Muslim MP Who Compared Gaza to Holocaust Says Muslims are the New Jews


This is the bizarre Muslim argument in Europe.

Never mind that Islam is violently anti-Semitic. Muslims are the new Jews.

Never mind that the rise in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe can be attributed to Muslim migrants. The very people attacking Jews… are the new Jews.

Never mind that Muslims are not a minority, but a majority, in much of the world, and that their countries have the least religious freedom and human rights. They’ll still insist that they’re the new Jews.

This bit of a secular replacement theology mirrors the formal Muslim theological claim that they replaced the Jews.

Labour’s Yasmin Qureshi said very similar words to those included in information and literature put out by the Nazis were being used against Muslims in Britain at the moment.

“If you look at some of the information and literature that was being put out by the Germans and the Nazis at the time – very similar words they use against the Jewish people (are) exactly being used against the Muslim people in this country at the moment.

Not really, but if you look at Muslim rhetoric aimed at Jews in the UK, as well as rhetoric from the usual radical left-wing groups, it’s entirely Nazi-like.

Yasmin Qureshi had previously compared Israel’s war on terror in Gaza to the Holocaust. The actual Holocaust however involved Muslim participation in killing Jews.

  • Larry Larkin

    If the Jews in Israel decided that they really, really wanted to exterminate Gaza they would succeed in doing so quickly and efficiently.
    This piece of garbage is just another genocidal maniac who conflates Israeli restraint with arab incomptence.
    The arabs want to exterminate the Jews, the Jews just want the arabs to let them live.

    • JR Kipling

      They don’t need to “exterminate” anyone in Gaza they need to bulldoze it flat. and send the Pals to their muslim brothers. No one needs to die. Its
      a matter of evacuation buses and a UN resettlement camp with all the attributes of Gaza but another 200 miles down the Sinai peninsula where any interest in them wanes as soon as Israel isn’t around to blame. As for Gaza City the concrete rubble is broken up and barged out into the Med and dumped. But Jews will accept the “Nazi” narrative and avoid ending Gaza..until Gaza ends them.

  • tickletik

    Does this mean everyone will now blame them for every godddamn thing that happens under the sun?

    That would be a change!

    • DogmaelJones1


    • Gee

      Yes – we caused the sun to rise in the east and after a few hours we take it away again.

      If you don’t behave we will cause the seas to rise twice a day and fall an equal number of times.

      It is all our fault – just ask them

  • Jason P

    Where’s all the Nobel laureates among the “new Jews?”

    Now aspiring to be a Jew could be a step in the right direction. First set up a liberal democracy with a 20% minority …

  • DogmaelJones1

    But, don’t you know that Jews are responsible for every little thing?
    Global warming. Global cooling. Global stasis. Sunspots. Solar Flares.
    Inflation. Deflation. Hard currency. Soft currency. No currency. Stale
    bread. Internet outages. Lightning strikes. Hurricanes. Tidal waves.
    Tornadoes, Glacial creep. Glacial retreat. Zombie Apocalypses. Nazism.
    Communism. The Tea Party. Code Pink. Code Yellow. Hillary Clinton’s
    poverty, and her badly written, and ghost-written, “Hard Choices.”
    Obama’s lousy golf scores. Michelle Obama’s appetite for unhealthy
    foods. It’s all a Jewish conspiracy, which the Jewish-controlled media
    is covering up.

    • cheechakos

      The lunatic muslims and far left attribute so much power,superstitions and control to the Jewish people you’d think they were all Super Heroes.

      After reading some of their paranoid ,deranged claims i half expect to see Jews flying overhead in capes and unitards with a Star of David on their chests

    • JR Kipling

      Actually there is a Jewish controlled media run by Jewish Liberals
      who control a great deal and the primary way they control is through Liberalism which insists that all cultures and races are the same That’s why
      you have Barack Obama in the White House and that’s why 79% of Jews voted for him the second time. Stop treating Jews as if they are a homogenous group. It will be the Liberal Jews that surrender t Israel, and they will do it for all the best reasons.

    • jackdiamond

      Consider the source: “the worst and most venomous enemies of the Muslims” (Qur’an 5:82); “(the Jews) strive to do mischief on earth (corruption in the land) the fire of war” (5:64); they are in league with Satan (58:19). The scapegoating started then. Jews are both the lowliest of creatures, descendants of apes and pigs, cursed by Allah etc and yet all-powerful and Satanic majesties, the cause of every set back in the Muslim world. We’re dealing with mental illness here. And since everything concerning Islam is truth stood on its head, including the satanic, a demonic mental illness then, or what used to be called possession.

