New York City Council Speaker Dedicates Puerto Rican Parade to Terrorist


Democratic Party City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito owns homes and land in Puerto Rico worth $1.5 million. She has made a point of refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance because she obviously does not consider herself an American.

But she is determined to stay on and run New York City into the ground in collaboration with the radical left while celebrating Puerto Rican separatist terrorism.

As the city prepares to host the 57th annual Puerto Rican Day Parade, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito appeared at an event today in support of one of the parade’s more controversial honorees: Oscar Lopez Rivera.

At the event in East Harlem, Mark-Viverito hailed the dedication as a testament to the parade’s new board of directors.

“The Puerto Rican community has had the ability to reclaim our parade,” Mark-Viverito said.

If they want to reclaim the parade, genuinely, they should do it by moving back home. Instead they want to live in New York and support separatists.

Sorry that doesn’t work. You can either be separatists or live in New York. You can’t do both.

This year, the parade’s new board named her grand marshal.

What a fortunate coincidence.

Actual New Yorkers are not at all happy with the terrorist regime of Bill de Blasio and Melissa Mark-Viverito. Including the son of one of the victims of their favorite terrorists.

Joe Connor  said it was “disgraceful” that Mark-Viverito supported a parole bid for FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.

“I would like to ask her how she could possibly expect to have the second-most important position in our city, while advocating for a terrorist whose group attacked and murdered New Yorkers,”

Connor said. Connor’s dad, Frank, was among four people killed in the 1975 lunchtime bombing by the Puerto Rican separatist group.

And there are some decent men and women left in the City Council among Bill de Blasio’s pro-terrorist radicals.

Queens Republican Dan Halloran went ballistic. He said his “jaw hit the ground” when he read the note.

“I couldn’t believe that somebody could seriously say that FALN was a non-violent organization,” he said, noting its ties to a series of bombings in New York and Chicago.

“This terrorist, like all terrorists, should rot in jail forever,” he wrote. “It is only a shame the death penalty was not imposed to prevent him from becoming a threat in the future.”

He added: “I guess the 9-11 bombers could make the same argument. They were merely responding to the ‘evils’ of the U.S. Will you be asking for them to be pardoned too?”

Mark-Viverito denounced Halloran’s email. “He should not be judging me personally for a position that I believe strongly in.”

And here’s a bit more about Oscar Lopez Rivera, Mark-Viverito’s terrorist sweetheart.

OSCAR LOPEZ HAD FIRST MET Carlos Torres in Chicago in 1972, and before long the two had forged a bond that led them to become leaders of the fledgling Puerto Rican terrorist group, the FALN. The first bombings began in 1974, and the group’s most noted early action was the bombing of the historic Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan in January of 1975. The lunchtime bombing killed four diners and injured 60.

The bombings continued at a furious pace including targets in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Newark and Miami. Attacks were sometimes co-ordinated with the Macheteros, with that group setting off bombs at various locations in Puerto Rico.

In 1977, a warrant was issued for Oscar Lopez on charges of dealing with and the possession and storage of explosives. That same year, both Torres and Lopez were indicted in Chicago for the receiving of 200 sticks of dynamite from Colorado and concealing them at their Chicago apartment.

And it’s not just Lopez, Melissa Mark-Viverito’s radical left-wing hatred for America knows no boundaries.

A controversial Puerto Rican songwriter was honored at a Gracie Mansion reception last night, where he hobnobbed with the mayor and speaker of the City Council.

Residente, a fiery songwriter and activist who sang in Spanish that “the FBI is in trouble, they are screwed, the White House’s fucked,” was invited to a Puerto Rican heritage reception and will be a “king” at the Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday, according to a BuzzFeed report.

“When any individual has an added responsibility and visibility, whether you are a politician or whether you are a group, we have an added responsibility to raise our voice,” Ms. Mark-Viverito said. “That is what Calle 13 does.”

“To the federales, I throw stones,” the Calle 13 song, released in 2005, goes, according to English translations. “To all the federales, I spit with diarrhea. I feel nausea, I feel disgusted.”

Join the club.


  • Jason P

    I’m all for Puerto Rican independence. Of course I would hate for my government to give into terror and in the ’70s we didn’t. But it’s 40 years later. There is no terror. It’s a simple request and I say we grant it. Puerto Rico should be a glorious nation … let’s make Puerto Ricans proud. What do you say, Señora Melissa Mark-Viverito?

    • Ban Liberals

      Problem is, they actually want to make Puerto Rico a STATE, enabling the fast-sinking sinkhole to mooch off American taxpayers for good.

      • Jason P

        Ah, they’ve been bought !!! But “authentic” Puerto Ricans want independence. Ignore the white-Hispanics and support the authentic minority. Let’s call it a “two-state solution.”

        • American Patriot

          Okay, that is ridiculous. Why do you support an anti-American, Communist minority over a majority that is pro-American and pro-free market? In any case, it may interest you to know that the father of the statehood movement (the movement to make a territory a state of the Union) in Puerto Rico, Dr. Jose Celso Barbosa, was black. He was, indeed, of direct African descent. Dr. Barbosa was a politician, sociologist and medical doctor who was an advocate of Puerto Rico statehood who established the island’s branch of the Republican Party in 1899, shortly after the Spanish-American War. Don’t turn the status issue into an issue of race, as Dr. Barbosa was much darker in skin color than the Communist NYC City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito. And no, a two-state solution only pertains to the Middle East conflict, not the Puerto Rico status issue. If there is an independence movement we should support, it should be the one in Tibet. Tibet was a sovereign country almost from antiquity (except for a few conquests, like the Mongol empire during the Middle Ages) until 1950, when it was invaded and forcefully annexed by Communist China, with the support of the Soviet Union. As a result of the 64-year illegal occupation, over 1.2 million Tibetans have died, Tibetans are now a minority in their own homeland due to the increased migration of Han settlers int Tibet, and most of the country’s cultural monasteries have been destroyed by the Communist dictatorship in China. Yet, the left doesn’t complain about that because the radical left hates Tibetans and love Communist China due to political ideologies.

          • Jason P

            First you say a free Puerto Rico would embrace communism then you tell me they are for a free market. I find your reasoning unclear.

            They deserve to be independent. They have their own culture and are semi-independent now. They have enough practice and our paternalism doesn’t help.

