Muslim Man Gets Permission From Fatwa Hotline to Hack Ex-Wife’s Facebook Account

Picture for illustration purposes only

Picture for illustration purposes only

Who says Islam has nothing to offer the modern world? In what other religion can you call a hotline to get permission from an Islamic scholar to hack your ex-wife’s Facebook account.

A jealous Egyptian divorcee claimed he hacked his former wife’s Facebook account after receiving permission from the fatwa hotline.

The Egyptian said that more than three months after his divorce, he rang the Awqaf hotline, which offers religious guidance to Muslims, for advice because he suspected his former spouse was in a new relationship.

He told the person on the hotline that he was still married and asked whether it was justifiable for him to log on to her Facebook page to confirm his suspicions.

The divorcee said the scholar he spoke to gave him his consent, although court records do not say whether the Egyptian had actually made the phone call or received any advice. He later hacked into his former wife’s Facebook account, posted messages purporting to be from her and changed the account password.

Fascinatingly enough this fellow called the Fatwa hotline only to lie about his married status to get permission. The thinking here is addled at best. He wanted Islamic sanction, but lied in order to get it.

This is how dysfunctional Islam makes its followers.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I’m surprised the fatwa adviser didn’t also tell the jerk it was permissible to hack her to death, as well, having been told he and the woman weren’t divorced.

  • A Z

    If they have a discovery process in the Egyptian legal system, lawyers could subpoena the telephone companies phones records and see if he actually called the Fatwa hotline. Maybe the guy lied from A to Z. He never called the hotline.

    Regardless of which way it went, it is a sad commentary of the society.

  • andrewwhitehead

    Ah, Islam. The only religion that actively promotes the idea that you can hold two, or more, completely contradictory positions on any subject at the same time and believe them all to be simultaneously correct.

    I sometimes wonder if Scientology sprang from Islam…or the other way around?