Media Matters’ Michelle Leung Calls Anti-Terrorist Muslim “Anti-Muslim”

Media MattersMichelle Leung launched a lame attack on national security analyst Ryan Mauro that consisted of her repeating Islamophobia over and over again.

Michelle Leung’s exercise in childish name-calling mixes the political terms “Islamophobe”, “Islamophobia” and “Islamophobes” in between random words. Sometimes she combines it with “notorious” or “virulent” for the even scarier “Notorious Islamophobe” or “Virulent Islamophobe”.

It’s Goebbels 101, but it’s Media Matters so the standards are bound to be low. All you have to do to get a job at Media Matters is find ways to use “Islamophobe” four times in one sentence. No wonder it’s fighting attempts to unionize its employees.

In seven paragraphs, the only time Michelle Leung bothers providing any proof for her claim that Ryan Mauro is a super-notorious virulent Islamophobe who notoriously and virulently Islamophobes all over the place, is near the end.

Showing that even an elementary amount of research is beyond Michelle Leung, she writes that, “Mauro himself has penned numerous pieces for the anti-Islam blog Islamist Watch.”

The article she links to is actually from Front Page. IW credits Front Page at the very top. But maybe lying for Media Matters long enough makes you go blind.


Michelle Leung writes that, “he has tracked his progress in identifying “Muslim enclaves” in the United States that he says will become “‘no-go zones’ where governments admit to having little authority over Muslims living there”

Leung doesn’t bother to inform her readers that the article is about camps set up by Islamist groups and is thoroughly backed up by research.

Another collective aspiring to create autonomous Muslim regions in the U.S. is called the Ummah. On October 28, 2009, the FBI tried to arrest one of its leaders, Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, for his involvement in criminal activity alongside some of his followers. A shootout ensued that took the life of Abdullah and one police dog. Like Muslims of the Americas, Abdullah offered his flock martial arts training and, in some cases, firearms instruction. He also had his own armed security team and preached war against the U.S. government and solidarity with bin Laden, the Taliban, and Hezbollah.

The FBI describes the Ummah as a “nationwide radical fundamentalist Sunni group consisting mainly of African-Americans” and says that its goal is to create “a separate, sovereign Islamic state (‘the Ummah’) within the borders of the United States, governed by Sharia law. The Ummah is to be ruled over by Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown.” The death of Luqman Ameen Abdullah did not destroy this aim.

The facts are virulently and notoriously Islamophobic. Anyone repeating them should be banned from TV.

So Michelle Leung’s entire basis for claiming that Ryan Mauro is not a “credible source” to discuss Islamic terrorism is a fact-based article about Islamic groups setting up armed compounds.

Then having exhausted her interest in researching Mauro (which was limited to citing out of context one article he wrote in 2010), she launches an even more bizarre attack on Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim activist who is opposed to terrorism.

Michelle Leung calls Zuhdi Jasser, “Fox’s go-to anti-Muslim activist”.

That’s a bizarre accusation since Jasser is a Muslim and the head of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. And in January, Michelle Leung had also called Jasser “Fox’s go-to anti-Muslim activist” giving her a consistent pattern of engaging in Goebbels 101 tactics.

Michelle Leung, like the Islamist groups she defends, somehow feels entitled to decide who is and isn’t a real Muslim.

Maybe Media Matters and Michelle Leung would like to explain the source of their religious authority for declaring that Zuhdi Jasser is not a Muslim.

Zuhdi Jasser

  • nomoretraitors

    “All you have to do to get a job at Media Matters is find ways to use “Islamophobe” four times in one sentence”
    And state “I hate George Bush”

  • Ban Liberals

    Who CARES?

    I’m anti “Mooslim,” with good reason, and proud of it.

    So again, WHO CARES?

  • Capt Jack

    Media Matters is what happens to a person with the name of Michelle Leung, when they get a worthless college bachelor’s degree in International Political Economy from the University of Puget Sound.

    There are a few dozen people named Michelle Leung at LinkedIn. they all have degrees in law, MBAs or various other worthwhile degrees.

    Alas Michelle Leung of media Matters earned a worthless degree and is stuck shoveling drek.

  • glpage

    Media Matters – truth doesn’t.

  • JackSpratt

    You look at David Brock’s face and mouth and you know immediately he’s a c**k sucker. Media Matters is virulently anti-American.

  • Drakken

    No more muslims, no more problems, simples.

  • wileyvet

    First, Ryan Mauro has more intelligence in his little finger, than Ms. Leung has in her entire body. Second, Zhudi Jasser is a Muslim in name only. The fact he renounces terrorism does not mean he doesn’t practice the many other means of Jihad, in assisting those that do use terrorism. Two sides of the same Islamic coin, with the end result being the same. The Koran, and ahadith make it very clear that the goal is the world for Allah, and that fighting in His cause, Holy War, is the highest duty to be performed by a Muslim. Muhammad allowed for different grades of Jihadis, that is not everyone will go and physically fight and die waging Jihad. There is the opportunity for other Muslims to offer material and moral support to those that do fight. Jasser is still waging Jihad for Allah. He is practicing Taqiyya. You cannot be a Muslim without embracing everything that Muhammad instructed the believers in. If so you are a hypocrite and renegade from Islam, deserving of Hellfire and other nasty eternal punishment.