Malaysia Threatens Time Magazine for Reporting Persecution of Non-Muslims


This is the Time Magazine Asia edition. The US edition doesn’t cover Muslims behaving badly. (via Religion of Peace)

The title of the essay that got Time in trouble was “Losing Faith: The Islamization of Malaysia” which criticized the so-called moderate Muslim country for its religious intolerance toward minorities.

During a party conclave in December, several UMNO leaders called specifically for Sunni Islam to be enshrined as the state religion. This came after the arrest of two Shi’ite Muslims for possessing books on Shi’ite Islam and a ban on the word Allah in reference to a non-Muslim deity, even though such usage has long been common. In January, Islamic officials in Selangor state raided a Christian organization and seized some 320 Malay-language Bibles that referred to God as Allah. The parish priest of a Selangor Catholic church, Father Lawrence Andrew, is being investigated under the Sedition Act for defending such use of the word.

The Malaysian authorities say they are trying to pre-empt religious tension. But, if anything, they are undermining a largely peaceful status quo. What’s happening in Malaysia also echoes a disturbing trend in two other Muslim-majority Southeast Asian countries. Officials in Indonesia’s Aceh province are thinking of subjecting non-Muslims to Shari’a, while, elsewhere in the country, Shi’ites, Ahmadis and Christians have been attacked. In October, the Sultan of Brunei announced that his kingdom would permit cutting off limbs for theft, stoning to death for adultery, as well as flogging for homosexuality and the drinking of alcohol. All this smacks of an intrusion of Saudi-style Islam that is not widely accepted in Southeast Asia — the region has been the more tolerant for it.

And moderate Muslim Malaysia responded exactly the way you would expect… by threatening the magazine.

Time Magazine, which came under scrutiny last week for an article depicting the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Najib Razak apparent failure to deal with race relations and growing religious intolerance, will have to watch its columns.

The international weekly is said to be under ongoing scrutiny, with the matter of the article written by Zoher Abdoolcarim still under investigation by a unit tasked to monitor foreign publications at the Home Ministry.

A source said a handler at the ministry is preparing a report that will be submitted to the Ketua Setiausaha (Chief Secretary) of the ministry, soon and it is only then a decision will be taken on Time article.

Time Magazine was urged, in a meeting with several people, to report on ‘more positive’ aspects of Najib Razak’s leadership, the source said.

The article entitled “Losing Faith’ and published in the March 2 issue of the magazine, implies religious harmony is under severe strain in Malaysia, and lambast Prime Minister Najib Razak for his apparent mishandling of the deteriorating situation.

Time Magazine came under scrutiny in Malaysia when its distributor was ticked-off over an article that did not please the Malaysian authorities on the current government’s handling of religious tolerance level.

Time went further in its criticism of Malaysia, stating the country is not a progressive society under Prime Minister Najib Razak pointing out there is a critical front undergoing testing times, and that is religion.

“He has backtracked since to appease UMNO conservatives, many of whom want him out.” he wrote, adding that ‘religious jingoism is a bigger sin than political calculation, because how a society treats its ‘other’ reveals its core.’

Time, through the pen of its Asia Editor, Zoher Abdoolcarim said Malaysia – where US President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit in April this year – is an example among Muslim states and matters more because it is a study in how a country can or cannot reconcile Islam with the contemporary age.

Let’s see if Obama has anything to say about this when he visits Malaysia again or whether he will go on handing out empty praise to its supremacist Islamic politicians.

  • john spielman

    Maylasia is becoming another totalitarian crapistan just all the other muslim dominant countries.

    • Mullah Lodabullah

      While being praised as a model of islamic tolerance and moderation.

    • Tim

      Which countries? Assrapeistan? Pederastistan? Misogynistan? They all seem so similar.

      • SF Gal

        That is brilliant!

    • bjedwards

      becoming? try always was. but good you are aware now.

