Muslim Sex-Offender Who Tried to Kidnap 4-Year-Old Girl Excused for “Cultural Differences”


This is a horrifying story not just because of the actions of the Muslim sex offender in Australia, but because of the actions of the authorities who continue to let people like him abuse, assault and walk away.

Sex offender, Ali Jaffari, accused of attempted child-stealing, has had all charges against him dropped after a Magistrate told prosecutors he would have trouble finding Jaffari guilty.

Magistrate Ron Saines said if he was hearing the matter, he would have reasonable doubt, citing ‘cultural differences’ as one factor, which would result in the charges being dismissed.

Jaffari, 35, an Afghan refugee, was convicted in Geelong Magistrates’ Court on August 22, 2013, of indecently assaulting one boy and attempting to indecently assault another.

He was placed on a two-year Community Corrections Order with 300 hours unpaid community work.

Jaffari appeared in Geelong court again yesterday, this time charged with child stealing, attempted child stealing and unlawful assault.

Police Prosecutor, Sergeant Brooke Shears said that about 6.30pm on January 27, 2013, a four year old girl went to Bakers Oval, Geelong West, with her father and brother to play cricket.

She said that while the child’s father was throwing the ball to his son in the nets, the little girl was playing with her own bat at the net opening.

Sgt Shears said Jaffari was walking around the oval, when he approached the child, removed the bat from her hand and rested it against a bollard.

“He then grabbed the child’s hand and began to lead her away before she looked up, saw it wasn’t her father, started crying and pulled her hand away,” she said.

“The victim’s father turned, saw what was happening and yelled at Jaffari, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“The victim ran crying to her father and he comforted her while Jaffari walked off around the oval.”

The prosecutor said, that when interviewed, Jaffari told police, ‘For us is not an issue.”

Mr Saines said the prosecution case fell short of criminality and cited cultural differences as a possible mitigating factor.

Considering how little boys and girls are treated in Afghanistan, there’s no doubt that it wasn’t an issue for Jaffari.

The Muslim sex offender, was not deported or locked up after his previous offenses. Now he’s been kept free once again because of “cultural differences.”

Why don’t we call the cultural differences excuse what it really is? Muslim Rape Privilege.

Here is what happened last time around.

The mother of a Geelong boy who was allegedly sexually assaulted at Eastern Beach pool has broken down in court describing how he raced to her for safety.

“He was friendly and then started chasing us and like, cuddling us. It started getting worse and  worse,” the 12-year-old said in his interview, which was played to the court.

“He (Mr Jaffari) grabbed me really tight. I was trying to wiggle myself out, but he was too strong.

Ali Jaffari yesterday pleaded not guilty to eight charges – six of an indecent act with a child under 16 and one count each of attempting to commit an indecent act with a child under 16 and stalking – over the November 30, 2012 incident.

Amanda Hurst, for Jaffari, said her client, an Afghan immigrant, had arrived in Australia by boat and spent 15 months in detention and had little or no support networks.

“In his community he will be particularly reviled (because of the finding),” Ms Jaffari said, adding he had allegedly suffered an “unprovoked attack” as a result of the charges.

Ms Hurst asked for a Community Corrections Order and education to rehabilitate Jaffari, increase his education and have his “social network improved”.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Jacki Davis said no discount should be given to Jaffari after the two boys and the 13-year-old’s parents had been put through the full court process and were notably shaken.

“He shows no remorse,” she said.

And he predictably reoffended. And will again. It’s his culture.

Esmatullah Sharifi, an Afghan refugee, offered an Australian woman a ride home and then put his right hand around her neck and his left hand over her mouth and raped her. Sharifi’s lawyers claimed that due to cultural differences he was confused about the nature of consent.

Last year, an Egyptian Muslim cleric was arrested for groping women on a beach. The spokesman for the Dee Why Mosque said that by groping a grandmother pushing a stroller and an underage girl, Ahmed Alkahly had been “showing love and compassion but had misunderstood the cultural differences between Australia and Egypt.”

Almahde Ahmad Atagore made his own effort at showing love and compassion by sexually assaulting seven women and girls. The youngest of his victims was only 13 years old. Afterward he laughed.

Atagore’s lawyers blamed cultural differences and Judge Margaret Rizkalla agreed, telling the Libyan Muslim rapist, “It seems you were very ill prepared to deal with cultural differences.”

In the Ashfield rapes, four Pakistani brothers raped eighteen women and girls. Their father urged that his sons be pardoned because they “did not know the culture of this culture.”

There’s only one way to prevent cultural misunderstandings. End all migration from cultures where there is any confusion on the subject of rape and child abuse.

  • A Z

    Magistrate Ron Saines must go down in infamy. His stupidity is good fodder for a stage play, which should be both entertaining and educational. May it have a run of 200 years.

    • Davros11

      I wonder why some Australian doesn’t just take of this scum bag himself! are all australian men now pussified!!!!

      • The March Hare

        You would think there would be massive demonstrations against this magistrate to show that they won’t stand for that kind of society.

        • paendragon

          People won’t demonstrate because Magistrate Ron Saines would then have all the demonstrators arrested as “racists!”

          • The March Hare

            I don’t know about Australia, but you can’t be charged with being “racist” in the US. Opinions aren’t illegal, YET.

          • paendragon

            I’m pretty sure that overt “racism!” qualifies as a “hate-crime!” for which there ARE legal penalties in the USA!

            “Hate-speech!” is definitely not a free-speech right any more!

            Leftardation has made sure that it’s now “hateful” to accuse any criminal of their crimes, (because that might ‘force’ them to commit even more crimes!) which only ever results in their having made it “illegal” to for people to hate criminals’ crimes!


