No TSA Patdowns for Muslim Brotherhood Members Traveling to US

tsa muslim

Or any inspections at all for that matter. Not when Hillary Clinton is in the State Department.

A U.S. official familiar with immigration procedures told the IPT in 2012 that the exemption for the Brotherhood delegation was “extraordinary.”

The records, marked “sensitive but unclassified,” were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. They offer few details. The State Department released a one-page document labeled “Compiled References to MB Delegation Arrival and Departure”.

“In the coming days, we’re going to write down a list of procedures for dealing with MB visits to the United States,” an April 16, 2012 entry says.

A March 30 communication offers help dealing with “FJP Delegation and POE [port of entry] Courtesies: Please let the desk know over the weekend if you’d like our help submitting to DHS the ‘Special Alerts,’ which are used to request that travelers not be pulled into secondary [inspection] upon arrival at a point of entry.”

But one member of the Brotherhood delegation, which met with U.S. academic and senior government officials, had been linked to a child pornography investigation in the United States years earlier. Under normal circumstances, he likely would have been subjected to extra scrutiny.

The records released do not address that issue. They do, however, report that “The MB/FJP delegation’s scheduler reported that their arrival at JFK on Saturday went very smoothly.”

And the official in question, Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, traveled separately and was escorted through security checks in Minneapolis and New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport “In response to a request from the MB … We did not hear anything further from the MB so we assume to departure went smoothly,” the records show.

No airplanes were hijacked. This time.

  • rayhause

    Someone please tell me how can you tell if they are armed? Only the Muslims in the White House would ever go along with this.

  • doodledandy

    Only MB are afforded this type of treatment. It must be good to be part of the administration, and get to by pass security, like the king.

  • Flicker

    I just want to know how I can get such special non-invasive courteous and respectful treatment.
    Become a pro-sharia/stoning/honor-killing muslim?

  • NJK

    This is because the Muslim Brotherhood occupies DHS. Just google, and look up Mohammed Elibiary. We’re infiltrated.

  • Well Done

    Utterly. Freakin’. Inexcusable. Not insane. Not stupid. Done very consciously with bad intent. Inexcusable.


    And they feel that feeling up a 3 year old girl or a 90 year old woman is justified? Bastards!

  • georgev

    The Muslim brotherhood is not the enemy, but good standing American citizens are.
    You see you and I are the bad guys because we believe in individual freedoms.
    Those that believe in individual total control are the good guys and Americans aren’t them.
    Learn to recognize tyranny when you see it. More will be coming.

    • Michael Lopez

      The Muslim brotherhood just like the US government are KNOWN SUPPORTERS AND FINANCIERS OF TERRORISM
      how are they not the enemy?
      everyone add

  • defcon 4

    I protest this! It’s very unfair that only Sunnis are getting this preferential treatment. ;^)

  • RaDonna Marshall

    In 2010, Obama personally gave Saudi’s special privileges which included bypassing customs as well. Congress just ignored it AGAIN!
    There is also a little-known travelers card given to ‘certain’ people to expedite their travels. Foreigners have more rights than American citizens.




    Even Egypt would not be as deferential to the Muslim Brotherhood as the BHO Brotherhood.

  • Kim Shimkus

    there not even showing faces so cameras cant identify them with FBI photo takes Don’t that look a like there hiding something looks that way to me,

  • Sally Smith

    .Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 519 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

  • LTsiao

    Start target practicing, we are going to need to be able to be accurate. There is trouble coming, American are going to be in it, big time.
    This is so wrong. Are those people covered up totally-women? If they are men, they should not be covered-only islamic women are required to be covered, if they are men, they are hiding something.
    Whatever happened to not negotiating with terrorists?

  • rappini pasta

    That’s my wife on the left. Are you kidding me one of those ragheads could fit a MOAB under there.

  • Starcitygal

    Are those luggage tags?
    We are the stupidest people on the planet!!!

  • Tuco

    Obviously, this is an all Muslim women NASCAR Pit Crew.

  • ginger

    get over it Greenfield; muslims exist by the millions and they’re not going away.You’re a Zionist anti muslim propagandist whose job it is to fan the flames of genocidal anti muslim bigotry. The good news is those muslims are still here going about their business and if you lay a hand on one in the US, you’ll be charged with a hate crime. Rant all you want against them, they do their thing as free people and are not answerable to you .