Medea Benjamin/Code Pink Caught Lying About Involvement in Egyptian Protests


Would a notorious terrorist supporter blatantly lie about her actions? I’m as shocked as you are. Maybe even twice as shocked.

Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin, leader of the terrorist support group Code Pink, gave an interview to an Egyptian reporter this week about her deportation from Egypt this week in which she told a bald faced lie…

“Benjamin still does not know why she was on a no-fly list in Cairo. Although she was in Tahrir Square during the 2011 uprising, she had no involvement with the protests against ousted president Hosni Mubarak. When pressed for a reason, Benjamin suggested that it was due to her participation in a “Freedom March” in support of Palestinians that took place in Cairo in 2010.

“[CODEPINK] tried not to get involved [in Egyptian politics], but now I feel like it has been forced on me.”

As Kristinn Taylor at Gateway Pundit documents, Code Pink raised money on their own site for the protests and Medea Benjamin participated in protests.

Here’s Medea Benjamin in 2001

“Benjamin told us by cell phone just minutes also that while the government of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak government has now signalled it will “go down kicking and screaming,” pro-democracy protesters are fully determined and “ready to die here.”

But she noted it couldn’t stop her and the Code Pinkers who took to the square Wednesday, parading a large banner in both English and Arabic, reading: “The World Says It’s Time For Mubarak to Go.”

Clearly Medea Benjamin wasn’t involved at all in Egyptian politics.

You talk about being “ready to die here” and suddenly Egypt wants to deport you. And that’s without reference to your love affair with Hamas, a terrorist group that Egypt is no longer fond of.

  • Veracious_one

    pro-democracy protesters are fully determined and “ready to die here.”
    it was more like “pro-Sharia” protesters…..whom Code Pink fully supported…..


    Dress her in a mini-skirt (shudder), red lipstick and send her out into the streets of Cairo.

    Problem solved.

  • omg

    Medea Benjamin is innocent. You guys have landed at the top of my Forgiveness List.

    • Zounds

      Medea Benjamin is innocent of being innocent.

      • DB1954

        … by reason of inanity.

    • DB1954

      Innocent, by reason of insanity?

  • Habbgun

    Looks like Egypt has illegalized two terrorist groups. Hamas and Dumbass.

  • UCSPanther

    Medea Benjamin lying?

    I would expect nothing less from someone who was heavily involved in the anti-war propaganda machine during the Iraq War…

    • EmreS

      “anti-war propaganda machine”? Wow, talk about turning the truth on its head.

      Where are those WMDs, again? Medea must be sitting on them, let’s raid her house!

      • UCSPanther

        Another hold-over, eh?

        You’re late.

        • EmreS

          What, you found them and I didn’t get the memo? Or the Bush gangsters got hauled to The Hague? Tell me, what did I miss?

          • UCSPanther

            Still obsessed with Bush?

            You’ll be hollering about him 60 years from now at this rate.

          • EmreS

            Every single person in the Bush administration is still alive and healthy enough to face justice. Wouldn’t you like that?

          • UCSPanther

            You Code Pinkers are losers, still looking for something to do after your favorite boogeyman faded from relevance five years ago.

            Your time is over. Finished. Done.

            And all you accomplished was act as an apologist for a now long dead dictator as well. What a legacy.

          • EmreS

            Who said I’m a Code Pinker? You’re an apologist for war criminals. These people were perfectly good friends with Saddam in the 80s — in the heyday of his criminality. You know, around the time they were funnelling arms to the jihadis — err, freedom fighters — in Afghanistan.

            How is the Bush Administration irrelevant if the phoney War on Terror is still on (Cheney said it would last decades), and the military is still in Iraq and Afghanistan?

            It’s not too late to have the Bush gang face the same justice as Saddam. You’re for justice, right?

          • UCSPanther

            Typical progressive. Always trying to dodge the topic at hand and deflect.
            And here I was, thinking that even the dregs of your pathetic movement would dry up and blow away once Saddam Hussein’s money dried up.
            Try asking the nursing home staff 60 years from now if they still care about the Iraq War and Bush. They’ll probably look at you funny, and up your dose of medication.
            Whining to me about Bush isn’t going to change anything.

