MSNBC to Host One-Hour Special About New Jersey Traffic


Finally Bridgegate has its own Woodward and Bernstein and his name is Chris Hayes or Mr. Rachel Maddow. Is he all in? You bet, he’s all in.

Do you want to see this man talk about New Jersey traffic for one hour? Are you an MSNBC viewer? Then of course you do. It’s either that or Al Sharpton talking about how the Tea Party is just like the Klan or Ed Schultz talking about how the Tea Party is just like the Klan or Melissa Harris Perry talking about how the Tea Party is just like the Klan.

Bridgegate is a chance for MSNBC to leave racism behind for 5 minutes and do a one-hour special about New Jersey traffic. Oh wait…


It’s MSNBC, there’s no escape from racism. That means we need a disparate impact study on New Jersey traffic. Why does Chris Christie hate black people while Chris Hayes loves them?

Thus far MSNBC’s award-winning staff of whiny white kids in glasses have tackled Bridgegate as if Christie was a fat Nixon and they were journalists instead of failed Peace Corps volunteers.

Here’s a sample of MSNBC’s coverage of the greatest traffic story ever told.

Steve Kornacki answered your questions about “bridgegate”

The billion-dollar development at the center of ‘Bridgegate’

Conservatives pile on Christie over ‘bridgegate’

Christie’s marathon ‘bridgegate’ presser left questions unanswered

‘Bridgegate’ sees its first lawsuit

Roadmap to ‘Bridgegate’

Rachel Maddow Has an Alternate Theory of Christie’s “Bridgegate …

Scathing bridge complaint reached Christie’s staff


‘Bridgegate’ draws little public interest

Little public interest? Go figure.

“As the media analyzes every angle of the story, a new poll reveals that Americans don’t really care about ‘Bridgegate.’”

They must be racist. Time to hit them with a one-hour special from that guy no one watches anyway. Here’s my pitch for MSNBC.

Did the Koch Brothers make up Benghazi to cover up Bridgegate?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    My mind is getting blown. I’m no dupe, and I’m pretty harsh about media bias. This is so far beyond what I imagined could possibly happen.

    The media are now largely cult leaders. No pretense of objectivity except in terms that the cult followers accept. The pretense that is.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The media is Pravda. It’s pure propaganda

      • objectivefactsmatter

        I no longer consider that a hyperbolic statement.

      • BS77

        Had Gov. Christie been a Democrat, the story would have faded away in a New York minute..

      • Naresh Krishnamoorti

        Pravda has changed. Yes, they run many kooky stories, but they’re far more fair and balanced than MSNBC. On the whole, the odds are better than even that you’ll read the truth in Pravda, but nil that you’ll hear the truth from MSNBC. Pravda is the place where I first learned that residents of Oklahoma City plan to build a huge statue of Satan, where kids can sit on its lap, apparently in homage to the idea of Obama thinking of himself as Santa.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It’s changed after the fall of the USSR, like most Russian propaganda outlets aimed at foreign audiences it’s 60 percent wacky stories, 40 percent American-EU conspiracies.

  • BS77

    MSNBC is the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party….not much more