud of it unless they get caught in the open by anyone that can fillet their stupidity.

  • Michael Durham

    As if there’s something wrong with baiting, catching, and dispatching Stalinist / Marxist / regressive / communist / traitorous Leftists.

    Another one: “witch hunt”. Witches don’t exist. Subversive Marxist-fascist traitors do exist. A.k.a. DemonRATs.

  • MRHapla

    She has a lot of labels for someone who doesn’t want to be labeled.

  • bjedwards

    For her to be red-bated, she would have to be FALSELY accused of being a communist.

    She is self-described as a communist so her letter is fallacious hyperbole. It is clear that she lacks the critical thinking skills expected of a university professor. Perhaps her tenure should be revoked and her employment should be put on pay for performance basis.