More Conservatives than Liberals Belong to Mixed-Race Families

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These aren’t terribly surprising results. National politicians with mixed-race families have tended to be Republicans. Both McCain and Mitt Romney had mixed race family members. It may be because conservatives are more likely to adopt children than liberals.

Indeed, among families with step-children or adopted children, 11 percent of conservatives were living in mixed race households compared to 10 percent of liberals living in mixed-race households.

Similarly, 9.4 percent of Republicans living in step- or adopted families were in mixed-race households, compared to only 8.8 percent of Democrats in such families. (Again, this small advantage for Republicans is not large enough to be statistically significant).

The differences are not significant, but they are real.

Interestingly enough, the states with the highest rates of interracial marriage tend to be red states, with the exception of Hawaii.

Topping the list after Hawaii, are Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Alaska, California and Arizona. Texas is well ahead of New York.

Northeastern states, which tend to be the most politically liberal, actually have lower rates of interracial marriages than western states.

Even counting white-black mixed race marriages, instead of white-hispanic, which is not really interracial anyway, the only northeastern state in the top is Massachusetts.

White-Asian interracial marriages are much higher in Alabama and Kentucky than New York.

Looking at these numbers, it’s rather clear that MSNBC made a bigger mistake than the one they thought that they were making. Interracial marriage is less frequent in the liberal capitals than in “flyover” country.

  • Boots

    Being in an inter-racial marriage… that is exactly my experience. Conservative that I am my adorable wife is more conservative and we married on shared values and interests… unlike liberals who make everything about race and “social justice”. My wife won’t talk politics or abortion with her family even though I will just to set them off (cheap entertainment).

    • Edward


      IMMIGRATION = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      MULTICULTURALISM = Just means FEWER White people.

      DIVERSITY = = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      INTEGRATION = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      ASSIMILATION = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      RACE-MIXING = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      STOP WHITE geNOcide!

      Anti-Racist is a code for Anti-White

    • Scott H-Man

      So Boots, I guess you could say that you guys focused on the Content of each others’ character vs Liberals who tend to focus on skin color – or a host of other Identity characteristics.

      • Boots

        Absolutely. We met running cross country in college and had a lot in common outside the sport (same major although two years apart). And anecdotally this article rings true. You’re right but since I can’t tell what’s in people’s hearts I don’t know why liberals are so focused on race. I’d guess they feel they need to Balkanize the US to cultivate/groom voting blocks. Thus, yes, racial/identity politics are very important to the left.

  • mick

    For an article about interracial marriage you’d think that they’d use a picture of an interracial couple.

    • Dodger Matt

      The article is about “mixed race families”. Why do you interpret that as interracial marriage?

  • wileyvet

    The above article was about mixed race families, not just specifically mixed race marriages. The first 3 paragraphs explain that.

  • TrueNorth777

    Major cities in Canada are overwhelmingly multi-cultural with inter-racial families (except maybe for Quebec – sarcasm). My family – a proud mix of French, Scots, aboriginal and black loyalist.


      The cities are multiracial, but the towns are white and conservative; just like here in the US. I view race mixing like I do homosexuality; it’s not natural.

  • laura r

    why doesnt daniel email this artical to the executives, reportors, producers of MSNBC?

    • A Z

      He should do it as a an open letter calling them out. Embarrass those people.

  • delahaya

    Because liberalism can’t exist without hypocrisy.

  • truebearing

    Why can’t the GOP leadership, armed with facts like this, destroy the leftist racial demogoguery? It’s like their brains are botoxed.

    • Edward


      IMMIGRATION = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      MULTICULTURALISM = Just means FEWER White people.

      DIVERSITY = = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      INTEGRATION = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      ASSIMILATION = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      RACE-MIXING = = = = = Just means FEWER White people.

      STOP WHITE geNOcide!

      Anti-Racist is a code for Anti-White

      • Cesar Perez

        Liberals and conservatives both agree that your a loser. I heard that mantra so many times and it still doesn’t make sense.

        • dollabiIIz2

          Americans agree that Mexicans should go back there and not live here illegally.

          • Jutta Gyllichsen

            True, even the indians living on the border wish so.

          • DAWNOFNEWDAY

            Apparently whites are not allowed to control their countries or laws anymore. That is racist you know. But other races can exclude people not of their race, just not whites.

