National Jewish Democratic Council: Liberal Jews Worn Down Defending Obama


While the usual suspects are gloating that American Jewish support for Israel is falling away, what we’ve actually seen is support coming from unexpected places, even from Jewish celebrities who traditionally have had little use for Israel. And some who were even anti-Israel.

Let’s start with this quote.

“I’m troubled by what I’ve seen in the last week, and I hope that it’s just a momentary blip in what has been very strong support for Israel,” Steve Sacks, chairman of the Union for Reform Judaism, stated. “The Kerry peace proposal was ill-advised, and I hope they get to the right place.”

That’s an extraordinary statement for a movement that tends to be well to the left on Israel. Not to mention Obama.

Meanwhile the National Jewish Democratic Council’s missives sound increasingly downbeat and depressed. Jack Moline, the NJDC’s Director, sent out this message.

Our phone was ringing off the hook yesterday with concerns about Secretary Kerry’s efforts in the Middle East…

Please let me add that I get the sense that some of us are being worn down by the constant misrepresentation of the Obama administration regarding Israel.  It can be hard to resist speculating that the consistently harsh words about the President and his team are somehow grounded in truth. There certainly can be disagreement about the political choices made by any elected official, but I hope we can put to rest the notion that Israel’s bond with the United States has in any way been compromised by the administration that provided funding for Iron Dome and the closest strategic relationship with Israel in history.

That’s the kind of language you get from someone who doesn’t believe what he’s saying and doesn’t even seem to want to be doing this anymore.

A psychologist would have a field day with a sentence like, “It can be hard to resist speculating that the consistently harsh words about the President and his team are somehow grounded in truth.”

NJDC is desperately clinging to the Rice speech that some Jewish staffer wrote for her, even while ignoring her actual actions at the UN. It’s clearly hearing from some donors who are angry and upset. And whatever is going on inside, it seems to have no enthusiasm for its work.

The NJDC press releases appear defense and put-upon. They don’t sound like the press releases of a confident organization that in theory has the majority of the population in its corner. Instead it sounds like desperate notes from people who feel the tide turning against them.

Obama lost a lot of the Jewish vote last time around. And the NJDC is struggling to convince even those involved in its organization that Obama isn’t the enemy.

  • Marcus777

    They are committing genocide and taking down US with them in the world stage, this Zionist state hijacked American foreign and domestic policy, US congress bought and paid for by AIPC the Zionist organization who has a choke hold in US media and Government, they brained washed Americans with their Hollywood movies and controlled media to think all Muslims are the enemy, after they will pick maybe Russians or Chinese or Mexico for US to fight their wars and many American young man died for this Zionist murderers in Iraq Afghanistan in Vietnam with their media perverting the truth, count how many US service man are killed and maimed for this Zoo-inist country go goggle it read it, fre yourself from Zionist Israel and embrace the real Jews like Heredi ture to Torah

    • Joe

      Smoking the Hashish? You hit me and I hit you back. Very simple.

    • SoCalMike

      You live in the world of mass media and an imaginary world of your own projection. The Obama Admin has been acting like a representative for HAMAS. Israel favored in the media?
      You mean CNN, NY Times and the Washington Post??
      I want whatever you’re smoking.

      • CowboyUp

        No you don’t Mike, it apparently causes severe brain damage.

    • Gee

      I can tell exactly how many US service man are killed and maimed for the Israel – the total is exactly ZERO. Not one America serviceman has ever so much has gotten a hangnail for Israel.

      You are a racist moron. Now go put your white hood back the closet and go down to your mother’s basement and stay there

    • Webb

      Wow, Mucus, you win 1st Prize for best whiner and pantpisser. Durned old Zionists make poor wittle Mucus cry and blow snot.

    • kertitor

      Oh, dear, I wanted to write a long reply to explain why are you wrong. I wont, you are simply hopeless.

    • gerry

      Just go to Dearborn to have a taste of what is coming to you.

    • Pete

      You have not read about the Muslim takeover of Egypt 1400 years ago?

      After the 1st governor, all subsequent governors showed the true face of Islam and Jews had not part in the mayhem that followed.


