Muslim Brotherhood in US Group Got $10,000 in Farm Subsidies


They didn’t produce any crops, but that’s for the best considering the kinds of crops their Taliban buddies tend to grow in Afghanistan.

An Islamic organization once listed by the Justice Department as a co-conspirator in a high-profile terror case is among many groups that have received thousands in federal farm subsidies, without producing any crops.

Records show that since 1998, the North American Islamic Trust has received over $10,000 across 34 separate taxpayer-funded programs. NAIT’s two relatively small land plots are tax-zoned as “agricultural” — but they aren’t developed.

The group has been able to obtain farm subsidies legally without producing any crops because it is a nonprofit “charity group” landowner — so it received subsidies on top of being tax-exempt.

The North American Islamic Trust’s history is complicated — as the offshoot of the Muslim Students Association and its financial arm, NAIT was founded in 1973 by Middle Eastern-born college students. The majority of NAIT’s founders were members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the group continues to be backed by Saudi Arabia. NAIT uses Shariah-approved investing with its own company, Allied Asset Advisors, to buy and pool mosques and community centers. Former Allied Asset Advisor board member, Jamal Said, preached the most conservative forms of Islam and was specifically named as a co-conspirator in the terror-funding case.

In the Holy Land Foundation case of 2008, which prosecuted investors charged with sending  money to Hamas, NAIT was named by U.S. federal prosecutors as a co-conspirator and an entity that is or was “a member of the Muslim Brotherhood” (the parent organization of Hamas).

The Holy Land Foundation’s five accused individuals were sentenced for funneling $12.4 million to the terror group, which controls the Gaza Strip and is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. NAIT never was formally charged in the case.

Every farm subsidy to the North American Islamic Trust has been received at the mailing address of the Islamic Center of Central Missouri Mosque, records show. The USDA lists the “farm location” as Boone County, Mo. But aerial searches of the “agricultural” properties owned by the North American Islamic Trust reveal that the plots are undeveloped, tree-dotted land combined to form just over 100 acres valued at about $59,000.

Forget Bread, Land and Peace. Try No Bread, Worthless Land and Terror.

  • LieutenantCharlie

    Since Obama is a Rizouli in the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, I firmly believe that most, of the missing money, from the $850 Billion Dollar Stimulus went to the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

    • kikorikid

      I sure wish you could prove that!

  • cheechakos

    It’s not that surprising.
    That is partly why muslims get people into political office,to learn the entitlement and freeload system. They pass the info on through their organizations and mosques so “moderates” can destroy our system from within and use our own money to finance our take over.

    This country is enormous with complex governments ,that makes it easy for them to commit fraud in hundreds of ways in thousands of areas.

    You can also find muslims attaching themselves to long term democratic controlled areas that have deteriorated into pure corruption.They learn how to abuse the system well there. Like this village near E.St.Louis,IL.
    It’s a feeding frenzy for criminals .
    ( — Another public official from a Metro-East town with a long history of corruption was arrested. News 4’s Craig Cheatham has the latest on the arrest of the deputy clerk of Alorton.

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    Harvesting human souls for allah.

  • Barbara’s Political Rantings

    What tha hell is wrong with congress? Why isnt O. in jail?

    Egypt has declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization.