Muslim MK Who Claimed House Doesn’t Have Electricity Because of Israel, Has Satellite Dish


Ahmed Tibi is a clown. Imagine Al Sharpton without the dignity and you have Tibi. Tibi’s main job in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, is to randomly denounce Israel for being a racist state that discriminates against Arab Muslims.

Despite this discrimination, Tibi graduated from Hebrew University with a degree in medicine (that like so many Muslim terror agitators, he doesn’t use) and made it to Deputy Speaker.

So naturally he was going to use Canadian PM Stephen Harper’s visit to Israel to put on his usual show.

MK Ahmed Tibi from the Ra’am (United Arab List) – Ta’al party interrupted Harper’s speech spewing protected-freedom-of-speech lies: Israel’s is an apartheid state and the like…culminating that his fellow Arab MK, Taleb Abu Arar doesn’t even have water or electricity in his village.

Not only does MK Taleb Abu Arar’s village (and personal home) have water, sewage, electricity, gas delivery, garbage removal, telephone/high speed internet infrastructure and free State sponsored education, but MK Taleb Abu Arar’s impoverished and apartheid home also has Satellite TV.

Taleb Abu Arar not only has a satellite dish, the Muslim Brotherhood member also has two wives. And is a member of Tibi’s party.


  • defcon 4

    Maybe his satellite dish is powered by allah’s will.

  • john spielman

    well of course Mr.Tibi is lying to Harper and the press. He is just being a faithful muslim! We must remember that Allah allows lying to your enemies to deceive them so that you can gain advantage over them! (Allah being Satan is NOT omnipotent). So why the fuss? ALWAYS treat Islamist statements with distrust and all will be well!

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      Here in the states we call them faithful democrats.

  • guest

    Taleb Abu Arar certainly has electricity. It certainly looks like there is an air conditioner next to his satellite dish. It looks typical of air conditioners found in the Middle East.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    When Israel took over Gaza and the “West Bank”, they found that Egypt and Jordan had so neglected infrastructure in those territories that most residents lacked electricity and fresh water. Israel invested heavily in power, water and sewer lines, and just a few years later almost everyone was hooked up.

  • wileyvet

    I am Canadian, proud of our Prime Minister for going to Israel, and of his governments record at the UN in support of Israel. He also recently appointed a pro-Israel Jewish woman Ambassador. Our tax payer funded CBC tried to make hay out of Mr. Harper’s mission being tax payer funded. And some muslim here denounced him for taking a rabbi with him who previously had welcomed Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to a speaking engagement in Toronto. I love America and Israel. God Bless them both.

    • Moa

      I’m from New Zealand, and have been very impressed with Canada’s moral stand, and the great leadership of Prime Minister Harper. Well done Canucks and best wishes from the Deep South!

      We need more countries like Canada, although Czech, Poland, and Romania all continue to provide great examples for the rest of the World in their ethical and reasonable treatment of Israel.

      The World needs a lot more Harpers and Abbots (Prime Minister of Australia) as leaders and not so many Clintons, Kerrys or Obamas :)

  • Geoffrey Britain

    Had Israel any chutzpah, it would tar and feather this ingrate and ride him out of Israel on a rail. He’s an ingrate, a fifth columnist agitator and a traitor.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    What? The state doesn’t paint his home’s exterior?


    • defcon 4

      LOL, good one.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Jewish homes have upkept exteriors. What more evidence do you need?

  • Elliott

    I am a resident of Israel. I read about this subject in today’s Jerusalem Post newspaper (Friday 24th Jan, ’14). Although your article shows a picture (not shown in the printed edition of the Post) is there any way to prove that it IS the house of Taleb Abu Arar? I have NO DOUBT that the story is accurate; Ahmed Tibi is very good at lying – he learnt from his PA colleague (can’t remember his name) who spoke of a ‘massacre’ in Jenin in the past decade. I only ask so that any challenges from detractors can be met accurately and efficiently. FPM – yours is an EXCELLENT site; keep up the good work!

  • Hank Rearden

    Of course Tibi is right! This is an example of what Herbert Marcuse called “repressive tolerance.” The amenities in Arar’s house are examples of the repression of Israeli society!

    It also fits in with California surfers – they are examples of the repressive tolerance of American society, but it takes an advanced understanding of Marcuse to totally get it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Everything all of them says, every word, every comma every punctuation mark, is a lie. Soon he will claim to be dead, that the Jews killed him as he screams from his seat in the Knesset.