New York Times Gives Space to Venezuelan Tyrant Rationing Food, Beating Protesters to Promote Himself


Can the Kim Jong-Un editorial praising himself for revolutionizing the North Korean tourism industry be far behind?

Venezuela, a country currently rationing food, many of whose stores are under military occupation, is not doing well under its insane leader Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro constantly accuses everyone, including the United States, of conspiring against him. He claimed that former dictator Hugo Chavez appeared to him in the form of a small bird. And then later on the wall of a subway. He threatened those who wouldn’t vote for him with an ancient curse. And he sent in soldiers to forcibly discount electronics.

So the New York Times thought it would be a good idea to provide space to some PR flack for him to claim that he reduced poverty.

Maduro wrote in the Times that “now is a time for dialogue and diplomacy” in Venezuela and called for mediated talks to end two months of protests against his administration.

Yes, it’s the perfect time. Even Amnesty International agrees.

Amnesty International has received dozens of accounts of torture allegedly carried out by government security forces in Venezuela since protests that have left at least 37 dead broke out in February.

The Human Rights Center at the Andres Bello Catholic University in Caracas is aware of 30 cases of torture or bad treatment in Venezuela since protests started…

“There are two cases that involved electric shocks, two cases that involved pepper gas and another two cases where they were doused with gasoline,” she said.

This is how far into the gutter the New York Times has crawled…

Maduro cited United Nations and World Bank data to argue that his government, as well his predecessor Hugo Chavez, had reduced income inequality and poverty in Venezuela.

While both of those measures have decreased since Chavez was first elected president in 1998, Maduro did not mention that Chavez himself acquired great personal wealth during his 14-year rule.

Chavez’s family now reportedly owns 17 country estates totaling more than 100,000 acres in the western state of Barinas, as well as assets of $550 million stored in various international bank accounts. Residents in the same region wait as long as three hours for basic provisions at grocery stores.

National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello, a close confidant of Chavez and member of Maduro’s United Socialist Party, has allegedly amassed “a private fortune” through corruption and ties to regional drug traffickers. The Miami Herald reported accusations last week that Cabello received at least $50 million in bribes to overlook lucrative public contracts that were overpriced, according to a recent lawsuit.

About 90 percent of the country’s public hospitals lack vital supplies due to government-imposed dollar shortages and price caps. The government was forced to suspend organ donations, transplants, and non-emergency surgeries.

And here’s a message from the Venezuelan church that you won’t find in the New York Times which prefers to print the press releases of tyrants.

Monsignor Diego Padron, leader of Venezuela’s conference of bishops, said Maduro was further implementing “the fatherland plan” of former longtime strongman Hugo Chavez:

“Within it they are hiding the promotion of a totalitarian-style system of government, putting in doubt its democratic credentials,” he said, reading a church communiqué.

Another thing Obama has in common with Chavez.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Who is the woman in the photographs?

    • nelsonjosevilo

      Mr DogmaelJones1. She was killed because she was protesting against the goverment. She was a Venezuelan’s Beauty Queen

      • DogmaelJones1

        Thank you.

  • A Z

    It is unfair to compare gutters to the New York Times.

    The NYT is so far below gutters that it has become one with the River Styx. The NYT staff cavort in its’ waters,

    The NYT is no longer America’s newspaper of record. The British paper, The Daily Mail is judging from the # of Americans that read it.

  • A Z

    “Maduro cited United Nations and World Bank data to argue that his government, as well his predecessor Hugo Chavez, had reduced income inequality and poverty in Venezuela.”

    This could be true. The people who could afford to move away moved away. No people are more or less equally poor & wretched.

  • UCSPanther

    Words cannot express how much I want to see Maduro share the same fate as Nicolae Ceasescu.

    • Steve Bryant

      pay day some day

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    Amnesty International didn’t endorse Maduro? I’m surprised. This is the racist outfit that ignored the murders of 2.5 million Christian Sudanese tribesmen, but were concerned about Arab killing Arab in Darfur.

  • Steve Bryant

    It no longer matters because the NY Times and the national news media have lost any level of credibility with people who can form a thought. Same thing the liar occupying the White House. But the mystery is, why was anyone surprised or upset that Obama had lied about the ACA program. Here’s a man who, when asked about his African uncle who is in the US illegally, claimed not to have ever even met the man. And then had his press secretary claim he “miss-spoke” when it came to light that he actually shared an apartment with the man when he was in college. WTF? What country are we in? What planet are we on?

    • Leon Davis

      Dude; it’s because he’s black and according to Newsweek, gay as well.. The moment you question Obama, he starts screaming, “racist!” Same thing with gays. The Mozilla guy crosses the line and the gays run him out of a job. Gays and blacks. Blacks and gays. Obama has hit the Trifecta: Gay; Black; and Muslim. Pretty much invincible. Especially if you throw in Marxist-Leninism for good measure.

  • Hilda

    To expose the true consequences of Chavez’s policies that continue under Maduro would be to expose the failures of Socialism and Communism. MSM Commies would never do that.

    How did Chavez become so wealthy? Here is a video of Chavez confiscating businesses and other property:

    for more, simply do a search on Youtube for “Chavez” “exprópiese” or “expropiación”

  • nomoretraitors

    Coming to a country near you

  • nomoretraitors

    It was probably written by Dumazz Danny Glover or Bonkers Bellafonte

  • jug

    For all i know the whole latin america is infested. Here in Brazil, things are reaaly bad. Just a few days ago the congress approved the govt control over the internet, last year we had the cuban “doctors”, and the next project being forced on us is the de-militarization of police and when that happens, we’re pretty much done. If you are curious, google FORO DE SAO PAULO. What is really really funny though, is that some people truly hope the US will intervene and save us from the commies

  • Leon Davis

    The American mainstream media has always had a soft spot for Latin dictators – as long as they’re Communist or Socialist. Right-wing dictators on the other hand, are allies of the Devil. Furthermore, the American media has long admired Islamist radicals even more than Communists. Why is this? I have no idea. As far as the New York Times printing an op-ed by Marshal Kim Jong, that would never happen in a million years. Obama would shut down the Times and throw editors and reporters in jail for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. “Freedom of the Press” only goes so far before Obama reacts.