    • Razzy

      well im a Malaysian chinese holding the faith or a catholic and i agree with you.. chinese and indians being hated everywhere because low mentality humans which holds the faith of ISLAM thinks they are the superior race, and thinks that the country named Malaysia is theirs to control and govern. I find it funny as in the 1950’s everyone were one, now is just ISLAM. and we are being treated as foreigners, i hope OBAMA really does do something about all these stone ages mentality people, not even third world. Malaysia is a peaceful country but govern by sick politicians and ISLAMIC blinded,power hunger citizens. These are words of threats, not figure of speech.

      • 1msia

        Yeah you’re right about dirty politician. I mean c’mon ALL politicians are corrupted in their own way. It’s either we’re too stupid to notice and they are good at covering their tracks. Everyone could go on and on about how corrupted this and that politician.

      • SF Gal

        I am really sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine what that must be like.

        • reza

          no need. he’s just over-reacting. i’m a malay-muslim who has tonnes of non-malay, non-muslim friends and i feel no hatred/prejudice towards them whatsoever. razzy is only thinking within his own scopes and circles of interations.

          • Malaysian

            This is a fact less publicized…there are so many good people and good things in Malaysia…but its the angry ones ( from all sides) who make the news…

          • Avery

            Razzy your quite accurate in your assessment.
            You are tollerated only because the Chinese in particular
            as well as many Indians are the financial back bone
            of Malaysia. Read some of the posts here with terms being
            used like non Malays and non Muslims. The aboriginals are
            referring to you like your foreigners. And this mindset is backed
            by this government. Laws demanding respect of one faith while
            all other faiths are given no special status and ignored. Laws created
            to furthar maginalize all faiths other than Islam .
            No using of Allah ( an Arab word ) when the Malay word
            is Tuhan. Very obvious the direction this country
            is taking and it is not tollerance in any form. The ORIGINAL constitution
            made no mention of any faith being the state religion.
            This is were things went wrong because religion has no
            place in government. The governt must be for all the
            peope, not just those who landed on the island first

    • Jordan L

      I am a non-Muslim citizen of Malaysia and I must say that not all Muslims in the country are like that. However, it is the dominant Muslims (i.e. the government, aristocrats, upperclass Muslims) who tend to fan the fire of racism in order to maintain this sickening status quo – the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Most of the upper-middle to lower-middle class Muslims in the country are starting to be aware of this but sadly, not fast enough to make any immediate changes. I’m sure such is the case in most other Muslim countries as well.

  • Wong Ming

    Wow, pretty not surprise that most Malay Muslim are easily offended or “butthurt” when come to constructive criticism. Sigh, what a shame.

  • Alkazapper

    the word Allah is banned from our traditional prayers. I am from the Sabah Region (North Borneo) and last few months reports emerges about mass islamization in the interior of Sabah through cheating. Christians in East Federation of Malaysia has been oppressed since the 70’s .. and we cant do anything about it because even the police side with the Muslim Government.

    • Abu

      No, it doesn’t happen! You are a liar! Talk(write) with no proof is called lying.

      • JC

        Go Sabah Find out ur self!

    • JY

      So why BN still win in Sabah sarawak? We only waiting for Sabah sarawak to vote against them in next election to throw them out.

  • herb benty

    Islam hates the truth. It is not surprising Islam denigrates our Lord Jesus who is “the Way, the “Truth and the “Life……..and anyone who reports the truth.

    • Matthew Malpeli

      Yeah, that’s just what’s needed now. Use one bullshit religion to butthurt another bullshit religion. Good thinking…

      • herb benty

        Our Bible teaches that God loves us, that we are to love others in return. Atheists like to lump hate in with our wonderful Judeo-Christian Faith, when in fact the hate is coming from atheists.

        • Opinionated

          Seriously? You claim that all hate is coming from the atheist when right now you are literally hating on the atheist? Religion is fine, religion is wonderful, unfortunately most people that practice religion, not so great, not so wonderful.

