Massachusets Dems Honor Politician Convicted of Extortion and Bribery

Dianne Wilkerson had a long and productive career in the Massachusets Senate and public life consisting of Federal tax evasion charges in 1997, State Ethics violation charges in 2001, unreported donations in 2005, perjuring herself about her nephew’s murder in 2005 and finally getting put away for attempted extortion and bribery in 2011.

Here’s a highlight

“Wilkerson was the subject of an 18 month long undercover investigation conducted by the Boston Police Department and the FBI in which she allegedly accepted eight bribes in cash totaling $23,500…

“Wilkerson filed a motion in federal court requesting a court-appointed lawyer to defend her against the bribery charges. She stated that she could not afford to pay for a lawyer and asked US Magistrate Judge Timothy S. Hillman to appoint Max D. Stern. Stern had been defending Wilkerson in an unrelated matter…

“On January 6, 2011, Wilkerson was sentenced to 3½ years in prison for bribery.”

Now Wilkerson is back and Dems are eager to shower her with honors as if nothing happened.

The event honored 18 “women of color changing our world,” but one recipient was singled out for special praise.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh went off script at last Thursday’s event, recognizing his “dear friend” at Table 2. State Representative Gloria Fox described her as a sister in politics and said they had been an “unbeatable team.” And former state representative Willie Mae Allen, just before handing this guest her plaque, said, “We’re depending on you.”

Accepting was former state senator Dianne Wilkerson, once the highest-ranking black woman in state government but recently inmate No. 21757 038, convicted of accepting $23,500 in bribes.

It was the first time many had seen Wilkerson since her release from a federal prison in Danbury, Conn., in September, and it was a homecoming few ex-offenders receive when reentering society. Not only did the Prince Hall Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star Jurisdiction of Massachusetts Inc. honor her at the Grove Hall event, but MassEquality will also recognize her among a slew of other champions of gay marriage at an event later this week.

What’s a little bribery and extortion between colleagues?

  • wileyvet

    She wins the James Traficant Award for Outstanding Public Service.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Another fine specimen – Barry might say if he’d had a sister she would have looked like this prize.

  • blert

    Professional respect.

  • Gerry

    What’s the big deal?What a great discovery!These people are all criminals,the greatest one,and the one who got away was Ted Kennedy.The conscience of the Dems.Says quite a lot about those people.Gangsters are running the country.

  • kilfincelt

    And these same people were probably the first to be upset in 2007 and 2008 about the ethics of those on Wall Street and banks over the mortgage fiasco. What hypocrisy! What does this teach our children?