          • American Patriot

            No. Let me clarify this for you. I said that the separatist movement in Puerto Rico are Communist totalitarians and hate America. The pro-statehood movement majority in Puerto Rico are generally political conservatives, pro-free market and pro-American. Those are facts. Anyway, yes, Puerto Rico has a unique culture, but so does Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, Louisiana, California and many other states. And yet, they, along with Puerto Rico, embrace American democracy and culture. Also, unlike Puerto Rico, the small separatist movements in some of the states I mentioned (with the possible exception of Hawaii) are not Communist in nature nor are they controlled and influenced by Communist totalitarians nor hostile regimes (like Communist Cuba). I say let’s admit Puerto Rico as a state of the Union. They deserve to be a state since they contributed so much to this country’s greatness.

          • DB1954

            I agree with most of what you say, but I’m still not convinced that statehood for PR will make anything better for us or for them.

          • American Patriot

            Statehood would guarantee a stronger, more robust economy in Puerto Rico, which is currently facing a huge economic crisis due to those problems being tied to the status issue. Statehood would also benefit the US national economy as a whole, since new revenue would be generated from Puerto Rico due to the improvement in the island’s economy. Statehood would also guarantee more funding to Puerto Rico, as well as greater participation in federal programs. And most importantly, statehood would guarantee full voting rights for island residents at the national level.

          • DB1954

            Plus, a perpetually angry minority keeps bombing and shooting innocent US citizens. Let’s be done with this mess. Give them independence.

          • American Patriot

            Never. You do realize that if Puerto Rico secedes, we would have to bring passports to the island. Why do that? And why support a totalitarian minority over a democratic majority? Isn’t the general norm supposed to be the majority rules in the rule of law? Besides, the number of terrorist insurgencies and incidents in Puerto Rico have decreased significantly since the end of the Cold War, and that is because of the collapse of the Soviet empire. Anyway, why give our adversaries what they want. That makes us just as bad, if not worse, than the Radical-in-Chief. At least he makes it clear that he doesn’t like America nor believes in American exceptionalism. But we are patriots. We love America. And we shouldn’t abandon our fellow patriots simply because we want to appease our enemies.

          • DB1954

            I know far more good Puerto Ricans than bad. I’ll say that.

      • American Patriot

        For your information, Puerto Ricans are American citizens. They are no different from Floridians, Californians, Texans, Alaskans, Hawaiians or New Yorkers in terms of being American. Residents of Puerto Rico are American citizens and have been American citizens since the Jones-Shafroth Act was passed by the federal government in 1917. In addition, anyone born in Puerto Rico on or after January 13, 1941 is a natural-born American citizen covered by the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment. Puerto Rico is a US territory and has been so since the Spanish-American War in 1898. So Puerto Ricans are not foreigners and Mark-Viverito is part of a minority of Communist separatists who do not respect the will of the majority. Regarding “mooching off”, residents of Puerto Rico are not moochers, period. As a territory, island residents lack the right to vote for President and Vice President of the United States, as well as lack the right to vote for senators and voting members of the House of Representatives. In addition, because Puerto Rico is a territory and not a state, it gets less federal funding from Washington than the 50 states and it is treated unequally under many federal laws and programs. In case you want to know, the reason Puerto Rico is in a “fast-sinking sinkhole” is because of an economic crisis that it is facing. While certain economic policies have contributed to the poor economy, the island’s economic problems are mainly tied to the island’s status problem. If residents of Puerto Rico are really moochers and enjoy territory status, why are so many people leaving the island for the mainland states? Over the past 14 years, Puerto Rico’s population has fallen by almost 5%-from 3.8 million in 2000 to around 3.6 million in 2014. Between 2000 and 2010, Puerto Rico was one of only two US jurisdictions that had experienced a population decrease (Michigan being the other). In Michigan’s case, the population decrease was due to the automobile crisis, but even with that crisis, that state’s population only decreased by 0.6%. In that same time period (2000-2010), Puerto Rico’s population decreased by 2.2%. And the reason behind that population drop is because of the territory’s economic problems that are ultimately tied to the status problem. Every day, residents of Puerto Rico move to the mainland states in order to fully participate in the voting process at the national level and to achieve their goals, which they have a harder time to achieve in the island. Contrary to anti-statehood propaganda, residents of Puerto Rico pay most federal taxes, including federal payroll taxes. The only taxes island residents are exempt from are from local income. And contrary to what you may believe, Puerto Ricans have contributed greatly to this country in many ways. For example, residents of Puerto Rico have served in the US Armed Forces in greater proportional numbers than almost every state in the Union, with the exception of Nevada. I should also mention that admitting Puerto Rico as a state would not only benefit Puerto Rico, but the United States as a whole would also benefit from admitting a state of Puerto Rico. Not only would residents of Puerto Rico achieve full voting rights at the national level and the island’s economy would improve significantly because of equal treatment under federal laws and programs but the federal government would also experience a boost in the national economy and have other benefits with a strong a robust state of Puerto Rico. Bottom line: statehood for Puerto Rico would drastically improve the island’s economy and quality of life and would benefit everyone in Puerto Rico and the rest of the United States. A GAO Report released back in April confirms that fact.

        • Ban Liberals

          You have to be joking, right? This is a joke?

          Your Avatar (American Patriot) is befuddling because you write like a committed progressive. And they are not patriots!

          I won’t wast time even trying to address your flawed ASSUMPTIONS and flawed CONCLUSIONS because it is impossible to read a monologue devoid of PARAGRAPHS..

          Just a few salient points…

          Do you really think I don’t know they are citizens? Seriously?

          The REASON they are leaving the island for the U.S. is simple: THEY CAN SPONGE FAR MORE WELFARE HERE!

          Puerto Rico’s problems, despite the ridiculous “facts” you quoted, are similar to Mexico’s: a high rate of illiteracy, a refusal to learn English, high crime, blight, etc.

          Be still my heart, I lived in NYC longer than I should ever have, and witnessed FIRST-HAND what Puerto Ricans did to the city. They helped to destroy it.

          Your absurdity knows no bounds.

          Reply if you will, absent structure and paragraphs I shall not read it.

          In any event, I shall not reply. I’m done because I cannot debate someone who simply quotes from a nonsensical source. Again, my knowledge is FIRST HAND.

          And Puerto Rico sucks.

