NBC Blames Bush for Al Qaeda Takeover of Fallujah in 2014

Williams pointing bush

Apparently we’re on George W. Bush’s fourth term. And here I’ve been making a fool of myself criticizing some Illinois senator for messing up the country. If only NBC News had told me this piece of breaking news sooner.

Introducing a report on Monday’s NBC Nightly News about Al-Qaeda forces seizing control of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, anchor Brian Williams went out of his way to blame the President George W. Bush for the deteriorating security situation: “U.S. fighting forces are gone from Iraq. But as so many predicted when President Bush chose to go to war there after 9/11, the fighting has started up again.”


They predicted in 2002 that the United States would withdraw and that over a decade later, Al Qaeda in Iraq would take over Fallujah? That is some impressive crystal ball work.

But let’s be fair here, Brian Williams is a worse anchorman than most of the cast of Anchorman. He’s a walking cartoon who probably couldn’t find the entire continent on a map without a teleprompter.

The odds are good that Brian Williams had just snorted so much cocaine before the show that he was under the impression that it was still 2006. For all we know he thinks it’s been 2006 for the last 8 years.

But it’s also a firm tenet of the left that George W. Bush is to blame for everything. Especially if it involves Iraq or racism or NBC’s falling ratings.

  • SandyLester

    sigh……do liberals ever accept their own failures

    • Flashbang

      They do not consider this their failure. It was Bushes mess and in a sense I still agree that it is Bushes mess.

      • SandyLester

        Of course you do, skippy, of course you do.

      • glpage

        That would be “Bush’s mess” and things weren’t going too badly in Iraq until Obama decided to remove all American troops from the country and throw it to al Qaeda. Our military mission to train the Iraqi military was not completed when Obama pulled the plug. It’s no wonder al Qaeda can make the advances they are making. Then again, I really doubt Obama gives a rat’s derriere that al Qaeda is increasing their power in Iraq, given that he seems to be a real fan of their parent, the Muslim Brotherhood.

        • A Z

          What is not factored in and cannot be admitted by the left is Obama’s

          statement of intent

          as a candidate to withdraw in 2008 affected the SOFA negotiations in a negative way

        • Flashbang

          I read . Therefore I am fully aware of the underlying issue on the ground in Iraq.

          You wrote :
          “Obama pulled the plug”
          What did you think the leftist mongrel was going to do? Have you forgotten his and the anti-war rhetoric of the left during the 2008 campaign season? Have you forgotten what another generation of leftist politicians did in Vietnam? Rememeber? Congress defunded our support for the south Vietnamese military ” in June 1973 Congress passed legislation that included an amendment
          sponsored by Church and Case to prohibit the use of more funds in
          Southeast Asia after August 15. Sixty-four senators voted in favor.”: A few years later the south Vietnam fell to the North.

          glpage see any thing different now any change in political behavior? This is the pattern of the baby killing left. Afghanistan is next.

          • A Z

            That is a pretty good comment.

            Giving the bill # and a link to the senators who voted for it with a break down by party would be good.

            Conservatives will say your right on the money. but to seal the deal on a greater percentage of libertarians, fence sitters or some people who are liberal, but not so extremely so. Those facts would do it.

            It would have an effect sort of like a regression analysis. It would show cause and effect or at the very least a strong correlation.

      • A Z

        When looking at outcomes in a battle or a war one looks at numbers, training, equipment, tactics, strategy, and willpower

        For troops executing their duties it goes by various terms. the French call it élan.

        If you do not have the will power, do not go to war.

        • A Z

          Case in point look at the Russian defeat at Mukden in 1904. The Russian command was sluggish. Their leading general was a sick man. He had no willpower for the task at hand although he was normally competent.

          The Japanese took the wrong lesson for the War. They though willpower was everything. It is not.

          It is necessary condition but no sufficient condition for success.

          Obama has no willpower for America to win in Iraq, Afghanistan or in the War on Terror.

          • kikorikid

            True. No willpower for America. Obama has great willpower in the service of Islam! He is a Taqiyya
            spewing,Shariah-Compliant traitorous fraud.

