New Haven Democratic Mayor Celebrates Communist Party

mayor toni harp

Toni Harp has a long history with the New Haven People’s Center which is essentially the local HQ for the Communist Party.

In 2012, veterans protested a plan by Harp to fund the restoration of the Communist building. She made appearances at Peep events including the Marder birthday celebration. But as Mayor of New Haven, Harp is even less subtle.

When Mayor Toni N. Harp declared Feb. 23, 2014 as “Craig Gauthier day in the City of New Haven,” the overflow crowd at the Peoples Center burst into cheers.

After leading a youth march to end violence and for jobs with Gauthier, the Mayor read her proclamation to this “courageous union and community leader in our State,” noting his journey from Louisiana to New Haven, leading his union and in “the Communist Party USA, where he has campaigned for peace, to end police brutality, meet the needs of youth, to create living wag jobs in the community and for union rights.”

Culminating two and a half years of youth organizing, the New Elm City Dream and the Young Communist League led the march with police escort. Over one hundred youth and elected officials, union and community leaders marched…”

Gauthier became president of IAM Victory Lodge 609, and IAM District 170. He served on the executive board of the New Haven Labor Council and many community organizations. As a member first of the Black Panther Party and then of the Communist Party USA…

Meanwhile Toni Harp’s most notable achievement is a bill calling for free diapers. From each according to their ability, to each according to their incontinence.


  • Hard Little Machine

    New Haven and Hartford are terrible broken down dystopian places. Keep Calm and Build Tractors Tovarish.

  • Ban Liberals

    For those who haven;t been watching, Connecticut has moved left of Massachusetts. Didn’t think that was possible, unless of course, the loony libs from Mass are so fed up with what they did to that state, they’re spreading liberal pollution to others.

    • Seek

      Many liberals remain opposed to Communism. Unfortunately, they don’t run for public office.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Most of the liberals you talk speak of are now GOP voters. A modern “liberal” is actually a classical liberal, which means that he is a conservative.

      • DB1954

        Not so many after 2008. Interesting isn’t it? Besides, most liberals (members of the Democrat Party) today won’t even admit that there’s anything inherent in communism that’s inconsistent with or hostile to the American constitutional republic. If they do, they dismiss it as inconsequential.

        Glad to see that Connecticut’s veterans are still solid.

    • hora

      Liberals became a big problem for America, It necesary pass a new ban Communist activities and arrest any politician include president who pretend install a Communist system in USA. But Yes I agree liberals must ban from politic and be Lawyers.

  • Camilla Brieste

    I’m making strenuous efforts to understand all the “labels”. Is the article facetiously titled “Dem Mayor” to start a meme that Dem will start meaning Communist, and does this any longer qualify as liberal pollution and should we start labeling it communist pollution? Just trying to get educated; I’m a late learner to all of this. I’m such a tadpole at this that for many years I didn’t know that liberal was a bad word in politics as I connected it with classical liberalism. I would fear that many people who were moronically brainwashed like myself may also not yet have made the connection of liberalism which sounds benign against the current Alinksy rules in play.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      When I was a young man, “Democrat” did not mean something evil, to me (although one of my ancestors was a delegate to the very first Republican Convention). For example, in 1968, had Richard Nixon lost and Hubert Humphrey won, I would have believed that America was in good hands.

      That changed in 1972, when the the socialist wing of the DEM party assumed control. The party has been sliding to farther to the Left, ever since. It was almost a given that Barack Obama should be nominated by the DEMs, since the DEM base most closely identified with his positions, and Hillary was making a poor attempt at Centrism, which her husband was so good at.

      She won’t make that mistake, again …

      A classical “liberal” is now represented by conservativsm … it’s a term that goes all the way back to the founding of this country. DEMs are, for the most part, Leftists … running that gamut from simple socialists to hardcore communists. When the Democrat base realizes this, they will fire their would-be masters.

      • Camilla Brieste

        Thank you Wolfthatknowsall, I appreciate your comprehensive reply. If I could ask one more thing? Reading all the coverage on Benghazi (and non-support of a variety of moral issues) has lead me to believe that Hillary is as far left as Obama? The more I’m learning, the more frightening it all appears.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Her senior thesis at Wellesley College was an in-depth analysis of the community activism theories of Saul Alinsky. Her first job, after law school, was defending communists and Black Panthers.

          Take into consideration the many unusual deaths that have followed the Clintons, wherever they go … including the death of Brit Hume’s son … and it is, indeed, a frightening situation.

          When they were young people, before they met, Hillary was easily the most famous of the pair, she was featured in Life magazine, just having graduated, in 1969. She was the Leftist of the future, and the future is now here.