          • The March Hare

            Not a crime by itself. If a crime was committed such as assault and battery, and it can be shown it was done due to the race of the victim, then it is a hate crime. It is only used as an aggravating circumstance.

          • paendragon

            And yet “Hate” SPEECH is itself a “crime” these days.
            And that includes accusing criminals of their crimes.

          • Daniel F. Melton

            ***”Hate-speech!” is definitely not a free-speech right any more!***
            Only if you have the wrong skin color.

          • paendragon

            Well, of course!
            Only whites can be racists – the “anti-racists” said so!


          • Daniel F. Melton

            And what’s wrong with this picture?

          • paendragon

            It’s clearly believed by those censors over at WND, for instance I keep posting how showing Mooch with a simian jawline is a vast improvement on her real-life, piranha-like one, and they keep deleting my posts LOL!


          • Daniel F. Melton

            To paraphrase the line from the movie “A Few Good Men” They can’t handle the truth.
            To be honest, the piranha and the simian jawline are but more disguise. Her true countenance is much like that of the alien in the movie “Predator”

          • paendragon

            Holy – ! You’re RIGHT! I KNEW I’d seen that profile before!

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Ain’t it amazing what makeup and camera angles can accomplish.

          • paendragon
          • Daniel F. Melton

            Damn! Them teeth look wicked sharp!

          • eleni_aus

            hmm – don’t like intelligent women of colour?

          • paendragon

            What on earth is a “Woman Of Colour?”! Is it a member of some sort of leftist-protected species of poor oppressed swarthy animal of lesser intelligence, who is at the mercy of its hormones and instincts and so just can’t help being violent, so maybe I should stop being such a big smart meanie and stop picking on it?!

            Otherwise, I have no idea what you’re implying, since by no objective definition or even by any subjective stretch of the imagination, could Michelle Obama ever be considered “intelligent!” She looks a lot like a piranha – so deal with it!

          • Aus Autarch

            It is illegal in Australia – We have a law called the Racial Discrimination Act, and section 18C makes it illegal to even cause offense to a person based on a variety of grounds.
            The current government is trying to have it repealed, but the prior government is still blocking the effort.

          • paendragon

            The false right to not be offended or have one’s feelings hurt by the often-painful truth embodies the equally false right to remain irresponsibly wrong, as opposed to having a civil responsibility to become right (as in factually correct)!

            “Political Correctness” = “Factual Incorrectness” (aka lying, fraud; CRIME)!


          • Korruptor

            Clearly you’ve not paid much attention to the ‘hate speech’ laws replete in liberal havens of the US.

          • The March Hare

            Clearly, you are not up on our freedoms. You cannot be charged with a thought crime in the united states, but it can be an aggravating circumstance on top of other charges. It is only considered as being a motivation and is then considered in the punishment phase. It is not a hate crime in and of itself. If a charge of battery is leveled, then if the motivation for the battery is, say, racism, then it can become a hate crime. There are no hate speech laws here. Try Canada. Talk to Mark Steyn.

          • Korruptor

            In addition, [CA] Penal Code section 11411, subdivision (c), provides, “Any person who burns or desecrates a cross or other religious symbol, on the private property of another without authorization for the purpose of terrorizing the owner or occupant of that private property or in reckless disregard of the risk of terrorizing the owner or occupant of that private property” is guilty of a crime, which may be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or a felony.(4)


            Seems a number of laws have changed since I last reviewed this arena of politics, and yes California is limited. That being said: ‘hostile work environment.’ Secondly, penalizing the speech after the criminal act in no way invalidates the fact it is the speech that is being extra penalized. In doing so, every other ‘regular’ criminal act is reduced, or made less consequential, by comparison.

            Personally, Apu has a severe 168gr SMK lead-deficiency.

          • The March Hare

            This is way off of the point which was that demonstrators in the US can’t be charged with racism just for demonstrating. All other circumstances are just that, different circumstances.

        • Di from Australia

          It’s because no one knew about it the national press didn’t even report it; i saw It and complained to my Federal member of Parliment, he is going to hand it on to the Attorney General. I was totally disgusted at this crime not being punished; cultural differences??? rubbish…

    • paendragon

      He needs a close encounter with a cricket bat.

  • Aditya Vivek Barot

    In the Kipling short story, “A Sahib’s War” an Indian soldier speak glowingly of the manly virtues of the Australians and calls them “no feahs” after the phrase most uttered by these manliest of manly men.

    It breaks my heart to see the mighty laid low by their own hand, transformed into Eloi, almost voluntarily, surrendering their fair lasses to swarthy Morlocks.

    I need a stiff drink. Make that several.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Rulers are often weaker than the man who served them.

    • Gee

      Ever since the Australian regime disarmed their people they have lost a lot

      • eleni_aus

        yeah – lowered the death rate from arms fire … fewer children being killed or injured by siblings and friends, or wives etc being shot to death by husbands/partners/fathers/sons etc.

        • crimsonphoenix

          LOL have you check our crime rate? It’s higher than America with no gun control, and our women are 3 times more at risk than American women of being raped. WHY??? Isn’t gun control supposed to lower crime rate? I guess not. Guess what, death rate by knives and other means have increased! Surprise surprise, NOT

    • paendragon

      Nonsense! What you really need is a stiff cricket-bat and the home address of Magistrate Ron Saines!


      • Pilgrim786

        From your lips to His ears! ;)

        Seriously though, I could’ve been in so much trouble were it not for the fact that I am a “wog.” Imagine being an advocate for white interests in general and for the white Christian religion in particular in the heart of the Aztec Alliance.

        I’ve been asked to “tone it down” more than once and have been called “controversial” so many times that I’ve contemplated changing my name.