          • ZZ

            The Japanese didn’t beat the Russians at Mukden in 1904 because a General had the sniffles. They beat them because they were better. That’s why the Japanese have ALWAYS spanked the Russians in battle – for centuries.

          • A Z

            I disagree.

            The Russians were at the end of a long supply. they had a multinational force that was not as cohesive as the Japanese nor as dedicated. But they still had numerical superiority, we dug in well enough and had sufficient reserves to move to threatened sectors to stave off defeat.

            The analysis I saw was in Military History or such magazine. Now I will have to find it, if I still have it or find it on the web.

            The Japanese thought that elan would carry them through everything. The victories in 1904/1905 made the Japanese get cocky. Which is a sin, if a person has it for too long. In the Mediterranean world since ancient times there were 3 part speeches giving thanks for victory. One part was giving thanks to (the) God(s), and the last part was “Don’t Get Cocky”. The Japanese got cocky. Their victories in the Phillipines and Malaysia seemed to confirm their elan. They got victory disease.

            If that was true then the Japanese should have won in china like they did at Mukden. They were outnumbered & they had elan, but no overall victory ion the theater

          • ZZ

            If the story was in “Military History” or “Military Heritage” magazines I may have read it. The Japanese were whipping the Russians long before 1904 and long after. Strange that you wrote “we were well dug in.” Are you ethnic Russian? The Japanese were much better soldiets than the Russians and Soviets. No offense. Killing peasants and farmers is easy. Killing professional soldiers is hard.

            When did Imperial Japan lose in China, and to whom? Are you referring to WWII? The Japanese didn’t leave China until they were recalled to their islands. America had won the Pacific war theater and was preparing to invade Japan in Operation Olympic. The Soviets failed to stop them from returning.

          • A Z

            I looked for the article and have not found it yet. But the online search seemed to only go back 2 years.

            Am I Russian? NYET!

            The war in China tied down 50 Japanese divisions. The Japanese after many offensives had to pull back and cede won ground. There are differences with Napolean in Russia, but how much? Napolean never lost a fight the Russians, yet his army was broken. I can;t think of a battle the Japanese lost in China nor where they were stopped cold. they were stopped or slowed at times but never defeated or stopped cold that I know.

            The Soviets did stop the Japanese at Nomokan but ti was a different Russian army and 2 generations later.

        • Flashbang

          Many of my closest friends are blooded veterans of the Vietnam war. Our troops showed great elan in Iraq. They shall always be honored by me. The democrat party on the other hand shall be despised by me for as long as I live.

          • A Z

            Troops have to have some level of determination. So do political leaders.

            If leaders do no, they are the weakest link.

        • Moa

          America always wins the war, but loses the peace.

          That’s because soldiers win wars, and politicians/The evil State Department control the peace.

      • iluvisrael

        At what point does it become the responsibility of the current occupier of the WH? When is obama going to put on his big boy pants and own the rotten economy? His skin color does not make him immune to criticism of his abysmal policies and failures.

      • CowboyUp

        Nope, Iraq was doing fine when Bush left office, and Obama’s been in office for 5 years now. If Iraq’s a mess now, it’s Obama’s mess.

      • CowboyUp

        Nope, Iraq was doing fine when Bush left office, and Obama’s been in office for 5 years now. If Iraq’s a mess now, it’s Obama’s mess.

        • Moa

          Iraq was doing so well Maliki thought he didn’t need the US any longer. Boy, was he wrong.

      • truebearing

        They never consider anything their failure and your agreeing with them doesn’t improve your credibility any.

        Obama completely ignored his responsibilities in Iraq as the Commander-In-Chief. He was supposed to secure a status of forces agreement, which he arrogantly blew off. Just because Bush initiated the war, Obama didn’t have the right to cherry pick his responsibilities once elected. obama should have served the nation, as per his oath, and concluded the war in a way that benefitted us and Iraq. The war was won, but simply abandoning all we fought for was stupid and destructive to the interests of the US — intentionally — and now we are seeing why.

