Mozilla Firefox Falls to 3rd Place, Hits Lowest User Level Ever


Firefox’s market share has been dropping for some time, but it has now fallen to third place behind Google Chrome for the first time.

While Google Chrome has been struggling with market share, Firefox has been in a steady decline down to 17% market share in March from 20% in May of last year.

Firefox fell below 18% this year so that it no longer even claimed a fifth of internet users.

Opera’s market share has also fallen, but may rise again as users search for browser alternatives to Firefox.

Firefox’s decline had more to do with its technical problems, including its infamous memory leak which reared its ugly ahead again recently, than gay marriage, but its purge of CEO Brendan Eich would not have helped matters any.

Eich however might have been able to turn Mozilla around. Instead it’s flailing, its mobile strategy has been a disaster, its browser has become the new Internet Explorer, clunky and slow to change. While Opera and Chrome have innovated, for example if you see a sound button on a Chrome tab, you know which tab is playing audio, Firefox has continued churning out clunkier versions of its browser.

For a full featured browser, Opera is better. For something lighter (though still prone to memory leaks), there’s always Chrome.

And for those who want to stick with the default, there’s Internet Explorer. So it’s not hard to see why Firefox is doomed.

Firefox calculated that it would offend fewer people by purging Eich. It may have made a big mistake as there is just as much of a backlash in the tech company over Eich’s purging in the name of gay rights.

Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech?! Is Ms Baker, a lawyer, kidding? How did Mr Eich’s personal action of 2008 of donating his own money to a successful political cause compromise the equality of anybody? Everybody had the right to vote, didn’t they? Is allowing his right to donate to a successful political campaign worse than denying his US Constitutional First Amendment right to freedom of speech? What sort of inverted world are we now living in?

Message to Winifred Mitchell Baker: Equality and free speech are two sides of the same coin! There cannot be any inconsistency between the two. The minute you deny one, then you deny the other.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    No more Firefox for me.

    • ep

      me neither… just installed Chrome on my work and home computers

  • JackSpratt

    Tried to register with TR, but it won’t take my posts….says that email address is already in use…DUH. Anyone know how to unregister there?

  • panola60

    Uninstalling Firefox. . . . . . . . . . .97% Complete

    The intolerant gay / liberal bigots that hate 87% of all people on planet earth that don’t share their views. . . .

    • -Y-

      Congratulations! You have win the Internet Idiot reward. You may collect your prize at a local Darwin Award ceremony.

      First Eich quit, because he saw it as a way to stop people from associating Mozilla with prop 8.

      Second by uninstalling Firefox you are support the so called intolerant gay/liberal bigots, and harming whatever Eich wanted

  • CaoMoo

    I stopped using it along time ago it’s a slow browser for video playback in my experience. Chrome isn’t the best but it’ll do.

  • 1keith1

    I use IE11. I refuse to use any Google products, as Google spies on everybody. I’ve never tried Firefox.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes Google is an obsessive data factory

      • TheBigOne

        DON’T FORGET the Google’s mysterious barges!

  • Michael Harrington

    I want no chrome, IE, Mozilla, nor Opera…. what good options are there?

    • Rights Winger


      Or wget and your favorite text editor.

    • Shay

      Pale Moon rocks. Check out their FaceBook page.

    • nanc


    • TooBad

      I agree completely! I wish that I could give you one million up-votes!

  • The_Questman

    I’ve switched back to Internet Explorer. In combination with windows 8.1 it is the safest way to peruse the internet without worrying about unwanted intrusions. I’ve almost eliminated using Google search and their browser, Chrome, is nothing more than an intrusive ad machine. As far as Firefox is concerned I don’t want to deal with any company who fires people or demands they resign based on their personal beliefs of a political subject.

    • TheBigOne

      Actually the US Government has issued a major security warning and urged people to stop using Internet Explorer.

    • Eric

      I stopped using IE long ago, and I’d think Firefox and Chrome would be fairly safe. Microsoft tends to do things in a non-standard way to lock in market share (and IE is no exception), which was enough for me to stop using IE. Also, IE still seems slow compared to Chrome.

  • Lizmay

    Using IE11 or Safari. Can’t abide using fascist software.

  • Michael Harlow

    Ms, Baker is a lawyer. Wouldn’t want her defending me.

  • tomkat

    After years of usage, I’ve uninstalled FF from all the PCs in my network. PaleMoon is getting the job done nicely without my having to support the homofascists. Sodomy is abhorent to Nature, and repugnant to me and about 90% of this nation’s citizens. Good riddance to blatant enemies of the Constitution.

