New Yorker Votes 14 Times After Death


No word on who he voted for, but there is one party that is committed to fighting for the rights of the undead to vote while denouncing any Voter ID measure as racist.

Evelyn E. Burwell’s family was surprised to learn she voted in the 2012 general and primary elections. They knew she was an avid voter, but she’s been dead since 1997.

Burwell is one of about 6,100 deceased people still registered to vote in Nassau County, a Newsday computer analysis shows. The former Wantagh resident, who died at age 74, is also among roughly 270 people that records show voted in Nassau County after dying, a group that includes a man who voted 14 times since his death.

John Burwell, Evelyn Burwell’s son, said he will ensure his mother is removed from the rolls. Burwell, 66, of Levittown, said someone should be held accountable for the condition of the voter rolls.

Newsday is insisting that it’s all bunch of accidents and coincidences, but to believe that you have to also believe that another Evelyn Burwell suddenly showed up in the area. It’s far more likely that the difficulty cleaning up voter rolls and the bans against voter IDs are being exploited by the same party that is fighting against any voter roll cleanups or voter IDs.

  • remmy

    Crooks. But who will investigate and prosecute?

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      That’s right. The people who are supposed to investigate won’t do so, because they benefit from it.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    Someone get Eliot Ness on the case.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    14? That’s nothing. Al Capone has voted DEM in every election since his death …

  • Christopher Riddle

    Gee,I wonder who can be behind”The Curtain”??The”Wizard of DemonRats”???


    This illustrates the necessity of Voter ID.

    • Habbgun

      True. The dead will still vote Democrat but it’ll cost the Democrats a fortune in special effects makeup artists to look like the picture.

      • Joyce Clemons

        They aren’t worried about that. The plan is to Amend the Constitution to require a limit on the First Amendment (free speech) so that the Senate can push through campaign expenditure limits bills. (See Senate Resolution 19) These bills will have loopholes that do not look at expenditures from funds garnered by micro-contributions. (Like $3.00 a pop “lunch with the Big O” sweepstakes.) Only funds gained from upper middle class larger contributors will be sequestered for scrutiny This would make Republicans have to change their entire fundraising strategy. Meanwhile, Dems do NOT have to spend money on Media coverage, just feed them spun stories, so that the pundits will BE the political advertisers….this is already “MovingForward” …Obamacare data will help find the zombie bodies for re-animation. The make -up for the Halloween “Zombies” (practice run just before November Elections) will take place on Hollywood-style sets in inner cities. Each city will have a different set to be a neighborhood in the fictitious city “New Stepford”. Extras for the movie will be unemployed parolees and undocumented who will be paid, not to vote, or “act” but to go to the County Human Services agencies to sign up for benefits and register to vote, using their new IDs issued by the IRS and SSN cards. They will be given clothing fitting to their age, sex(s) and culture, but a little on the conservative side, so as to not raise questions. Also, think “Tootsie” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”…very easy to overlook. The studios will pay for the clothing, since this will be a real blockbuster, even without other special effects…very economical. I’m told that a Hollywood newcomer that is a dead ringer for a young Clint Eastwood is being courted for a lead role. The plot of course will have nothing to do with elections, but will be oddly spiritual in nature. Set in 1960, some Pantheistic artists square off with Catholic painters. When one of the ‘sexy-atheists aka pantheist (a not-so-new meme) has an unnerving encounter with Albert Camus (played by the dead ringer) shortly after his death, she attempts suicide, only to find a whole new appreciation for the metaphysical in the post-minimalist world. Be Inspired!! A landslide and an Oscar in one fell swoop.

  • kilfincelt

    In this country one man is supposed to have one man, one vote; however, the reason given by the ACLU for fighting against Voter ID is because such a law might disenfranchise those few who can’t get an ID for whatever reason even though they were born and raised in this country. I wrote back to the ACLU and told them that they might better serve such people by helping them get ID’s because they are needed for much more than just voting. Of course, my comment fell on deaf ears. Thank you, Mr. Greenfield, for telling it like it is.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Some Federal court will no doubt allow this on “what do you think she WOULD have done?” principle.

    • Joyce Clemons

      We might do well now to take a tip from Hillary, and now from Harry, (who quoted her, but in relation to the Bergdahl matter) “What difference does it make…(if they are Zombies…America is in love with Hollywood Zombies…Zombies are people too. )

  • Softly Bob

    It would be poetic justice if all the voter fraudsters, illegal immigrants etc. took advantage of the Democrats’ deliberately lax voter control and decided to vote Republican!

  • Marc Solomon

    Instead of scrubbing her name from the voter rolls, how about leaving it there for this election, and have authorities lying in wait at the polling station to see who comes to vote in her name and then bust the perp.

    • Disgusted

      It will be a Democrat. This is why they don’t want voter ID. More and more it looks like the democrats committed massive fraud in the last election. They must be held accountable.

  • Kenny

    Man, this should have been kept quiet so Eric Holder could have nabbed the perps in the act this November. Damn.

  • kaz

    impossible. it is a well known fact among those who oppose voter id requirments that there has been NO voting fraud. none. none at all. and if there were, it is insignificant. and it is the republicans who are doing the fraudulent voting. after all, we all know that the republicans stole the 2000 election. they would not allow that 5th recount.

  • agcala

    Cloward-Piven Strategy to make America collapse:
    1.Organize previously unorganized groups eligible for government benefits but not currently receiving all they can.
    2.Identify new beneficiaries and/or create new benefits.
    3.Impose new stresses on the welfare systems, with the ultimate goal of forcing its collapse.
    4. Register as many Democrat voters as possible, legal or otherwise and help them vote, multiple times if possible.
    5. Overwhelm the system with fraudulent registrations using multiple entries of the same name, names of deceased, random names from the phone book, even contrived names.
    6. Make the system difficult to police by lobbying for minimal identification standards.

    Richard Andrew Cloward (1926 – 2001) was an American sociologist and an activist. He was primary motivator for the passage of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 known as “Motor Voter”. He taught at Columbia University for 47 years.
    Frances Fox Piven is an American professor of political science and sociology at The Graduate Center, City University of New York

  • oildance

    The secret to life after death is to be a democrat.

  • consolacion barcenas

    I notice the prevalence of Democratic Voter Registration Centers accessible near cemeteries lately. I wonder if Democrats are getting voters lists from cemeteries.