Muslims Protest Christian School in Jerusalem Over Hijab Ban


If Obama and Kerry were to succeed in their plan to hand over parts of Jerusalem to the PLO, this Hijab ban, which they would oppose if they knew about it, would be history.

The story, like so many untold stories from the Arab and Muslim sector in Jerusalem comes from journalist Khaled Abu Toameh.

Pope Francis was probably unaware that during his visit to Bethlehem earlier this week, a Christian school in east Jerusalem was being attacked by Palestinian families for allegedly banning their daughters from wearing the hijab, the veil that covers the head of Muslim women.

Of course the Palestinian Authority did not tell Pope Francis anything about the smear campaign that was being waged by Muslims against the Rosary Sisters’ School in east Jerusalem.

At the demonstration outside the girls’ school in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina, protesters shouted slogans against the administration and carried placards that read, “No To Racism,” “Hijab Is A Personal Freedom” and “Enough To Racism.”

Some of the protesters pointed out that the hijab had “triumphed in France and Europe” while it was being banned by a school in east Jerusalem.

Other Muslims demanded that the nuns running the school also remove their head covers in return for the ban on the hijab. A school teacher, who also refused to be identified, called for the closure of the school for failing to respect girls wearing the hijab.

Some Muslims went so far as to use derogatory terms to denounce the nuns who are in charge of the school.

Another Palestinian named Rami pointed out that the Rosary Sisters’ School was a private institution that has its own regulations. “Would an Islamic school or college allow a Christian girl to enter its premises without a hijab?” he asked.

Obviously not, but that’s the larger point here. As Arab nationalism has become Islamic supremacism, as it was bound to all along, Islamic law rules.

Under Islam, minorities, religious and otherwise, have to know their place. A Palestinian state means another state of Islamic supremacism and intolerance, along with the accompanying discrimination, violence and terror.

Finally, if a Christian girl wouldn’t be allowed to not wear a Hijab, it clearly is not a “personal freedom”. It’s Islamic authoritarianism.

  • Gee

    And we are the only ones that are accused of apartheid


    Can that school protest against boko haram – or would that be islamophobic?

    • Gee

      Very Islamophobic.

  • Joseph White

    Why do Muslim’s care what happens in a Christian School? And Why are Muslim’s going there? Oh, and since when is being Muslim a racial trait? There is no Muslim race, since lighter skinned muslims kill darker skinned muslims.

    • Gee

      The neighborhood is Arab – the girls are being attacked coming and going to school

      • Patriot077

        Can they not wear it while walking and remove it on arrival at school, reversing the order when school ends? Like one would do when wearing a hat or scarf?

      • mercury

        And whose fault is that? If they are being attacked by their muslim-pig-brothers, then its the male-pig-muslims that have the problem.

  • herb benty

    When Muslim women and girls in America or Canada walk around wearing these coverings, they are in Jihad- the first small pokes at our way of life. This is a known fact, and one of the reasons Muslim males are encouraged to rape non-muslim females.

  • notme123

    when I went to Catholic school, many,many years ago, you had to be Catholic. Why are Christian schools letting Muslims in, especially in those countries.

  • wileyvet

    Why exactly are Muslims attending a Christian School? Christians are infidels, their doctrine is in error according to the Koran, and Muslims are forbidden from taking infidels as friends. These Muslims sound like they could be renegades from Islam, and weak in their faith if they are sending their daughters to a Christian school. And you know what Muhammad’s view on hypocrites was. Death or eternal torture in the Hell fire. These parents are bad Muslims.

  • Lightbringer

    What are Muslim girls doing in a Christian school to begin with? If it’s for the educational opportunities afforded to them there, then they should shut up, learn, and obey the school’s dress code. If they don’t like the dress code, they can go to a Muslim school. But if they are there to destabilize the school, then they should leave. Now.

    • Gee

      Not the problem. These girls have to walk home to Arab neighborhoods and Arabs are so tolerant, don’t you know

  • Lin Alb

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    and stated thru out this Muslim jihad ideology book, qu’ran

    all muslims are islam, all muslims are the qu’ran
    the next door Muslim, the everyday Muslim
    these FACTS of muslims, islam are to be spread thru out our communities,

    there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim under islam
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    In Canada muslims are stating coverings are islam law
    of course they using Muslim jiahd tactics , lying and deceiving ..
    these ones are saying however say it is a right Duhhhh lying jihad tactics yet again
    BAN islam BAN qu’ran …get on board N America …. community by community , from coast to coast ….