Muslim Protesters in Europe Protest for Peace by Threatening to Kill Jews


Muslim settlers in Europe were out in force over the week, rioting in Paris and threatening to kill Jews across Europe.

They weren’t being too neutral in Switzerland.

The Jewish community in Zurich is concerned over antisemitic incitement on social networks in connection with a pro-Palestinian demonstration today.

Some comments include: “A good Jew is a dead Jew”, “the only medicine against Jews was Adolf Hitler” and “We must exterminate the Jews”.

It wasn’t too peaceful in France.

Fourteen French police officers were wounded and 38 people were arrested at an unauthorized rally to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza.

One group of a dozen men spoke loudly about “hunting Jews and killing them.”

Or the Netherlands.

A chief rabbi of the Netherlands said unidentified individuals hurled stones at his home in what he said was the second anti-Semitic attack on him in a week.

Or Germany, where the new Nazis who have traded armbands for Keffiyahs are making themselves felt.

At a rally, aside from the usual Allah Akbar stuff, there were cries of “Jew, Jew, Cowardly Pig, Come Out and Fight Alone.”

In Dresden (eastern Germany), a synagogue was spray-painted with the slogan “stop killing people” (in English).

In Frankfurt (western Germany), a synagogue was sprayed with “f**k the Jews”.

In Detmold (western Germany), a memorial stone in front of a synagogue was desecrated with red paint, making it look as if it was bloodied.

Or the UK...

Some of the cars flew Palestinian flags, and occupants shouted and swore at Jewish pedestrians (including “Heil Hitler”). Cans and eggs were thrown at Jewish pedestrians from at least two of the cars.

Similarly, that same day in Glasgow on the fringes of a demonstration, a man of south Asian appearance was heard shouting “f**king kill the Jews”.

Bet he votes SNP.

The Religion of Peace certainly is making Europe a more peaceful place.


  • Judahlevi

    The left’s new slogans – with a nod to George Orwell.

    Islamism = Peace
    Freedom = Slavery
    Ignorance = Strength

    • iluvisrael

      and truth is hate speech

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The Jewish community in Zurich is concerned over antisemitic incitement on social networks in connection with a pro-Palestinian demonstration today.

    Anti-Semitic incitement? My a–. You mean jihad!

    • wilify

      Well don’t take their money and kick them out.

  • Andrew

    The self proclaim to be the smartest people in the room, Progressives, love to “defend” their Anti-Semitic tirades as purely about being critical of Israel as a secular country and yet with all their self-proclaimed “intelligence” they can’t come up with anything better then classic millennia’s old Anti-Semitic tropes.

  • DB1954

    I wonder about the non-Muslim population and what they think of these scumbags and their “demonstrations.” I’m not talking about the fringe, but the mainstream. It’s hard for me to believe that Angela Merkel wouldn’t stand up to these people and order the police to crush them. I just worry about her political support if she does so and if she’s fully aware just how dangerous the situation in Germany is now.

    • Ginger Li

      On one level, they are cowed by PC, on another by fear.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      Europe is being turned into an Islamic Toilet because of their cowardly and despicable leaders saying that they ALWAYS know what is best.

      North America is next. Thank you Rockefeller for pushing the media to push Obama,Clinton, Bush Senior and Bush Junior on to the people of America.

      • big hair

        you sound confused Johnny…

  • wilify

    General rule of Thumb: One may not impute sanity to ideologically -driven, non-sensical, Barbaric tribesmen posing as religious zeolots. For if you do-Get Fire insurance for your Car, your House, your Neighborhood and any Christian or Jewish people you might know.

  • Jenny

    The mushlims were doomed from the moment their false prophet was born of a jackal.


      The prophet of Satan called Muhammed has been a retrograde force in the world for many years.

      See 9/11, Londons 7/7/05 transport attack, the beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby, the open threats of 9/11 scale massacres in the UK and Europe, the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, the death threats against Danish cartoonists, the 160,000+ dead in Syria (Arabs killing Arabs), ISIS killing Arabs in Iraq, Taliban killing in Afghanistan.

      The news is full of reports of Islamofascism killing people all over the world.

      • Johnny Paleswine

        We have finally arrived at the end of the beginning of what we all hope will lead to the expulsion of the Muslim from the West.

        This is the message from the demonstrations: Hitler was not correct. He should have killed more.

        Tomorrow the message will be that Jesus was not correct.

        We or our grandchildren will have this cosmic battle. Gaza is a military camp with many tunnels serving as warehouses, subways and shopping malls and arm storage centers.

        • Drakken

          Europe is just warming up for the coming purge of the muslims. So it is far from finished, for it is all about to begin. Let it rain.

        • you_gandu

          work upon your knowledge

    • Musab

      Read islam carefully before commenting anything about mohammad s.a.w

      • Drakken

        Screw your devils profit Mohamed may you pizz on his rotting corpse.


    Are European governments and police enforcing the Law to maintain peace?

    If not, then European Jews need to get guns, Uzis, and training, and be prepared to defend themselves.

    • Gee

      Europe doesn’t allow it’s citizens to be armed – and will not tolerate Jews fighting back. Hence the reason they fund terrorists to commit genocide.

      There is really little to no different between the Islamofascists and the Eurotrash when it comes to Jews


        European Jews need to bypass suicidal Eurotrash Dhimmi Law and get their hands on appropriate tools.

        Better a fine or jail time than Death.