          • herb benty

            “rip down those crosses”, don’t pray at a public event”. Telling the truth is not hate. There is a good religion and bad religion, Jesus Christ said that. Christians are not perfect, but we are saved through faith.

          • Don’t Preach In Public

            Mr Benty, you are either a BN cybertrooper with an agenda to stir up trouble or an embarrassingly bad Christian who skipped Matthew 6:5-6. Now stop talking on our behalf.

          • herb benty

            I am not praying in Public. I am a good Christian, thank you very much. I was talking to a couple atheists, and you come to their rescue….pitiful. What do you think of the article above. You are, a fake Christian , which makes you…..what.

          • Don’t be retarded

            First, you talk about how your God is the truth and all that bullshit. After that, you start to hate on Atheists and all that bullshit. Then, you talk about how you are saved by God and all that other bullshit. Now, you talk about fake Christians and all this bullshit. You wanna make yourself sound wise with the guidance of God but the way anyone would see it, you’re just full of bullshit. That’s what I see in you. A worthless Christian who does not know the true meaning of a religion and why society adapts these beliefs. Now, you just preach your God in public despite the fact that this preaching of yours is annoying and NOT backed up by any good arguments other than your typical ‘God this, God that’ crap. Why people despise Christians so much despite the religion being something of good will? It’s because of people like you that make us think religion doesn’t serve any good purpose anymore in society and is becoming an obstacle to the growth of society if anything.

          • herb benty

            Well for a long time Christianity served us well, with the Laws( no murder etc), and the LOVE to assist those in need. The evolutionists agree with you. You call everything good, bs. Most famous scientists a while ago were Young Earth Creationists, and it didn’t stop their wonderful discoveries that propelled civilization forward. I am kind of tame in my discussions, unlike Islam and atheism, ie., read your comment again and tell me that isn’t an ideologue in full blather.

        • anti-cowards

          Benty, what kind of Christian are you? I don’t think any truly religious person could have even thought of the words you used on Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, let alone mention. Stop using the name of Jesus Christ. Think over your insecurities and poison talk; your shallow thinking and self-righteous vocabulary is making me sick.

          • herb benty

            Then don’t read what I wrote. Islam says Jesus Christ was not God’s Son, did not die for our sins and He was a muslim. Truth has a way of making some people uneasy.

        • WorldPeace

          Benty… I’m an atheists. I believe that everyone has their right of opinion. I respect those who believe in religion, it’s beautiful. I on the other hand, believe I have my right to believe in the wonder of Science. The fact that you said, “God loves us”, who are you to say that the hate is coming from the atheists? What kind of Christian would that make you? I’m sure to your “God” all of us are equals. So think twice before you embarrass yourself.

          • herb benty

            Do you ever read or watch the news? Atheist’s are busy in America attacking ANY reference to Christianity, any public prayer, any mention of God in the schools, etc. The great scientists were and are Christians, Jews. We are all equal, of course, but sin not covered and wickedness changes that equation. If I get “embarassed” for doing and saying what is right and true, I wear that as a badge of honor.

        • sista

          Herb benty, I am also a Christian. But it is very biased and unfair to say that Islam (or Muslims) hate Christians OR that they cannot handle the truth of Jesus Christ. That isn’t the point of discussion. Let’s be fair & more open minded. Anyhow it is the choice of others to choose their religion and faith. Do rmmbr that God commanded us to just sow seeds. And leave it up to God for the rest of it (eg, the whole process till the seed bears fruit). That is our “job” as Christians. By generalizing or doing what u just did here isnt helping the situation OR seem disrespectful to others… :( . I’m jz being honest here.