          • American Patriot

            No. What I posted is not a joke but plain facts. You obviously have been fed misinformation by anti-statehood propagandists who do nothing except spread lies and false propaganda since they can’t come up with any good arguments against statehood for Puerto Rico at all. I will correct your misinformation paragraph by paragraph:

            First of all, I am an American Patriot. I love the United States of America and its democracy. I am part Puerto Rican and I am a political conservative. The issue of Puerto Rico statehood isn’t supposed to be a so-called “progressive” issue or a conservative issue. It is an American issue. Past Republican presidents like Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes have all expressed support for Puerto Rico becoming a state of the Union. So, this is definitely NOT a so-called “progressive” issue at all. As for my name being “misleading”, look who’s talking. Your name is “Ban Liberals”. In case you are unaware, we conservatives are the true liberals. We are classical liberals, just like John Locke, Adam Smith and George Washington. Your name implies that you are allowing leftists to hijack the term “liberal” to describe themselves. How is that trying to win the political war against the reactionary left?

            Second, I have already mentioned that the reason why Puerto Ricans are moving to the mainland states is because of the Puerto Rico’s poor economic problems that are directly tied to the island’s status problem. Residents of Puerto Rico are not moving to the mainland states because they “want welfare”. They are moving to the states because there are more opportunities in the states than in Puerto Rico. Remember that because Puerto Rico is a territory, island residents cannot vote for their national leaders, and the island gets less federal funding than the states as a result. When residents of Puerto Rico move to the mainland, they automatically get the right to vote for President and Vice President, as well as voting members of Congress. This has absolutely nothing to do with welfare, as most Puerto Ricans are not on welfare. Please understand this.

            Third, Puerto Ricans are mostly literate. I am tired of misinformed people like you portraying all Puerto Ricans the same way because of the actions of a few. Also, I should also mention that Puerto Ricans are the largest English-speaking Hispanic group in the United States. More than 80% of Puerto Ricans in the mainland are fluent in English. Almost my whole family is fluent in English. But let me tell you why English proficiency has been poor in the island of Puerto Rico itself. From 1900 until 1948, most classes at public schools in Puerto Rico were taught in English, with the obvious exception of Spanish class. But when the Popular Democratic Party (which is the local party in Puerto Rico that supports the island’s current territory status, as well as has been spreading misinformation about Puerto Rico politics, including its political status, in the mainland states) won a series of elections in the 1940s, the party reversed the bilingual education policy. Instead, all classes, except for English, were taught in Spanish. And even in the English classes, many classes at schools were forbidden from teaching in English. So, what was the result? Many Puerto Ricans were denied the right to learn or improve their English and as a result, they had a harder time getting opportunities when they first moved to the mainland. This policy, which I call language apartheid, was implemented by the PDP in order to undermine and discourage support for statehood for Puerto Rico in both the island and the mainland states. By the way, contrary to what you erroneously believe, 95% of parents in Puerto Rico want their children to be fully bilingual in both English and Spanish. The PDP’s view on bilingualism is at odds with the majority of island residents. So blame the PDP for this racist and xenophobic policy, not Puerto Ricans.

            And fourth, Puerto Rico is a great place. It is home to many natural features and historic landmarks, as well as being home to the only tropical rainforest in the United States, El Yunque. The island territory is known to many as “The Shining Star of the Caribbean”. Its economy may be in bad shape, but Puerto Rico is much more better off than other places in the Caribbean, most notably Haiti and Communist Cuba. Quit having negative stereotypes about Puerto Ricans. They are as American as residents of the states.

          • Ban Liberals

            Appreciate your persistence, but I didn’t waste my time reading a word.

          • American Patriot

            That’s because you haven’t taken the time to truly understand the truth about Puerto Rico and status politics in general. The Popular Democratic Party and its cohorts simply want to keep people misinformed. If you read what I posted and truly understand the issues, you would really understand the truth about Puerto Rico politics.

          • Ban Liberals

            Dont give a crap about Puerto Rico. They are savages, and the more of ‘em that stay where they are, the better off America will be.

            How’s THAt grab ya’, Mr. “patriot?’

          • American Patriot

            And you support that horrible white nationalist/KKK “Grand Wizard” David Duke, Duke’s protégé.

          • Ban Liberals

            Yes, because I am a white, elitist, supremacist RAAAAAAAAACIST.

          • BagLady

            It goes with an inferiority complex.

          • Ban Liberals

            Still, I am proud to be a white, elitist, supremacist RAAAAAAAAACIST.

          • BagLady

            Calling your neighbours “savages” makes you a patriot?

          • Ban Liberals

            1) Not my neighbors.
            2) If they ARE savages, and they are, absolutely YES!

            I see I hit a liberal nerve across the ocean.

            Take a look at your precious Europe and see what liberalism did to it.

          • non PR Chicagoan

            Your MOTHER is a SAVAGE. How’s that grab you?

          • Ban Liberals

            I’m too busy giving it to YOUR mama to care.

            How’s that grab YOU, you liberal lump of donkey dung?

          • Drakken

            PR cost more than it is worth, it is that bloody simple and frankly they are not worth having as a state.

          • DB1954

            I agree with much of what you’ve said. I also agree that no group of people should be stereotyped, but a stereotype is the false application of a set of attributes to ALL members of a group. That a stereotype exists isn’t proof that a minority of a group’s members don’t exhibit the attributes of the stereotype. In other words, SOME, a few, a minority, are in fact every bit as awful as the stereotype.

          • DB1954

            Actually what sucks is the attitude of some Puerto Ricans towards the U.S. and we, nosotros, los “gringos.” Those are the “progressive” types like Angel Gutierrez, who’s basically a little squeeze of bird-poop who got himself elected to Congress in order to eliminate all U.S. borders. There’s absolutely no gratitude among those like him. On the contrary, they have nothing but contempt and–quite frankly–more than a little racialist hate for the gringos.

          • American Patriot

            I would mention that Luis Gutierrez has a hypocritical and contradictory viewpoint regarding immigration reform and Puerto Rico’s status issue. Because on one hand, Gutierrez wants to grant amnesty and full citizenship and voting rights to all immigrants, especially illegal immigrants in the United States. But on the other hand, he not only opposes statehood for Puerto Rico (statehood would obviously guarantee permanent union, full citizenship and voting rights at the national level), but he wants the island to secede from the United States, thus making residents of Puerto Rico foreign immigrants to this country. In other words, Gutierrez wants to make illegal immigrants citizens and natural-born citizens of a certain part of the United States foreign immigrants. That is sick, twisted, undemocratic and unAmerican. That is why the pro-statehood New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico despises the Communist representative from Chicago. And he despises the NPP as well. Every time the NPP is in charge of the government of Puerto Rico, Gutierrez wastes no time condemning the statehood party government for almost everything. But when the pro-territory status Popular Democratic Party is in charge of the Puerto Rico government, then Gutierrez doesn’t really care about local island politics other than the fact that he makes it clear that he hates statehood. Now that is one biased representative.