  • Steve_A

    These are ‘Lone Wolf[s]’ as Cameron would have you believe!

    • Ginger Li

      Even O-balloon-head – hundreds if not thousands of ‘lone wolves’. Looks more like a vicious, blood thirsty wolf-pack. France’s experiment in mass Muslim immigration may yet draw blood.

  • JoseAngel

    Time for more jews to leave Europe, this time for good. Anti-semitism it´s now not only openly tolerated but nurtured by European elites and media. Instead of helping muslims adapt and adjust to embrace european values of democracy, tolerance and respect for the individual. The stupid european establishment is nurturing an even more violent stream of Islam right at home. A european Islam that will eventually turn on Europeans themselves violently and will destroy their societal values and ways of life. Jews adapted to Europe, they embraced european values, in so much they even created new jewish-european languages there and contributed to sciences, arts, philosophy and a host of other disciplines. I guess it´s time to leave again and this time don´t even bother to turn your head back to see what Europe is becoming. Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico.

  • Hard Little Machine

    To be fair this is summer and every summer Muslims in Europe go a rampage of mass rioting and arson for whatever reason they like or no reason at all.

    • Ginger Li

      Seasonal rioting – a sort of circadian rhythm, as the cicada, which they look, act and breed like

  • PatSisler

    It’s time to send these pukes back to the Sand.

  • DogmaelJones1

    The European and British police should be doing to these “peaceniks” what I’d like to do: open fire, use brass knuckles, billy sticks, and the most odiferous tear gas available. Drive the Muslims and the left to the sea, instead. Send them back to their countries of origin in free rubber dingys without paddles.

    • Drakken

      That is why God invented the M-134, it is by far the best crowd pleaser there is.

  • J. J. Walker

    I have blood relatives or in-laws in France, China & Germany. I have visited France, Germany, Italy, Britain, China and many other countries.
    The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, NMC, ABC, CBS and all the other Leftard news organizations and web sites can lie all they want. I know what is going on.
    When the Left lies all they are doing is indicting themselves. They are fooling fewer and fewer people.

  • minuteman3d

    It is amazing the politicians allow these people into civilized countries. They bring their hate and violent customs to the civilized world. Now, not only can we view rock throwing, car burning, frantic muslims over in the middle east, but they are now in OUR streets doing the same. Round them up and send them back home where they need to be.

  • Drakken

    Time to meet these muslims and their leftist supporters with Napoleons favored approach, give them a whiff of grapeshot and be done with it.
    In a Machiavellian sort of way, all these leftist and muslims riots do is push the average European farther to the right and he backlash that is coming will come much sooner. Let it rain.

  • Gram

    Muslims need to be put in camps or sent back to the middle east,There filthy cowardly scum

    • Paker

      Says the keyboard warrior…

      • big hair

        seriously Parker?

    • Peace

      get a job, loser.

      • Gram

        Talk about losers,there hateful bastards and there demise will happen sooner than later if they keep up there on it

  • Einstein

    Wow, talk about people full of hate. Most of you guys commenting on here are so scared of muslims it’s ridiculous. I am willing to bet a majority of you are uneducated, and probably have never even met a muslim person. I live in Houston, a very diverse city, have met plenty of muslims, in my university and other places. Extremely nice people that have adopted to American culture quite well. All i can say is, i am not full of fear like most of you because i know i can defend myself and my family if the time ever comes. For the rest of you, i am pretty sure your lives are miserable, and finding a group of people to hate helps to fill the void, so continue on.

    • Gram

      Look around the world.there is more to the world than houston lol.No one is scared of them but they should be wiped out as all the carnage they cause..Any muslims in Houston speak out about this..NOT

    • big hair

      you’re clueless Einstein!

  • DefiantJewess

    Europe is now a Caliphate

    • Drakken

      Not even close, the muslims and leftist have no bloody idea what is coming, but the soon will, much to their horror and chagrin.

      • DefiantJewess

        yes it is true. that is karma for you

  • Rabbi

    A good Jew is Dead jew.
    I wish more Hitlers born and wipe the dirty scumbags jews.

    • Drakken

      You first muslim, yours second.

  • Rabbi

    Hitler please visit Earth again and clear the scumbags aka jews from israHELL

    • UCSPanther

      Ain’t gonna happen.

      Prepare for your defeat and subsequent curing of your close-minded antisemitism…

  • Hashim

    All jews must be die one day….!

  • you_gandu

    wipe out jews and their sympathizer to make this earth a better place to live

  • noobie

    Islam has been at war with the non-islamic world for 1400 years

    islam has been conquering, murdering, and suppressing for 1400 years

    Islam teaches dishonesty, violence, murder, and sedition.

    Islam destroys all others religious symbols and statues.

    Islam is NOT a religion.

    Islam is a SEDITIOUS IDEOLOGY !!

  • tmtm

    What kind of governments are they?do action agnest Moslem they are tourists and they hope to destroy all European countries what ever you do to help them to live in good condition they will ignore it .Act and save European countries and people from them before going to be let.

  • Jack

    Just counting down the days until they start rioting against the countries they live in, and then the indigenous population rises up and annihilates them.

  • mossonrocks

    There has never been a western country that allowed islam in and then found islamics to be a benefit.

    In all cases islam destroys western culture

    You let them in and now you need to deal with them


  • TimeforCrusade

    Its time to stop Islam. The religion of a false Pirate who said he could talk to God so he could slay people in the name of Allah and rape little girls must be destroyed.