          • John

            Nothing illegal about it, federal immigration laws are unconstitutional.

          • Scott H-Man

            Sorry John. That is 100% FALSE. Every nation has the right and responsibility to manage immigration for it’s own benefit and for the protection of its ‘citizens’.
            Would be interested to know how you feel about the welfare state as it relates to open borders. It’s not hard to see how these are in direct conflict and would bankrupt any nation that combines the two.

          • The Right Fight

            What is it, specifically, that is the problem … “Mexicans” or “illegally”?

      • John

        Who gives a crap?!?

  • guest

    In my nearly 30 experience in the Evangelical Church subculture, there’s a lot more interracial marriage there than anywhere else I can see. And since the biblical worldview correlates with political conservatism it is ZERO surprise to me that conservatives are more likely to intermarry racially.
    As with so many other issues, liberals talk and conservatives DO. Yet for some reason everyone gives liberals the credit.

    • Myra Esoteric

      That’s because Evangelical Christianity actually connects people to each other in a way that many modern people are seeking. People drop the tribalist crap about race or whatever and see each other as human beings.

      • Ray Swore Now

        It’s very similar to communism in that fashion. Invent a uniting myth (“sky-daddy”, “proletarians of the world”) and use it to blind people to everyday reality. Typical religious behavior.

    • JT AG

      If you ever watch Joel Osteen’s program, there are people from every race in his audience. Blacks, whites, Hispanic, Asians, etc.. And he’s a Texan. Texans, according to liberals, are all racists (except those in Austin). Obviously not.

  • cacslewisfan

    Very interesting. I have noticed this myself. When I worked at a pharmacy in a very popular store, I saw many interracial couples and biracial children. I have worked with many medical professionals, and a good portion of them were in interracial marriages. I knew of an adoption case where a white physician was trying to adopt a black child who had been brutally beaten and burned by his mother and her boyfriend (social services denied the adoption). After my experiences, I can only conclude that the average person is not racist. The only racists are the people who keep talking about “code words” and hidden racism, in other words, Liberals.


      Why can’t whites ever adopt white kids? Why do we constantly have to take care of black people’s problems and their kids? There’s white orphan kids in South Africa. Why can’t those whites you know adopt them? I’m not going to adopt a kid not of my race. Just as I’m not going to date someone out of my race, It’s not natural and those nonwhites you date or adopt will NEVER like you. You’re white. They hate you. Look at Obama, Holder, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, etc. Most blacks, even blacks that have white in them, hate white people.

      • Scott H-Man

        WOW…how bout we just let people marry who they want? Doesn’t affect you DAWN.
        Yes, Holder, Obama, Malcolm X, and Farrakhan prefer(ed) to view things through a prism of skin color. Some would even call them racist. They probably wouldn’t date a non-black woman. Doesn’t mean everyone is like that. People should marry who they want and adoption should be based on parents’ ability to provide and care for the child. Who cares about the hue of their skin.

  • A Z

    I did not understand the reason for Daniel’s article. Now I do. My mistake. i don;t always click on the links and read the underlying stories. So while I heard MSNBC made some vile jabs I did not connect all the dots. I did not until i read Mr Preston’s take.

    “New Evidence that Should End the Race-Based Epistemic Closure of the Progressive Mind” Bryan Preston

    MSNBC has gone up in the rating over the past few years. I don;t think that they did by convincing people in the middle to join themas much as they were scavenging viewers form CNN and other liberal networks.

    I expect them to now flat line or dip in popularity. MSNBC performed triage with firing Martin Bashir and with Melissa Perry’s apology but they cannot help themselves. They will step on it again.

    I am not forgetting this MSNBC transgression. The best way I or anyone else can do so is collecting these news articles, organizing them and sharing them when appropriate like around Labor Day before elections.

  • Exiguous

    No surprise here. “Conservatives” have lower I.Q.

  • George Bender

    Republicans like to blather on about how it isn’t fair that non-whites won’t vote for them. “We’re not racist, honest! Here, I’ll marry a black woman, doesn’t that prove it to you?” Minorities voting for Democrats is not about them thinking that Democrats like them better. It’s about tribalism. Blacks and hispanics think that Democrats will take money from white people and give it to them. That’s what it’s about. You Republicans can pose all you want in photo ops with your adopted black children, non-whites don’t give a damn. They care about sucking you dry with welfare benefits.