    • Bill Kay

      I Whole hartedly support this position , and 2nd the motion away with these dregs .

    • rxpc

      Pale Moon is basically a Mozilla program. At least it was when I had it. Their website proudly states “powered by Mozilla:” Same goes for Waterfox (the 64bit optimized version of Firefox).

  • Shay

    Went with Pale Moon. I’m never going back.

  • Rodney

    I’ve been watching Firefox’s numbers drop over the last couple of days at their website: Judging from the comments (roughly 50,000 right now) the number of people uninstalling Firefox aren’t doing it because of “technical problems”.

  • Christian

    regarding Mozilla’s fFirefox input web page: C’mon Mozilla, I KNOW the UNHAPPY count exceeded 23,000 yesterday (8th), others saw 50K for 7 day total. You can manipulate your own feedback forum if you choose to do so, but you cannot manipulate your market share. You COULD publish a full and unreserved apology, and reinstate your fine ex-CEO. That might POSSIBLY stop the rot, and save your organisation from going under. Your choice I guess.

  • De Doc

    I dumped it. Honestly I have no idea why I kept using that browser anyway. It was junk software!

  • Bill Kay

    Will be going to Chrome as well , there will never be a Fire Fox for me EVER.

  • randy harrison

    Removed it last weekend. hoo rraah

  • chelmer

    Technically, FIrefox was adequate. But i will boycott any supplier of any product who thinks he can protect his market share by throwing an innocent person under the bus to appease a fringe group of bullies and activists. As time goes by, the lesson will emerge: you can’t get away with appeasing the 2% by trampling on innocent people and hoping the 98% won’t care.

    • -Y-

      Wow. Good thing you read that Eich quit the job himself, otherwise you might have thought they threw him under the bus. Right?

      • Santiago Matamoros

        Sarcastic and wrong.

        Not a good combination.

  • Paul B.

    Give Opera 12.16 a try. That’s the last version before they went to a painful extended switch to a chromium engine.

  • rxpc

    Back to IE for me. After over a decade with Mozilla. It wasn’t easy, but I couldn’t let this affront to freedom of speech and conscience go un-answered.

  • .

    Uh, im looking for alternative browsers, and i really hate chrome, opera does not appeal very much to me. I want something that has decent market share so if something should happen i can just google the problem and get help more easily. However im hoping it will be customizable or atleast have a decent amount of features.

  • gonzo malonzo

    What a pathetic bunch of commenters, to be sure, fondly imagining that their moral high ground is not a pile of excrement … as it is for every human being.

    • TooBad

      Speak for yourself.

  • TheBigOne

    That’s because the people in charge of Firefox are likely partying and drinking which is why the fired the CEO for not being Gay.

    This generation is a lot like the late 20s where people got too *relaxed* and stopped taking responsibility so a lot of businesses in this generation has been ran to the ground which is half the cause of the recession.

    Going into a lot of mom and pop stores one of the hardest hits of this generation is skilled jobs like plumbing,wiring.etc as today’s generations don’t want to learn to work hard so it’s mostly middle age people or retirees who don’t want to fully retire so they can have something to do.

    Studies prove going to collage is a waste of time because most high paying jobs are out of the country so it’s a tight squeeze in today’s market and the US Congress continues to go on it’s merry go round partying away our tax paying money.

  • TheBigOne

    These conditions are exactly what happened to Ancient Rome where the government stopped caring about the economy and allowed money to be in the hands of a few while allowing uncontrolled illegals to enter the kingdom taking away jobs from citizens who live there lawfully.

  • Farmer_Girl

    Hope the gaystapo that works for Mozilla understands what their intolerance towards Eich has caused. We uninstalled all Mozilla products from our computers.

  • 1SkyCaptain1

    These queers stand in opposition to the laws of nature, natures God, and self evident truths.

    In other words; opposition to life itself.

  • Conrad

    I wanted to check in on Mozilla, well after their dust-up with Eich.

    Firefox has around 26% of the web browser market. Apr 1, 2014

    “April 2014 Browser Market Share” = Firefox: 21.25% (-0.41%)

    From what I have seen, they are on an angle-descent, only accelerated by their Gaystapo tactics.

    “Firefox, which has been losing followers daily for over two years, fell once again, with share now down below 14 percent for the first time since 2010.”
    (November 2014)

    And in this report, a little under 11 percent.

    My business has many, many machines and most had Firefox uninstalled within 24 hours of the Eich incident..

    Palemoon does a fine job, without the PC BS.

    Can’t wait until they close shop completely and sell pencils on the street corner.