          Anyway back to topic (phew), Malaysians used to be more”in sync”. We didn’t care much bout race or eating halal/non halal food in front of each other, so long we respect one another. The government, over the years (for selfish reasons), have their own political agenda, and the poor citizens got conned and brain washed. And now the politicians’ plan worked. So yay, we become more segregated! :(

          • herb benty

            I’m biased? I read a Koran okay, it orders our destruction, and pointing that out is not generalizing. I love the Lord Jesus Christ who died and rose from the grave to save SOME- not all will com to Him, which isn’t “unfair”

          • Jesus Christ

            Who the fuck is Jesus Christ.

          • herb benty

            Jesus said 2000 years ago that those that take his name in vain, would be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, in this age or the age to come. “Many will come in My Name, deceiving many”. You are just confirming our Lord’s prophecy.

          • choose life

            Have you personally met Jesus himself Mr Herb Benty?

            IS good that you are trying to proof something at least you are fighting for what ever that you believe in.

            I havent met any of these Gods. But i do believe that if you dont pick yourself up no God can save you. IF a man aims a gun at you, would you Pray to your God so that he can come save you? Or would you move away from the gun and fight to save yourself? Choose life. Save yourself, you can have motivation talks with your religion when you are free.

          • herb benty

            “And the Truth will set you free”. Yes, as a matter of fact I have met the Lord personally. “Christ in you, the hope of Glory”… my brother, Dan, once said after he received Jesus, ” Herb, my best friend is a Carpenter”( he was a very good carpenter himself). Our God created “common sense”, the disciple Luke, was a doctor. All that nonsense about handling rattlers or refusing a blood transfusion is not Biblical. I am as “free” as a human being can be. Read your Bible, and ask God for understanding, He’ll reveal Himself to you, if you earnestly seek Him.

  • Disappointed Malaysian

    When those dirty politicians are busy of counting their money, they just throw out some religious problems, and everybody were so busy of religious issues… Needless to say, Najib won.

  • CaoMoo

    Well since Allah is the name of a pagan rock idol and Ilah is arabic for god it doesnt matter much on that front. The rest is a collection of attrocities that would have any non muslim governments before some kind of international tribunal for crimes against humanity.

  • Veracious_one

    Muslims just cannot stand it when the truth about Islam is revealed to Infidels…

  • wileyvet

    How dare you say we are not tolerant. Just to show you we are not intolerant we will be more intolerant. Whenever Islam fails to produce, the answer is more Islam. When the terms moderate and tolerant are used to describe a Muslim country or government, they only mean they haven’t fully implemented Sharia and all its brutality, yet.

  • Frau Katze

    From reading a bit among the (English language) Malay media, I don’t think they really have a free press.

    Time Magazine was urged, in a meeting with several people, to report on ‘more positive’ aspects of Najib Razak’s leadership, the source said.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Freedom of the Press and Islam go together like Communism and agriculture.

      • Porkys2istan

        In the Soviet Press, agricultural output ALWAYS overproduced need EVERY year right up until the fall of the Berlin Wall. Are you suggesting that they are not truthful? :P

        • Daniel Greenfield

          As truthful as February is long

  • farcry

    Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak must secede from the federation of Malaysia to end this madness! We do not want to be together with a bunch of extremists as our government!

    • Alkazapper

      YES! We must gain Independence from Federation of MALAY-shiah

  • Get me out of this hell hole

    “Time Magazine was urged, in a meeting with several people, to report on ‘more positive’ aspects of Najib Razak’s leadership” In other words, Najis’s followers wants Time Magazine to tell blatant lies? By behaving so hostile, his followers proved themselves to be as intolerant as Time Magazine reported them to be! Good job, moderate Muslims!

