New York Democrats Demand Walmart Stop Giving Money to Poor People


Charity was illegal in the USSR. Now that New York is stuck with a city government of radical leftists like Red Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, we’re trending that way too.

More than half the members of the City Council have fired off a letter to Walmart demanding that it stop making millions in charitable contributions to local groups here.

“Stop spending your dangerous dollars in our city,” the testy letter demands. “That’s right: this is a cease-and-desist letter.”

Last week, Walmart announced that it distributed $3 million last year to charities here, including $1 million to the New York Women’s Foundation, which offers job training, and $30,000 to Bailey House, which distributes groceries to low-income residents.

The letter came days after Walmart announced it had given $3 million to New York City groups, including City Harvest and One Hundred Black Men, out of a total of $1.2 billion to non-profits nationally.

But Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito called the donations “toxic money,” and accused Walmart of waging a “cynical public-relations campaign that disguises Walmart’s backwards anti-job agenda.”

Charities however are much less enthusiastic about Melissa Mark-Vivertio’s crusade against charity.

Joel Berg, who heads the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, which this year collected $800,000 from Walmart – the coalition’s single largest private donation – said he had no intention of giving the money back.

“I don’t think there’s a single non-profit group in America, or a single elected official in America, who agrees with every position of every donor,” he said.

“We have had it, our constituents have had it and everyone we know in this city has had it with [Walmart],” said ringleader Daniel Dromm (D-Queens), who took ­political correctness to the extreme by calling on charities to return the company’s contributions.

Maybe “heroine of the people” Melissa Mark-Viverito can replace the dough since she seems to have a lot of it.

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito owns properties worth well over $1 million, according to financial disclosure forms made public Thursday.

The forms, which all city officials have to file, show Mark-Viverito owns real estate in Puerto Rico — a four-bedroom home, two condos and land — worth at least $950,000 and possibly exceeding $1.5 million.
She also has a three-story home in East Harlem, bought at a subsidized price of $240,00 in 1998, that generated income of between $5,000 and $44,000 last year.

But don’t expect her to give up that money to the people. Not unless they’re official terrorists.

  • Cowboy

    I give up.

  • RedStateVet

    New York hit cesspool status much quicker that I expected, after the election of that socialist puke. All of the good done by Mayor Giuliani has been undone, and NY is now a toxic dump to be avoided at all costs. Congrats.

    • JDinSTL

      DeCommio wants the murder rate back up @Dinkins levels.

  • liz

    “Wal-Mart’s backwards anti-job agenda”. Right. As opposed to communism’s brilliant job producing one, “let us regulate your business till you have to lay off 50% of your employees.”

  • fedup

    said it before and will say it again. the left hates Walmart for two reasons. One because they are not unionized and have not been able to unionize them. Second is because the sell things that the average person can afford, you know the same people that the left keeps claiming they want to help. They really don’t want low income people being able to buy the same goods and services that they think they should be the only ones to afford. And then on top of it all they being Walmart has the nerve to actually donate to charities. Remember the left thinks their taxes are their charitable donations. Do the research, more charitable donations are made be conservatives than liberals and there are studies to prove it. Liberals have not problem donating as long as they can take it from someone else’s pocket.

  • Allie

    They can stop their advertising about companies coming to NY – I can’t imagine any CEO in their right mind going to NY to do business. These people have totally lost all reason.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Fair enough. Cut off all charitable funding to NYC.