Muslim Couple Threatened Synagogue Bombing for Ramadan


Muslim activists routinely claim that Muslims are the biggest victims in the United States. Instead it’s the other way around. They routinely commit or threaten to commit hate crimes against Jewish targets. And they have a special affinity for attacking synagogues.

A divorced couple from Riverhead have been charged with emailing terroristic threats to an East Hampton synagogue, East Hampton Village police said.

Asli Dincer, 44, and her ex-husband Melih Dincer, 31, sent three emails to the Jewish Center of the Hamptons in May and June, saying there would be an explosion at the synagogue during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, East Hampton Village Det. Sgt. Matt Bennett said.

Their defense, which has been entirely picked up by some media outlets eager to dodge any link between Islam and terrorism, is that they were trying to get someone else in trouble.

While that’s not impossible, their choice of a synagogue and Ramadan are rather revealing.

The Dincers, who were born in Turkey, live at 40 Peconic Ave. in Riverhead and are unemployed, they said at the arraignment. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has requested the pair be held in jail, the judge said.

Considering that they’re unemployed criminals, maybe it would be easier to just deport them.

  • Johnny Paleswine

    An example of the Muslim filth in the West. We will have to take out the garbage or leave that to our children and grandchildren. They will hate us for not doing it.

  • Isahiah62

    Every RAMADAN you will see expressions of JIHAD on non Muslims- ALLAh gives them extra bonus points for that. And one more example of why allowing illegals to stay is HUGE mistake- IMO Muz immigration should have been halted 9-11-2001- instead we’re packing ‘em in under “refugee” bs and ignoring those HEZZBO Jihadi entering via MEx

  • DogmaelJones1

    A very screwy scenario. First of all, they’re divorced, and still living at the same address? Was that an apartment or a private home? And unemployed? What were they living on? Have you any idea of the cost of living on Long Island? What with county and state taxes and property taxes alone, it’s astronomical. State troopers live in houses only half as large as Hillary’s.

    • bob smith

      Divorced or convenient terrorists planted with big mouths and stupidity as their guide. This is the tip of the ice berg.

      For all those mentally retarded Jews of the left, take advantage of the 2nd amendment while you can, your end is near.

  • wileyvet

    Send them back to Turdogan, I am sure he will appreciate some good Muslims.

  • Warren Raymond

    This progressive synagogue happens to be the home of the egregious kumbaya clown Rabbi Marc Schneier, famous for twinning his Hamptons Synagogue with radical mosques


    After the Boston Marathon bombing, there should be ZERO TOLERANCE for INTOLERANT ISLAM.

  • notme123

    how did they get here and where is their money coming from?