Muslim Kills Jews in Brussels, Brussels Mayor Says City Needs More Diversity

Mehdi Nemmouche

If there’s a problem with diversity, just add more diversity. It’s bound to make things better.

Yesterday, French police arrested the terrorist accused of murdering three Jews in Brussels, Belgium on the eve of the European elections. The killer, 29-year old French citizen Mehdi Nemmouche, a son of Muslim immigrants, had gone to Syria in 2013…

The way to combat this, Yvan Mayeur, the Socialist Mayor of Brussels, said, was “to give room to the many cultures and religions in Europe.”

Yvan Mayeur, the Socialist Mayor of Brussels, said that to combat anti-Semitism and racism, his city needed more “diversity.”

Anti-Semitism would be better combated with less diversity. For all the native bigotry, it’s been a while since the average citizen of Brussels thought that killing Jews was a good way to pass the time.

The same can’t be said for its Muslim settlers.

But the left can’t process minority bigotry. Its response to Muslim Supremacist bigotry is to solve it with more diversity. And that’s how this whole mess got started.

The London Review of Books responded to the killings with a long snarky piece about Brussels that managed to reference UKIP, Le Pen, Denis Thatcher, PVV, Pierre Poujade, Lega Nord and Breivik– none of whom had anything to do with the attack.

Missing was the dreaded “M” word.

After describing the local scene, the piece abruptly turns to discussing fascism in the EU elections as if one had anything to do with the other. It’s a curious mechanism of distraction and denial.

European leftists, like American leftists, are incapable of discussing the actual issue.

If a Neo-Nazi had been responsible, then conclusions would have been drawn. When a Muslim is responsible, then it’s time to mutter something about UKIP and diversity.

  • Race_Dissident

    One gets the sense that the death-wish is the primary psychic feature of the Leftist.

    • laura r

      for sure listen to jamie glasov, he tells it like it is.



    • Drakken

      And the left are going to get it in spades.

  • Habbgun

    So many Holocaust museums are called Museums of Tolerance meaning we need to tolerate diversity. Of course the new attack is that Zionism is Nazism meaning the idea of tolerance is not tolerated unless of course we use excessive tolerance for those who explicitly reject tolerance. Being a perpetual victim still doesn’t satisfy tolerance since your very existence is the problem and your existence is therefore intolerant.

    The answer is obvious. Increase the number of intolerant in the universe so that the anti-matter of intolerance coalesces into tolerance.


      tolerance and intolerance will meet and annihilate each other because their atoms spin in opposite directions.

  • edlancey

    Ever been to Brussels ? It’s like North Africa. A hellhole full of Mobots swaggering down the sidewalk three or four abreast, barging the infidels out of the way, and full of “markets” selling the cheap trinkets and junk that passes for commerce outwith most of the English-speaking world.


      Socialists and Islamofascists have overplayed their hand,

    • Yadja

      Yes I said the same thing. They are overwhelmed with Muslims and they are indeed obnoxious. I never went back to Brussels. I did go to Ghent and other ancient cities, where the population were more hospitable.

      Being an Army nurse who served in Shield/Storm and this war, I can’t stand the sight of them.

    • Drakken

      That is why I always tell a leftard that if they want to see multiculturalism or cultural suicide at it’s finest, go to Brussels where you will get it in spades.

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    Muslim Executive of Belgium calls for … more dialogue … to promote peaceful coexistence …

    • Drakken

      The time for dialogue and peaceful so called COEXISTANCE is coming to its inevitable very bloody end.

  • Mako

    The aphorism every rule has an exception is appropriate.

    One should not tolerate the absolutely intolerant.

    You can tolerate people who are somewhat intolerant or intolerant at times or just different.

    You cannot tolerate people who are absolutely intolerant or hostilely intolerant. Yet this is precisely what the LEFT asks us to do.

  • Tanker74

    I agree with more diversity. I’d like to see more Knights Templar or Hospitaller settle in the area to deal with Muslim terrorists.

    • kertitor

      And Irgun too.

    • Yadja

      Yes and arm them with drones programed to smell a Muslim a mile away.

      • infadelicious

        Dung beetles could sniff them out .LOL

        • Yadja

          LOLOLOL or goats, they seem to like goats.

          • infadelicious

            come on! Even the goats have standards…………. ha ha ha! the picture below illustrates the only way they could get a goat to date them.

          • Yadja

            That is true they are forced into service, just like they do their women, or girls, little girls.

          • Yadja


  • Ban Liberals

    What if I told a liberal it could recover from drinking poison by drinking MORE poison?

    Analogy concluded.

