Mohammed Charged with Highway Sniper Attacks in Kansas City


What could have caused a nice lad named Mohammed to carry out sniper attacks? We’ll never know.

A 27-year-old man has been charged for the string of highway shootings in the Kansas City metro.

On Friday, Jackson County prosecutors charged Mohammed P. Whitaker with 18 felony charges spanning nine separate highway shooting incidents that occurred in the last two months.

The victims range from residences all throughout the metro area. Three people have been injured after being struck by gunfire, police said, and there have been a total of 13 shootings since early March.

It appeared the investigators spent a large amount of time checking out a green sedan behind a building.  The sedan was later pulled away by police.

Tom McFarlin heard the news from a co-worker. His car was shot at twice on the passenger’s side where his son normally sits. He said he feels more secure driving on the highway knowing a suspect has been caught.

“Just kind of like putting a face and something to that person versus a random highway shooter,” he said.

He’s got a lot of questions for the shooter.

“What’s the motive behind it?” he said, “What was the point of all this?”

So many possibilities.

1. Airborne PTSD

2. Upset over Republican obstructionism in Congress on equal pay

3. Mohammed

  • A Z

    I heard this on the radio at the top of the hour. They said they caught someone and that the car the suspect used matched the victim descriptions

    But no mention of the name Mohammed.

    Sigh! SSDD

  • Rob Crawford

    Neither the shooting spree nor the arrest seem to have gotten much national press. Weird — when it happened in DC, it was the lead story every night.

    • ebonystone

      In DC there were ten fatalities, while in KC there have been none, only 3 injuries.
      Also, in the DC case the media were busy promoting the idea that the shooter had to be a white Posse Comitatus type. When it turned out that there were two shooters, both black and both Moslem, media coverage decline sharply.

      • Christopher Riddle

        Fortunately,it would appear that”Mohammed”is a poor marksman?

  • Von Stierlitz

    Mohammed …
    What a surprise !

    • Sharpshooter

      Indeed! Knock me over with a feather!

  • herb benty

    Mohammed…..assisting the dem Progs with their feverish need to disarm American citizens while possibly killing Americans. Allah would be proud.

    • tagfu222

      You mean like this

      • herb benty

        Exactly like that.

    • BS77

      Our immigration policies….we must be nuts!!!!!

      • herb benty

        No, not, “nuts”, this is all very deviously on purpose.

  • Veracious_one

    no surprise….Muslims are promising more violence to come….there’s no misunderstanding of Islam…’the religion of peace”….

  • darnellecheri

    #3 needs to be incorporated in the penal code of every State of the Union.

  • liz

    Or of course there’s always #4 – blame the Jews!

    • UCSPanther

      or #5 – blame the weapon

  • Boots

    ABC News radio version this evening… “Mohammed Whittaker was arrested for the Kansas City freeway shootings. Motive is still to be determined.” That was the entire report aired in my area. Sooooooo… the name Mohammed doesn’t give the police or ABC News any ideas about motivation? I’m surprised they haven’t blamed the rancher from Nevada since Harry Reid has declared his supporters to be domestic terrorists.

    • herb benty

      That would be Islamophobia and racist!!!

  • Trapnel

    One hundred per cent Mohammed Coefficient.

    For those interested there is a big shindig about Islam etc with many Islamo-hostile comments at a forum – the Daily Telegraph – where these usually get deleted. The topic is the Islamic takeover of state-funded schools in the Birmingham area. Reading the comments is encouraging to the extent that there are signs that a tipping point has possibly been reached: the outcome is as yet difficult to discern, but perhaps it might lead to the uncomfortable realisation that there are only two options on the table for the British – civil war or Islamic domination.

    Time perhaps to tool up as the Bundy Ranch defenders did.

    “A weak establishment is letting Islamists threaten British freedoms”

    “Birmingham council and police must do all they can to uncover extremist subversion in the city’s schools. All Islamist schools of thought are hostile to democracy”

    By Charles Moore – a former editor of the Daily Telegraph – note use of the word “Islamist” – a natural error even if inexcusable for someone who remains part of the Establishment he criticises in his article.

  • terrytrainor

    Hang loose.
    CAIR will blame it on Islamophobia.

  • knightsman

    Enjoy the ‘new’ americans. The federal government has welcomed them in! Embrace them. If you or someone you know gets murdered, to bad you are disposable