        • Flashbang

          My credibility? If I defended George Bush on this issue I would surrender ALL my credibility. You can not continue to pretend that our war in Iraq was anything other then a horrible mistake. Accpet this truth. And you will be able to see more clearly.

  • A Z

    NBC has been a joke for several years or more.

    “He did not graduate, and instead interned with the administration of President Jimmy Carter. He now calls leaving college one of his “great regrets”. Brian Williams completed a total of 18 college credits”


    That works out to an average of 6 semester hours or 2 course per college.

    Bryan Williams is not more knowledgeable than anyone else unless being in the news room rather than living life outside of it and partaking the media from several sources. But he thinks he is

  • Dodd Flea

    Reporting to the low information voters requires only the best peer.

  • precursor

    The National Barack Channel will never tell the truth. Obama has threatened them to the max.

    • ZZ

      Central Barack Station, All Barack Channel and Maximum Sedition National Barack Channel ate just as bad.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    Actually in 2003-6 the left said the occupation causes internecine deaths in Iraq and peace would result if we left. Now they are singing “they’ll go back to fighting when we leave.” Bush was damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

    Let’s face it. George “Islam is peace” Bush didn’t understand the civil war within Islam. Obama refuses to face that something is wrong at the heart of Islam.

    At some point we have to face the fact that it isn’t us–neither Bush nor Obama–it’s them. Islamic culture is sick. They are responsible for the culture they’ve created.

  • darnellecheri

    Superb. I needed a laugh today.

    “Apparently we’re on George W. Bush’s fourth term. And here I’ve been making a fool of myself criticizing some Illinois senator for messing up the country. If only NBC News had told me this piece of breaking news sooner.”

    • darnellecheri


  • CowboyUp

    Brian is just bowing to obama again. In private, he probably uses monica’s old knee pads.

    • truebearing

      No, he prefers the ones Larry Sinclair always used.

  • Veracious_one

    Bush derangement syndrome lives on despite Obama’s attempt to take the crown…

  • truebearing

    “The odds are good that Brian Williams had just snorted so much cocaine before the show that he was under the impression that it was still 2006.”

    Well, NBC gets its news agenda from Media Matters. Maybe David Brock includes an ounce of complimentary CommieCoke — now with enhanced paranoia! — with every submission of Whitehouse coordinated and approved lying points.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s special Fair Trade coke harvested carefully by FARC freedom fighters.

      • truebearing

        FARC eh? One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s coke dealer, or, from Brock and William’s perspective, one in the same.

        I would guess FARC doesn’t have to worry about Customs, the DEA, or the DOJ, since they are commies. That means Brock and Williams are getting the good stuff at rock bottom prices…but maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned “rock.” If Obama gets wind of this, he’ll want some.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Bush should have known that we wouldn’t have any competent leadership after he left. He failed to plan for the 0’Bama-nation.

    Bush’s fault.

  • tanstaafl

    All these good temperatures? Yep. Bush’s fault.

  • ZZ

    While Bush had troops in Iraq, the left claimed he was creating terrorism there. Now that Obama has had troops retreat from Iraq, the left claims Bush is creating terrorism there.

    The left sure has a short list of scapegoats for Obama’s crimes and failures: Bush, Republicans and conservatives. Not even opposite results change their blame game.

  • popseal

    Vietnam taught me after two tours there in the 60s, you can not help somebody who refuses to help himself. Iraq will always be Iraq until it gives up the dangerous superstition that controls its internal life. Vietnam is turning toward capitalism and it’s improving. Nation building never works when using local building blocks. Post war Japan turned itself around very quickly. If it were not for Godzilla the process would have been even quicker.

  • quousque

    For lefties, Bush’s Derangement Syndrome is like hot chicken broth my mom, it cures all the ills.

  • 3/1 Marine

    Brian Williams is so astute!
    And of course Fallujah 2014 is entirely Bush’s fault. I also have it on good authority that George Bush also knows where Judge Crater AND Jimmy Hoffa are buried