  • Frau Katze

    The LRB piece barely mentions the killings, it’s a long rant about the anti-EU parties, who have their anti-Semites, sure; but there is no mention of leftist or Islamic anti-Semitism. You’d think the killings were carried by an FN member.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      if you ignore it and redirect, you don’t have to deal with it

  • cxt

    You know the old, hard line folks in the former USSR used to claim that the West would sell them the rope they would use to hang them.
    Maybe they were right—they just got the time and place wrong.

  • Thorsted

    I think you will hear more like this also from Liberals and so-called conservatives. I remember back in the nineties the Economist wrote about asylum in Europe that some politicians said the the asylum convention should be abolished and lately it came out that under the German consoler Helmut Kohl it was discussed to repatriate Turks because as Kohl has said they could not become apart of Germany. Plans were dropped because of inflow of asylum seekers from middeleast. The mentality is like in war you know you will lose.You don´t stop you intensify it. The same thing here -they intensify the rhetoric because they have a lost case. There is to many problems now -that yo can´t be reflective or retreat with grace.It is to late to now.You leave the problems others.

  • herb benty

    Charles Martel, we could use men like you once again!

  • truebearing

    Jews are already leaving Europe, so how is diversity served by having more Muslims, which is what the idiot mayor was really meaning by “diversity?”

    More Muslims means far less diversity because they tolerate diversity even less than the Left. They also kill more of that “diversity,” so either way, diversity isn’t served by diversity.

    • laura r

      2 factors here: destroy the white race. destroy jews & christians of all races. NWO soros plan. end game. too late. coming to a neighborhood near you.


        I believe that Soros has a hand in the mess the world is in.

        The Occupy Wallstreet slobs never denounced 1%-er George Soros.

        Wonder why?

  • rbla

    Brussels is the capital of the EU – the kind of capital the EU would have.

  • John Barleycorn

    Fact is the western peoples have to declare war on Muslims . . .or their throats will be slit while they sleep ..


      I wish it was the head of the prophet of Satan called Muhammed that was flying through the air.

    • Yadja

      Americans are not allowed to see such pictures, it is a shame because it is the truth.

      PC is overcoming America and we as a people will pay a big price eventually.

  • laura r

    sounds like a plan. more muslims more jew killing. did i hear that right?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Marxist love and celebrate diversity, because diversity makes it easier for them to balkanize the society. In homogenous unified societies, Marxism doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Dana Garcia

    We have a few million spare Mexicans in these parts that could be sent.

  • Microaggressive

    How about Jews just ***** off out of Europe and elsewhere and stay in their GOD GIVEN LAND?

    Go ahead and kill off the muslims that don’t belong there. Just **** off and stop with your multicult garbage outside of GOD’S LAND


      How about Socialists and FAKE “progressives” just ***** off out of Europe and elsewhere and move to their Turd Reich in any Islamist dominated hellhole in the sand dunes.

  • Paul Weston

    It is predicted that Muslims will be the majority demographic in Brussells by 2030. So the seat of power for an entire continent will be Muslim controlled city, with all the problems that come with this statistic. The next 30 years will see changes both socially and politically, as have never been seen before in Western civilisation. I wonder how it will eventually play out……..

    • Drakken

      Sorry to disagree with you Paul, BUT! The problem is here and it is now, all that it is going to take to push the whole rotten structure over is an egregious event where the native Europeans in complete frustration, take matters into their own hands and do the things that must be done, namely push the muslims out by whatever means necessary. The Balkanization is now complete.

  • montlasky

    What a weak,pathetic statement! Diversity? What does that help? The European Muslim community is the root cause of all things evil in French society and they are being protected in the process. Come on Francais! Wake up now before you find yourself in a Caliphate country. Your females will not look as sexy when they are wearing burkhas!!!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Europe is pretty much preparing to toss the Jews out of the lifeboat hoping the sharks don’t eat them too.

    • Drakken

      No, Europe is going to blow up in a frenzy of Balkanization.

  • Marsha

    Let’s follow the diversity path!

    > diversity > increasing diversity > peak diversity > minority becomes majority > government control obtained > decreasing diversity > diversity > natives conquerd > culture permanently changed

  • Yadja

    When I lived in Europe I took a trip to Brussels. They are overrun with Muslims. I did not go back until I found Ghent and other ancient cities.

    Europe has a Muslim problem, they know it, the EU is doing something about it, restricting the immigration of Muslims from countries that spew hate against all of us.

    I wonder just what it is going to take, besides getting rid of Obama, for America to do something about it’s Muslims.

    • Drakken

      The EU is doing nothing but trying to do it’s best to silence dissent of the natives who object to their own dmise. Make no mistake, this will end in a very uncivil war that will make a Serb blush.

      • Yadja

        I would be surprised at nothing. However in 2004 when the Muslims attempted to blow-up the Eiffel Tower New Years Day, I spent that New Year in Paris, I was there, the Paris terror experts and the police cleaned the clogged-up clock of the Muslims in the apartment complexes. They tore them out and shipped them home.

