Muslim Medical Association Urges Doctors to Amputate the Hands of Thieves


Before all do no harm is not exactly a major Muslim medical principle. Before all follow Sharia law is. And that’s a problem in Malaysia, which Obama compared to the US, but which is going down the dark road of Islamic law.

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has disrespected Muslims and Muslim doctors by threatening to axe doctors who perform amputations under hudud, according to Muslim medical practitioners’ group i-Medik.

Muslim doctors have sworn to an Islamic doctor’s oath which also binds them to Islam as a way of life and the implementation of Islamic laws including hudud, it added.

“A Muslim doctor performs his task according to the Islamic medical doctor’s oath, which fully supports Islam as a way of life, and this includes fully supporting Shariah laws,” i-Medik chairman Prof Dr Azmi Md Nor said.

So two medical associations. One professional and one Islamic. The Islamic one would like doctors to mutilate people. Because Islam is what it is.

iMedik, the hand chopping one, appears to be linked to Malaysian Muslim Solidarity whose president just claimed that women’s rights is a Jewish conspiracy.

Also he’s a fan of human rights…

Earlier Zaik said equality, liberty and human rights are “godless” and “faithless” ideologies created by atheists to destroy Islam.

Because giving people human rights would destroy a slave religion based on terror and oppression.

And to back that up, he wants Sharia police. Because someone has to fight, what he called, “the agenda of liberalism, religious pluralism, total equality and Christianisation were brought to this country through various approaches through proxies and certain networks linked to international Jews, Freemasons and evangelist Christians.”

With all that in mind, you can accept that the Islamic mutilations will be carried out humanely.

A group representing Muslim physicians has defied the Health Ministry and Malaysian Medical Association on the hudud issue, saying that its members will amputate limbs “in the most humane manner possible”.

Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia president Dr Mohammed Fauzi Abdul Rani said syariah law mandates Muslim physicians to perform the surgical procedure as instructed by syariah courts and as such, Muslim physicians must abide by it.

Fauzi said Muslim physicians are subservient to the higher ideals of syariah law to protect the general public.

On the Hippocratic Oath where physicians are expected to “do no harm” (primum non nocere), he said Muslim doctors are not doing any harm to a criminal who has transgressed the boundaries of social justice and has to undergo a punishment prescribed by Islamic law.

Islam has its definition of harm. Also humanity, brotherhood, truth and common decency. And those definitions don’t align with those of the rest of the world.

“These crimes (theft, fornication, adultery, alcohol consumption and apostasy) which threaten the social and moral order are seen as transgressing the limits set by Allah and thus have punishments mandated in the Quran.”

Drinking alcohol is really wicked. However Mohammed raping a little girl was something Allah had no problem with.

But the bad doctor expresses a basic problem with Islamic professionals who put Islam above their professional duties. That is why the Muslim world remains a dangerous and backward place.

Possessing technical skills is not the same thing as civilization. Literacy, technology can still be possessed by barbarians. It’s the mindset that makes for civilization.

As an example of that, here’s a letter from a Muslim doctor in defense of Islamic mutilations.

The ethics and the law are manmade, whereas the Islamic ruling is from Allah. As a Muslim doctor, I am a Muslim first. At the moment, the fact that syaria’ law has not been fully implemented has made it compulsory on me to make it happen…

Technically, the amputation of thief’s hand should be conducted in a way not to harm his or her life. Threat to his or her life could be due to blood loss, infection and other comorbidities. Excessive blood loss can be prevented by identifying two main arteries supplying blood to the hands. Infection should be prevented by safeguarding hygiene prior, during and after the procedure. Comorbidities should be addressed by having a thorough medical check-up and optimization prior to the event. Also, the technique of the amputation should guarantee safe healing of the stump and retained integrity of remaining bones.

This is what we’re dealing with. Savages with degrees. It’s what we’re dealing with at every single level of the conflict.

