McCain to Kerry: “What You’re Doing is Talking Strongly and Carrying a Twig”

McCain cheered on Kerry for his current job and the two men generally get along well. But what did McCain really think was going to happen with Kerry at the helm?

“Secretary Kerry, I watched with great interest some of your comments. And may I say, I think you’re about to hit the trifecta. Geneva II was a total collapse, as I predicted to you that it would be. The only tangible result is that people who went to Geneva for the Free Syrian National Council, their relatives were kidnapped. The Israeli-Palestinian talks are, even though you may drag them out for a while, are finished. And I predict you, even though we gave the Iranians the right to enrich, which is unbelievable, those talks will collapse too,” McCain said.

“On the major issues, this administration is failing very badly. On the issue of Ukraine, my hero, Teddy Roosevelt, used to say, talk softly but carry a big stick. What you’re doing is talking strongly and carrying a very small stick — in fact, a twig,” McCain continued.

Kerry became irritated by McCain’s assertions and chose to respond defensively.

“I think it’s important to do this. Sure we may fail. And you want to dump it on me? I may fail. I don’t care. It’s worth doing. It’s worth the effort. And the United States has a responsibility to lead, not always to find the pessimism and negativity that’s so easily prevalent in the world today,” Kerry said.

McCain comes off as the cranky sharp-tongued figure he should have been during the election, while Kerry just sounds whiny.

Senator McCain has plenty of flaws, though more on domestic policy than foreign policy, with the exception of his troubling Syrian obsession, but Kerry’s whiny response sounds like it comes straight from his protesting days.

“Sure we may fail, but at least we’re optimistic instead of like being so negative, man.”

  • glpage

    So, being optimistic about ineffective, bound to fail policies is better than critiquing those policies. Once again, Kerry reaffirms he’s in way over his head.

  • RMthoughts

    Teresa complains about it as well.

  • USARetired

    America has nothing left bu twigs!

  • IsraelitJudea

    “I think it’s important to do this. Sure we may fail. And you want to dump it on me? I may fail. I don’t care…”

    You’re the wrong person for the job, Kerry.

    I think McCain was generous in suggesting that you even hold a twig. I think you’re lying on your back exposing America’s underbelly to the world like a dog afraid to fight a bigger or louder dog.

  • IsraelitJudea

    Kerry has dumped his failure in the Middle East on Israel (a much smaller country that is surrounded by enemies).

    He does not belong in this job.

  • Leland64

    “Swifty” Kerry. Vietnam War veteran, traitor, liar, once again fails to meet the low standards he sets for himself. The Arabs what to destroy Israel and Kerry blames the Israelis for not negotiating their own destruction. Putin casts his eyes on Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainians ask for arms to defend themselves and Kerry proposes to give them MREs. The Syrians were supposed to quake in fear over an “incredibly small” US airstrike and the Iranians gleefully accept aircraft parts and prosper from scaled down sanctions while building their bomb. It appears the US would be better served if we had no Secretary of State. How could thinks be any worse?

    • stephanie767

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  • Erudite Mavin

    Kerry is still the radical left anti war tool I remember who decades ago ranted his propaganda to a congressional comm.

    Why do some like Sec. of State Kerry and Albright have no respect of their Jewish roots and the State of Israel.

    the family patriarch. Benedict Kohn was a beer maker who lived during the late 19th century in a town called Bennisch in the Austrian Empire, which today is known as Horni Benesov in the Czech Republic. Of the 4,200 residents, Kohn was among the few dozen who were Jewish.

    After the beer maker’s first wife died, he married Mathilde Frankel, and they had a son named Fritz Kohn — who would be Kerry’s grandfather.

    Fritz Kohn, having changed his name to Frederick Kerry, immigrated to the United States and, for a time, was a successful businessman. His wife, the former Ida Lowe, gave birth in Boston to Richard Kerry, who was John Kerry’s father.

  • Shmalkandik

    What this RINO says is really no longer important.
    What is important is to recognize the limits of US power and responsibility.
    This crisis belongs to the EU – let’m have it.
    If they can’t handle this one, they can all start learning to speak Russian, the language of their new overlords.
    The US has been accused of all manner of faults, internationally, of attempting to impose our will on the world.
    They accuse the US of whipping them with whips; Putin will use scorpions!

  • darnellecheri

    How about some optimism at home with your countrymen and pragmatic realpolitik abroad with our enemies and fake friends? This sordid US administration is Machiavelli at home and Winnie the Pooh abroad.
    It just sucks.

  • MattMarriott

    Meet the peacemaker for Israel, together with fake jew Nethanyau alias John Sullivan:

    John Kerry, wife Teresa Heinz played by Hollywood actors Ted Danson, wife Mary Steenburgen
    To complete the family, the role of daughter Alexandra Kerry is played by daughter Kate Danson.

    A whole family steps on stage as pioneers in the process of having Hollywood actors put an end to simulated reality in Politics: