NATO Chief: Putin Behind Anti-Fracking Campaigns


It’s hard to say whether the Russians or the Saudis are more frightened of Western fracking. Tyrannies which depend on energy dollars view fracking with a great deal of alarm.

And while the Saudis might be working things on the US end, it appears that Putin and the ole KGB gang have been restoring their ties to the European left, even while cultivating other ties with the European right.

Russian intelligence agencies are covertly funding and working with European environmental groups to campaign against fracking and maintain EU dependence on Russian gas, the head of Nato has claimed.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato secretary-general, said, “I have met allies who can report that Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engaged actively with so-called non-governmental organisations – environmental organisations working against shale gas – to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas.”

A Nato official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Financial Times that the alliance believed Russia was engaged in “a campaign of disinformation on many issues, including energy”.

Some experts have speculated that one of Russia’s motivations in fomenting separatism in eastern Ukraine is to stymie efforts to develop the region’s shale gas reserves.

Denis Pushilin, one of the most prominent leaders of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic, was previously best known for organising sparsely attended rallies against shale gas exploration in Donetsk. In May, Mr Pushilin said the Donetsk People’s Republic had banned the extraction of shale gas in territory it controlled in eastern Ukraine.

This is the same old, same old mostly. The USSR abused the environment in spectacular ways while its leftist allies in the West pushed environmentalism to undermine industry. Putin’s Russia is simply continuing an old game.

The collapse of the USSR has forced the old KGB gang to become a little more agile, but it has also liberated them from any sort of ideological consistency. So Putin works with EU opponents on the right and environmentalists on the left. His RT propaganda network pushes conspiracies from across the spectrum in a kind of random tabloid journalism whose only purpose is to undermine the countries that he sees as the enemy.

Putin is running a massive money laundering operation. His regime depends on a pyramid of bribes. Like every oligarchy, it’s vulnerable to the disruption of its criminal business model. And it has to protect the business model above all else.

Fracking and problems with Russian energy supplies has made Putin more aggressive. Domestic opposition is growing and he comes from an organization that plays offense, not defense.

The environmentalists, as James O’Keefe already established, don’t care where their backing comes from. Even if it comes from the enemy.

  • JackSpratt

    Not at all out of the realm of possiblity. We know from KGB defectors that the Soviets were funding and driving the Viet Nam War protests and later the same with the Unilateral Disarmament protests. I’m pretty sure they are behind alot of nefarious things going on in this country today, not to speak of in the ME, Africa, and elsewhere.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      yes it’s old hat to them

  • UCSPanther

    Makes perfect sense that the Russians would agitate and fund movements that benefit them and their interests. They’ve done it since the Cold War, and they will still continue to do it.

    Side note: It has been alleged that Saudi money was behind some of the anti-oilsands propaganda in Canada, a topic that was covered by Sun News Network a few years back.

    • Daniel Greenfield


      the Saudis are working their North American serfs while the Russians work their European property

  • SoCalMike

    Big Green and Big Government/EPA and assorted and sundry parasites in bed with the Saudis and the Russians.
    And how many brain dead mentally conformed early 20s college grads or students eagerly carry water for this in the idiotic belief/brain wash they are saving the planet?
    Today’s hip and cool know exactly WHAT to think.
    Mass media, big government, big business and big green told them and informs them everyday of the exact correct and incorrect things to believe.
    The science is settled. Move on.

    • liz

      Yes, it’s too bad we never run out of suckers – there’s still one born every minute.

      • truebearing

        Great minds think alike? I just referred the PT Barnum effect in my comment, then started reading the others and saw you did too. What else can you say about the idiots in this country who fall for every trick of the Left?

        • liz

          Right. It seems the Left is the only retrograde force worse than Islam.

  • truebearing

    Anyone in Europe or America that takes Russian or Saudi money intended to destroy our autonomy is by definition a traitor and should face a firing squad — cigarette and blindfold provided for a sizeable fee.

    It’s hard to believe anyone still believes the Left after the 20th Century, but unfortunately the P.T. Barnum effect persists. A dangerous percentage of Americans are complete suckers for these Russian and Muslim funded lies.

  • SereneBowrageyel

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    • Habbgun

      Serene Bowel Angel? You have the best hippie chick name I have ever heard.

  • Pete

    This story was in the Financial Times, The Australian,The Daily Mail, The Independent, WarNewsUpdates (@ blogspot).

    What tickles me is there are people that will troll this site (& other sites), the readers and the posters thinking if they can discourage the posters or shut down the site, they can do their part so their side can control discussion and policy.

    Just look at how many outlets they have to shut down and how many forums they have to troll.

    On top of which they complain about the humor. We need a humorous take when reading the bad news. DG style reminds a little of Peter Gotz who has written for the Village Voice Media

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Russia, like China, has an extensive 50 cent party commenting operation.

      • Pete

        The War_News_Update guy is a businessman or white collar professional, who still visits China every other year according to him.

        Judging from his comments he is even handed. It also sound like he had Ukrainian and Russian relatives. If he was irredentist or chauvinist, he would step on one of his relatives or friends. Not something you wanna do as a good person.

  • John H Newcomb

    Here are links to couple of Russia’s anti-fracking news stories:
    – “How fracking weakens Gazprom, the bedrock beneath Putin’s feet”:
    – “Why Putin Hates Fracking”:

  • Felix Keverich

    Why do the Jews like Greenfield hate Russia so much? When last time I checked it was Russians who saved them from the Holocaust.

  • Citizen C

    I’m pretty sure this oil and natural gas fracking thing isn’t going to be derailed.

    And maybe the Saudis and Russians should think about diversifying their economies? You know, produce other consumer goods that people want to buy.

    Other than oil and rugs, the Saudis only export Wahhabism. Nobody buys Russian manufactured goods unless absolutely necessary.