        Saw lots of action in Germany also. The Turkish Muslim Gangs are a huge problem and the German police take them down without anyone aware it happened. Saw it in Landsthul when the Turks killed a man.

        They do lots more than Americans, I will say that. Making a Serb Blush is some task, I will look forward to it.

        • Drakken

          When I was in Cologne a while back a group of Turks raped the wrong Germans daughter, the turks were arrested and in the name of unity cohesion were let go, two weeks later they were found floating in the Rhine minus their man junk. It was a abject lesson the turks understand and respect, they are getting a tad uppity again unfortunately.

          • Yadja

            Frankfurt is nothing but Turkish gangs. I only went there to fly out now and again. The place is choked full of Muslims and it just sickened me. But it is good to hear that there is justice and those who have the Chutzpah to deliver it.

            We have some tremendous problems in America and I would settle just a few good men to take care of it.

  • Bobby

    Ahh yes, the fruits of diversity. To increase cultural, social, religious, ethnic, and racial conflict, simply increase the diversity. Just a guess.

  • Samir Halabi

    As these Jew- hating fanatical murdering Muslims live by the sword so should die by the sword. Muslims found guilty of murder or the inciting of murder of Jews Christians and other non-Muslims should be subjected to a beheading, their bodies then incinerated and scattered to the four winds. Maybe then these abominations of Mankind will learn a lesson.

    • RoxanneRoxanadana

      Morsi & Mubarak have in common being accused of trumped up murder charges. El Sissi will experience the same thing within a few years. Their constitution is not worth a red cent as long as they do not ensure the people who murder small children get the same rights in court as the most powerful Egyptians. .Thus, treat the Muslim criminal as we would the Jewish or Christian criminal. Europe has these problems because they are not pro-active, as we are in the US. They should be infiltrating suspicious groups, creating fake opportunities for Jihad & jailing them.

  • Dan

    For all of you abroad, is a lot worse you could imagine. I live in Brussels and I see horrible things on a daily basis committed without any punishment but unbelievable things really. I have been to 9 muslim countries and a total of 59 countries worldwide and I haven’t felt this kind of insecurity before. Although there are many moroccan-belgians who’re moderate (not trying to impose their beliefs), hard working and and asset to society most unfortunately aren’t if I compare to any other community settled here. Muslims are very hard to blend in mainly because they seem to have a deep “need” to impose their beliefs but I do think turks or lebs for example are less mafiosi than the morrocans. There is no police in the streets present and they’re extremely afraid. We have no money left for extra nothing but of course we have to pay the salaries of the imams, monthly social financial help that mounts to 1,500$ per month because although they have their businesses and incomes officially they’re unemployed and nobody controls that (even if you have NEVER paid taxes), free health & dental care, free university education and the list goes on. Did I mention they get cash for having babies like rabbits and is a well strategy??… However no police to fine them when they attack people (you can’t walk you dog for example because muslims hate dogs and since they all have knifes with them you’d get stabbed if your puppy approaches them as in within 5 meters) , they toss garbage away as in mountains up to 5 meters high… I actually had an anti-semitic comment once as this guy called me a “dirty race jew” and I should go back where I’m from… I was like, dude my family has been here for over 500 years surely, how about yours? and he hit me. The police never does anything and if they do go to prison for let’s say several cocaine tons they get out in 2 years while being in the comfort of personal prison cells with private showers. I’m absolutely not a racist, my ex roommate is tunisian and I appreciate certain muslim family values that we totally lack in individualistic EU but I consider myself a realistic person and generalizing might not be ideal but is common sense though. What as citizens can we do? We have zero legal right to citizen’s consultations, referendums or ballots of any type. Belgian democracy is just a cover otherwise this unhappily married country would have had a divorce by now. Is really sad but I have decided to migrate to US, Brazil or South Africa for mainly security reasons I have less chances of getting killed in Rio de Janeiro or Las Vegas than here. Belgium is on it’s way on becoming a very undeveloped country and especially dangerous and poor. I mean I am at “awe” on how civilized, financially dynamic and clean cities like Johannesburg, Mexico City, Cape Town and Buenos Aires are for example. Is not normal paying 55% of our income not having streets poop-free and our parks covered with trash when there are garbage disposals everywhere. We should also legalize cannabis for many reasons but specially to decrease their revenue like americans are doing with the narcos. Half of my “commune” is muslim to the point that once I went to the city clerk and the government official greeted me “salaam alekoum”I mean i was very tanned so I can understand the head scarfed woman could profile-me but that was so wrong and illegal at so many levels. I wonder how much will the people tolerate this?