          • DB1954

            The point is that Gutierrez doesn’t think or act like a patriotic American. With statehood, we are inevitably going to get more just like him. We’ve already got a communist and Gutierrez’s comrade in the White House. We don’t need any more.

          • American Patriot

            Residents of Puerto Rico generally despise Gutierrez. A few years ago, when Gutierrez was in the island for a fundraiser event in San Juan, the municipal branch of the NPP held a protest rally against Gutierrez. The protesters held protest signs that said, “Gutierrez, you don’t represent us” and yelled “Gutierrez, get out!” In that same year (2011), the NPP majority in the local House of Representatives of Puerto Rico’s Legislative Assembly even passed a resolution censuring Gutierrez for his outrageous comments regarding the government of Puerto Rico’s response to a protest turned riot at a certain campus of the University of Puerto Rico system. Anyway, we wouldn’t get more leftists in Congress should Puerto Rico become a state. Despite the name “Progressive” in the statehood party’s name (the New Progressive Party was named after Theodore Roosevelt’s 1912 “Bull Moose” Party), the NPP is quite conservative politically, especially on social issues. Keep in mind that 75% of New Progressive Party politicians are Republicans. The NPP itself was founded by a conservative Republican, Luis Ferré, in 1967. And conservatives are quite influential in Puerto Rico’s local politics. Besides, you can’t confuse the island’s residents with the Puerto Rican population in New York. There is a huge ideological difference between Puerto Ricans living in New York and Puerto Ricans living in other states of the Union and in Puerto Rico itself, as the New York population moved there from the island in the mid-twentieth century and are generally left-leaning, while those who remained in Puerto Rico or moved to Florida and other states of the Union in more contemporary times are generally more moderate to conservative.

          • DB1954

            Thanks for your input. I’ll reconsider the matter.

          • non PR Chicagoan

            OF COURSE PUERTO RICANS HATE WHITES. SO DO MOST OTHER MINORITY GROUPS. IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING. Now, we can all agree that not every white person is racist and likewise as well. Personally, I do not love my enemies. Why? Because they are mean and nasty, kinda like the boy hiding behind “Ban Liberals” on the internet. There is so much hatred coming from your corner, white people, that I am bewildered anytime you balk at the anti-white sentiment fuming from the savages, a culture that YOU created through hundreds of years of marginalization tactics. Now we are here. Your ancestors brought us here, to America. They also populated the Caribbean islands (Puerto Rico is one example) with the savage beasts that they bought from the alpha savage beasts back in Africa.
            Now, why would you want these savages to leave? Because they are no longer a source of free labor for you to trample all over? Your own white men legally banned slavery in America; so technically, you have yourselves to blame for the current, and apparently unwanted, occupation of “your” country by savages. If you think I sound ridiculous right now, just remember this: I represent the anti-white sentiment to whatever degree that YOU CHOOSE. In other words, I hate you just as much or as mildly as you hate me and my feelings toward you are totally reactionary from a lifetime of awareness that I, and people who look like me are abhorrent in the eyes of so many whites. It’s not personal because I don’t know you. It’s what you represent. When you see me walking toward you and you cringe or grasp your purse my feelings get hurt, but I know it’s not personal, it’s just what I represent. Now if you, and everyone like you were the subject of such determined hate by the group that controls all of the resources, and thus all of the power, wouldn’t you expect a sociopathic sub-culture to develop?
            Today, as I drove down a residential block in Humboldt Park, Chicago, I saw a scene that was so distantly familiar that I guess I forgot real people were even around anymore: Several White, Black and Puerto Rican families with multiple generations congregating in lawn chairs in front of their homes mingling, sharing and just genuinely loving each other’s presence. I wish I could have video recorded the scene. Call me a pessimist, but I live in one of the most segregated cities in America and I’m just not used to all that public display of interracial love.
            You will never get rid of us. You can move us around and cover us up, but just like roaches, we are still in your walls multiplying. So you might as well stop trying to exterminate us and learn to love us and maybe we can one day love you back.

          • Non PR Chicagoan

            Sounds like you’re just determined to hate ALL Puerto Ricans. Would you like to ban Puerto Ricans as you would ban liberals? Really? And to make so many generalized statements within one thought bleeds your own ignorance right through that thin veil of superiority and entitlement. You are most certainly a disgusting racist…how do I know? Through my own observation.
            Now, don’t tell me, even though you are “obviously” of a higher quality body and mind than brown/black people, you still feel compelled to lay out in the sun for hours and burn yourself to achieve that perfect “TAN.”

          • Ban Liberals

            ALL Puerto Ricans just plain SUCK. They are simply ‘Eastern Mexicans,’ except a little worse.

            And, as you hail from an Obama city that is even WORSE than Tijuana and Nogales, you know all about crime, violence, and a degenerative populace.

            THANK YOU for branding me a RAAAACIST.


            Crawl back into the liberal hole from which you emerged, little cockroach Chicago liberal, and BEGONE!


            DOWN WITH MEXICO!

            DOWN WITH CHICAGO!

          • DB1954

            Ya know they’ll call you a racist no matter what. All you have to have is white skin.

          • DB1954

            You got issues, dude.

          • DB1954

            “Sounds like you’re just determined to hate ALL Puerto Ricans.”

            Is that the way it “sounds”? Sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about your delusional perceptions nor your habit of projecting your own race hate onto others.

            “And to make so many generalized statements within one thought bleeds your own ignorance right through that thin veil of superiority and entitlement.”

            Speaking of “generalized statements,” I never said anything about “banning liberals,” so why are you generalizing to me? You don’t even know that I’m white. You’re not only a hypocrite, your an ignorant hypocrite, and one who projects his hatred onto people of one race, namely, white Americans.

            “You are most certainly a disgusting racist…how do I know? Through my own observation.”

            Oh really? I had no idea you could see through cyber space to observe my race or that I’m a racist. That’s a neat trick. Did you learn that from your homosexual President Barack Obama?

            “Now, don’t tell me, even though you are “obviously” of a higher quality body and mind than brown/black people, you still feel compelled to lay out in the sun for hours and burn yourself to achieve that perfect “TAN.””

            Okay, I won’t tell you that I am “‘obviously’ of a higher quality body and mind than brown/black people, [so that I] feel compelled to lay out in the sun for hours and burn [myself] to achieve that perfect “TAN.””

            But I will tell you that you’re a frickin’ nutcase.