          • EmreS

            Who’s dodging the topic? You brought out the old canard about WMDs and I called your bluff. Now you’re just B.S’ing about rescuing Iraq from “an evil dictator”. Do you have any idea what the state of Iraq is like now?

            When you are in the nursing home you should be thinking of Bush, too. His imperial adventures didn’t come for free; they came out of your pocket, and the Iraqis’ lives.

          • UCSPanther

            The problem is, is that Saddam Hussein, the clever devil that he was, transferred his small stash of chemical weapons over to his fellow Baathist Dictator in Syria while Bush spent 15 months lollygagging at the UN.

            It’s rather hilarious how you sink back to your laughable talking points. If Bush was such an imperialist, he certainly didn’t do a very good job at it.

          • EmreS

            Hahaha… you actually believe that? I guess there truly is a sucker born every minute.

            It’s curious how you attribute your own mistakes to me. The idea that Saddam gave Assad his mythical WMDs is an old talking point. As was the one that his men met with al-Qaeda. Remember that one? That’s how Iraq got invaded in the first place. Well, all right, the second time. The first time round it was “they’re pulling babies out of incubators” and “Saddam’s lined up his tanks at the Kuwaiti border!” Can you spell S-U-C-K-E-R?

          • UCSPanther

            You laughing at me over something that has been settled for five years is frankly, quite pathetic. In fact,you are showing me the unhinged mentality of an old anti-war protestor who assumes that those who disagree with you are either brainwashed, or “Working for the man”; whose cause has long since went the way of disco, and still has an unwillingness to let go of the past.

            Saddam is dead, Bush is irrelevant, get over it.

            Screaming old talking points at me is not going to change the past.

          • EmreS

            The Bush gang’s war of terror is still coming out of your pocket. Trillions of dollars … are you getting over that? It’s not past, it’s present, and it’s the future too. Ka-chinggggg

            Conservatives talk about fiscal responsibility but they don’t notice when they get bilked out of every dime they have by war profiteers, then they complain about funding the arts haha!

          • DB1954

            If so, Bush’s “adventures in Iraq” came with the blessings and full support of Senators Kerry, Clinton, Edwards, etc. You advocate prosecutions for war criminals, you’ll have to include them too, won’t you?

          • EmreS

            Sounds good!

          • DB1954

            So why hasn’t your demi-god Obama indicted them?

          • EmreS

            He can be a witness. Deal?

          • DB1954

            Funny how not a single Bush administration official has been indicted or even investigated for the past 5 years.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Check with Assad. Or some of the people he used them on.

          • EmreS

            Sure. Which ones came from Saddam?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Go to Syria, take a deep breath and let us know.

          • EmreS

            Know what? I follow Syria closely. If you have evidence to share, just blurt it out. You’re not talking about all the arms smuggling to the terrorists, are you?

      • DB1954

        They were in the British intelligence report among other sources that Bush & Co. relied on. He said exactly that in his the SOU speech, “British intelligence informs us ….” Bush and the CIA were apparently incorrect that there were stockpiles of WMD in 2003. A mistake is one thing; a lie is entirely another. Simpletons like you don’t know the difference.

        • EmreS

          Passing the buck; what a great defense! Sure fools simpletons like me.

  • DB1954

    We’re as shocked as Claude Raines in Casablanca. But when is someone among her circle of lunatics going to start questioning this woman’s veracity if not sanity?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      In the loony bin, the craziest one is queen.

  • sparksskid

    Weren’t they looking for a nice stay at this beautiful Gaza resort?

  • jules

    I’ve met Medea on several occasions.. This woman has so much integrity and so much courage you should be laughing at your downright idiocy.. Most of the US public never heard of her.. Give it up fool, why not go after the true villains, the war profiteers.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Medea is profiting rather well from the war. And she has so much integrity that she can’t stop lying.

      That’s ho much integrity she has.