My Fellow Americans, I am a Liar


My Fellow Americans,

Today we face a time of great challenges and opportunities. Our generation is confronted with both great promise and peril. The only way that we will meet these challenges is by moving forward.

Unfortunately for too long we have been held back by my political opponents who lack my courage at confronting these challenges with sensible common sense solutions developed by political activists in secretive conferences.

These racist extremists continue to divide our great nation by accusing me deceptiveness and dishonesty. They politicize every scandal involving me while refusing to accept responsibility for all the scandals about them that I have politicized.

Let me take this opportunity to address one of their slanders. It was shouted at me by a member of Congress in a moment that had no parallel since Reconstruction.

Yes I have lied. And I am not ashamed of it.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to lying. There are some who say that I should lie all the time and there are others who say that I should never lie at all.

It seems clear to me that both approaches are unrealistic.

I have far too much respect for the American people to lie to them all the time. Far too much respect. And constantly lying to the American people would undermine our system of democracy which I wholeheartedly believe to be the finest in the world.


But at the same time, I cannot tell the truth all the time. No elected official can.

Great presidents like Abraham Lincoln, FDR and JFK have all lied to the American people. And I think that it is shameful of my political opponents to demean history’s greatest leaders by implying that there is something wrong with my constant lying.

I am reminded of Thomas Jefferson who said, “Deceit is the grease that lubricates the wheels of democracy.” Or of Thomas Paine who wrote, “Never trust a president who does not lie.”

We no longer live in a simple world in which there are clear differences between lies and truth. As the world becomes more complex, there are no longer easy answers. Sometimes in dealing with the difficult issues that confront us, the truth turns out to be a lie. And the lie the truth.

To tackle the challenges of a new world with its social networks of infrastructures and its intangible elements, we must lie in order to tell the truth. And we must teach our children to lie so that they will be prepared to cope with the challenges of tomorrow.

Every great man in history has also been a liar. To lie is to explore the creative possibilities that every situation has to offer. If we are going to compete for our place in history in a more complex world, we must think outside the box, we must push the limits.

We must lie.

That is why I have lied. I did not lie to protect myself. You can believe me when I say that. I lied for the greater good. I lied so that our children would have health care, so that veterans would avoid being burdened by unnecessary lifesaving tests and so that those who obstruct our common vision for a better future would be shut down by the IRS.

I lied because I believed that we are capable of more. And that is why I ask you to join me in lying for a better tomorrow.

  • laura r

    daniel, you should write his speeches. well done, sounds just like him. unfortunatly he could never ever be that honest.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “And we must teach our children to lie so that they will be prepared to cope with the challenges of tomorrow.” Better yet, “We must go further, and teach our children to not know the difference between lies and the truth. Truth, after all, is a sharply defined thing that will stick in one’s mind, even in the mind of a habitual liar. A marriage of a truth and a lie will be but a smudge one can’t really rely on to be one thing or another. That way, our children will be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow with minds full of smudges and glop, and not stand in my way or in the way of those who want to remake this country. People who think they know the truth are such a bother, an impediment. They’re ‘clingers.’ You don’t want to be a ‘clinger,’ do you?”

  • truebearing

    “….furthermore, if I had told the truth when first running for office and admitted that I was a liar, and that I wanted to destroy America, as you all want to keep it, most of you wouldn’t have voted for me, though some of the real sickos would have. Why would I do that and give up power and a chance at squandering your money, holding you in contempt, and appointing every reprobate in the nation to positions where they could abuse power, like I do, all at your expense? I hate to be truthful, but I lie because I’m lazy and a malignant narcissist. Too bad for you. I won.”

    Kudos, once again. That was painfully funny and painfully true.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    Ah, we need more truthful lies like these. Or the least untruthful versions as possible.

    Wasn’t it Obama who said, when speaking Austrian, “Ich bin ein Deceiver”?

  • G. Tod Slone

    Good one indeed, Daniel! Is it possible for a person, left or right-wing, who does NOT lie and turn a blind eye to actually ascend to such a high level of office? Methinks NOT! Have we ever had a president who does not lie? Methinks NOT! How can one possibly please a mob, the herd, by rude truth telling? Only herd-pleasers can aspire to high political office and, for that matter, high academic office et al…

    G. Tod Slone, PhD
    (universite de Nantes, FR) aka P. Maudit,

    Founding Editor

    The American
    Dissident, a 501c3 Nonprofit Journal of Literature, Democracy, and

    217 Commerce Rd.

    Barnstable, MA 02630

  • Dyer’s Eve

    To lie, one must lie. Then one must continue to lie in order to cover up the original lie. So, lying is mandatory, so that the underlying lie is never exposed (see Communism, Nazism, et al). Lie and continue to lie, so that the lie is heard so often that it becomes the truth. Then lie even further. Keep pushing the lie. Encode it as scripture. law, whatever, thus making the lie bullet proof. I think there is a word for this. Ah, yes… religion! Here, I lie among the liars…

  • Habbgun

    Only Obama can be the Lightbringer through keeping the unpleasant things in darkness. Only haters of the light want what should be dark brought to light. May Gaia strike down the unbeliever who believes in what he believes according to external verification of truth therefore he has not generated an internal truth! Long live he that has deep internal truths that are always acceptable to the community! May the knower of deep truths never listen to non-liars.

    As a community organizer and cheap urban Democratic machine party hack he lied because cheap party hacks don’t have much else to do. Taking away people’s jobs is what racists do. Why are non-liars such racists?

    Then as an academic he lied because leftists aren’t there to teach but to be cheap urban political machine hacks in more genteel surroundings. The lying is a sign of greater success than a cheap on the ground party hack and to deny him lying is to deny him his very identity. Why are non-liars always so insensitive?

    As a senator Barack Obama lied because representing self interested constituencies who hate each other but hate the politically unconnected more means the truth only leads to unnecessary conflict. Why are non-liars so bloodthirsty? Why do they want violence?

    As President Obama lies because he should not deny himself the great store of ability he had that made him the Lightbringer! His lies are his craft! His lies are his gift! Without lies about progress there can be no progress built on lies! Why do non-liars hate progress? Don’t they see that there is no progress! How can we have light if non-progress is not banished to the darkness!!

  • glpage

    When Obama says anything is “for the greater good” how do we know he is not lying. Does he lie for the greater good or his good? No need to answer, I’m pretty sure we know.

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    Recently, I saw a TV show from 2007/2008 about non verbal communication, body language and voice analysis.
    It was interesting to watch because this show was filmed BEFORE Obama was President.
    All of the experts on non verbal communication/voice analysis saw Obama as the consummate actor, someone who was very well trained and very skilled in the art of non verbal communication, body language, micro expressions and verbal communication (they saw Bill Clinton in the same way).
    It was also VERY interesting to see how many times Obama spoke about “changing” America back then.

  • Will R

    How does one tell when he is not lying?