Muslim Terrorist in Israel Plotted Terror Attack for US Tax Dollars


This is yet another example of how the Palestinian Authority is one big magnet for terrorism. The more money goes in, the more terrorism comes out.

Imprisoned Palestinian terrorist Husni Najjar explained to Israeli Police that he planned a second terror attack in order to be captured and imprisoned by Israel a second time, so that he would receive the salaries the Palestinian Authority pays to prisoners while in jail and following their release

He explained that PA law grants terrorists imprisoned for more than five years a salary of 4,000 shekels ($1140) a month, which continues for three years following their release from prison. This is in addition to monthly salary payments while in prison.

The terrorist explained that because his first imprisonment for planning a suicide terror attack (which was foiled) lasted less than five years, it was not enough to prompt the 4,000 shekels ($1140) monthly salary upon release. He therefore planned another attack in order to reach a total of five years in prison, which would entitle him to the additional salary upon his second release, which would cover his debts.

Prisoner Najjar: “And after [my] release [from prison]… I had a bank account with 45,000 shekels ($12,822) from [my] salary from the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs… and there remained a deficit of 30,000 shekels ($8548) for the wedding…

I decided to arrange an imaginary plan for the Israeli Shabak [Israel’s General Security Service] so that I would be arrested… After I would spend five years [in prison] I would receive a salary of about 4,000 shekels ($1140) [upon release], and this amount would be for three years. That means there would be a total amount of 135,000 shekels ($38467) (the correct amount would equal 144,000 shekels ($41,031) – Ed.) and then I would cover my debts.”

As Palestinian Media Watch has already documented, 85% of foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority goes to salaries for its terrorists, those in and out of prison.

In 2013, 4,762 prisoners, former and current, received these salaries as well as other benefits such as special housing, free education and medical care. (Think of it as the real ObamaCare.)

Last year the salaries came out to some $100 million. $46 million has already been allocated for this year. These salaries provide a motivation for carrying out terrorist attacks in the same way that Saddam Hussein’s payments did.

Obama released hundreds of millions of dollars last year to the Palestinian Authority despite a Congressional freeze on those funds.

  • truebearing

    I see three parts to the solution for this insanity:

    1) Don’t let terrorists out of prison, ever. A mandatory death sentence would preclude any future one-way “negotiations” from freeing them.

    2) Stop giving “aid” to the Palestinians, or any other Muslim country

    3) Elect a super majority of true conservatives in the House and Senate so we can impeach Obama, Holder, and anyone else responsible for this ridiculous path to self-destruction.

    Most likely, Obama will refuse to follow constitutional procedure, but we may as well force a constitutional crisis, and Obama’s hand, sooner than later.

    • A Z

      Pull troops out of Afghanistan. Stop aid to Egypt, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Afghanistan & Pakistan.

      Israel will survive. The Israeli left and some ultra conservative men who sit at home reading the Old Testament all day while on the dole or their wives work may not. They may be left out in the cold.

  • SoCalMike

    Congress has the power to stop funding Jew hatred and murder but they lack the spine. Boehner would start to cry and McCain would betray any effort.

    • A Z

      Boehner is famous don’cha know. He is going to be the inspiration behind a caricature for the ages.

      I hope he loves his money because he is going to be the butt of jokes for a long, long time.


    It’s the open call for Pal-e-SWINIAN road show of Springtime for SHlTler and Pal-e-SWINE.

  • Mark Schlager

    The Federal Reserve System controlled by the Zionists have brought America down to its knees. Question EVERYTHING.

    • herb benty

      Spendthrift politicians have brought America to her knees. Zionism: the belief that Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Any real Christian is a “Zionist”, God loves Zion.

  • Litty Gant

    Muzloid entities have been successfully sued for funding terror, have they not?
    Western governments may pretend to have been unaware of how the Ballies have been using their cash, but surely Shurat Hadin or David Yerushalmi could prove their complicity in a court of law…???

  • herb benty

    Personal finances underwritten by murder, evil buggers, eh?