          • Anonymous

            About Puerto Ricans in New York:Yes, they may have destroyed the city, but you DO know that some immigrants from Dominican Republic come to Puerto Rico, get a fake I.D. to go to USA, and consider themselves “puerto ricans” there? I wouldn’t be surprised if half of puerto ricans criminals are dominican. And the congress in washington could give two shits about the immigrants here. It’s not our fault that the Immigrants give us a bad reputation, if the Congress actually gave a shit about us then they would fix the problem. And i couldn’t give any shit about americans hating puerto rico, YOU were the ones who claimed us as your territory, not us, when puerto ricans wanted independence in 30s, Americans instead arrested Pedro Albizu Campos and killed citizens who weren’t even armed and just wanted independence, and don’t forget, how USA make Puerto Rico education a shithole, and teaching us this “Puerto Rico is a small island, USA big, Puerto Rico is weak, USA strong” and making it look as if Puerto Rico wouldn’t be able to take care of itself due to it small size (yet, Singapore, 14 times smaller than Puerto Rico and independent, still have a better economy) The reason most puerto ricans don’t want to be independent and keep being with the US is because YOU were the one who educated into thinking that we’ll fall without US. In a poll, most of Americans wanted Puerto Rico to be independent, well then, what’s stopping you?

        • DB1954

          Actually, I know that Puerto Ricans are American citizens. The problem is those who apparently don’t want to be. As I mentioned previously, those for independence are determined to gain it through “any-means-necessary.” Obviously then, if Puerto Rico becomes a state, nothing would change with respect to the citizenship status of Puerto Ricans. If, however, PR becomes a state, will we for that very reason, be subjected to another 60 or more years of Puerto Rican independence terrorism? Seems to me that all American citizens should be given a choice over the status of the island and its government. I, for one, am in favor of independence, but of course, if PR were given independence, nothing would change with respect to the citizenship of Puerto Ricans living here in the U.S, and we’d at least theoretically, be rid of Puerto Rican independence terrorists once and for all.

          • American Patriot

            Actually, if Puerto Rico were to secede from the United States, then the separatist movement, which is openly Communist in nature, would take over the government and establish a Communist totalitarian dictatorship controlled by Communist Cuba and its proxies in Latin America. Their reign of terror wouldn’t end with “independence”. Keep in mind that the Castro family dictatorship in Cuba has tried to destroy the United States since the inception of the Communist dictatorship in Cuba in 1959. Anti-Americanism, Stalinism and terrorism are the core of the Cuban Communist dictatorship. The Communist dictatorship in Cuba has tried to destroy New York City at least twice. The first time was during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 and the second time was a month later during Thanksgiving week. In the second attempt, Cuban agents tried to place a total of 500 kg of TNT explosives in different places in Manhattan, including Macy’s, Gimbels, Bloomingdales, and Grand Cental Terminal. The agents were arrested by the FBI, but since the agents were diplomats working at the Cuba’s UN permanent mission, they were simply deported back to Cuba. Since the separatist movement in Puerto Rico is very much aligned with the Communist dictatorship in Cuba, it is obvious that a Republic of Puerto Rico would very much behave like Communist Cuba. Also, if we gave the culprits what they want, they would be more than convinced that terrorism works in trying to achieve goals. This was one of many reasons why the great Ronald Reagan supported statehood for Puerto Rico. He believed that by admitting Puerto Rico as a state, it would delegitimize the separatist militants’ agenda and ultimate goals. Statehood would essentially disprove the separatist movement’s arguments that America is unjust. Statehood would also delegitimize terrorism from extremists. I should also point out that separatist terrorism has decreased significantly since the end of the Cold War, since capitalism and Western-style democracy have won over the Communist system, which the separatist movement in Puerto Rico bases its ideology on. There really wouldn’t be much of a terrorist resurgence in Puerto Rico if the island becomes a state. Anyway, there are many reasons why you should support statehood for Puerto Rico, but the one of the most obvious reasons is that the statehood movement is generally conservative politically and is very similar to the Cuban democracy movement and its supporters in exile. Bottom line: the separatist movement in Puerto Rico is generally the same as the Communist dictatorship in Cuba and its Latin American proxies, while the statehood movement in Puerto Rico is generally the same as the Cuban democracy movement and other conservative groups, both in Latin America and the United States. A clear example of this is the case regarding the uprising in Venezuela against the Cuban Communist puppet dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro (who, by the way, is ethnically Colombian, not Venezuelan). Regarding the positions that each of the local political parties in Puerto Rico have taken regarding the Venezuelan uprising, the Puerto Rico Independence Party has expressed support for the Maduro dictatorship, while the pro-statehood New Progressive Party has expressed support for the Venezuelan freedom fighters and denounced the Venezuelan dictatorship. The pro-territory status Popular Democratic Party has been neutral on the Venezuelan uprising. That should tell everyone about the politics of the local status-based parties in Puerto Rico. And we, as patriotic Americans, should support the New Progressive Party and support statehood for the island, since statehood supporters are pro-American (like us) and are generally conservative politically.

        • mackykam

          As long as Spanish is the language of PR it should never become a state. We don’t need a Canadian situation here. It’s enough we have illegal latinos coming in who never want to learn English. PRs are American citizens. Change to English speaking and be welcomed.

          • American Patriot

            mackykam, English is already an official language in Puerto Rico. In fact, English and Spanish have been the island’s official languages since 1902. In case you are unaware, Puerto Ricans are the largest English-speaking Hispanic group in the United States. Over 80% of Puerto Ricans in the mainland states are fully fluent in English, myself included. But if you want to know why English proficiency in Puerto Rico has been poor, here’s why. Between 1900 and 1948, most classes at public schools in Puerto Rico were taught in English, with the obvious exception of Spanish class. But when the Popular Democratic Party (which is a local party in Puerto Rico that supports the current territory status for the island and the party that is behind a large portion of the anti-statehood campaign in Puerto Rico and the mainland states, the latter through influential lobbyists) won a series of elections in Puerto Rico in the 1940s, the party’s politician reversed the bilingual language program. Because of that, most classes at public schools in Puerto Rico were taught in Spanish, with the exception of English class. And even in the English classes, many schools in the island were forbidden to teach those classes in English. And what were the results? Less Puerto Ricans were proficient in English over the years. And because of poor English proficiency, many Puerto Ricans had a hard time finding opportunities when many first moved to the mainland. This was all because of the PDP’s stupid, racist and xenophobic language policy, which I call language apartheid. But the PDP didn’t stop there. In 1991, then-Governor Rafael Hernandez Colón, who is a PDP politician, decided to eliminate English as an official language of Puerto Rico. It took the gubernatorial election of New Progressive Party (the local party supporting statehood for Puerto Rico) politician Pedro Rossello in 1992 in order to restore English as an official language of Puerto Rico, which the English language was restored in 1993. For years, the NPP has tried to implement different kinds of programs to improve English proficiency in Puerto Rico. In 2012, then-Governor Luis Fortuño (also of the NPP) implemented a bilingual program that would have had island residents fully bilingual by 2022. The program would start with returning the education system in Puerto Rico to its pre-1948 state of teaching most classes at public schools in English, with the exception of Spanish class. But when the PDP won the 2012 elections, the program was discontinued. So you see, the PDP and other anti-statehood groups are the ones responsible for poor English proficiency in Puerto Rico. It should also be mentioned that the United States has no official language, since matters concerning official languages are delegated to states and territories. If matters of official languages were delegated to the federal government, as they are delegated to the national governments of most countries in the world, then every state and territory would have to follow the law. Besides, you mentioned Canada’s language issue as part of concern about Puerto Rico. Why, since Quebec generally supports remaining part of Canada. And let me also mention this: Puerto Ricans have less interest in separating from the United States than Quebecers have in separating from Canada, as support for the former has never been more than 5%, while support for the latter has been around 10 to 15% in recent years. I say that if we can improve English proficiency in Puerto Rico, the island would be more like Wales in the UK.