  • haveittodayray

    It’s time to be concerned America. Enough is enough. This is
    the main issue of the 21st Century. Over 500,000+ Muslim refugees
    mainly from Somalia under the refugee immigrant resettlement program are being
    relocated throughout America. Did you
    vote for that? No one voted for this!
    Awareness is the issue folks, put the word out. Most families are simply far too busy just
    trying to survive, working two jobs, raising their children and do not have a
    clue what is taking place. Our mainstream news will not inform you due to
    political correctness. I have done the research
    for you. First, Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” this is the doctrine to destroy America from within,
    and guess what they are succeeding. One
    only has to look at England, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, and the rest of
    Europe to understand the immigration issue.
    It is sad, what Paris has become, have you been there lately? Multiculturalism is literally destroying
    Europe. There are now over 700 “Islamic no go Muslim Zones” within England,
    France and Germany. Islam is a political ideology; it is the antithesis of a free society. We
    are now approaching over 2400 mosques in
    America, along with 2.7 million Muslims here in the USA. The Mosques can be used for converting
    homegrown terrorists, as is the case in the Boston Marathon bombing. That number is supposed to double in
    the next decade. Take a look at Dearborn, Michigan (they now
    have Muslim zones, where the police are afraid to enter. The Muslim immigration
    and mosques continue with Maine, Tennessee, Minnesota, New York, Indiana, S.
    Dakota, California and Colorado taking in most of the immigrants so far, your
    state could be next. I have no issue
    with the peaceful Muslim that wants to integrate into our culture and follow
    our laws. The problem lies in that they want to dominate and force Islam and
    Sharia law upon us all. Why should America be forced into adapting to their
    culture? This is our America; we should
    not have to change one iota to accommodate them. “When
    good men and woman are quiet, evil always wins”. Forget about be labeled a racist, or being
    politically correct. The time has come to speak up and take a stand. Again for the facts and truth just Google
    “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” a real eye opener. They are making inroads into
    our schools, universities, cities and towns and even our own government. They want Sharia law and even our textbooks
    changed to put a more favorable light on Islam.
    When Jews, Christians, Priests, Infidels are being murdered and Churches are being
    burned down and recently 59 students locked up in a school room, the building
    was set fire allowing no one to escape and anyone trying to escape was
    slaughtered by Islamic militants, where is the condemnation from the nearly 3
    million Muslims that are here? For the majority of them there is total
    silence and none condemn the atrocities that continue to go on in Europe. That
    alone speaks volumes on their real intent.
    Europe is losing the battle all ready and America will be next. What you do today will affect your children
    and grandchildren and future generations of America yet unborn. Stand
    up and be counted to defeat this real threat upon America. Voice your opinion, let your congressmen,
    senators, and school boards, and know how you feel on the issue. Forget about
    being labeled and do what is right for America.
    We need a permanent solution, time is running out. Let us not become the
    next Europe. Do it for your children and grandchildren’s
    future folks. Thank you.

    • SF Gal

      I wish I could tell you that you were an hysteric or a conspiracy theory nutjob. I wish I could tell you that you are in fact misinformed: Islam is about peace; 9/11 was a big “blip” causes by those who don’t practice it – properly, or some such ridiculousness as I’ve heard since CAIR became such an influential group in America. But I can not because everything you have just written has also been repeated by former Muslims — some of whom are ex-terrorists – over and over again. America just doesn’t want to admit it.

      • raul

        havittodayray is the conspiracy theory nutjob and i agree with you SF Gal

  • miera

    People are the one who create issues, not the religion. Some ppl, tsk tsk

    • SF Gal

      AAAH! Again with the BS!! Speak to a former Muslim -‘especially a woman!! The original Quran,’from Saudi Arabia specially discuses how to beat your wife if she doesn’t have sex with you, and how it is necessary to practice “honor killing” if any member of your family dishonors you. Use your brain, and start listening.

    • SF Gal

      In the case of Islam,’it is what creates the issues: Foundation of lies, hate, ‘violence,’and dominance. Do you know that there is not one passage in the Quuran that is about love? I learned that from the testimonies of former Muslims.

  • The Guy

    If everyone could mind their own religion and not putting it into politics, that’ll be great


    i`m a SARAWAKIAN and iam sick with this selfish, egoist race. i hope SARAWAK secede from MALAYSIA.