        Between 1691 and 1857 white men treated non-whites as real persons. There was no “sensitivity” nor was there bigotry. Read about the lives of Robert Clive and Warren Hastings and you’ll see, least I did, that they were more “Indian” than I could ever hope to be. E.g. Hastings was fluent in Hindustani (Sanskritic and Persian-influenced), Sanskrit (one of the hardest languages that I have encountered – a Spanish priest at school called it mother-in-law of Greek), Persian and would hold learned discourses with Hindu Priests and Muslim Mullahs.

        These men slept with, and occasionally married native women. They ate, drank, schemed and fought with, and against, native men.

        And then the Mutiny of 1857 happened. But that is for some other time.

        A superficial review of European history over the last two hundred years would lead one reduce white rule to the image of the over-fed Sahib being painfully dragged through the street by a skeletal native. That view is the degraded imagination of bigots masquerading as “anti-racists” who fail to appreciate the complex and intertwined lives and interests of whites and Europeans. As I have hinted, the Mutiny did more damage to white interests than anything else because the scum deliberately targeted white women and children inflicting shameful horrors which, seemingly forever, ruptured white-native relations.

        But a pre-Mutiny world is possible. It once existed, and can be realized again. For that to happen, it is imperative to impart love of land, of ancestors, of white achievements and of white glory. Equally important, for all manners of “wogs,” is the frank acknowledgment that, on the whole, the Colonial experiment was a net win for them, and a net loss for Colonizer. That their degraded culture and even more degraded polity was begging to be conquered and that all sophisticated societies that were Colonized found themselves in that position due to active native collusion.

        That their current problems are due to typical 3rd world dysfunction and that begging and screeching for hand-outs from whites, or exploiting their good-nature, their gentleness and their awe-inspiring infrastructure and then still screeching for more set-asides just reinforces the view that they are born beggars and slaves. If they’re not serving some Sultan or Viceroy, they’re serving some Party boss and helping some vile and wicked white men destroy the very conditions that attracted them to white nations and recreating the very conditions that they escaped.

        If they do not understand that they are recreating the old country and that they are acting as enablers for men who have been conspiring for, at least, three generations to turn the West into a 3rd world cesspool, then they must be deported. T

        I did not move to Mexico. I do want to be ruled by men who envy my race and its achievements and who kicked my Aunt of Northern Rhodesia, at machete-point, with the clothes on her back (and nothing else).

        I thought I had moved to a white, Christian nation. I have discovered that I live in a Mestizo, godless nation that proudly wears blasphemy on its sleeve and rejects the very “Scientic Method” its claims to worship when its conflicts with their pseudo-Communism.

        I am trapped in my worst nightmare. I was happy with minority status in a free-market oriented, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Christian Nation. Why? Because the white man’s law would protect me as surely as it protected my grandfather (arrested for Sedition, bailed out by his white College principal, with charges dropped by a sympathetic white Police Superintendent).

        A Communist Mestizo nation of white Eloi is not good to me or to anyone. I don’t understand why whites don’t understand the implacable hostility and envy that most non-whites harbor. This isn’t something that one molly-coddles: this is something that one keeps at bay, and if it still manages to infiltrate the body-politic, stamp it out vigorously and send a message.

        The message that the white world is currently broadcasting is thus: ” We hate our parents and our ancestors. We hate them so much that we are going to turn over their accumulated wealth to you. And, of course help yourself to our women. That’s part of the package whereby you help us piss in our ancestors eyes. With all the self-esteem boosts, make-work jobs, benefits and porn and drunken sex, forget that you a nobody and that your culture isn’t worth a dime. Just help us fight the sort of whites who make us uncomfortable and, who knows, maybe you’ll be banging even hotter white chick in nicer homes!.”

    • paendragon

      Nonsense! What you really need is a stiff cricket-bat and the home address of Magistrate Ron Saines!


    • elda

      I agree, reading this story makes me so sick to my stomach I am going to turn off the computer for fear I may see something even worse… GB burning babies to warm their hospitals.

  • Habbgun

    If I remember correctly there already have been anti-Muslim riots in Australia because Muslims were trolling beaches for victims. I’m sure if you just walk over and take a child in Afghanistan and ship them to America for adoption they’ll be culturally just fine over it. These judges are worse than the people they are supposed to save society from. The judges destroy the norms the criminals only can circumvent them.

    • Davros11

      I say shoot the judges and prosecutors or rape their wifes and daughters and say cultural differences just confused you!!! Once this starts happening to people who always take the muslim side maybe there will be a change….

      • laura r

        right. rape innocent people. you are just like radical jihad.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        I’m with you about shooting the judges that let ‘em go. Not so on raping the wives and daughters.
        But Australia has disarmed their population….
        Don’t let it happen here!

        • LoboVNVmc

          They took away their guns, but they still have knives and rope. I’m sure they can find a stout tree.

          • Daniel F. Melton

            For that matter, fifty feet of rope and a pickup truck eliminates the need for a tree.

          • Mac Marine

            Tree’s have feelings too, how would you like it if someone decorated you with a pervert.

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Have you had your blood O2 level checked recently?

          • Mac Marine

            Are you defending trees or the pervs hanging from them?

          • Daniel F. Melton

            If you’ll look back at my post, I suggested that all you’d need is a fair length of rope and a pickup. No trees or lamp posts necessary, but then ya don’t have the bodies hanging around as bird feeders.

      • Michael McGee

        The guy should be charged as a paedophile, the Judge insulted all Afghanis by invoking cultural differences. The judge is an extreme Islamophobe.