          • mackykam

            I am well aware that English was once the required language of PR.I am also aware that PRicans have a long history serving in the US army with pride and distinction. But language has become a ping pong issue, just as it has in Quebec. Every few years the issue of separation comes up in Quebec and I don’t want the same thing to happen with PR as a state.
            A 54% -46% vote for statehood is hardly a solid mandate.
            When I visited Puerto Rico in 1975 and toured the interior hardly a native soul spoke or understood English. Or if they did they made me believe they didn’t. We here have heard of no demonstrations against rejecting English as the official language. If the people are hopelessly divided then PR is nothing more than a never ending immigration pool into the states, foreigners with American passports. And like our president, they have no real historical cultural connection to the American psyche.

          • American Patriot

            Puerto Ricans are American citizens, thus they are not immigrants. Also, 54% of island voters who participated in a two-question status plebiscite in 2012 rejected the current territory status and 61% of island voters picked statehood. Nearly 1.8 million voters participated in the plebiscite’s first question and nearly 1.4 million voters participated in the plebiscite’s second question. I would also point out that while Hawaii technically got a supermajority support for statehood in a statehood vote back in the 1950s, voter turnout was only around 30%, so how was that a mandate. In the two plebiscite questions in Puerto Rico, voter turnout was more than 50-60%. And since Puerto Rico has a larger population than Hawaii, it is clear that more people in Puerto Rico want statehood for the island territory today than the people of Hawaii wanted statehood for their territory back in the ’50s. Anyway, if there are residents of Puerto Rico who have concerns about improving their English proficiency, that is because the Popular Democratic Party has installed the fear that being fully bilingual and being able to fully participate in all federal elections would somehow damage Puerto Rico’s unique and vibrant culture. That argument is clearly false, as we can see that practically every state in the Union has some sort of unique and vibrant culture. It may also interest you to know that New Mexico’s state constitution was originally written in Spanish because at that time, most residents living in that state spoke Spanish. Yet, there were little problems with admitting New Mexico as a state. So why Puerto Rico?

          • mackykam

            Simply said: New Mexico and Hawaii were flooded with Americans who wanted land to farm or to missionize native Hawaiians. Hawaii was also a way station for whalers and for those trading with the orient. It was also a military outpost. Puerto Rico wasn’t flooded with colonizing Americans. And please don’t tell me PRs are American. They are, but do not come from an American cultural heritage. Theirs is Spanish and different.

          • DB1954

            I just know that I’ve encountered more than one Luis Gutierrez type leftist Puerto Rican who made a big, big resentment deal out of prior American efforts to teach English in PR. Those people were largely American Evangelical missionaries; the same ones who won the Civil War, northerners. They did the same thing in the post-Civil War American south. They treated several generations of southerners as their intellectual inferiors. Beginning to sound familiar?

            But hey white southerners got over it in several generations. Eventually, everybody north and south intermarried and the past was forgotten.

            The problem as I see it today is that Barack Obama represents the blacks who are still stuck in the racial resentments frame of mind. By the 1980s and 90s, as far as I ever knew, there were no serious racial problems in those days. Now Obama and crew have opened wounds that were healed 50 or more years ago. The man is simply a racialist.

          • DB1954

            Interestingly, many Puerto Ricans who live in New York City, the so-called New Ricans, can’t speak Spanish.

          • mackykam

            And their English is none too terrific, either. I’m a New Yorker, raised in Brooklyn and The Bronx. I know. I hear it aplenty. That said, great strides have been made by the 3rd generation living in America They are virtually indistinguishable from any other American.

          • DB1954

            No doubt.

        • DB1954

          Sorry, but quite frankly, Luis Gutierrez is one too many left-wing Puerto Ricans in Congess. We don’t need any more.

    • American Patriot

      You want to give Puerto Rico to the Communists? For your information, residents of Puerto Rico want to become a state of the Union. Mark-Viverito is part of the minority and she would never be elected to any significant political office in Puerto Rico. Regarding actual support for statehood in Puerto Rico, in a 2012 plebiscite (in which there were two questions), 54% of voters who participated in the plebiscite’s first question rejected territory status and 61% of voters who answered the plebiscite’s second question voted for statehood. In addition, more voters picked statehood than any other option. And you want to force a status option (independence) on at least 95% who repudiates that option. If Puerto Rico secedes from the Union, it would be taken over by a Communist totalitarian dictatorship controlled by Communist Cuba and its proxies in Latin America. Not only that, but there would be a mass exodus of Puerto Ricans from the island to the states. The fact is that residents of Puerto Rico are proud American citizens who want equal treatment under all federal laws and programs, as well as, more importantly, fully participate in the decision-making process at the national level. And the only way for the island to achieve those goals is to become a state. Remember, statehood supporters in Puerto Rico are the majority and are pro-American.

      • DB1954

        In 1954, Puerto Rican terrorists who wanted independence for PR opened fire in the House of Representatives. They shot a number of innocent people though thankfully, none fatally.

        In the 70’s Puerto Rican independence terrorists set off bombs in NYC killing innocent civilians.

        The same Puerto Rican independence-through “any means necessary” bunch managed to kick the U.S. Navy out of Vieques. This resulted in widespread unemployment for many Puerto Ricans in that area.