    • John

      Right, because “racists” run around marrying women of different races in order to bait Democrats. Such a brilliant idea.

      • The Right Fight

        LOL … frontpage humor. :)


      This is what most white conservatives (and whites in general) don’t get. most nonwhites are tribal. most nonwhites hate white people or people outside their race. Whites waste their time and energy and money trying to get blacks and browns to like them, meanwhile these people generally hate us and want what we have and will take it by any means they can.

      I’m glad Greece, Russia, Ukraine that the whites there are traditional, are against race mixing, are against homosexuality, are against socilaism. Basically the Greeks and Eastern Europeans act like how most normal white americans were before WWII; before we embraced all these toxic communist things.

      A Jewish communist, Israel Cohen, said this quote in 1912:

      “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial
      tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that
      for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to
      the program of the Communist Party.
      In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro
      minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a
      guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the
      Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions
      and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the
      Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process
      which will deliver America to our cause.”””

  • Donotask

    I do think the title of this article suggests inadvertently a defensive angle. As if in order to prove conservatives are good decent people, they have to be in mixed-race relationships, or families. I personally do not believe in interracial coupling, but that is my personal choice. I value and love my ancestry, people, culture, heritage and history. I wanted to share this common denominator with my future spouse, and that’s ok too. In fact, in many ways that is truly less stressful and complicated for all involved. The media’s recent pushing that interracial is the only way one can prove they are not a “racist” is truly a demented direction to go in.


      I’m honestly getting tired of white conservatives today doing the whole “We’re not racist..” because it sounds like liberals–and I thought conservatives didn’t want to be like liberals–and it is not doing anything to get lots of browns and blacks to join the conservative movement. I’m also getting tired of how conservatives will screw over other whites today just to not be seen as ‘racists.’ Amazing and pathetic how scared so many whites are of being called a name. Bush said his worst moment of his presidency was being called a racist. Really? Not the WTC with 1000s of people dying? A war he wanted where tons of people have been killed or injured for life on both sides?

      • Donotask

        Thankfully, anyone with any pride in self-ability to debate and articulate, will not resort to using the trendy “racist” “bigot” “xenophobic” anymore. They are finally getting slapped with the discrediting labels they deserve. They are unintelligent responses when one is losing an argument. Times are changing, and shame on Bush for being such a baby with sticks and stones. All our politicians are like children today. I truly miss the grown ups who didn’t care what name you called them, and did the right thing by honoring the majority vote. Woodstock generation prevails today, and the children they raised at the voting polls, and universities. Scary times, and I’m young and not religious. Just goes to show. Jerry Springer society here we come!

  • walt kovacs

    is the point to this article that it actually has no point?

  • walt kovacs

    this article makes assumptions not entered as fact

    unless there is poll data about the people entering mixed race marriages, that they live in either blue or red states means little

    love how larry elder is touting this article as having meaning

    that man is the laziest thinker on radio

    of course, he is soon to be out of a job again…so i guess he doesnt really have to work all that hard


      Most whites I’ve seen generally don’t mix or marry outside their race. The ones that do are so consumed with white guilt and afraid of being called a racist. Why don’t any of these whites who adopt kids ever adopt a white kid? There’s orphan kids that need a home. To me, taking in black kids means we’re having to, once again, take care of the black man’s irresponsibility. Black males are irresponsible and are filling our prisons up and turning our neighborhoods into crime. How much money have we already wasted on the black race, both here in the US and in Africa, trying to uplift them? Where has that gotten us? Why do we always have to take care of their problems?

      • EarthIsDestroyingItself

        I think it is important and compassionate for white families to

        adopt kids that they can become attached to, and if they love white kids then that is great too. But, I’m not an expert on the topic of adoption, so I won’t say much. ;)

  • Exdem

    It’s called compassion. Leftists never had it and never will.

    • goldushapple

      Though they always say they’re the compassionate ones. Ironic.

  • Scott H-Man

    Yikes…Liberals never lets facts get in the way of a good political theme.

    Racism, sexism, -ism, -ism, -ism.

    We should really start asking which ideology focuses on identity and is really deserving of these -isms.