    • eleni_aus

      You remember incorrectly: it was more a case of coastal dwellers (in an area largely native English speakers in single detached homes) resenting an influx of western suburbs persons (often from immigrant backgrounds)onto ‘their’ beaches,,, which are the most easily accessed by pubic transport – whipped up over some earlier incidents by ignorant ‘shock-jock’ radio presenter of the lowest kind and fuelled by excess alcohol consumption on a hot weekend etc. Pulling the ‘culture card’ is a dangerous approach – as it tars with the same brush all those of a like culture (ethnicity, faith, colour) The Muslim families I know would be deeply shamed by the behaviours described in the article above if their son/brother exhibited them. In terms of the ‘riots’ ‘The Magistrate, Jacqueline Trad (herself of Lebanese descent) told Sutherland Local Court that Osman, had turned his back on his real country: “By this sort of conduct you turned your back on your family, your culture and your real country, all for the sake of some juvenile, impulsive and misplaced allegiance… Over the last 100 years or so, the ancestors of many citizens – mine included – came to this country seeking refuge from hatred, intolerance, violence or just simply the opportunity to improve their families’ prospects.”[

  • wileyvet

    If I were that father of the 4 year old, I would have used that cricket bat and knocked his head for six.

    • A Z

      Really? Why stop at the perp?

      Diplomats and politicians can signal weakness on the international stage.

      Judges can do the same at home.

    • Davros11

      As is American men and European men, they are no longer “Real” men and don’t fight back, i would have never even involved the police, I would have killed him right there and saved some other poor child from having to go through this..

      • laura r

        then you go to jail for ever. unless you wear gloves when hiding the body, no witnesses. other than that you did a crime against a superstar 3rd worlder. big headlines, life in the gulag. maybe death.

        • Drakken

          No body, no crime, always clean up after yourself, no problem.

          • Daniel F. Melton

            As the term used up here: Shoot, shovel, shut up.

        • CA

          Except you’re respected in jail as: A) You killed someone and; B) The “victim” was a rapist/paedophile

        • crimsonphoenix

          Use “cultural difference” as defence

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Aim for the neck. More likely to inflict a fatal injury.

  • Gee

    There is a cure for those cultural differences. It is a piece of rope and a two foot drop

    • Drakken

      Your way to nice, I would simple just kick the stool from under him and call it a day, let him hang around and think about it for awhile.

      • Gee

        I wouldn’t even tie their hands

  • Servo1969

    If this keeps up there are going to be some cultural differences involving a 124 Grain JHP.

    • bigjulie

      Several of them…to the crotch!!

  • panola60

    The Magistrate will be just as guilty as the sex offender after he sexually assaults more children.

  • A Z

    Ali Jaffari looks like he has some Mongol ancestry.

    If he is not Hazara then her has to be something other than Pashtun. Maybe he is Uzbek or some other Turkish ethnic.

    Send him back to Afghanistan, the Pashtun will take care of him for molestation, being Shia or something.

  • Race_Dissident

    Well, these savages are just smart enough to take advantage of the idiocy that attends Leftist cultural relativism.

    • laura r

      they are not dumb. they already know, even in the most remote village that its a free for all. its like your home town, except they give you $$ too. what could be bad? so now he has a job w/ 3 meals a day. later an apt, what could be bad?

  • truebearing

    “Amanda Hurst, for Jaffari, said her client, an Afghan immigrant, had arrived in Australia by boat and spent 15 months in detention and had little or no support networks.”

    Awww. He just needs some support. How about some nice strong scaffolding and a stout rope?

    • Drakken

      Way too much work, there are plenty of lamp posts around and a simple stool, all better.

      • truebearing

        I’m thinking in terms of repeat use, but lamp posts would work too.

        • paendragon

          True; a lamp-post won’t fit into the back of your van!

      • CaoMoo

        Ah yes supported by the neck to show love like a mother dog holding her puppies.

    • The March Hare

      With a bungee cord so when he is through bouncing he will have been hanged dozens of times.

  • laura r

    “culture”?? daniel, we no longer have our western culture. neither does austrailia, GB, sweden, US etc. our european culture has dissappered. look @ the court results.

  • Johnny

    The whole point of trial of how a trial works in the English system of law is to avoid judging the person. That is why the lady with the scale has a blindfold on. Justice is not supposed to see the person, it is supposed to see the deed. Impartial means you punish the crime, not the person. The judge may know law, but in terms of understanding it on an abstract level, he is 100% clueless.

    • paendragon

      Incorrect. For any crime to qualify AS a crime, there must be mens-rea/ guilty mind/ criminal INTENT. That means none of that silly “Absolute Liability” (Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent) deed-alone-judging nonsense. We must judge the person AS a criminal, or no crime can be judged have taken place. Which is also why non-compus-mentis children and insane people have their excuses, and the same goes with and for how accidents aren’t judged the same as pre-meditated assaults or murders.

      Otherwise, it’d always be a case of “You slipped, he died, so you’re guilty of murder!” which is sorta exactly how it is under sharia crime (“law”)!

      In islam, “all is allowed which is not specifically disallowed!” which is the exact opposite of our legal system’s basis. And it’s only allowed because of their predeterminism excuse (“allah”) whom they can’t stop from ‘making’ them commit whatever acts he wants them to, whenever he wants them to, either (which is why mens-rea/guilty mind/free-will intent is wholly absent in sharia)! Allah’s might makes crime (their) right!

      Justice is only blind to anecdotal generality excuses, like “He was a good person until now!” or “But he’s a member of the ruling class!” or “But he’s a poor oppressed minority, and so to be excused due to cultural differences!”