        So, you may be correct that most Puerto Ricans want statehood for PR, but why are other Americans not consulted on this issue? Wouldn’t the opinion of Americans on the mainland be equally important? I think Congress would have to approve statehood would it not?

        As for communists, I don’t think that should be a consideration in Puerto Rican statehood. We already have one in the White House and some in Congress as well. Only one is Puerto Rican, Gutierrez, the no-borders advocate.

    • DB1954

      Don’t forget that Puerto Rican “independence” terrorists opened fire in the House of Representatives in 1954. Shame we didn’t give the minority what they wanted then.

  • Ban Liberals

    Why not?

    Didn’t Slick Willie free (pardon) murdering Puerto-Rican FALN terrorists to bolster the Clinton cow’s senatorial campaign in New York? YES, he did!

    So what’s worse — honoring a terrorist or actually freeing a pack of them?

    Just remember that when the cow in a pants suit runs for President.

    • UCSPanther

      I’m surprised that Clinton didn’t pardon the leader of the Macheteros (A Cuban backed Puerto Rican Terror group that was active on the island itself, and responsible for a series of attacks against US military bases and personnel) while he was at it.

      • DB1954

        The Macheteros didn’t contribute to his re-election campaign.

    • American Patriot

      Hillary Clinton would have won the New York votes even if her husband didn’t pardon the FALN terrorists. Besides, the FALN is part of a minority of extremists.

      • Ban Liberals

        What an inane remark!

        That “minority of extremists,” my liberal friend, and troll, and I see permanent idiot, has caused a majority of killing, mayhem, and misery.

        Your post make no sense at all, unless you are a sympathizer, which I surely hope you are not.

        As far as Hillary goes, the POINT was, that the Clintons are pathetic scumbags who will do ANYTHING to secure office.

        READ THIS:

        • American Patriot

          I have already mentioned that I am a conservative. I am no sympathizer of the radical left nor their extremism. I strongly condemn the far-left militants of the separatist movement in Puerto Rico, as well as radical left militants everywhere. May I remind you again that I am a supporter of statehood for Puerto Rico?

          • DB1954

            Okay, but lots of conservatives oppose statehood for PR for a number of reasons including the propensity for terrorist violence which the minority has inflicted on Americans since at least 1954. They seek independence, so I say why not give it to them in the same or similar way we gave the Canal Zone back to Panama? Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. was for that, remember?

          • American Patriot

            The Canal Zone was different. The Canal Zone was pieces of land that belonged to another country (Panama). And the controversy behind giving the Canal Zone back to Panama was because Panama at that time was run by a Soviet puppet dictator named Omar Torrijos. Torrijos led a Communist regime in Panama, which continued under some of his successors until 1989 when US President George HW Bush (who, by the way, is a strong supporter of statehood for Puerto Rico) ordered the US Army to remove narcotic dictator Manuel Noriega from power after multiple human rights violations committed by the Communist dictatorship in Panama, including annulling the 1988 presidential electoral referendum in that country (in direct contrast to the Chilean military regime of Augusto Pinochet, who accepted his defeat in a referendum that he designed himself, the Noriega regime in Panama was determined to stay in power indefinitely). The goal of the first Bush administration was to restore democracy to Panama for the first time in around two decades. In 1999, the United States closed Howard Air Force Base near Panama City and completely ceased all operations of the Canal, giving the Canal to the government of Panama, which is now democratic. The problem wasn’t giving the Canal Zone. The problem was giving the Canal Zone to a Communist dictatorship that was a puppet of our main adversary during the Cold War.

            With regards to conservatives and Puerto Rico, the min reason many conservatives have concerns about Puerto Rico statehood is because they have been fed misinformation by the local Popular Democratic Party through lobbyists like Charlie Black of the Prime Policy Group. Since the 1990s, the PDP has intensified the lobbying game for the misinformation campaign. Among the arguments that the PDP lobbyists uses to scare conservative pundits and Republican politicians to not support admitting a state of Puerto Rico include: the island would be an economic drag (false. The truth is that statehood would be economically beneficial to Puerto Rico and the US as a whole); the island has a different culture incompatible with American culture and democracy (false. Many states of the Union have distinct cultures of their own. Look at Hawaii, for instance. It has a distinct culture and yet, it is thriving as an American state); and that Puerto Rico is a majority-Democrat jurisdiction (also false. Puerto Rico has many prominent conservatives, as the island is politically conservative on issues pertaining to social issues). The last argument needs to be analyzed closely, since the PDP, which is majority Democrat and has no Republicans in its membership, has been lobbying some Republican lawmakers and conservative pundits to oppose making Puerto Rico a state on the grounds that it is a primarily Democrat stronghold. That is despite the fact that the statehood movement in Puerto Rico (which is bipartisan) is majority conservative Republican (around 3 in 4 New Progressive Party members are Republicans) and that the island is largely conservative on different issues, most notably social issues. The PDP also makes its partisan argument by noting the Puerto Rican population in New York that votes Democrat. But the PDP ignores two important facts regarding Puerto Ricans in the mainland states: 1. Puerto Ricans living in New York generally moved there during the mid-twentieth century and are more left-leaning than their island counterparts; and 2. Puerto Ricans who have migrated to the mainland more recently (primarily to Florida, which is the state with the second-largest Puerto Rican population outside Puerto Rico, as well as other states of the union) are much more moderate to conservative politically than their New York counterparts. The fact is that there is a huge ideological difference between Puerto Ricans who have remained in the island (or those who migrated to Florida and other states of the Union in more contemporary times) and Puerto Ricans who moved to New York during the mid-twentieth century. Yet, the Popular Democratic Party insists that they all think alike. The PDP is simply using an abstract divide-and-conquer strategy in order to undermine support for Puerto Rico becoming a state. Conservatives shouldn’t fall for the PDP’s ridiculous tactics.

    • Mario

      In Miami they have streets named after right wing Cuban terrorist and your conservative hypocrite ilk never utter a peep .
      Add to that Jeb Bush pardoned a Miami Cuban terrorist and called him a patriot but again you Limbaugh hypocrites are mute .

  • BagLady

    Residente, a fiery songwriter and activist who sang in Spanish that “the
    FBI is in trouble, they are screwed, the White House’s fucked,”

    Can’t argue with that.

    • American Patriot

      You are sick. You simply support Communist terrorism. I bet you think that Cuban democracy advocates and Puerto Rican statehood supporters are thugs, don’t you?

      • DB1954

        Now that’s not true. Again, the problem isn’t the majority. The problem in PR is the minority. Statehood can only make things far worse for us. How would independence consign Puerto Ricans to communism?

