NJ Muslim Tried to Kill Wife with Black Magic, Before Faking Hate Crime


Guns are apparently more reliable than black magic. This helps explain the dominance of Western Civilization. But that message can take a while to penetrate even so gun-enthusiastic a place as Pakistan.

But the hate crime may be the American form of magic. It’s inexplicable, taboo and produces more than its share of witch hunts.

And when America imports Pakistani immigrants, it brings with it their unique cultural traditions.

Parvaiz, accused of murder in the Aug. 16, 2011 shooting death of his wife, told Kuma Hassan, leader of the Ancient Black Magic website, that he was visiting Pakistan with his wife and asked if they could make his wife commit suicide while in Pakistan.

“It she does it here, it is better, because the government won’t question her untimely death,” Parvaiz said in an e-mail.

Back in America, Parvaiz had another plan for killing his wife in a way that wouldn’t get the government to suspect him. Fake a hate crime.

A Pakistani-American man whose wife was gunned down while they and their son walked along a quiet suburban street plotted the killing with another woman and told police his family had been attacked by a group of men who called them terrorists.

Kashif Parvaiz, 26, suffered non-life-threatening wounds in the shooting that killed his 27-year-old wife, Nazish Noorani. They were walking with their 3-year-old son, who was in a stroller, to a relative’s house in Boonton when shots rang out Tuesday night. The boy was unharmed.

The hate crime plan, like the black magic plan, didn’t work out too well.

In June, Parvaiz asked Hassan, who describes himself as a “high priest of the dark arts,” to cast a spell on his wife and the mother of their two children to make her “move out and disappear,” Vanadia testified.

“I do not want to look like the one who ended the relationship,” Parvaiz allegedly said.

He didn’t want to look like the bad guy in this relationship. So he turned to black magic.

Among the other companies allegedly contacted by Parvaiz to make his wife disappear was the Florida-based Extreme Black Magic. After initiating contact in May 2010, Parvaiz wrote back a month later and asked if he was being “scammed” after his payment of $4,500 produced no results, Vanadia said.

That seems to be a common consensus about black magic. Kuma Hassan boasts of having a copy of the Necronomicon on hand. Because there’s nothing like a fictional book used as background in a pulp writer’s horror stories to really boost your black magic creds.

But the Necronomicon was written by Abdul “The Mad Arab” Alhazred so maybe the Pakistani who wanted to murder his wife should have tried him. Lovecraft however described him as “being an indifferent Moslem”.

Kuma Hassan claims descent from the Mad Arab.

I am your guide through the seven gates. I shall summon the Ancients, remind them of their pact. My name is Kuma Hassan a direct decedent of Alhazred himself. I posses the knowledge withheld from Simon, Lovecraft, and Giger, the knowledge which he dedicated his life to, refining these rituals in detail.

-kumma hassan-

Well that does sound very impressive. Especially when you consider that H.R. Giger is the artist responsible for the look of Alien.

People who pay money for spells are of two minds about Hassan’s powers.

Hi I am thinking this spell caster could be a legitimate one. After really searching through so many different ones, observing websites and reading the tell tale signs of a spell scammers I think this one may be the REAL deal. Here’s why:

1. The website is professionally done and formally set up with coloring and layout neat and easy to access and read.
2. I did a spelling check and his spelling, punctuation and english is all correct and professional.
3. His address and IP address are available;

Those are all important points. But there are other opinions…

He has done successful spells for me. The only problem is they only last for a day and I don’t think they are very strong. I ordered the most powerful love spell he has (the one that says to only use as a last resort) and it only made my ex boyfriend say he was addicted to sleeping with me. That’s it, nothing else changed and no lifetime commitment came out of it either. So it did work, but it didn’t do exactly what it said.

Tell it to Parvaiz.

  • theAcefromSpace

    Apparently, sorcery and black magic are big problems in the Muslim world.


  • Hass

    LoL, I’ve seen this Muslime Imam supposedly mend a broken leg when I was a child. I think he used a fish, tomato and some flour applied and bandaged.

  • Veracious_one

    Kuma Hassan is laughing all the way to the bank..

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama will instruct Chuck Hagel to allow this to be a legitimately recognized religion in the Armed Forces soon.

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