Norman Finkelstein Blames Internet for Being Unemployable


If you’ve already forgotten who Norman Finkelstein is, he was the obnoxious anti-Israel leftist before Peter Beinart and before Max Blumenthal. That list of names reveals the Finkelstein dilemma.

Norman Finkelstein blames the internet for being unemployable, but his real problem is that there’s a limited career niche for a guy like him. And sooner or later, someone else comes along to take his place. It’s a lesson for Max Blumenthal who is this year’s Norman Finkelstein. And for Peter Beinart who was the Norman Finkelstein of a few years ago.

There’s only room for one Jewish tightly wound anti-Israel celebrity who suddenly pops up and begins explaining how Israel is an evil colonialist enterprise that exploits the Holocaust while ranting about Alan Dershowitz.

And Finkelstein has passed his sell by date.

My books don’t sell anymore. There are many reasons why they don’t sell but one of the reasons is because people don’t read anymore. Forget about reading books of detail, they don’t read at all. Somebody said to me yesterday you should write a book on the Palestine industry, because so many people are capitalizing on the Palestine struggle and making a career, and I said “Write a book?” [Nowadays] you do two text messages, three tweets, and one Facebook posting.

No one reads anymore? Really? So who’s buying all those books?

I no longer say I’m unemployed. I say I’m unemployable, it’s different. An unemployed suggests at a certain point in the future, you might be employed. That’s not the case with me. I’m unemployable and unfortunately that’s one of the bits of the web, in particular of Google. When I was younger, you applied for a job they typically asked for three references.

Nowadays people don’t ask for references. They just Google your name. And if you Google my name, all sorts of horrifying things come up: Holocaust denier, Nazi apologist, supporter of terrorism. And no responsible administrator in anything, forget about academia, quite literally even the post office. And that’s literal, that’s not poetic. Even for a job at the post office, they won’t consider you.

I suspect the Post Office would consider Finkelstein if he didn’t insist on wearing a Nazi uniform on his delivery route. Considering how popular hating Israel is in academia, I doubt that’s why Finkelstein can’t get a job. I suspect it’s the more basic interpersonal and academic issues that caused him all those problems to begin with.

But Finkelstein does have some teaching prospects…

This year, I’m down to two countries. One is Turkey where I may be teaching, there’s a good chance. The other is Iran and I’ve been working on Iran but so far it hasn’t been successful. So right now, we’re down to Turkey and Iran because I am finding it intolerable at the present moment, this pointless life.

When even Iran doesn’t want you, then you know you’ve hit bottom.


  • Susan Benton

    LOL! So happy to hear this, he is such a doche.

  • john spielman

    he can always flip burgers a Mac’s

  • nopeacenow

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Let’s hope for the same fate for Peter Beinart and Max Blumenthal.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Blumenthal and Beinart are parasites. They’ll just glom onto something else.

      Beinart used to be neo-connish and Blumenthal used to rant about Republicans.

  • edlancey

    I’m sure if he got a job sweeping streets he’d get sacked for stopping people and telling him his parents were in the death camps.

    The extent to which he has exploited his parents past is revolting

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Finky needed a calling card. The Holocaust was it.

  • kevinstroup

    He can always be self-employed as an Azzhole!

    • CaoMoo

      best job in the world :)

      Here’s my card:

      Self Proclaimed and Emplyed Azzhole

      Does this gig come with benefits because I mean that Obamacare

  • BS77r


  • garyfouse

    The last time I saw Finkelstein, he was at Cerritos College in Norwalk (Ca) last year, where he lost his audience by calling Obama a “murderer”. His appearance started late because the professor had picked him up at the train station and he had to change from shorts into… jeans! As for his books, the last few have been hardly larger than pamphlets. Mediocrity has found its level.

    • Bliss

      Wow, another example of Finkelstein telling the truth at all costs.
      What a badass.

  • Omar

    Serves him right! After years of promoting lies and propaganda about Israel and the Jews, Finkelstein finally got the negative reception he deserves. If there is an appropriate time to say “What goes around comes around”, it is this time.

    • paradigmshift

      what has he lied about, can you provide a specific example?

      • Omar

        Practically everything on politics, especially regarding Israel.

        • paradigmshift

          so you cannot provide evidence of a specific example?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            He lied about the “Sharon Affair,” making presentations to the effect that Sharon went out to provoke poor Muslims in order to justify sending out soldiers to murder the poor angels who happened to look bad just because they felt like throwing rocks at the heads of Jews. He neglects to mention the rocks.

            The guy is a font for new and old blood libels.