        • American Patriot

          Statehood would make things much better for Puerto Rico and for the United States as a whole. Independence would only benefit the Castro dictatorship in Cuba, since it would give them one more country to wreck and control, just like what they are doing in Venezuela.

    • DB1954

      Fucked by who? seems appropriate.

  • Queeny

    Quoting Dan Halloran from 2010 for this article is probably not the swiftest move, considering he himself is looking like he’ll “rot in jail forever” once he’s convicted in his corruption trial, going on right now.

  • Dagny Taggart

    I don’t agree : a terrorist should rot in jail forever. At some point he should be executed.

    • UCSPanther

      The British certainly let Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators have it. And there was good reason too.

      One parallel that the Gunpowder Plot has with a lot of Communist terrorists, was that they were no freedom fighters. The Gunpowder plot was intended to murder the reigning monarch (Elizabeth I) and replace her with a pro-Catholic Monarch, and then blow up the Parliament building while in session to murder as many Parliamentarians as possible in order to ensure that the pro-Catholic Monarch would have as little political resistance as possible in continuing the work that Queen Mary I started in forcing England back into the Roman Catholic Church.

      • DB1954

        Right. And if modern day Catholics want to know why Englishmen and our overwhelmingly protestant American forebears were so virulently anti-Catholic until well into the 20th century at least, one need look no further than the Guy Fawkes conspiracy.

  • DB1954

    We should try to initiate Puerto Rican independence, but the issue is so complex, we probably couldn’t do it. With Puerto Rico, we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

    • American Patriot

      Like I suggested, the federal government should admit Puerto Rico as a state. That is what the majority demanded in the 2012 status plebiscite held in the island.

      • DB1954

        If they gain independence, I can’t see how that would consign them to communism. That makes no sense. What makes sense for the U.S. is to grant them independence. Thereafter, the radical left minority has no beef with us, or at least one that they can in any way advance as a “legitimate” cause. Besides, you are presuming, are you not, that Americans on the mainland shouldn’t even be consulted on the matter. That’s not the state of affairs legally, so why not allow us to address our concerns?

        • American Patriot

          Obama is neutral on the status issue. He has stated that he would go with whatever the majority of voters picked. Romney, on the other hand, has stated that he supports statehood for Puerto Rico even if the victory was a simple majority. Keep in mind that regarding Puerto Rico’s ultimate status, it is Republican presidents that have expressed support for statehood, while Democrat presidents have expressed support for self-determination. Anyway, 85-90% of the separatist movement in Puerto Rico are Communist in nature. Making the island secede from the Union would replace a democratic government with a totalitarian one. Besides, Puerto Rico’s population has been in a steady decline for the past decade, as island residents are moving to the mainland states in large numbers. Because of that, Puerto Rico’s population has declined from 3.8 million in 2000 to 3.7 million in 2010 to 3.6 million in 2014. Notice how island residents are not moving to foreign countries, but instead, are moving to mainland states. If the Puerto Rico secedes, the island would face a much larger exodus of residents to the states than today. Estimates show that an independent Puerto Rico would have as few as 300,000 residents if the island were to secede from the United States. Only with statehood would economic conditions improve in Puerto Rico (economic conditions in the island are bad due to them being tied to the political status as a territory. That is one of the main reason why residents of Puerto Rico have been moving to the states for recent years) and more people would move to the island from the mainland states and from foreign countries. Only with statehood would Puerto Rico prosper.

  • Some Information

    From this post alone I can deduce that you’re clearly nuts and not in touch with reality. Dan Halloran for instance just pleaded insanity on corruption charges. There is your hero in City Council. Who awarded you a journalism fellowship?!

    • American Patriot

      Where is your evidence of this information? Or are you simply posting propaganda?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Beats being a terrorist.

  • macheteros
  • macheteros

    Phil and Blanche Horowitz were long-standing members of the American Communist Party and avid supporters of Joseph Stalin.[4][5]

    According to Horowitz,

    “Underneath the ordinary surfaces of their lives, my parents and
    their friends thought of themselves as secret agents. The mission they
    had undertaken, and about which they could not speak freely except with
    each other, was not just an idea to them. It was more important to their
    sense of themselves than anything else they did. Nor were its tasks of a
    kind they could attend or ignore, depending on their moods. They were
    more like the obligations of a religious faith. Except that their faith
    was secular, and the millennium they awaited was being instituted, at
    that moment, in the very country that had become America’s enemy. It was
    this fact that made their ordinary lives precarious and their secrecy
    necessary. If they lived under a cloud of suspicion, it was the result
    of more than just their political passions. The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima
    had created a terror in the minds of ordinary people. Newspapers
    reported on American spy rings working to steal atomic secrets for the
    Soviet state. When people read these stories, they inevitably thought of
    progressives like us. And so did we ourselves. Even if we never
    encountered a Soviet agent or engaged in a single illegal act, each of
    us knew that our commitment to socialism implied the obligation to
    commit treason, too.”[6]

    After the death of Stalin in 1953, Phil Horowitz, commenting on how
    the numerous official titles held by Stalin had to be divided among his
    successors, told his son, “You see what a genius Stalin was. It took
    five men to replace him.”[7]

  • macheteros

    you people are just idiots the editors parents were in the american communist party you freaking goyim lol

  • JoseMLopezSierra

    Dear Partner,

    After the approval of the 33rd United Nations’ resolution by consensus on June 23, 2014 asking the United States (US) to immediately decolonize of Puerto Rico, we should work together to force the United States government to comply with it.

    The facts that the United States government has maintained Puerto Rico as its colony for 116 years, has had Oscar López Rivera in prison for 33 years for fighting for Puerto Rico decolonization, and has ignored 33 UN resolutions to decolonize Puerto Rico, confirm that the US government has no intentions of ever decolonizing Puerto Rico. Therefore, we need to form a tsunami of people to force the US to comply with the 33 resolutions.

    We should peacefully protest at least 3 times a year until we achieve our goal. The first one will be a march up to the US Courthouse in Puerto Rico on the Abolition of Slavery Day on March 22. The second will be another march in Puerto Rico on a day before the UN’s Puerto Rico decolonization hearing. The third one will be a protest in New York City on the same day the UN holds its Puerto Rico decolonization hearing.

    These 3 protests are indispensable, because those who have colonies don’t believe in justice for all.

    José M López Sierra
    Comité Timón del Pueblo
    United Partners for the Decolonization of Puerto Rico

  • Dan Efron

    Not the only NY elected official, and not the first time either…