  • laura r

    will these drs. immigrate to the US? who chops hands in dearborne & shelbyville? there may be a market for this, as FGM. maybe england and sweden will need these professionals first, later we will too. after all we are multi cultural & tolerant.

  • BS77

    any rational person would long for the day when this hideous ideology is totally forgotten

  • Martin Ellacott

    Ah yes, the savagery of Islam. Evil doers, please join Humanity in the Third Millennium…..either that, or stay in your own Islamic theocracies. You will be happier and so will the rest of the Western (Free) World.

    • Robert Tedders

      To quote my favourite little Belgian detective, “Oui d’accord”.

  • truebearing

    Josef Mengele was a well educated man. That didn’t prevent him from becoming a sadistic. perverted monster. What a person believes will instruct him on how to use what he knows. Many evil people are well educated. Islam can never rise out of its mire of depravity, it can only drag the world down into it.

  • Mohammed

    Leftists screeching about income inequality.
    Have they not looked at the Middle East? Where are the job programs there? Muslims are suppose to give charity, zakat. Apparently, they do a worse job of it than the West does.
    How many people do not have the basics met in the Middle East be they nationals or foreign labor?
    The people who should have their hands amputated are those carrying out the sentence or declaring the sentence.

    • KyraNelson

      Oh they give “charity,” alright. Unfortunately it all goes to Jihad.

    • uleaveuswithnoalternative

      While Muslims do give to charity (mainly during Ramadan), there are 2 things to remember about Islamic “charity.”
      One, in Islam, charity is to be given ONLY to other Muslims, never to infidels.
      Two, Islam teaches that when evil befalls another Muslim, that Muslim must have done something to incur the wrath of Allah and his misfortune is seen as divine punishment.
      Hence the reason why the West (including Israel) donated BILLIONS of dollars in aid after the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 and why the wealthy Saudi government and other Islamic countries, donated small amounts in comparison.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Oh, it’s Malaysia. Never mind. Just keep making cheap clothing.

    • Lee

      All things considered if Malaysia is go g to implement Sharia law I would rather get my clothes form hondura, Vietnam, West Africa or the U.S.. that is anywhere but a sharia compliant country.
      The Malaysian Tiger can die anyway. The brains behind it are ethnic Chinese anyway. Left to Muslims Malaysia would not have got as far as it has.

  • haveittodayray

    Barbaric and savage. Islam and Sharia Law prevent its spread in America and protect our Country. Stop the infiltration of our schools and universities by the Saudi’s who donate huge sums of money to infiltrate our American system. Their only goal is not to adapt to our culture, but rather force their culture Islam and Sharia upon us. Let that culture stay in Saudi Arabia. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, said it best, as a former Muslim who speaks from personal experience in her life “Violence is inherent in Islam –its a destructive nihilistic cult of death, it legitimizes murder.” Ayaan now spends her life, working for womens rights and informing people of the problems with Islam and Sharia in the World. Just google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” their secret doctrine to destroy America from within by stealth jihad, lies and deception. Recently you have a Muslim congressman that took his oath and placed his hand on the Qur’an. Their doctrine appears to be working. Further comments here.

  • laura r

    daniel, what is your prognosis? sharia USA in 30yrs time? dont say “it cant happen here”- remember germany, anything is possible.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I don’t think 30 years, but if things go as now, we’ll be closer to the stage Sweden is at

      • laura r

        we are right behind UK & sweden. what will it be like for jews? maybe that would be a good editorial. jews seem to be anti semitic themselves, especially the college students.

  • liz

    Churchill was right when he said of Islam “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world”.