    • Abberline

      How the fuck do you type wearing a straitjacket?

  • Hard Little Machine

    What? You think Chaim Rumkowsky was a one-off? There’s hundreds or thousands of “Jews” in America practically slathering for another genocide.

  • SoCalMike

    When I see this picture of Obama treating Netanyahu like a waiter, I wish Netanyahu would have taken his right fist and laid out the precious waif in chief on his back with a bloody nose.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Obama is everyone’s enemy in more ways than one, enemies of even his former supporters. You could fill three Cheerios boxes with all the ways.

    • gerry

      Obama is the world enemy number one.

      • iluvisrael

        the civilized world

  • kasandra

    Regarding Rice, didn’t she and Hillary “go get lunch” while Netanyahu was addressing the UN General Assembly a few years ago? Another couple of real friends.

    • Crazycatkid

      Yeah, like. Rand Paul who was too busy working to attend Netanyahu’s address. Puleeze don’t tell me he isn’t an anti-Semite like his father. These displays of disrespect are childish, yes, but indelible. So, let’s not forget any of them.

      • kasandra

        I don’t know about that but I do know he gave a speech in which he included lyrics from Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. That was enough for me, right there.

  • tickletik

    Good, maybe they will finally start to wake up and realize how important what they have is. We have all grown up in a world with Israel. None of us remember what it was like without her. And for too long we collectively have been treating this like some kind of childish high school popularity contest. This business is deadly serious for all of us.

  • truebearing

    If the way Obama has treated Israel doesn’t depress Jews, nothing will. He’s not a friend of Jews, Israel, or America loving Americans. He is our collective collectivist enemy and a profoundly racist one at that.

    • gerry

      He is no friend of jews,Israel or America loving Americans.What do you expect from someone whose mentor is the good Reverend Jeremy Wright.Not a surprise to the world.

    • Abberline

      The only Jews that Obama likes and feels comfortable around would be Lazar Kagonovich and Leon Trotsky.

      • carpe diem 36

        you must add Soros too.

        • HarrietHT2

          And Steven Spielberg. Let’s not forget him and his cadre.

  • Abberline

    Netanyahu is a man, Obama a petulant adolescent. Obama has not matured one iota since January, 2009.

    • carpe diem 36

      of course. Obama did not forget anything and did not learn anything during his presidency. What a waste of time, he is obviously learning disabled.

  • Habbgun

    Does this mean the Democrats didn’t respect liberal Jews in the morning?

  • retired22

    I am going to be the Grinch & throw a wrench into all of these arguments.
    The Global Economy is wobbling around on the verge of going off of a cliff.
    When it goes belly up the Welfare State will go with it!
    When the Welfare State collapses society will turn upside down & these issues will disappear,along with their advocates.
    P.S. Just imagine the Isolationists & their agenda in America on Dec.,1,1941 & go forward 1 week & see the same people & their agenda on Dec,8,1941!
    That will give you some idea of what an economic collapse will do to politics!

  • glpage

    Why do some Jews continue to support Obama? Well, as my Jewish mother-in-law would say, “They’re idiots.”

  • Richie G

    The OJ Simpson of politics…..getting away with “murder”…….starting with Benghazi…

    • carpe diem 36

      don’t credit obama, credit his useful idiots who are in the millions, who have no eyes to see, brain to learn.

  • evangelist

    Natanyahu God always with you because you are honest Brave and True God bless you

  • TokyoTengu

    But Obama is the enemy, and always has been.

  • Betsy Smith

    If the National Jewish Democratic Council is tired of defending Obama …perhaps they should stop.

  • carpe diem 36

    when i look at this picture all i want to do is push Obama’s had away from Mr. Netanyahu, this is to me a menacing gesture that reveals what he is thinking. he is so nasty.

  • George Frayer

    I am a Messianic Jew and I have never been nor never will be Liberal. I do agree that most Non-Christian Jews are Liberal but from what I hear (And we are pretty tight knit). The Liberals have all but lost the Jewish vote altogether this next election. To be honest alot of Jews are dissociating from Liberals because of the content of the majority of there protests blatantly screaming for the death of us all. Oh we can take a hint.