Muslim Member of De Blasio Team Receives Communist Party Award


Zakiyah Ansari has it all.

The Muslim woman is on Bill de Blasio’s transition team because of her fierce opposition to quality education and charter schools. That fits with the Bill de Blasio “Public Schools Uber Alles” agenda. She has a ‘down the line’ De Blasio agenda complete with more Pre-K, less testing of teachers and students and turning a blind eye to broken schools.

And that’s not the only agenda that Zakiyah Ansar has in common with Red Bill.

According to an article on the CPUSA News, People’s World, Zakiyah Ansari, a member of New York City Mayor Bill de-Blasio’s transition team, received an award at the CPUSA Christmas fundraiser in New York City in December:

Joelle Fishman, host of the event and chair of CPUSA’s Political Action Commission, introduced the honorees. “I am very honored and excited to be here today at the Better World Awards to share your celebration of the great election victory in New York that has captured the attention of the entire country,” said Fishman.

“This election is a victory over racism. It is a victory over stop and frisk. It is a victory over 20 years of direct Wall St. rule. But it is only a beginning. To realize the possibilities, everyone here has an important part to play going forward.”

CPUSA stands for Communist Party of the United States. Finally Communism comes to New York City.

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  • glpage

    The low information voters don’t give a rat’s patoot how some politician is going to butcher our government as long as that politician states he/she will satisfy those voters’ gimmes, whether that is a chicken in every pot or a promise to allow incompetent public workers to stay on the job.

  • Habbgun

    Interesting to see that Islamism and Atheism are one. Now we know that the Holy Land belongs to the Jews. Judaism and Atheism are direct opposites. I would love to see an Islamicist argue their way out of this. Oh wait. They’ll just yell.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    They love to demonstrate how tolerant and all inclusive they are, except when it comes to tolerating people who express their Christianity.

  • A Z

    Communism and Islam did not mix in Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt and other places.

    Did she not get the memo?


      neo-commie hate the US.

      It’s neo-commie “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

      Hence the Red/Green Axis of Evil.

    • Nixonfan

      They hung them all in Iran. Not even Russia blinked.

    • alericKong

      I bet de Blasio’s pre-K schools will be look a lot like the madrassahs.

  • Omar

    The 1993 NYC mayoral election was a victory over left-wing racism. That election was also a victory over race riots. The ’93 election also marked the end of 16 years of mayoral and police incompetence regarding crime fighting (12 years of Koch and 4 years of Dinkins, both of who were incompetent mayors who destroyed the city’s prestige reputation), and thus a victory over crime. And until 2001, the election that brought Giuliani to the position of mayor ushered in new reforms that stabilized and restored New York City to its prestigious reputation. But since Bloomberg became mayor in 2002, the city went back to the nanny state. Now that Wilhelm is mayor, the nanny state will intensify even more. The only difference is that the crime levels will be even worse under Wilhelm than it was before the 2013 election. Over the past 37 years, NYC only had one good mayor and four horrible ones, including (and especially) the current mayor. Koch, Dinkins, Bloomberg and Wilhelm are part of the Big Apple’s Quartet of Evil. The Quartet of Evil promotes a never ending nanny state where sodas are banned, where conservative (which is the true classical liberalism, instead of the so-called “liberalism” of leftists like the mayors of the Quartet of Evil) thought is outlawed, and where there would be limited policing (though Bloomberg is a corrupt leftist like the other three, at least he has the decency to support good policing and is tough on crime). With Wilhelm in power, the city will only intensify its downhill path. What the city needs to do is to engage in non-cooperation with the city government until the next election when the city needs to elect a politician who would follow Giuliani’s agenda. Joe Lhota should have won the mayoral election this past November.

  • Nixonfan

    At least Alger Hiss didn’t wave his party card in public.

  • Nixonfan

    I bet DeBlasio got 100% of the communist vote and 0% of the Wall Street vote. Unfortunately, communists make up a small share of NYC’s tax base.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      You would be surprised. There’s more overlap than you think.

      • A Z

        I want to to dispute your statement, but know I cannot.

        I just have to look at who so many bundlers support. I also know that so many of these Wall Street guys could not give a rat”s _ss what the rules are so long they are on top and stay on top.

        This is one reason we consider so many leaders of corporations as statists. They do not defend Democracy, freedom and capitalisms. They certainly cozy up to people who have different types of power like politicians.

  • Bob

    New York is getting what it voted for

  • truebearing

    Now this is progress! The two ideologies most responsible for poverty, hate, violence, and the ruthless pursuit of abject failure are working together, patting each other on the back for yet another negative “accomplishment.” Surely utopia is just around the corner for New York.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam combines Islam, Communism and Pan-Africanismfor a combination of horrible things in one.

      • truebearing

        That is the Medusa of political organisations. Perseus, where are you?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          We’ll need a mirror first.

        • Grandma Spice

          Thanks truebearing! I had to look up Perseus on Wiki. Great reference, btw!

      • Omar

        I remembered that post from last year. That was a clever article for identifying who our enemies are. I mentioned the key leaders in that organization and who would hold which position in that party. The party president would be Bill Ayers, the party vice president would be Bobby Seale, the party secretary would be Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the party treasurer would be Raul Castro. Anyway, the main goal of the IPICPPI is to create a global totalitarian state called Islacommunifrica, which would combine the ideologies of radical Islam, Communism and Pan-Africanism. Islacommunifrica would definitely turn the while world into a place that is worse than hell, and the kleptocracies and slaveocracies that would make that horrible scenario come true have significant power at the United Nations, especially at the misnamed “Human Rights Council”, where despotic regimes like the ones governing China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Syria are key members of. It is time for the people of the world to unite and defeat the totalitarianism that are threatening stability in the world.

  • Barbara Ann

    VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT. I can’t believe any political group in the US actually employs Muslims !

    Like I always say,there aren’t anymore Democrats, they have morphed into Socialists/Marxists/Communists !

    • Jostalin2013

      Voting in rigged elections does not work. Executions will always work though,

  • y3524m

    Hang on, I need clarification: Communists holding a Christmas fundraiser?

    Were the ornaments pinatas or capitalist effigies?

  • Indiana Conservative

    As I have been marxism,-lennism-communism have never ceased to be a threat to The United States of America despite The Berlin Wall coming down & what took place within The Soviet Union.I hope to hell that things get so tough in NYC that people start leaving that city.Let these stupid idiot liberals in that town reap what they have sowed.