New York Times Claims it Can’t Find any Photos of Hamas Fighters


Can someone please help out the New York Times? While it has come up with 560,000 photos of ten different crying men covered in blood while holding someone’s dead children, it can’t seem to find a single photo of a Hamas terrorist.

After my piece Thursday morning asking why mainstream media outlets aren’t showing photos of Hamas fighters in Gaza, The New York Times offered me this response: We don’t have any.

Of the 37 images that make up the Times’ most recent three slide shows of photos from the conflict, there’s not a single shot of a Hamas rocket launch (though more than 2,800 rockets have been fired at Israel) or of Hamas fighters using mosques, schools or hospitals as bases of operation.

Here’s what Eileen Murphy, the Times’ vice president for corporate communications, says:

Our photo editor went through all of our pictures recently and out of many hundreds, she found 2 very distant poor quality images that were captioned Hamas fighters by our photographer on the ground.  It is very difficult to identify Hamas because they don’t have uniforms or any visible insignia; our photographer hasn’t even seen anyone carrying a gun.

I would add that we would not withhold photos of Hamas militants.  We eagerly pursue photographs from both sides of the conflict, but we are limited by what our photographers have access to.

Why would I not believe Eileen?

Hamas terrorists are notoriously shy. It’s not like they run around waving guns and RPGs while wearing black masks and green headbands.


Like Bigfoot, many think that Hamas might even be a legend. Certainly not even the most daring photojournalist has come away with a single photo of the elusive creature known as the Hamas terrorist.


I can’t expect the New York Times to perform miracles. All they have are blurry creatures who might be Hamas terrorists or Bigfoot. There’s just no way to know.

And in all of Gaza, they haven’t even seen anyone carrying a gun. Not one person.


And since the New York Times, that glorious bastion of journalism, which claimed that Hitler was a moderate and there was no famine in the USSR, says so.

So it must be true. It’s impossible to find a single photo of a Hamas terrorist. But if you happen to come across a photo of a Hamas terrorist, please email them to or Tweet them to her at @NYTeileen.

A Hamas supporter carries a mock Qassam rocket during a demonstration against Israel at al-Yarmouk Camp

  • Texas Patriot

    Just when you think it can’t get any more surreal.

    • Ken

      Actually, it can…

      U.N. condemns Israel, U.S. for not sharing Iron Dome with Hamas

      • kasandra

        And on ABC Radio Network News’ noon EDT broadcast they threw in the story about the kidnapping of the Israeli officer that “Hamas would argue that kidnapping is not a violation of the cease fire” (may not be precise quote but, if not, it’s close) ignoring that the kidnapping occurred together with a suicide bombing and the murder of two Israeli troops. Didn’t even mention it while speaking for Hamas. Talk about surreal.

      • carpe diem 36

        this takes the cake!! It also proved that the UN is full of idiots, and we pay good money to put them in charge. May the idiots are in our gov’t.

      • Kristian Rasmussen

        Lol its just so freaking sick .

  • Asienka

    Is video OK?
    German journalists managed to record this, apparently Hamas members are not as mythical as you’d think. Nice footage of Bigfoot beating people up on the streets because they didn’t want to act as human shields.

    • CowboyUp

      The msm will report the beaten as casualties of flying debris from indiscriminate bombing and shelling.

    • Steve Bryant


    • wileyvet

      Thanks for the clip. Aaah. The Religion of Peace. Doesn’t that want to make you become a Muslim? Imagine 1400 years of that shite. Is it any wonder the Muslim world is the way it is. And this is what Muslims bring to the west. Pretty awesome, huh? Thanks again for your post.

  • rsilverm

    Great article. Thank you.

  • CowboyUp

    “It is very difficult to identify Hamas because they don’t have uniforms or any visible insignia” – NYT

    That’s a war crime too. Those are called illegal combatants. The “uniforms or any visible insignia,” is close enough to the Geneva Convention definition that the NYT must be aware of the fact, and are intentionally suppressing it.

    No doubt the suicide bombers wearing white sheets slip under their radar only because the hoods aren’t pointed.

  • truebearing

    Well of course there are no photos of Hamas with weapons, or doing anything wrong. Hamas hates publicity or propaganda of any kind, so they would never let a journalist from a sympathetic media source like the NY Times take photos of them, or the choldren they killed to make Israel look bad. Muslims are as averse to manipulating the media as the NY Times is to manipulating its readers.

  • DogmaelJones1

    It’s interesting to note that Hamas has adopted the dress code of the KKK. That being said, perhaps the Times ought to find a photographer who can take photographs of Hamas terrorists that aren’t blurry and indistinct. Obviously, the one on the ground now isn’t doing his job very well and isn’t getting close enough to his subjects. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be blown to smithereens by an Israeli shell.

  • Erudite Mavin

    No photos of Hamas fighters? Even when some of this type saw photos of the holocaust they still did not believe it.

    Photos, no photos, the Left and Libertarians along with several countries and other elements in the world blame the Jews and why Israel must defend their country from these haters

  • sydchaden

    The reason that the Times can’t find photos of Gazan “fighters” is that they are all civilians. Or, stated otherwise, all Gazan civilians are fighters. While that may sound complicated, the explanation is simple. All are Muslims, following Islamic doctrine, which calls for “death to infidels”. And so, while some may depict the violence as terrorism, it actually is nothing more than religious Muslims, following their religion, Islam. And, “Islam is the religion of love”. I know that, because Obama says so. He doesn’t say that about Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism, or Bhuddism, or Taoism, or atheism. Just Islam.

  • Dana Parker
  • I Want My Country Back

    Just look closely at any photo showing dead, dying or wounded women and children; the Hamas terrorist is hiding behind them.

  • laura r


  • laura r

    NYtimes up to their same old pre ww2 tricks.

  • I Want My Country Back

    Imagine that Israel didn’t have the Iron Dome and that Hamas had weapons that could find their intended targets, i. e. breathing Jews; do you think for a second that the bodies of thousands of Jewish men, women and children would not be lying in the streets of Israel? Like the Nazis and Japanese of WW II, Hamas has picked a fight they will never win and don’t give a hoot about the pain, suffering and death their actions have brought to Gazans and Israelis alike. To win the sympathy of Obama, other leftists and other anti-Semites, Hamas is sacrificing the lives of the ignorant people that voted them into power. It’s really that simple. For those Christians still on the fence, just remember that Christ was not an atheist, a Buddhist, a Hindu or a Muslim; He is a Jew. If He was on earth today, He would be a target, like every Jew in Israel and around the world.

    • Gee

      Without Iron Dome – no there would be no bodies in the streets of Israel. There would be nobody in Gaza still alive.

      Iron Dome is protecting the families of Hamas terrorists as much as it does Israeli civilians. We would level Gaza without it

  • Marylou

    Well, there you have it. Eileen asked for pictures of “fighters,” so of course she didn’t get any. Joe Louis was a fighter. Khaled Meshaal is a terrorist.

  • fpm

    Tell them to look into the mirror and they will find plenty.

  • wileyvet

    Yeah and the New York Slimes also can’t find a picture of any of their employees with balls.

  • steve b


  • liz

    They must stick to their motto – “All the News That Fits”.

  • montana83

    The New York Times endorsed Obama twice. Stuck on stupid.