Minnesota Unilaterally Changes Name of “Asian Carp” to Avoid Offending Anyone



Maybe Minnesota can have politically correct names for all animals. And its own biology textbooks to reflect that.

The Minnesota Senate on Monday approved John Hoffman’s (D-MN) bill to change the name “Asian carp” so called because the species originates from Asia, to “invasive carp”. Since Asian carp were introduced in the U.S. in the 1970’s, the fish have spread to dozens of states causing destruction in the delicate ecosystems of the waterways.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have been fighting off the most invasive species, the black carp from China, the Silver carp from Vietnam, and Grass carp from China from spreading into the Great Lakes were the fish could do massive damage the regions fishing industry. While arguing his case on the Senate floor, Hoffman said that referring to the fish as “Asian” was hurtful to some people…

The fish are from Asia. Geography, not race. The Colorado potato beetle is from Colorado. Are we going to change its name?

And what about Dutch Elm Disease? Invasive Elm Disease? Is killing Asian Carp now a hate crime?

Once the P.C. madness breaks out, there’s no stopping it. I’m sorry, that should be invasive madness.

  • Veracious_one

    is African-American offensive to Africans?

    • JackSpratt

      How about, is it offensive to Americans?

      • Kevlar Linc


      • kikorikid

        This whole dialogue is premised on the
        fact of having succumbed to the intellectual
        fascism of Political Correctness and how might we
        get away from it? Quit asking permission from
        your Oppressor!

    • DB1954

      There are white African-Americans. Let’s ask them.

      • pfbonney

        And I know of one, I believe from sub-Saharan Africa (Angola, I believe) who was told by a college staff-member that he couldn’t register as an African American.

        Not to mention the whites who live in Saharan/Mediterranean Africa (most are Berbers, on the Barbary Coast, Arabs & even Jews. Why aren’t they African Americans?

  • Hans

    Trust me, officials are forced to change the name to prevent bloodshed. Some dumb bohunk, who regularly votes for the DFL, will harm some American of Asian ancestry otherwise.

  • http://www.BanLiberals.com/ Ban Liberals

    Minnesota also elects wrestlers and comics as governors and senators.

    Which explains the two-digit IQs of voters and legislators there, and therefore, idiocy like this.

    • Christopher Riddle

      Well Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Drakken

      There is a saying in MN, you can take Mickey Mouse, put him on a barstool, slap a DFL label on him, and folks will elect him hands down.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Only in the Southeastern part of the state.

        • Drakken

          Up on the Range as well. Die hard DFLers to the last.

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Wisconsin don’t want ‘em. Can we give ‘em to Illinois?

  • monostor

    What about Cauc-Asians?

    • notislam

      LOL !!

  • DogmaelJones1

    Because the “Kentucky rifle” was actually invented and perfected in Pennsylvania, I’m all for lodging a suit against someone for that clear injustice! It’s extremely offensive to me, born and raised in Pennsylvania, that the state should be denied, nay, even stigmatized, as a non-inventor of that particular weapon.

    • pfbonney

      What about the term, “Kentucky windage”? ;-)

      • DogmaelJones1

        That is a derivative term from the from the unjust appropriation of the term “Kentucky rifle.” The citizens of Kentucky should be sued up to the hilt and if that means a civil war between Kentucky and Pennsylvania, so be it.

        • pfbonney

          I don’t know. I’ve been to Kentucky. Unless you’re willing to accept a court-award of pretty farmland, even a victory in the courts isn’t going to leave you Pennsylvanians much better off.

          But I do understand it’s really the principle of the thing. ;-)

    • Libertad_por_todos

      This also is clearly an assault on the name Ken. I am not sure what a TUCKY is but it clearly is a racist code word. So not only the rifle needs to be renamed but that state name should changed as well.

  • wileyvet

    Please help me. When did the whole world turn so gay and wimpy?

  • talljohn777

    Sorry, but political correctness is completely out of control……..

  • Randal Peterson

    Talk about” political correctness gone wild”! Please stop the madness!

  • colsooonscoorner

    Sorry I can only laugh at stuff like this. We’re getting weirder and weirder. It’s time for everyone to grow up! Life ain’t perfect.

  • Privatejetsetter

    Personally I think they should rename the Democratic Party to the imbecilic party. The jackass symbol is already their mascot

    • Betty4440

      hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha love it.

    • bob machaffy

      I’d take a shot of kentucky bourbon with that

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    If I’m not allowed to call a spade a spade then eventually I will simply resort to explanation by demonstration.

  • millerstwo

    Political Correctness:
    An invasive species of societal control, concocted in Washington D.C. by Democrats, RINO’s and to a lesser extent by the Republican establishment.
    ‘political correctness’ was spread primarily by the Main Stream Media and quickly infected the entire country. Symptoms include a fear to express yourself verbally as you may somehow offend someone about something, anything and you’re not even sure if you offended someone anyway?….. also known as ‘self censorship’.
    There is no known cure for this sickness but there is a remedy which relieves the symptoms. This remedy must be taken on a daily basis for life or the symptoms may return….take an ‘Adult Dose’ of ‘Freedom of Speech’ to be followed up daily with a dose of ‘Freedom of Choice’.
    These and many other remedies for common ‘lefty lunacy’ may be found in a brilliant document known as the U.S. Constitution.

  • Betty4440

    Lord have mercy. how stupid can some people be. call it what it is no more no less.call it what is. ever body will use it’s given name any way.