    • Sharon

      As a West Malaysian, I wish the same for you and Sarawak.
      Congrats on the new governor by the way.

  • edmund

    I believe you people got it wrong. Islam was never the problem but the people. Don’t blame the religion. Its the people.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Islam is the people who practice it. There is no other Islam but what Muslims do.

    • SF Gal

      Ed, you clearly have no idea what is stated about Christians and Jews And what should be done to and with them, in the Quran. You are very condescending. Again, read the testimonies of former Muslims on YouTube or look at the FB page of “Brother Rachid,” former Algerian Muslim. He has a television show which discusses the horror of Islam (in Arabic) and assists Muslims all over the world to understand what Islam expects them to do: Kill Kill Kill

      • edmund

        SF Gal, I believe an educated person such as yourself would know better than to listen to these so called ‘ex-Muslims’ who apparently adopt Christianity and preach about Christianity. Ex Muslims like Ergun Caner?? Were they even Muslims to begin with? They claim to be devout Muslims but they hardly know anything about it. I have read Bibles and the Qur’an but I don’t recall anything about killing. Perhaps one receives the meaning of phrases in the holy books differently while others see it in another different perspective. You judge the religion for yourself when you have gone through it, not through words of some ex-muslim.

        • SF Gal

          Dear Ed, when they talk about growing up in Islam, and having a family who sits in and practices Islam, and their devotion to Islam. And then, due to either a major life transition, experience, horror – or not, they decided to look outside of Islam, and to their horror realize that they have practiced a demented, violent, lying ideology their entire life, and how they now live a life that they never could have dreamed of having left Islam, my answer to your question is YES: THEY WERE TRUE MUSLIMS WHO FOUND OT ISLAM IS A LIE – CHRISTIANITY IS NOT. Sorry, brother, you will not win this argument. Look at some of these comments about how Islam has ruined Malaysia. Please do not call them liars because you can’t handle the truth.

          • edmund

            So, if there was an ex Christian who claims that Christianity is not what you think it is, would you believe it? Do your research on these ex Muslims .go around Google and see it. Islam did not ruin Malaysia but the corrupted politicians themselves who claim they’re Muslims. If Islam is what these ex-Muslims claim to be, there wouldn’t be people from other religion adopting Islam. It doesn’t matter what you think anyways. Different people will always have different perspective.

          • SF Gal

            Any ideology that promotes violence, murder, mysogyny, and supremacy in its HOLY BOOK is filth, no matter how you argue it. Have you not read those cments posted which include killing verses from the Quran? You should go over them. I don’t have to “research” the testimonies of people from all over the world about their life stories as former Muslims, people who had to give up everything, whose lives were threatened in order to leave Islam. Truth has a certain clarity, a “ring” to it. Difficult to stare evil in the face but to deny that it exists doesn’t help anyone.

          • edmund

            Whatever floats your boat SF Gal. There’s no point debating a topic with you when what prove you have is the so called stories and testimonies from ‘ex Muslims ‘. Yeah..i heard about an ‘ex Muslims’ who was saved by Jesus but yet he couldn’t even pronounce the month of Ramadan. He was a devoted Muslim too. So is Ergun Caner. Who has been proven to be a fake ex Muslim. Anyways, I see no point in telling you to do your own research because you’ll just talk bout your ‘ex Muslims ‘ again and again without your facts of what the Qur’an is. I doubt you even know bout the Holy Bible. You’ll just agree to anything you hear or see without finding your facts. You’re just stereotyping people. My question is, did Jesus or the holy Bible tell you to hate one another if they don’t follow or believe in Christ?? Think real deep. Good day to you!

          • SF Gal

            It was nice trying to reason with you. I’m just sorry that you have made your decision regarding Islam based upon such poor reasoning. Well. As you say, “whatever floats your boat.”

