Muslims Stone Ambulance Carrying Bodies of 3 Teens Murdered by Hamas


Our enemy is nothing if not consistent. Utter and total hatred in life and death. The trouble is that we are the inconsistent ones.

Palestinian Arabs attacked an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) ambulance humvee on Monday that was transporting the recently discovered bodies of three murdered Israeli boys who were kidnapped on June 12, an Israeli source told The Algemeiner.

The Muqata blog posted an image of the damaged vehicle on Facebook writing, “8:44pm IDF Ambulance humvee transporting the bodies of the boys attacked by arabs….windows smashed.”

In the picture, the ambulance’s windshield is shattered and splattered with paint.

An IDF spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny the report.

The IDF on Monday discovered the bodies of the three abducted teens — Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel — following extensive searches.

The bodies were found near Hebron in an area north of the community of Telem.  The families of the abducted teens have been notified.

Meanwhile, via the Muqata blog, Israelis carrying flags have come out with a different message.

“Am Yisrael Chai”. The people of Israel live.


9:17pm Israelis from the community of Carmei Zur have arrived near the site where the bodies of our boys were found….waving Israeli flags.

Spontaneous demonstrations erupting throughout Israel.

Over 200 Arabs from Halhoul are now rioting and throwing stones at IDF forces in Halhoul. IDF is responding with crowd control measures.

9:22pm Israelis demonstrate at major intersections around the country….Jerusalem chord bridge…Bnei Brak Coca Cola junction….Tzomet HaGush in Gush Etzion….Checkpost junction in Haifa….

Get out…bring a flag…stand up now and demand justice.



  • Chris Gait

    They throw rocks at the victims they have murdered. They danced and gave their children candy on 9./11. Time to END this.

    • liz

      Dancing over murder, throwing rocks at the bodies – they call Jews apes – who is it acting like excited apes here?

      • raventells

        It is an insult to the apes to call these depraved subhumans, apes…

        • liz


    • Mahboob Khan

      Wow. What a prompt decision.

  • mollysdad

    Time for another Nakba.


      ETERNAL Nakba for :Pal-e-SWINE.

      • Larry Larkin

        Yep, happy eternal nakba, may they be burned on a pyre of pig bones with bacon stuffed in their mouths.

  • Gee

    Stop the crowd control methods – nothing but live fire until the Arabs behave

    • truebearing

      Every ambulance should be accompanied by two vehicles armed with mini-guns. That should dampen the enthusiasm of the rock throwers.

      • UCSPanther

        I think even a few Czech Mausers with soft point rounds would do the trick…

        • Drakken

          Overkill is highly underrated.

        • BENJABO (MACHAL)

          Mausers, either Czech of German have been obsolete for years
          Something more up-to-date is a good, cheap RPG

          • UCSPanther

            Never underestimate the effectiveness of those old classics. What they lack in quantity-based firepower, they make up for in range, muzzle energy and accuracy.

            Some rural Israelis used Mausers to fend off Jordanian soldiers during the Six Day War…


        Respond to stone throwers with flame throwers.

      • Drakken

        It works every time, trust me, it works wonders.


      Since you are waving Hativah Sheva’s flag, it is time you enlisted and helped out.
      I have some extra ammo, how many rounds do you want?

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        If Israel would let me immigrate (I’m a Christian with dual US/German citizenship), I’d go in a heartbeat. It would be an honor to help defend the Jewish state …

  • Skillet

    This is not the ambulance that was transporting the boys (rest in peace). Their bodies were found at 8:30pm when it was already dark. Not to say that Pals aren’t capable of such things, but the picture doesn’t fit.

  • Shlomo

    8:44pm? It is dark in Jerusalem where I live. What is this picture of?

  • DogmaelJones1

    I just finished a chapter of a Roaring Twenties novel in which a private detective, in March 1930, beats up a Chicago gangster so badly the cops can’t ID him. As I wrote that section, I pretended he was beating up a “Palestinian” or a Hamas member, or virtually any Muslim. It’s time the West stop the infestation of these manques into our countries.

  • eyewatcher

    Arabs are TOTAL douchebag Idiots. I lived over there amongst these morons and all I can say is I pray that Israel KILLS them all. I don’t say this lightly because 40 years ago, I was for the Palestinians…Not NOW, when I saw those fat cows and toothless whimps HAPPY about innocent workers being killed on 9/11, I decided that I was Finished. Only Israel can END this mess because OUR president is a pathetic Loser.

  • Jakareh

    “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” say Arab Muslims.

  • Drakken

    When the ragheads throw rocks, return the favor with bullets.

  • RatedBestComment

    Why don’t Israelis put on gorillas suits to mock the Palestinians? They aren’t that expensive, huh? They are effective with Negroes.

  • Shish

    Just so people are aware, this story is fabricated and the photo was reused from another instance. The bodies were not carried out by ambulance, they were carried out by IDF Air Force Helicopters. It is important at this time that we are very careful about what we post and not to contribute to the rumor mill. The crimes committed against these innocent boys are devastating and completely inexcusable, and our prayers are with their families in this time of unimaginable grief.

    • liz

      Oh, like Obama telling everybody to “restrain themselves”?
      Too bad the murders were real – not fabricated. The barbaric bestial savagery of Muslims is real – not fabricated.
      I’m so glad Israel is bombing them in retaliation, rather than listening to the evil pansy in the White House.

    • mjazzguitar

      I used tin Eye reverse image locator and could find no previous use of this photo.

  • Budd Garrett

    Israel needs to bomb them off the face of the earth. I hope you are there when they do it.

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    Lies. Heard it all before.

  • photosil

    Thank you for sharing that, Mahboob. Let us keep hoping for peace to find a way!