  • Drakken

    Sooner or later one of these 3rd world savages is going to rape or molest the wrong mans daughter/son or wife, the 3rd worlder will get off and the man of the house is going to say enough is enough and you will find said 3rd worlder hanging from the nearest ole old oak tree with his genitals stuffed in his mouth, the left and 3rd worlders will scream bloody murder, but at that point nobody is going to care anymore what they have to say.

    • Softly Bob

      In certain countries in Eastern Europe (eg Serbia) where memories of jihad are still strong and they haven’t been stifled by political correctness, this sort of thing happens.
      If a Muslim steps out of line, he quickly disappears into the night. The police turn a blind eye.

      • Drakken

        It is in all countries of Eastern Europe, when a muslim steps out of line there, the muslim simple disappears, end of story. Funny thing is, the muslims never stage demonstrations or demand mosques be built for some odd reason.

  • Will

    Obviously Australians don’t hold their children in high regard.

    • The March Hare

      Well, at least not this magistrate. The regard in which they hold their children will be reflected in how much fall out there is over this decision.

  • ServosT

    At some point civilized man must make a stand against these barbarians.

    • paendragon

      Starting with that libertine “liberal” barbarian, Magistrate Ron Saines!

  • PAthena

    When the British took over India, one custom was suttee – burning widows when their husbands were being cremated. The British ended the practice by prosecuting those who did this, who defended themselves by saying that it was their custom – the British officials replied, I believe, that it was British custom to execute those who killed others.
    The Australian judge is a fool, justifying evil practices.

    • paendragon

      Well said, and all very true!

  • Edgar Burns

    Hey,whatever. Who are we to disparage people who practice cannibalism of people they kidnap off the street, or the knockdown game, or sex slavery,and mass murders? Get to know them. Bring them into your country,. Try and rid yourself of outdated concepts that civilized people have practiced for eons. If you are having trouble doing this, find your nearest Lobotomist. It’s covered by Obama care.

  • CaoMoo

    He looks sleazy. That is a rape face if ever there was one. Too bad the father didn’t beat the ugly out of him with his daughters bat then cite cultural difference “we actually care about our children” as a defense.

  • anglosaxondude

    He should go to prison for a long time at the very least. Reduction of intake of immigrants, and countries deemed to have statistically higher rates of offending should be put on a black list. Immigrants should be given an initial 10 year license of good behaviour prior to the granting of citizenship,, with only minor offences excused.
    Why is it that, for example, Filipino people are present in all Western countries (as citizens) and yet they never appear in the justice system on serious charges? The answer is that their underlying religion and culture precludes them from any willfully harmful act. The same goes for Chinese, Thai, Korean, you know where I’m at with this point.
    We all know and understand what the core of the problem is, and that is the hateful book based on the teachings of one murderous pedophile, y’know, the one that professes it is the religion of peace (search TROP on Google for the statistics and numbers game)

  • The.Voice.of.Reason

    Frankfurt School Subversion eleven step program:

    1. The creation of racism offences. (This only applies to white people)
    2. Continual change to create confusion.
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children.
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority.
    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
    6. The promotion of excessive drinking.
    7. Emptying of churches.
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime.
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits.
    10. Control and dumbing down of media.
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family.

  • anglosaxondude

    I love you Aussie guys for your directness, it is so refreshing. We in Europe (and the US) have had years of “reeducation” to become politically correct. Fortunately you guys remain human, and say what needs to be said. Thank you

  • paendragon

    Homosexual child-rape is NOT a part of islamic “cultural difference!”

    Although, I might add, in islam, “all is allowed which is not specifically disallowed!” which is the exact opposite of our legal system’s basis. And it’s only allowed because of their predeterminism excuse (“allah”) whom they can’t stop from ‘making’ them commit whatever acts he wants them to, whenever he wants them to, either (which is why mens-rea/guilty mind/free-will intent is wholly absent in sharia)! Allah’s might makes crime (their) right!

    This ‘magistrate’ should be executed along with the criminal he’s enabling.

    Re: “Amanda Hurst, for Jaffari, said her client, an Afghan immigrant, had arrived in Australia by boat and spent 15 months in detention and had little or no support networks. “In his community he will be particularly reviled (because of the finding),” Ms Jaffari said, adding he had allegedly suffered an “unprovoked attack” as a result of the charges.”

    Fucking libtarded backwards cause-and-effect ignoring, victim-blaming idolatry!

    How is it even possible for someone raised in the West, to make such an idiotic claim (“he had suffered an “UNPROVOKED attack” AS A RESULT OF the charges”) and still be believed?!


  • paendragon

    Homosexual child-rape is NOT a part of islamic “cultural difference!”

    Although, I might add, in islam, “all is allowed which is not specifically disallowed!” which is the exact opposite of our legal system’s basis. And it’s only allowed because of their predeterminism excuse (“allah”) whom they can’t stop from ‘making’ them commit whatever acts he wants them to, whenever he wants them to, either (which is why mens-rea/guilty mind/free-will intent is wholly absent in sharia)! Allah’s might makes crime (their) right!

    This ‘magistrate’ should be executed along with the criminal he’s enabling.

    Re: “Amanda Hurst, for Jaffari, said her client, an Afghan immigrant, had arrived in Australia by boat and spent 15 months in detention and had little or no support networks. “In his community he will be particularly reviled (because of the finding),” Ms Jaffari said, adding he had allegedly suffered an “unprovoked attack” as a result of the charges.”

    Fucking libtarded backwards cause-and-effect ignoring, victim-blaming idolatry!

    How is it even possible for someone raised in the West, to make such an idiotic claim (“he had suffered an “UNPROVOKED attack” AS A RESULT OF the charges”) and still be believed?!