  • ed

    Calm down everyone…. ISLAM is a religion just like the rest which teaches everyone Peace, Love & Devine rules. It’s only been wrongly preached by influence people for their own agenda. Too bad too many low mentality listeners…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      You mean like the time Mohammed used Islam to justify slavery, rape and ethnic cleansing?

    • SF Gal

      Only Americans tell people to “calm down” when discussing Islam. Former Muslims never say that. On the contrary,’they say, “Wake Up America!” Because they know what Islam is.

  • Danny

    Looking at the picture above I wish to tell the lady this instead .. Don’t blame the magazine for writing the negatives, blame your leader for being that bad in the first place .. If the pm has done such a good job, there won’t be any negative aspects for them to write anyway .. They are just reporting the truth, so accept the fact!

  • SF Gal

    Great article, Daniel. Thank you. You will receive many strange, ethical arguments about the virtues of Islam,’and how it’s misunderstood. Sorry, but I’ve followed too many programs over the last year aired from the Middle East and America, whose hosts are former muslims, begging the world to understand what a horror Islam is, to believe that crock of excrement. The sad part about it is that reputations are ruined by criticizing Islam. But these ex-Muslims (God bless them) say that’s par for the course when dealing with Islamists. So sad!!

  • daryl san

    If Islam is a religion of hate , then there must be a lot of Islamic people in here .. Its a religion which is constantly suppressed and once they try to counter it, they are stoned by the haters ..The issue here is the Allah issue, which is politically inclined & btw, no Malaysian says Thank Allah Its Friday anyway. .Ask any Malaysian if they are still practicing their faith , and if they all say no, then condemn Malaysia like hell .. .. If the issue here to non Muslims is like the Palestine & Rohingya people in Burma , then burn Malaysia to hell ,, By the way , whats your comments on the Palestinians & Rohingyas , who are Muslims? screw them right..

  • Opinionated

    It sucks enough that there are muslims extremists everywhere, sucks even more when the government allow and practically support these extremists…the worst though, is probably how most religious arguments and fights that break out happen because they were instigated by the people in charge…it’s sad really, to see a country that even though have always been a little racist, digress to what it is today…

  • 1Malaysia

    Everyone who comments in here are such idiots. Accuse people of hate when you’re the one hating. If you want to see a difference don’t whine behind the computer like a lil girl and do something constructive about it. If you’re too afraid then you doubt your words . And what you say here is worth toilet paper. Talk big but nothing done. Chinese Indian Malay they are all the same. Nuff said.

  • Ashamed

    Stupid people doing stupid things, but expecting people to call them smart anyway. Stupidity at its best. As a fellow Malaysian, I feel so ashamed to see this. Especially since it is not Malaysia as a whole, but rather only a portion of the ignorant people who are doing the threatening. However in the end, it is seen as Malaysia as a whole threatening. Not sure how much more these people intend to lower the standards of our country as this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • The Citizen without Roots

    I am Malaysian. I wouldn’t disagree with the contents of this article but I am circumspect in stating my opinions too clearly as Najib’s evil plastic explosives’ experts are monitoring the Malaysian commenters and … Kamunting Detention Centre is still open for business. I am a child of the 80s and 90s and the so- called moderate image of Malaysia has always been just that…an image. The government and the majority were moderate as long as you, the minority, knew your place within/beneath (!!!) the social order. With the advent of the internet in the mid 1990s it has been harder to keep a throttling grip on everyone’s rights, be they Muslim or otherwise. The real goal is economic plunder via socio-religious domination. There, zomg…I have said too much! Perhaps it would be best to state that Najib aspires to be the Dear Leader of this once lovely nation. Do draw your own parallels please…

  • Francis
  • World Peace

    Can’t believe what these people are doing. It’s as if they don’t know how bad the WORLD has become and they’re trying to make it even worst!! These people wanna provoke war, but when it really starts they wanna stop. Idiots that never think about the consequences. Stop acting like cavemans/cavewomans if u wanna live in a peaceful place. President Obama has more important things to attend to and these guys have to make it hard for him! Idiots!! Barbarians!!

