New Yorkers Boo Bill de Blasio as he Throws Out Pitch for Mets (VIDEO)

No, they weren’t happy to see him. And they couldn’t have made it any clearer or yelled it any louder.

New York Mayor de Blasio was booed at Citi Field on Monday, even before he had a chance to throw out the first pitch.

Throwing from the front of the pitcher’s mound, de Blasio threw a strike on the outside corner of the plate to Mets starting catcher Travis d’Arnaud. But fans booed again as he walked off the field.

De Blasio, a proud Boston Red Sox fan, donned a Mets cap and jersey with a No. 6 on it in honor of 1960s-era Red Sox player Rico Petrocelli.

“He’s trying to do too much too soon. He should learn the job first, then make changes,” said Eddie Facenta, 38, of Queens. “He doesn’t represent a New York team. Everyone knows that Giuliani was a Yankees fan.”

He doesn’t represent New York either.


  • Tabitha Bliss

    LOL Poor NY suffering under their dear leader…It is pretty tough to have any sympathy for them though. I mean they did ask for it.
    I just cannot believe NY was stupid enough to overwhelmingly appoint an avowed Marxist to rule over them..
    Then again, I could say the same thing about America with Obama.
    Either way, may those leftists that begged for these leaders go through enough pain under communist rule that they never vote for another communist again.

    • salty2012

      How smart we are Tabitha, why do we lose to these communists? I would have bet the farm that everyone would know Obama by the second election!

    • BS77

      New Yorkers could petition for a re call election…and show him to the door.

  • gnuguy

    As a New Yorker, I have to say, I didn’t vote for him!!! I didn’t vote for Obama either. I didn’t vote for Cuomo either. Maybe it’s time to leave nyc. Maybe it’s time to leave NYS. Maybe it’s time to leave USA? nah.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Say what you wish about George W. Bush, he could throw a strike FROM the pitcher’s mound …

  • American Patriot

    No decent person should like Warren Wilhelm, Jr. and his radical agenda. Besides being a far left radical, he is also a Red Sox fan, which is not wise for being mayor of a city that takes pride in their home teams, the Yankees and the Mets. For Wilhelm to throw an opening pitch at a New York baseball game in a NY stadium would be like Bloomberg giving a keynote address at a soda-promoting convention. New Yorkers couldn’t express their dissatisfaction with Mayor Wilhelm any better. If I were in Citifield yesterday, I would have joined the audience in booing at who will most likely be New York’s worst mayor in modern times.