  • Tc Coombes

    all this conversation is useless. Something must be done. The JUDGE needs to be held to account. Does anyone know how to start this process? Any lawyers out there who will be willing to take this case? The families I am sure would be appreciative.. Has the families taken any action against the courts.. This is really bad.. we need to stand up NOW!

  • Fishrrman

    From the article:
    [[ There’s only one way to prevent cultural misunderstandings. End all migration from cultures where there is any confusion on the subject of rape and child abuse. ]]

    Mr. Greenfield is on the right track, but we must go further.

    That means, the return of all muslims in The West to dar el islam (the “sphere” of islam).
    Not only non-citizen muslims, but citizen-muslims, as well. ALL muslims.

    The only exception can be those who convert to Christianity by way of a publicly-recorded declaration that cannot be revoked or denied.

    Of course, this means the end of “egalitarianism”, and some limitations of the notions of “equality”, at least for certain groups of people.

    If The West is unwilling to do this, or at least unwilling to deny mulsims the same rights as Judeo-Christian westerners (rights that they continually use against us), we are going to get what we deserve. And it’s not going to be pretty.

  • Bellz Webster

    I think its time Judges who make poor decision are sacked. It should have been obvious that this man had ill-intent for this child and should have at least had a conviction recorded against him and a few months in jail. The videos and write ups about sexual behaviour by a lot of Muslims clearly indicated that sex offences with them is rampant. They are sick individuals some of them, worse than others. They believe sex with kids is their right and sanctioned in their Koran.

  • tanstaafl

    “Vengance is mine, sayeth the Lord”. No reason we can’t give the Almighty a hand……..

  • bc3b

    I can see the same thing happening in the U.S. within about 5 years.

  • Bertie

    What a load of absolute CRAP!!!!!! Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Hindu – IT DOESN’T matter what your religion is – the LAW of this land is the LAW OF THIS LAND!!!!!! if you live in this country you obey the law of this country regardless of your religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dkidder

    no words, jaw on floor. Not good for my blood pressure.

  • Bossman22

    Definitely an invitation for vigilante justice.

  • Ax2root

    The war is spiritual….the god of islam is the devil and that is why you see ” steal, kill and destroy” by the devils adherents
    Not all Muslims know their god to the extent of Jihadists
    not all Christians know Jesus to the fullness of ” life and life abundantly” the way He desires to be known by His Bride and Body…

    But it is FOOLISH…to deny the religion of sharia involves every area of life including culture.ll.WHAT A FOOLISH MAGISTRATE…. Is there NO criminal liability against his decision?
    Can he be thrown out of office
    Throw ANY ONE out of office that agrees with sharia law….it puts you under the devil ” god of this world” control

  • TKevinTkevin

    another reason to ban islam and the koran that inspires them to demonic activity

  • TaurusPT111

    Australia: What is wrong with you? Stop kowtowing to the muslims!

  • USMC71

    If they had no case against him for these assaults, why did they have anything against him in requiring community service and two years of supervision? These morons are responsible for this cretin’s return to his ways. Ecclesiastes 8:11

  • gardeninggal1

    By these peoples reasoning beheading will be excused as a cultural difference. I thought the Aussies were smarter than this. The officials buying into this farce should not only be removed from their positions they should be charged with the same offences these monsters do when they reoffend.

  • SciFi_Freddie

    This is what happens when a society attempts to operate without community standards or – dare I say it – a MORAL code. This is the logical result of moral relativism. Cultural differences or cultural ‘evolution’ can be used to justify any behavior because “you can’t legislate morality.”

  • elda

    You IDIOTS get what you deserve! Deport them all to a country it is acceptable. ISLAM is a cancer and it you feed it it grows. Reward horrible behavior and you get more of it. Remember, women and children are not considered human by them and if you want that in your culture just keep letting Muslims in your country.

  • Bob Scratchit

    What happened to “ignorance of the law is not an excuse?!?”. Against the law is against the law regardless if it is culturally acceptable in some other godforsaken turd world country!

  • Hammy Hamtaro

    When you come to a country you swear an oath. It’s like a contract. No, not like, *IS* a contract. When you agree to it you are stipulating that you understand what you are getting into and that there are penalties. If you break any laws, you are also breaking a contract you made with your host country and you should be ejected post-haste.

  • Proteios

    THe whole point would be to say this behavior is unacceptible EVERYWHERE. ANd rather than force abortion and contraception throughout the world. Support protecting women, not exploiting them further.

  • Sammy

    What a crock.

  • W. Kuykendall

    I suggest they find another Boeing 777 and fill it with all the “misguided” Muslims like this they have on record and give it half enough fuel to get back across the Indian Ocean to the ME or wherever they came from. Oh, and give the crew parachutes and life rafts so they can do it again. Or modify the plane with bomb bay doors … just let your mind wander with this for a while!

  • paendragon

    Very perceptive of you, my dear Bharati LOL!

    You seem to be living among the poor oppressed minority of La Raza, aka the displaced Chinese Arabs.

    We all know both Arabs (who violently invaded, raped and enslaved Spain itself for nearly 1,000 years, much as they had done to India) and Chinese are in a global minority position, and so should always be coddled by having their perpetual victimology sales-pitched enabled.

    Arch-slanderer Ed Said bitched and whined, twisted and moaned that we had noticed, much like Jorge Borges had, that Orientals, having lived under systems of top-down mindlessly authoritarian slavery for so long, were unable to organize their thoughts and concepts into correct categories or syllogisms.

    As usual, how is it supposed to be our fault, much less “racist” of us, just to notice and so comment on this inherent lack of rationality in their societies?!