  • Alberta Owens

    Is Texas a good place for interracial couples

  • ink_knight

    If you’re a black Conservative, it is pretty damn hard to find another black Conservative (someone who shares your values). Because there are more whites than blacks in the country, there is an extremely high chance, that a black American who holds traditional values, and rejects left-wing ideology, will end up with another Conservative who happens to be white. My wife is black, she and her family are Conservative like mine, we all share the same values- and that’s part of what brought us together, along with video games, (been dating her since high school), I call her my sexy beautiful dark elf, and she calls me her Viking warrior lol (yeah we’re dorks lol). My family loves her, my father who was also soldier was also extremely proud, that she does a lot of veterans, and her family loves me- her bro and I are best friends as well.

    Because she’s so awesome, so beautiful- even more so since she embraces her femininity- which upsets crazed fem-nazis- and because she rejects left-wing ideology- AND like me, only supports things that make common sense, work, and helps the country-unlike left-wing policies.. We get hate from both black and white leftist.

    It is also true that Conservatives, tend to adopt more kids over leftist. I remember this silly leftist was going on about how whites will be the minority. I asked him why is it that leftist always seem to be concerned with race? I also told him that whites make up the larger part in this country, and the sad stuff that is going on within the black community, with so many blacks killing blacks- which is obviously a serious issue, then the fact that blacks who reject all of that crap, along with left-wing ideology marry whites.

    Then the serious problem that nobody wants to talk about, in which most of the violent crimes illegals commit, are against black Americans- what will happen to blacks in the future? LOL He didn’t have anything to say.

    And about our nicknames, she got hers when we had run into each other again- when I moved back to New York. It was Halloween, and she dressed up as Pirotess, from an anime “Record of Lodoss War” (Google it). I had 2 broken fingers, and she was my nurse in the hospital- and we were shocked to see each other. Anyway I’m a pretty big guy, was in the military, play rugby, and do MMA- and always have Viking haircuts- and tattoos. She likes Viking stuff, and wanted to give our sons Norse names.

    Its hilarious, because of the way I look- people (ignorant people) would assume, I’m into white power crap- so I tend to get the weird looks. Then they get all shocked when they see her with me lol.

  • LR

    Most interracial marriages are in blue states vs. red states.

  • Alex Sawyer

    Doesn’t surprise me much. Liberals drone on and on about tolerance and diversity, but most of the lefties I know live in whitebread suburbs, and their idea of racial diversity is going to an ethnic restaurant on the weekend. They wouldn’t be caught dead living in an actual mixed-race neighborhood, let alone adopting someone who doesn’t look like them.

  • Steve Kellmeyer

    Simple explanation: Liberals kill babies. Conservatives adopt them.

  • derbradster

    I grew up hearing “Red and yellow black and white all are precious in His sight” from Day One in a church denomination which only recently issued an apology for siding with slavery defenders in the late war between the states. In many such churches not only are inter-racial marriages seen as totally ordinary, but inter-racial adoptions are celebrated as well. (Admittedly the children are often “rescued” from Haiti or Ethiopia, not the offspring of a poor US black woman).
    Secularized liberalism and those regions where is is ensconced likely nudge folks more to think of abortion instead of adoption as the “cure” to an unplanned pregnancy. And I suspect the costs of adoption are even higher in the blue high tax states than in the red states of the south and west. So it is no surprise the liberal NE doesn’t adopt as much as elsewhere.
    But I think the pulpits of the USA have recognized abortion is here to stay so they view adoption as a very practical way to show Christ’s love to a lost world.
    Even now all the biblically conservative evangelical folks I know and love have likely come far closer to the “color-blind” society envisioned and sought by men like Martin Luther King and the other prominent 60s liberals. If you are prolife and you want any type of political credibility an adoption can only enhance your status. (How many foster kids did Michelle Bachmann raise?) If you are a Republican and you find fault with Affirmative Action, quotas, set-asides etc you are likely to have much more credibility against racism allegations if you have a multi colored adopted family.
    Finally, inter-racial marriages and adoptions are far more common in the military where any stigma attached vanished long ago.

  • GarySweeten

    Conservative Christians support world missions and know people of different races. We are always open to sharing Christ and food and groups of different ethnic groups. We always saw photos of various racial groups.