  • Ellese

    This is a distorted picture of malaysia. Essentially there are conflicting practice in Malaysia. One is by the small minority christian group in east malaysia who has practiced this before independence (1957) with another totally conflicting practice in peninsular by a much more larger majority for hundreds of years longer. To the majority they have used Allah just like in English to refer to the Muslim god and both Muslims and non Muslims there have used a different word “tuhan” which in BM means god.

  • Y.L. Chew

    Preparing a report to Ketua Setiausaha Dr Ali Hamza? He is just a glorified PA of Najib. He does not care about the Public Service and their compliance and effectiveness. That is why, we have our government at its lowest.

  • wellborn & blessed

    yes i agree & much more…when plans for building of churches are submitted they are sent to the local take them ages to see through …and every step of the way there is rejection. Among the moronic reasons given are – the height of Churches must be below that of mosques, we cannot submit plans that have the designs of a church with steple, We are notr allowe dto put crosses on ouyr buildings, at times the officer responsible says he cannot sign the papers because he is muslim and he cannot approve a christian building, then at some point the plans are sent to the Islamic dept to be approved by them. Idots who know nothing about another religion nor do they make an attempt to learn about the other, Its also in the town planning index that there has to a few members of thge church before the plans are approved sometimes the figure is about 5000, when the christian population is about 500, when a churh building is approved we cannot have additional rooms, just the main prayer hall. the list goes on…this is becoming a sick place ..but we will stay and put things right even if we have to physically fight.

    • SF Gal


    • SF Gal

      OMG. And there are people who are posting to this discussion complaining that racism and discrimination is rife here! I am so sorry. There are certain foods that have been banned in school because they offend muslims.

  • edmund

    Again with the ex Muslims. It so happens that they have the original Qur’an and you believe every single word they say

    • SF Gal

      Absolutely. That’s why they left!! Islam brainwashes.

  • Francis Lai

    I am a Malaysian… that poster above really irks me… it suggest that it is ok to prosecute people of other faith just because someone else started it… religion has been politicized to a boiling point. Christians that makes up 10% of the population has been made a scapegoat to divert the attention of everyone from corruption, and poor management of the country’s resources. Having said that I do have many Muslim friends who does not subscribe to the above bunch of cronies of the various political groups who have done a poor job especially in the last 20 years.

  • Ubahmi

    Malaysia soon to be aka Malayastan

  • Danny

    Now I have a reason to leave Malaysia

  • dave jenson

    BN government holding power sinse independence clearly demonstrates corruption going on as this could not happen in any democracy for the same political party to hold power this long without being turffed out for atleast a couple of terms. Obviously they appease the Muslim majority who are made up largely of uneducated people that allow this corrupt government to hold power as long as they advance the Islam faith and keep the non Muslim Malaysians under their boot. Government controlled media and passing of ridiculous laws designed to oppress the non Muslim population. Destruction of Hindi shrines and fire bombing of Chuches were the people responsible remain at large and go unpunnished because this government sees no need to enforce the constitution which is supposed to protect religious freedoms and not just those of Muslims. Too bad as this is a beautiful country but has incompitent leadership and a dominant faith that had been well documented to be intolerant of other beliefs so I suppose eventually Malaysia is going to be another Pakistan , what a sad situation this is.

  • Raven

    Religion and government have to be seperate entities .
    Malaysia is proof of what happens when religion runs
    a mock in the government and bad laws are created
    that discriminate against other faiths in favor of the
    dominant faith. In the original constitution no mention
    of religion because this would lead to the chaos
    we now see in Malaysia. They knew this way back.
    Incompitent leadership and many who are not
    qualified for the offices they hold has resulted
    in this mess. Another fascist regime banana
    republic that thinks it is a first world country but
    has no idea of what a democracy is.