    It’s not actually impossible for them to learn how to think properly, to observe cause and effect, as the existence of their Arabic term “Zirf” implies,* but when they have had to defer all their individual thought processes to idolatrous authorities for so long, their ability to do so on their own has been demonstrably impeded by the norms of their own indoctrinating “cultures.”

    So, it’s almost a given that they would blame us as the cause of their inability to perceive cause and effect, BY blaming our noticing their lack of it, FOR their own lack of it!

    As usual, we aren’t doing even any muslims any favors by indulging their historic lies.

    No problem was ever solved by ignoring it, and the first step in solving any problem is to admit it exists, and then to describe and define it.

    Like this, in fact:

    The East has earned the derision we accord its hidebound superstitious traditions!

    The Qur’an was arranged in order of its chapter lengths, from longest to shortest, because the caliph Uthman figured the most important stuff would have been given the most space in the text, whereas in reality, basic principles are the most important yet shortest, with the sub-sequent lists of nearly-infinite symptoms taking up the most space!

    Then the hadiths followed the same twisted order, and the sharia books feared to change that order, and so also mimicked it!

    As Plato noted, the superstitious mind only worships the gods because it fears not to!

    Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge (Spanish: Emporio celestial de conocimientos benévolos) is a fictitious taxonomy of animals described by the writer Jorge Luis Borges in his 1942 essay “The Analytical Language of John Wilkins” (El idioma analítico de John Wilkins).

    Wilkins, a 17th-century philosopher, had proposed a universal language based on a classification system that would encode a description of the thing a word describes into the word itself—for example, Zi identifies the genus beasts; Zit denotes the “difference” rapacious beasts of the dog kind; and finally Zita specifies dog.

    In response to this proposal and in order to illustrate the arbitrariness and cultural specificity of any attempt to categorize the world, Borges describes this example of an alternate taxonomy, taken from an ancient Chinese encyclopædia entitled Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge.

    The list divides all animals into one of 14 categories:

    Those that belong to the emperor
    Embalmed ones
    Those that are trained
    Suckling pigs
    Mermaids (or Sirens)
    Fabulous ones
    Stray dogs
    Those that are included in this classification
    Those that tremble as if they were mad
    Innumerable ones
    Those drawn with a very fine camel hair brush
    Et cetera
    Those that have just broken the flower vase
    Those that, at a distance, resemble flies

    Borges states that the list was discovered in its Chinese source by the translator Franz Kuhn.

    Influences of the list

    This list has stirred considerable philosophical and literary commentary.

    Michel Foucault begins his preface to The Order of Things,

    This book first arose out of a passage in Borges, out of the laughter that shattered, as I read the passage, all the familiar landmarks of thought—our thought, the thought that bears the stamp of our age and our geography—breaking up all the ordered surfaces and all the planes with which we are accustomed to tame the wild profusion of existing things and continuing long afterwards to disturb and threaten with collapse our age-old definitions between the Same and the Other.

    Foucault then quotes Borges’ passage.

    Louis Sass has suggested, in response to Borges’ list, that such “Chinese” thinking shows signs of typical schizophrenic thought processes. By contrast, the linguist George Lakoff has pointed out that Borges’ list is similar to many categorizations of objects found in nonwestern cultures.

    Keith Windschuttle, a LIBERAL Australian historian, cited alleged acceptance of the authenticity of the list among many academics as a sign of the degeneration of the Western academy.

    In summary, Ed Said’s slanderous notion of “Orientalism” – and as he admits in his own preface to the second edition! – is nothing more than victim-blaming racism, accusing Westerners who dare to notice that islam is barbarism of being pre-judiced hater-racist-bigots, when in reality:

    Judeo-Christianity is based on the Golden Rule of Law (most simply put as Do Not Attack First) and also therefore based philosophically on the similar ideal that, between people, all is forbidden unless and until specifically allowed – i.e: I’m not allowed to do anything either TO, or FOR, you, without getting your express consent, first.

    From agreeing to this Rule, we gain trust, progress, and Civilization.

    Islam is based on the exact opposite – on what I call the brazen rule of chaos (or, of crime), where they slanderously hold it’s their holy right and duty to always attack the innocent others first, (before they can be ‘inevitably’ attacked) and where all is allowed unless and until it’s very specifically forbidden.

    From this, they inflict distrust, stagnation, and barbarism.

    Our philosophy and religion are lawful, theirs criminal.


  • Uncle Bob

    Cut his eye lids off and blow Dust in his eyes !

  • Christian Childs

    Shooting pedophiles in the face is a deeply engrained part of MY culture.

  • Hard Little Machine

    there’s a sitcom in there somewhere. make judges live with them as their sentence.

  • bikerbernie

    How dare they make the issue of culture differences. Would they care if we were in their country and broke the law because of culture differences or would we be arrested. I think all visiting women over there should wear bikinis. Let us see ho well that goes over.

  • Paul Yotsuba

    Lynch those fucking mudslime rapists already, Ausfailia. Let the world know what justice is due when the system fails thanks to liberal retardation. You haven’t banned rope yet.

  • James Black

    So much for victims rights.

  • nullgod

    That is awesome, so we are going to stop any more child raping catholic priests coming into the country too then…and maybe we can kick the filthy bastards out of oz too.

  • Lauren

    Islam is every sex-offenders dream. Become a muslim and you won’t be punished

  • Tina Bryant Williams

    This is why they do not belong here, no where but where their freaking culture is. WE WILL NOT BOW TO THIS CRAP. I will be damned if any of my family , my kids will come under this crap this bull. They are sick perverted, psyco’s. I am sick of them making excuses they know the culture. Do not let them fool you. They play that card to try to save their butts. THEY need to ship them away and never ever let them leave their home land again ever. I mean so what all the ones we have in USA UK, and else where can become this? Muslim even the pedonutts we have and claim this crap next????? Just they can now kill their wives and daughters on USA soil and get away with it.

