Muslim Tries to Apply for Spousal Benefits for 12-Year-Old Wife… in Australia


The happy couple met, where else, in a mosque.

An alleged underage marriage was uncovered this week when a 12-year-old child bride and her 26-year-old husband tried to apply for spousal benefits, according to government sources.

Centrelink sources say the girl was removed from the home she shared with her 26-year-old “husband” hours after enquiring about what support would be available to a spousal visa holder on Wednesday morning.

The man was arrested by detectives from the Child Abuse Squad and charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child.

Newcastle Muslim Association president Bikash “Shahriar” Paul said the accused man was an “occasional” worshipper at a mosque in the Hunter Valley region north of Sydney, where he met the girl.

The girl’s father — who converted to Islam about 18 years ago following a battle with drugs, gambling and alcohol abuse

Detectives investigating the case said the father was ”shocked” that his daughter’s 26-year-old husband was arrested and charged with more than two dozen child sex offences last week.

Police will allege the girl was married to the accused during an Islamic ceremony in her father’s backyard. But detectives say their union was not official.

The child bride then moved to south-west Sydney with her ”husband”, after they were given permission by the girl’s father.

The accused had been living in Australia on a student visa and attending university. It is understood he had no ties with the town he was living in but met the under-age victim through a local mosque.

One neighbour said before they moved in they had mistakenly gone to the wrong house for an inspection. She said she saw the girl wearing a pink hijab and her partner apologised for the intrusion.

A leading Islamic health services counsellor has warned that hundreds of children as young as eleven are being sent overseas to be married after being “shopped” on Facebook.

Clearly this is a situation that can only improve as more Australians convert to Islam and marry their 12-year-old daughters off to Muslim men.

  • laura r

    Is N.Y. next? what is going on in the U.S. w/this issue? keep us informed.

  • Mohammed Wazaterd

    Apparently a state minister said there are over 200 cases they need to investigate in Sydney. You can bet the same thing is happening in the US. Perhaps most of them are a little bit smarter than this miscreant – and don’t get their 13 year ol ‘wives’ to do the talking for them at the Social Security office.

    • rightffielder

      In Dearborn(istan) young girls are sent overseas or secretly “married” by these bastard imams!! They are pulled out of school at 12 13 years and then their real hell begins as a “wife” screw that !! JAIL THE BASTARDS!!

  • Mohammed Wazaterd
  • Gus Van Sant

    Don’t panic, it’s just Islamic!


    Australia should make good use of the Great Barrier Reef and the sharks that inhabit it by dropping the islamofascist savage in the middle of it.

    The sharks will take care of business. And the savage will get 72 virgin sharks to feast on him.

    • GopherNo83

      Make that two Islamofascists, the “husband” and the “dad”.

      • AlanfromNY

        Exactly what I was thinking. Why isn’t the father being prosecuted?

  • john spielman

    “spousal benefits”? even if she were in her 20’s, isn’t spousal benefits for retirees not young able bodied men and women?

  • Veracious_one

    Nary a mosque nor an Islamic school anywhere in the West has any program designed to stop converts to Islam from getting this idea, despite their claim to reject this understanding of Islam.

    • Jollyjacktar

      Have you never heard of taqqiya?

  • Veracious_one

    his chances for actually getting those benefits would have been greater had he been in the U.K.

    • matteo zorzi


    • AlanfromNY

      I heard he’s heading there now, asking or asylum.

  • Therese Fairchild

    I want to know why the father was not also arrested or the Imam that married them.

    • Anthony John Pidgeon

      they both were!

    • Anthony John Pidgeon

      hopefully many more will be dealt with as there must have been witnesses to the “marriage”.

    • Jools Ferguson

      Therese, they were. See my comments above and the links I provided.

  • francesca9

    they move here on visas, get on welfare right away and then rape, murder, molest children and take all the money they can get in the form of welfare. they contribute nothing! England and Australia should give their citizens back their gun rights for protection against these criminals.

    • AlanfromNY

      At the same time they should be eliminating all welfare benefits for ‘immigrants.’ If they can’t make a living, send the back to wherever the hell they came from. Why should Australia or British or American taxpayers have to work their asses off to support these hostile invaders?

      • letstalkcandidly

        Why bring them over in the first place just to send them back? Makes no sense at all. But the Brits do not make any sense at all in the manner in which they have displaced their own people to accommodate Islamists.

        • AlanfromNY

          THAT IS THE 64 THOUSAND DOLLAR QUESTION. It’s time to start blindfolding the responsible politicians and lining them up against the wall for treason.