          She was singled out very early in her life by the power-brokers, and she’s only two and a half years from “the dream”. By the way, I know the Clintons personally, and I consider Hillary to be a closet Marxist.

          • Camilla Brieste

            Thank you again so much for your reply!! What comes to mind is poor Glen Beck who said, very sadly, at a Conservative conference, “how did we let this happen?” or was it “how did we let it come to this”. So much is hidden from the general public. I credit Fox News, many fine political authors, and the internet news sites for getting my head out of the sand and building my new awareness. I spent 20 years slavishly reading the New York Times and watching CNN and came away knowing NOTHING about anything important. I am 50% of the way there of finally getting it and know that the rest of it will shock me to the core.

            I would also give an enormous amount of educational credit to individuals like you who take the time to put information, opinions, out there for the rest of us to read. I will try to do my share with a blog-site devoted to summarizing my own educational process, going from center to Conservative, and offering resources for others to educate themselves also. Thanks again Wolfthatknows all.

          • Dan_in_MA

            If you want more education, do a google search on WTC Building 7. When you ask 90% of the people, “How many buildings collapsed on 9/11?” They will say “Two.” That’s what the corrupt media wants you to think. This event was essential to initiate the police state transformation.

          • Camilla Brieste

            Thank you Dan have checked it out, and more. (Not feeling very hopeful anymore). But, now I get it why they want to take away people’s guns. If a Republican or Conservative wins in 2016 can some “conditions” be reversed?

          • Cameraman

            Camilla. This is part of the Right/left Lie we have been fed for Years from the MSM, they are two side”s of the Same Coin, the Republican”ts and The Democrats have only one Course, and That”s Control of the People, The Liberals and Progressives are now Out in the Open, with their Plans in full Gear, The Constitutional and Patriot Member”s of this Country, called Domestic Terrorist are the New Enemy of the State..III%

            Semper Fi

          • Camilla Brieste

            Thanks Cameraman. Some stats note that 53% of population still have moderate to strong traditional values. I’m trying to hang on by my fingertips to anything that offers a glimmer of hope while still coming into full knowledge of the truth of a potential apocalypse. Semper Fi, really glorious words, be well.
            footnote, what does 111% mean? is it code?

          • Cameraman

            That’s the #of Three Percent. that were Active in the War against The Crown, Three Percent of the Population were the Ones that Fought against the British!

          • Camilla Brieste

            Thank you. That is a percentage that should be more than attainable, we will hope. Millions of people remain uninformed, as I used to be, by watching only the propaganda news stations and reading lib newspapers. As that slowly changes, maybe another percent or two could be gained?

          • DB1954

            HRC was also fired from the Watergate Committee staff because her boss said she was a liar. He was a Democrat and a lawyer.

      • DB1954

        Hubert Humphrey was a long time anti-communist and very publicly so. So was JFK.

      • DB1954

        “When the Democrat base realizes this, they will fire their would-be masters.”

        I have doubts about your last comment. As you pointed out, most of the liberals who realized this by 2008, have already left, to become Republicans or independents. I would argue that most of these are middle class whites, especially white men. Racial or ethnic minorities, gays, and lesbians have taken their place in the Democrat Party. Most of these will never figure out what that what you’ve observed and thus will never fire their “masters.”

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Actually, there are millions of people who … because of long family ties and traditions in the Democrat Party … still consider themselves to be Democrats. The only DEM leaders they see, on a regular basis, are local and Congressional leaders.

          These are the people I think will leave the DEM party … working-class, ethnic whites – Italians, Irish, Polish, ad infinitum. Many of these people are Roman Catholics, and have just about had it with the pro-death, pro-homosexual DEM leaders.

          For example, in my own county, about 70% of the people are Roman Catholic, and working-class Irish. For generations, they’ve been Democrats. But since Clinton, they’ve been voting in larger numbers for GOP candidates. Even moving inner-city blacks into Public and Section 8 housing has not given the Democrats control of this county, which is key to winning this Congressional District. And this, 70 miles away from the Chicago city limits …

          Why is this happening? Because “racial minorities, gays, lesbians and all the anti-white, anti-male antipathy of the people, here, is causing a shift in political allegiance.

          Now, if we can only make the GOP what these people truly want …

  • antioli

    Poor thing,she doesn’t seem to know that before the end of Communism in Russia all the Communists had morphed into private business men. Their factories turned to producing profit stuff and they for got to produce what the public needed. Yes mam, there was inequality in Communist Russia.
    But you aren’t going to let that fact change your mind.

  • 203333

    Karl Marx, the founder of Communism, was a dedicated SATAN WORSHIPPER. Communism is the work of a sick mind.

  • disqus_mZ463k3T2r

    CT sucks, the commies can have it, they have already run it into the ground