  • notislam

    It’s guys like Hoffman that keep this pc crap going —and you can bet that someone is making bucks off of this STUPID ATTITUDE! I hope they vote this dirt-bag out of office and get COMMON SENSE where he has messed things up!!
    Repeating the truth: LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER and John Hoffman does have it :(

  • Larry Larkin

    It’s like calling Fairy Penguins “Little Penguins” so as not to offend the gay community. And yet every member of the gay community I’ve ever spoken to on the subject is offended by the stupidity of the name change.

  • DennisMets

    It is so strange to look at the agendas of the political
    agendas and the groups in them and compare them to what is good for our
    families our country and our very existence.
    For one the democraps always cry about certain things but then promote
    something completely different or preach or back something totally
    different. Demos want to scare us with
    global warming but never focus on the one culprit that huts it the most,
    (overpopulation for resources) Demos
    want to say it is all about the children then
    they do not address the overpopulation of the poor that cannot and will
    not support their families. The majority of whites will plan their families and
    for the most part only have children they can support. How many times have you
    seen whites with one or two maybe there children. By limiting the number of children you have
    you can help the environment(less people means less factories and
    resources) whites want to be able to
    put their kids in a safe school and pay for a good education.
    On the other hand blacks
    are out breeding us like rats and their
    goal as well as the goal of
    the black Caucasus and other black reverends
    is for blacks to out breed whites
    to the point they outnumber us. But
    that is not enough the democraps also want to bring in millions of illegals and
    refugees to help in their war on the devil whites. This leads to a bunch of
    street thug kids
    born into black families that will
    make the taxpayers pay for everything they do, so good whites
    end up paying for their own
    kids that they planned for
    and they have to pay for
    everything from the illegals and the
    blacks that are overpopulating the earth. So is this fair to anyone?

  • knowshistory

    in Europe, muslims who rape the host population are referred to as “Asians”. hmmmmmmm. calling an invasive carp from asia asian carp is somehow offensive to minnesotans from asia, but referring to rapists from islamastan as “Asians” is not offensive. I suspect that the only ones who should be complaining are the carp.

  • Ken Zevo

    Hopefully, someday in the future, the human race will conquer logophobia (irrational fear of words).


  • porterv

    Just dont’ change the name of the Minnesota “wussy” politician.

  • WileyP

    The Colorado potato beetle is from Colorado? Well, If I were from Kolorado, I’d *WANT* to have my name changed!

    • Sharon

      Please don’t think that everyone from Colorado is a brain damaged Liberal because we’re not.

      • WileyP

        I don’t, Sharon, and I hope my comment has not been taken in that light. I know many fine folks there.

  • fpm

    Anyone who advocates diversity with intention to normalize evil is evil, I would not change that to avoid offending anyone. Those who are offended by the truth are offenders of such truth.

  • jakespoon

    What about “french toast”,”Spanish peanuts”,Philly cheesesteak might be offensive to someone from Pittsburgh. Worse than pansies.

  • pfbonney

    Tics can spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The Tics have expanded their range into New England, to include Maine, carrying the disease with them. Continuing to call the disease could offend people living in the Rocky Mountain Mountain region. Such a disease should be considered invasive wherever it emerges. Why not call it Invasive Spotted Fever?

    Don’t these people understand – or care – that all political correctness is, is a tool to accumulate power over white conservative Americans, to keep narrowing down our world, as we know it, and supplant it with some strange, unfamiliar world where we (white conservative Americans) are perpetually off-balance where they can rule, calling all the shots?

    Being offended is a mindset, if they are really ever offended at all. The perpetually offended always happen to be Democrats. The people who have to change how they act are always conservatives, and most always white.

    My wife is Asian (from Cambodia), and she couldn’t care one whit what the fish is called. It’s just a ploy.

    The fact that no one is ever concerned about what offends white, non-liberal Americans says it all. Basically, all we need is to give us our country and leave us alone – we’ll tolerate people that are different from us.

    Just give us our space and quit bothering us.

  • pfbonney

    “Colorado potato beetle is from Colorado. … What about Dutch Elm Disease?” Irrelevant. Colorado and Holland are populated, primarily, by Caucasians. And we CAN’T be offended, just like blacks can’t be racist.

    Emotions are simply a matter of policy. (Kind of like the retail policy, “The customer is always right”, regardless of the actual facts.) They are not actual biological feelings. Facts that had always eluded scientists until liberals educated us.

  • bob machaffy

    Goes to show you they are overpaid and have nothing better to do with their time (an on our dime) time to vote these jokers out
    and goes to show you government / US Army corps of engineers were not any smarter to bring an invasion species to america. Anyone care for some Kudzu soup anyone?

  • janmaus

    And what about West Nile Fever? Are we going to worry about insulting Egyptians and Ethiopians?

  • Mobybob

    Goliath grouper used to be called Jewfish, but what about Nurse Sharks? Black Swans? Giant Pandas? Guinea Pigs? Guinea Fowl? Man we have a lot of crap to clean up and get things PC squeeky clean.

  • Krebs v Carnot

    The only proper rename would be “Minnesota DFL Carp” for their characteristics in common: (1) both are bottom feeders, (2) both destroy productive economic activities, and (3) both leap in panic at the slightest provocation and more likely than not will injure others by this characteristic act.

  • Daniel Kormick

    going to contact my politician!

  • pckr hd

    I thought liberals were all about celebrating diversity. And open borders.

  • DitmasPork

    It’s silly to change the name just for political correctness sake—”Asian Carp” is what everyone knows the fish as, and re-branding will only create confusion. “Invasive Carp” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue nicely—may as well call it “Meddlesome Jumping Cyprinidae.” Being Asian, I really don’t find the name offensive at all.

  • dosssva

    At least it didn’t cost anything and no one got bombed.