Media Matters Supports Unionization… Just Not For its Employees


Card check? Media Matters is 100 percent on board. Just not for its employees.

Leftwing lapdog Media Matters for America is taking advantage of the Republican’s “anti-union” agenda to stonewall the SEIU’s attempt to unionize its staff.

MMFA is forcing its employees to conduct a secret ballot election that will determine whether or not they can join SEIU Local 500, a Maryland union, according to papers filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

Media Matters has a long record of slamming Republicans and conservatives who want to protect secret ballot union elections.

Unionize Wal-Mart? Media Matters is all for it. Just don’t unionize Media Matters.

 MMFA has regularly presented itself as a supporter of organized labor. It has argued that “economists point to declining union participation as one cause of the growing economic rift in America” and claimed it was a fact that “unions increase productivity [and] do not reduce business competitiveness.”

It seems to be somewhat less enthusiastic regarding unionization when it is applied to itself, though.

Well why would it be? Lefty social justice programs are always meant to apply to someone else. Someone else should pay more taxes. Someone else should volunteer more. Someone else should unionize.

Somewhere David Brock is squatting in a bunker with a tin oil helmet on his head surrounded by Gaddafi’s old bodyguards while muttering something about the vast right wing conspiracy.

  • Gee

    Why am I not surprised? Freedom of Speech only if you agree with them. Unions for others, etc

  • Steve Bryant

    Incredible. That is an increasingly useful word for discussing the Left’s activities these days.

  • Habbgun

    Ask anyone who has worked at an “alternative” newspaper or left wing advocacy organization how you get treated. They often end up in temp work for better pay and conditions which is saying something. Unfortunately I was temping myself and got to meet quite a few. Want to kill a day full of tedious repetitive work? Listen to how left wingers treat people when they have the upper hand.

    There was a saying popular in the 30’s and 40’s and sometimes you still hear it. “The worst employer is a Communist”.

  • A Z


    What will Just_Quit_Now think?

    Media Matters is his #1 news source judging from his post history.