  • karya

    The convicted pedophile Jennie Coward ( also known as Zaynab Ali ) who
    blamed his four-year-old victim for sexually pursuing him has quietly
    relocated to Airdrie.

    Convicted in the Airdrie Alberta., Jennie Coward is on the Calgary Sex
    Offender registry – but the 44-year-old seems to be flying under the
    radar in Airdrie where She lives with Her Ex Black Husband Cephas Coward
    of Prestigious IT Solutions Limited also admitted child pornography.

    Their Nephew Dominyc Coward said the public has a right to know about
    the past of Jennie listed as ‘a sexual predator’ on the Calgary

    Police raided Her home and found over 2000 Images of underage naked
    indecent pics of children photos on Jennie Coward ( also known as Zaynab
    Ali ) laptop and hard drive device from her home 49 Canoe Square SW
    Airdrie, Alberta T4B 2N5, Canada.

    “She’s basically free to do what she wants here, it’s sickening,” the Judge said Saturday.

    “She gets to live happily ever after – what about the little girl (victim) who wishes she wasn’t born?”

    The Airdrie Echo News reported Jennie Coward ( also known as Zaynab Ali
    ), who once headed a Calgary ministry, was bailed on $5000 after and
    pleading guilty to an aggravated sex abuse charge stemming from
    allegations she fondled the girl, who was unrelated to him, while
    visiting family.

    Judge Joseph Condon, citing a lack of remorse and ongoing threat despite
    a lack of criminal history, sent her to jail after Zaynab Jennie
    claims the child was the aggressor, the Airdrie Echo newspaper reported.

    “On a couple of occasions, I felt I was sexually harassed,” Jennie reportedly testified.

    “I think there is psychological evidence children even in their younger years can become interested in sex.”

    She pleaded guilty and is said to have served some time in custody.

    Her Airdrie neighbours, said they feels Jennie “is a very nice woman”
    and says Her past is a private matter, although they questioned anyone
    laying blame on a victim.

    “I worry about that – how does a four-year-old come onto you?” Jennie said.

    Jason Craig, dropping his 12-year-old daughter off Saturday at the building where Jennie lives, was shocked by the news.

    “We’re dropping kids off to see their grandparents – to have this woman lurking around is kind of creepy,” he said.

    “If everybody knows about this woman Jennie, then I’m good.”

    Van Dusen agreed, especially given Jennie is involved with a local church.

    Airdrie Alliance Church officials confirmed Jennie recently began
    volunteering for an adult ministry and that they intend to investigate
    the matter.

    “It bothers me there’s children out there and the fact he’s working in a church again makes me sick,” Van Dusen said.

    “I think anybody who lives in the area should know. There are little
    girls and little boys, and who do you trust more than a minister?

    “It’s the worst sin going, to hurt a child.”

    Jennie and Her Ex black Husband refused to comment.

    RCMP Sgt. Patrick Webb could not comment on the case but said convicted sex offenders, from time to time, end up in Alberta.

    “There are occasions when we know about such (individuals) in the
    community and other occasions where they sneak in under the radar and
    come to (police) attention in some manner,” he said.

  • trya

    Muslim woman Sex offender Zaynab Ali ( also known as Jennie McCabe,
    Jenny Coward ) was charged in connection with a historical sexual
    assault investigation on March 22, 2013. Calgary POLICE.

    Sex offender Jennie faces 11 new charges

    The blonde white woman 44, convicted of sexually assaulting boys
    while she worked at Maple Leaf Gardens now faces 11 new charges.

    Police said these latest cases involve boys 7 to 12 years of age,
    allegedly assaulted in the late 2003 to the late 2010, while Jennie was a
    basketball teacher at Bert Church High School Airdrie, AB, Canada and
    volunteered at local sports clubs.

    Convicted in the Airdrie Alberta., Jennie Coward is on the CalGary
    Sex Offender registry – but the 44-year-old seems to be flying under the
    radar in Airdrie where She lives with Her Ex Husbandand Her black
    boyfriend Cephas Coward of Prestigious IT Solutions Limited also
    admitted child pornography. Calgary police found over 2000 indecent
    naked nude sadistic Images / photos of chilren as young as 6 on her
    laptop and hard drive device from his home 49 Canoe Square SW Airdrie,
    Alberta T4B 2N5, Canada

    Police say there may be more victims.

    The 44 year old will appear in court on Friday.

    Jennie was convicted in 1997 for sexually assaulting 24 boys while he was an usher at Maple Leaf Gardens between 1969 and 1988.

    Zaynab Ali ( Also known as Jennie), 44, Blonde white woman with black kid of Airdrie

    Calgary police have charged a Basketball teacher after She allegedly
    sexually assaulted a 15-year-old male employee in Her obsession urge for
    underage young boys.

    Calgary police also found over 2000 indecent images / photos of
    underage children as young as 5 on Jennie’s laptop and hard drive device
    from Her home 49 Canoe Square SW Airdrie, Alberta T4B 2N5, Canada

    Photo courtesy of: Calgary Police Service

    Police allege Zaynab Ali ( Also known as Jennie), 44, of Airdrie,
    assaulted the teen several times between July 2010 and July 2011, while
    working as an instructor at Bert Church High School Basketball School.
    According to the school’s website, the suspect has been an instructor
    for 13 years.

    The school is located in Airdrie AB

    Zaynab Ali ( Also known as Jennie) was arrested on Thursday and
    charged with sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, sexual
    assault, and sexual exploitation.

    Police believe there may be more victims.