        • Jools Ferguson

          Many of these people are illegals anyway, aren’t they? I’ve been saying for years that they should be locked up until there’s a jumbo jet full of them then moved under SAS control and shipped back to Iran or Iraq, or some other place nearby. WE DON’T WANT THEM! Having said that, I have befriended a family from the ME, through my work. They have just heard that their protection visa has been granted but they were here as students. They are in the process of learning how to be Christian. What better way to reject islam? Also, not all of these people are extremists and they make it hard for the decent ones.

          • letstalkcandidly

            I agree Jools. I have several Muslim “friends and acquaintances” who are first class people who can’t stand what they see. But still, I do not let them off the hook. I believe the good ones are duty-bound to drive out the bad ones ~ and we simply do not see enough of them doing that. There is no excuse for passivity among mainstream Muslims. If they sit back and watch while their “fellow travelers” do the sorts of things we see Muslim extremists up to then they share the blame. It is up to them, more than anyone else, to condemn the hatred and bloodshed that is being perpetrated in the name of the religion they practise.

          • Jools Ferguson

            True Letstalkcandidly. It is sad, but I wonder if the truly peaceful muslims are scared of the extremists? They already KNOW what their punishment would be if they spoke up against them.

          • Bellz Webster

            Yes. This is part of the problem. If ‘jihad’ breaks out in Austrralia those Muslims who oppose what some Muslims are doing will do absolutely nothing to help because its in their religion that they have to abide by their own Muslim rules and Koran or be killed. I’m afraid I don’t trust any of them. I have heard but a handful say they have left their religion because it makes them unhappy.

          • letstalkcandidly

            Did Canadians, Brits and Americans say “I’m too afraid of the German army” to defend Europe and the Jews and fight to stop the aggression of Hitler and the Nazis in WW2? Aside from the cowardly Chamberlain they stepped up to fight a war that was not even theirs. Did NATO permit the Bosnian genocide of Muslims? No. Yet, we are willing to listen to Muslim excuses that they are afraid of the terrorist fringe. I think, like you Bellz, that this is just a cover-up for the fact that they practise Koranic taqiyya – while they actually support the extremist agenda.

  • Mike Roberts Sr.

    soon this world will be run by islam and homosexuals and the only hope is the Lords return before it happens because the ppl are weak pansies and afraid to fight this intrusion because obama cant be stopped

  • bsum1

    Manditory castration of all muzzy men will end this horrific problem really fast….

  • matteo zorzi

    good for them in australia. here in uk he would get the benefits lmao.

  • Jools Ferguson

    They have all been arrested, father, “husband” and the imam. Here in Australia, we don’t mess about with these pedophiles – we ACT! Check it out at these links below. And Screw Socialism, your remedy is too tame – we need to send a strong message to these people. Strip the bastards naked, lock them in the old fashioned “stocks” (metal, not wood) and let the rats, wild cats and dogs at them and the public do whatever they like, short of killing them. They need to SUFFER and others of their ilk need to see what happens when they do this sort of thing in the WEST! Cruel and definitely over the top, but what suffering these child brides endure from adult “men” (and I use that term loosely – REAL men wouldn’t do this) is indescribable. Some of these children die from internal bleeding as a result of their wedding night encounter with their new husband.

  • Rita

    He should be hanged, and Australia needs to stop giving immigrants welffare….if they can’t provide for themselves, kick them out….

  • Bellz Webster

    Its my opinion, and I feel Muslims are dragging down this country with their stupid sharia laws and ways of life. I feel there are too many of them over here taking over the place. Its one thing to be multi-cultural, but when one nation of people become demanding its time to stop their migration. There are enough of them over here now and they have families of their own. The safe, secure, happy feel of Australia is changing. In my opinion, any religion who thinks its ok to marry 8 years olds are sick and reek of pedophillia. Stoning rape victims is suposed to be lawful, cutting off hands for thieves is suppose to be ok to do. Giving Muslims too much say in what goes on lawfully in Austrlia will be our downfall. Look at what’s happening over in England in France and the States are having problems. People don’t seem to see what they really are all about. Terrorism is not being peaceful. Controlling women in every aspect is not being loving.

  • Bellz Webster

    Why do Muslims emmigrate to a country thats predominately Christian and then whinge that they can’t get more control. Why don’t they move to a country that thinks and likes what they do. The only reason I can think they move to Christian countries is to escape what they hate about their own religion or they want to own that country and make it theirs.