Muslim Brotherhood Threatens Terror Attacks on Pepsi

Pepsi Billboard in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood has big ambitions. Not only are its branches at war with different countries around the world, but now it’s taking on Pepsi.

They’ve been quick to claim bombings across Cairo in recent months, targeting security and police officials, but now Egyptian jihadist group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (or ‘Supporters of Jerusalem’) has another target in mind.

A soft drinks giant.

On Friday, the Sinai-based group threatened to attack Pepsi Co. for allegedly allowing the Interior Ministry to use their company vans to transport detainees.

“You know who we are and what we can do,” the group addressed the company on Twitter. “This is the last warning and after this, Pepsi Co. can only blame itself. By Allah, we will not tolerate working with the police whatever the client, the amount and status.”

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis is allegedly funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, which makes it another one of many Brotherhood front groups.

Why would the Muslim Brotherhood target Pepsi, aside from the silly detainee stuff which is likely fiction?

Pepsi plays an interesting role in the Egyptian economy. Pepsi bought into the Egyptian Bottling Company which was a state owned enterprise. It did so together with the Saudis. Pepsi is now politically controversial and ubiquitous in Egypt.

So Pepsi has come under various attacks over the years, such as claiming that it’s made out of pig intestines or that a penny from each can is given to Israel.

The story becomes more complicated because Egypt, like most of the Muslim world, is an oligarchy and its economy is dominated by the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood, both of whom control a variety of civilian companies. A political struggle in Egypt is also economic. Imagine if Tropicana was aligned with the GOP and Minute Maid with the Democrats. We have this to some extent in the US, but our oligarchy hasn’t gotten as bad yet.

But it is a very real issue in Egypt.

It’s likely that the same Brotherhood funding the terror attacks intends to profit from them through destabilizing Pepsi’s virtual monopoly in Egypt.

  • Zelda

    Holy cow – I read it fast and thought it said Pelosi! I wish!

    • truebearing

      Are you the same Zelda whose wit I enjoyed on the Daily Caller?

      • Zelda

        No Sir, but I’ll try to keep up.

  • American Patriot

    Let me guess: someone in the Muslim Brotherhood believes that Pepsi is “controlled” by “Zionists” who want to take over Egypt and turn all infidels against the totalitarian and paranoid MB. Now, how ridiculous is that claim. Let’s face it. The Muslim Brotherhood is at war with everyone. The paranoid Islamist organization thinks that everyone who is different from them are infidels. The MB is simply beyond nuts.

    • Notalibfool

      True! And isn’t it amusing how ObaMAO loves the Muslim Brotherhood?

      • whitefalcon74

        ovomit embraces pedophiles what a scum bag !

  • truebearing

    “No Pepsi for you!”

    • Notalibfool

      Soda Nazi? Couldn’t that also describe Michael Bloomberg?

    • Notalibfool

      But are you quoting the Muslim Brotherhood or Michael Bloomberg?

  • Patrick778

    Maybe if the generals in charge hadn’t condemned to death several hundred of members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the man who was democratically elected president of Egypt, things might’ve calmed down a bit.

    • JackSpratt

      The Muslim Brotherhood is a terror organization, and they are not so dumb as to not know that. Obongo is a supporter of the MB.

    • Daniel Greenfield


      They sure were calm under Morsi.

      The Muslim Brotherhood has a long record of calming things down.


      Things are never “calm” under an Islamic dictatorship, Patrick. The Egyptian people are better off with the military.

    • john spielman

      Dear Patrick778: the MoBros may have been ELECTED DEMOCRATICALLY, but then they rapidly proceeded to suspend liberties and persecute and murder Christians and opponents just like their ideological fascist counterparts; the Nazi party in Germany

    • Notalibfool

      Democratically elected is just another leftist catchphrase used to defend America-hating dictatorships. The people of Egypt spoke loudly; they DO NOT WANT the criminal hate group known as the Muslim Brotherhood running their country. They have also rejected ObaMAO’s attempt to force the Brotherhood upon them.

    • JBisback

      Maybe if the muslim brotherhood succeeds in killing EVERYBODY, things will calm down a bit.


  • liz

    This is what you get when you try to modernize barbarians. It’s like trying to force evolution on apes.

    • robin_wrenkist

      When was the last time you saw a healthy baboon act like a muslim?

      • liz

        Yes, it’s beneath their dignity.

        • JBisback

          This is what Pepsi gets for putting “halal” signs on their products. You cant appease islamopithecines and it’s despicable to even try.

  • wileyvet

    The MB is upset that Pepsi rejected their idea for a new soft drink. Camel Urine.

  • Dez

    Let them drink Sodastream.

  • jcd0101

    you cannot mix
    islam and freedom
    islam and democracy
    islam and business
    islam and capitolism
    islam and human rights
    islam and womens rights
    islam and christians rights
    islam and jewish rights

    Sorry Islam is incompatible with all of the above
    so who was the moron who tried to merge pepsi with an islamic company?
    oh that was brilliant..

    • liz

      Right – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
      That list could go on and on. How about:

      Islam and the entire rest of the human race