  • wileyvet

    Did Obama mention anything about this on his Asian junket? No, too busy denigrating his own country, and hanging out with Imams. Islam has no concept of good and evil. Only Halal and Haram. Lawful and Forbidden. From the critical side of Islam there seems to be two schools of thought: 1) That Muhammad did not exist at all, which means he did not receive revelations from Allah, therefore the Koran cannot be divine as Muslims believe, and was an invention by later scholars of Islam in the 8th century and the final touches on the present day Koran in the 9th or 10th. 2) That Muhammad did exist and was an epileptic, had obsessive compulsive disorder and suffered from a Malignant Narcissist Personality Disorder. The clinical description of this condition is fascinating and explains a lot when you examine his life and progress of his prophethood. It is also believed that later in life he was also impotent. Therefore goes the theory, that Muhammad, in order to satisfy the needs of a Malignant Narcissist, fabricated Allah from the pagan God of the same name, to give the imprimatur of divine revelation to his Koran in order to fulfill and justify all his earthly desires, and to keep his followers from abandoning him. More specifically, Muhammad is Allah and Allah is Muhammad. Allah is the Superego, to Muhammad’s warlord grandiose false self that completely disposed of the insignificant true self.
    Either way Islam is not Holy and the Koran is a fraud. It is a tragic blight on humanity. Indeed a cancer that needs a massive dose of radiation to eliminate it from the body of the civilized world.

    • liz

      Both scenarios are very likely, except the second one is too kind in granting him the psychological excuses. Judging from how easy it is for present day Muslims to follow the same pattern of behavior, it would seem that you don’t really need to have psychological “disorders” to embrace the sub-human lifestyle. (Maybe some inbreeding helps).

  • Always On Watch

    Malaysia today. The West tomorrow.

  • pennant8

    While stealing under Islamic law is punishable by amputation of a hand, it all depends on what you are stealing and from who you are stealing it. For example, if some poor Muslim wretch steals food from street vendor he risks losing a hand. On the other hand [pardon the sick pun] if this same wretch becomes a pirate and helps to steal a fully loaded oil tanker or container ship crewed by infidels, then he becomes a hero.

    • laura r

      infidels dont count.

    • InfidelAlliance

      Dear ‘pennant8′,

      Great point! Piracy is basically an ISLAMIC holy sacrament, as it was sanctioned by Muhammed who set the Islamic precedent with his raids (razzia) on Meccan trade caravans.

      Objectively, Muhammed was a looting stealing thief, who if he lived by the laws he imposed on others should have had his own hand amputated.

      Bukhari (81:780) – The Prophet said “The hand should be cut off for stealing something that is worth a quarter of a Dinar or more.”

      Of course, like megalomaniac psychopaths throughout history, the laws he imposed on others don’t apply to him.

      Please help expose the truth about Muhammed.

      ~ The Infidel Alliance

  • conan_drum

    I think you have misinterpreted the article. It says the MMA has threatened to axe doctors who perform amputations. As has also the Health Ministry

  • InfidelAlliance

    Dear Daniel and fellow readers,

    This is the kind of news that needs to be spread far and wide, to both non-Muslims and Muslims. Non-Muslims need to be informed and educated, while Muslims need to be challenged to defend this kind of indefensible horror.

    It is also important to understand the root of this kind of civilizational psychopathy. Simply put, Islamic civilizational consciousness is psychopathic because it is founded on the words and deeds of a psychopath, Muhammed.

    Imagine if Charles Manson and his ‘family’ of followers were not stopped, and were permitted to create a Mansonian terror civilization. What we would have is something like Islam.

    Islam has a very obvious, glaring weakness. It is a weakness that can discredit and actually totally destroy itself. That weakness is simply the truth about the ‘holy’ prophet and founder of Islam, Muhammed.

    We must attack the myth of Muhammed as a holy man, for in fact Muhammed was a classic megalomaniacal psychopath. It can be proven by simply citing the Islamic texts, written by Muslims themselves.

    To defeat Islam, the myth of Muhammed must be destroyed by the truth.

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  • toxicz

    These are the same Muslim groups allied with the radical leftist Obama administration .. who supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and gave arms to muslim terror groups in Libya and Syria…

  • Space_Cowboy_1952

    Muslims believe their religion is a cut above the rest. The unkindest cut of all, unfortunately for the West.