      • Damaris Tighe

        Spot on, especially your last sentence.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      especially the zombie apocalypse

  • JR KIpling

    How many Arabs does it take to change a lightbulb?
    They would rather sit in the dark and blame Israel.

  • cheechakos

    She conveniently forgets the fact that muslims allied with Hitler. And it wasn’t a few radicals.
    Persia changed their country’s name to Iran to coordinate with Hitler’s aryan (ancient Iranian) race ideology,to prove Germans were an older race of people than Jews so thereby had superior rights, and supplied the Nazi’s with oil.
    Syria had it’s own fuhrer. Turkey had Mein Kampf read aloud from mosques.
    Palestine was planning to build a concentration camp with Himmler’s help in Nabulus. Egypt took in thousands of Nazis who fled prosecution who helped build the MB & PLO.

    • Charles Frith

      The Nazis sided with the Zionists to create Israel. Read the Transfer Agreement. Jews sold out Jews. It’s called reality.

      • HapkidoNinja

        The Nazis took advantage of the pending holocaust to allow 60,000 Jews to emigrate from Germany to Israel in 1933. This was just before the Third Reich implemented confiscation, expulsion and then extermination of all the remaining Jews in Germany and later throughout Europe. Stating that the Nazis worked with the Zionists to create Israel is simply sensationalism. I take it you would have preferred to have the 60,000 perish along with the others?

  • fpm

    Okay I get it, that’s why “old “Muslims” are killing “new Jews”. But that’s dictated by Muhammad and moon god, so why do they dare to complain?

  • jackdiamond

    It’s an amazing argument that “99.9% of the coverage in newspapers and on television is anti-Muslim with complete lies published on front pages and made up stories giving people the wrong impression of Islam and its followers.” I must be reading the wrong papers and watching the wrong television. No one even uses the world “Muslim” or “Islam” unless there is no way to avoid it, let alone hold the teachings of Islam to blame for the blood and destruction Muslims are inflicting on the world or for the culture of hate that produces it. But why would Yasmin Qureshi address that reality? Her concern is solely with protecting the image of Islam (in this case by manipulating the perpetually guilty Western conscience). There is never a scintilla of compassion expressed for the victims of her co-religionists, incidentally, or acknowledgment that people in the West might have legitimate concerns about having shari’a-believing Islamic supremacists in their midst or would-be mass murderers of their citizens arrested for plotting against them continually. Just the eternal bleat of Muslim victimhood There is an Arab saying: “He hit me and then HE cried and went to the authorities and pressed charges.” That is the essence of the Muslim as victim and likewise of the “Palestinian” narrative.

    Poor Muslims of the West, hiding from the Islamophobic lynch mobs, awaiting being frog-marched to the concentration camps and the gas ovens for the crime of just being Muslim, In the real world, Muslims are at the bottom of the hate-crime ladder (Jews, unsurprisingly, at the top, usually victimized by Muslims). No, this is all projection based on what Muslims have always done to their enemies.

    • Damaris Tighe

      She’s referring to the British media. There’s been widespread coverage in the UK of a ‘trojan horse’ operation by conservative muslims to take over public schools & made them very islamic.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Why not accommodate her and play the game her way. If she insists that Palestinians are the new Jews of Hitler’s days, let’s pretend we are the new Nazis and fire up the gas ovens.

  • Jamalayka Jamalaya

    Lets see, which group is raping, crucifying, kidnapping little girls, suicide bombing, burning mosques, churches, kidnapping and raping nuns?

  • Sarah

    If they are the new Jews presumably it’s ok for them to be bulldozed into the sea, and they will totally understand the rest of the world urging them to lie down and accept any/all terrorist attacks for the sake of peace.

  • Drakken

    I can’t wait until that muslim POS Qureshi is swinging from the nearest lamppost as she and her ilk so richly deserve.

  • Charles Frith

    She has a point

  • Damaris Tighe

    The other side of this is making the Jews the new Nazis. I’ve seen it seriously suggested that the IDF is inflicting collective punishment ‘like the Wehrmacht’ in WW2. I suspect that the people who make these comparisons get great satisfaction from equating the descendants of holocaust victims with their tormentors. Maybe it relieves them of guilt, or sets them free to hate Jews again.