New Jersey Muslim “Innocently” Flying ISIS Flag “Liked” Conspirator in WTC Bombing


The media’s take on the New Jersey ISIS flag story has been to do no other research except to talk to the flag flyer in question. And the flag flyer claims complete and total innocence.

A 44-year-old Muslim convert says it was news to him that the flag he hung outside his house is the same banner waved by the murderous jihadist group known as Islamic State.

“I hang it every Friday and every Ramadan which ended not too long ago and I keep it up a little longer than I normally do,” Dunaway told “I guess some people saw it and got offended so I took it down. I do not support any militant group or anything like that.”

But a look at what appears to be his Facebook account raises some questions.

mark dunaway

A Facebook page that appears to be his shows that he “liked” Zaid Shakir and Bilal Philips. Both are vile bigots and terrorism supporters. Philips was also named an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing.

He also likes Khalid Yassin who called for killing gays and the Wahhabist Abubakar Gumi. Also liked was Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari and the Islamic Emirate.

These are the sorts of figures you might like if you’re a convert with Islamist sympathies.

These are the sorts of Muslim figures that you’re more likely to like if you have a Salafist orientation. These are the sorts of Islamic leaders who are fairly blunt about calling for the full force of Islamic law to come down on anyone and everyone… including the United States.

If we believe Dunaway, a pal of his gave him an ISIS flag. One wonders who that pal was and where Dunaway likes to hang around.

This is the sort of thing that the media would take a look at if it were interested in actually doing its job.

  • lapin.grove

    That guy need to be watched .

    • *Sharpshooter

      Supposedly that’s what the media should be doing, and if it pans out the police.

      • Tanoso

        I should believe that most moslems don’t understand arabic, they probably can read, but can’t understand. they’re like parrots, braindead parrots. the enemy of Islam is only one KNOWLEDGE !

  • Yellowman King

    If you have one flag to fly ( by law in my view ) while in America it better be the American flag or we have a problem

  • Fed Up

    “A 44-year-old Muslim convert …”

    I’d be much more interested in this guys life story. He was not born into islam but is an American born, whitebread “revert”, muslim’s phrase for convert. It means that everybody is a muslim, they just don’t know it yet and it’s muslims’ job to get us to see the light…or else.

    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the west not just because we’re importing its adherents but because of conversion, especially among the dysfunctional and marginal males of our societies. And it makes perfect sense, too. Islam pretty much licenses whatever’s your bag if it can be justified in the service of allah. Like to lie? Cheat? Steal? Slap your woman around? Bully and intimidate people? That and more, even those things forbidden to muslims, can and is done and blessed if in the name of jihad. Some of the 9/11 terrorists frequented strip clubs because they reasoned they had to blend in. I’d be curious to know how his home life and relations with family changed.

    In another story, “He’s totally harmless,” said Dunaway’s neighbor Diane Figueiredo. “He goes to work every day. He never bothers anyone. He keeps to himself.”

    For now, while he’s the lone voice ululating in the wilderness of the NJ ‘burbs but how about when there’s more brethren? It’s especially a good deal for males because it puts us back on top in the most forceful, ordained way with no apologies and I’m betting that more and more lost men in our feminized, pussified societies take islam up on it in the years to come. There is no more fundamental imbalance of raw power as that between a man and a woman and as their numbers increase more men will come to realize, along with the women on the receiving end, that modern women are free only because men permit it. Don’t think so? Take a stroll down any main thoroughfare in a muslim city or even the muslim quarters of some of the west’s best cities for a revelation. For now our society has evolved to accept and support co-equal power but that can be reversed and just might be as more and more men feel squeezed out and come to see islam as the way to put things right. Laugh if you will but again, a quick stroll around certain neighborhoods in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Malmo, Dearborn and dozens of other ostensibly free, modern western societies will paint a quite different picture.

    So, you very-modern girls of the west had better wise up and see who the real patriarchy is and forget about those scary bedtime stories about Ward Cleaver and feminine mystique oppression you tell each other in sorority dorms. It’s the oldest, fiercest, most implacable and unforgiving patriarchy there ever was and it’s coming to suburbs and places near you. Maybe even your own home.