  • wileyvet

    You mean to tell me this self-loathing Jew couldn’t get a job at any Lib University in their Middle East Studies courses? I read plenty, just not anti-Israel, anti-American drivel from the likes of morally and intellectually bankrupt douche bags.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Actually I think he could get a job at an Israeli university, but he hates them too much. And it seems like he doesn’t even ever try to play at understanding political correctness. He’s useless to the left because he’s actually dead serious about his hatred and doesn’t really try to mask it very well.

      He’s a perfect fit for the jihadis if he’ll just convert to Islam or fully submit to sharia.

      • laura r

        maybe next on the agenda. but i think thats more for the younger finklestein versions.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Despite his academically appealing hatred of Israel, he has some other qualities that academia is not crazy about

      • CaoMoo

        So he’s Troy McClure in that one Simpsons episode where he had to marry Marge’s sister to get work again.

        He blamed everyone else not minding their own business and not his odd proclivities for fish for his unemployability

        • Daniel Greenfield

          And sometimes a man’s more obvious offensive qualities conceal his less obnoxious unemployable qualities

      • laura r

        there’s more to him than what we know? i cant imagine. do tell. personally i think hes an idiot. guess not a very useful one.

        • Mkohn Kurelo

          You are an idiot. He’s a scholar.

  • Bliss

    Norman is an honest, friendly, and highly ethical man.
    If more men were as conscientous as Dr. Finkelstein the world would be a happier place.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Except for the fact that he’s a delusional psychopath. So that integrity is not worth much to others. Unless of course it suits a particular agenda.

      So where did he say he wants to go?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Did you say Dr. Frankenstein or Dr. Finkelstein? I could understand the former but not the latter.

    • Norbert Haag

      How do you come to such a conclusion? Certainly not by reading his books.

      You seem to be one of the “bad, bad” guys that threw him into his misery,

      What a schmock Finkelstein is whining about self inflicted failure to attract readers.

    • BS77

      Is this what they mean by Ignorance is Bliss?

  • DDay

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!”Sir Walter Scott,

  • DB1954

    So it’s our fault that he’s “unemployable” as an author? Now THAT’s chutzpah!

  • georgacollins

    No one reads? That why Krauthhammer is on the best seller list for weeks?

  • Tala

    Thank you for writing exactly what I was thinking while scrambling to find the comment box on this ridiculous comment stream. All I see are disillusioned, indoctrinated people incapable of freelance research, gobbling up terms like “nazi-apathist” and spitting them out without a second thought to think about what they mean.

  • edlancey

    And how do you know that ? Because he brings it up at every possible opportunity. He never shuts up about it.

    ps if you had actually read his books (as I have) you would know that his parents survived the camps – and he constantly invokes their sufferings in order to whine about Israel while
    deflecting any and every criticism of his positions by invoking, you’ve
    guessed it, the fact that his parents were in the death camps.

    • Barron Tide

      If you had half-a-brain, you would know that had his parents not survived he would not have been born… Finkelstein has strong arguments that are not being effectively refuted. You don’t even need half-a-brain to recognize the losing side accuses the other side of “hating”, regardless of the debate.

  • CaoMoo

    When nobody likes you it might be because you’re a jerk. 1 or 2 people meh it’s them. Everyone hates you then the problem is you. Why does google turn up such horrific results under you’re name? (Why write under you’re real name anyway for that matter) Maybe because you shot your big stupid mouth off!

    But it’s easier to blame everyone else and hide your self esteem behind a conspiracy screen like they taught you in school. You know your’re perfect only other people do bad things. On second thought he should fit right in with Iran or turkey or anywhere else that arrested a Jewish spy duck hoping to water board it for information to stop an estrogen powered earthquake.

  • laura r

    there is something about these “self hating jews” that is typical & predictable. an arrogance & disrespect mixed w/theatrics. on some deeper level they crave acceptance, especially from the enemy. actually its all about the enemy, underneath that is the mother or father. very deep compex stuff. only another jew w/deep insight & much exposure (to this illness) can understand this. basically his parents drove him crazy.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “very deep compex stuff. only another jew w/deep insight & much exposure (to this illness) can understand this. basically his parents drove him crazy.”

      I’m not Jewish, but I think you make a great point. It seems like even he is aware that his own mother drove him insane.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “…calling him anti-Israel and a Nazi is extremely sophomoric, his entire family was exterminated in the Jewish holocaust. watch any youtube debate with Finkelstein and watch him dismantle his opponent with logic and reason while never resorting to ad hominem like Frontpage.”

    He is reasonable and methodical, but he’s also a hateful partisan liar.

  • jzsnake

    The man really needs to be on some sort of medication.

  • Morrissey

    The intellectual and moral level on this forum is similar to that which reigned in Maoist China as the comrades robotically denounced a dissident in the 1950s. Nearly every comment here is sneering, vicious, and (worst of all) dishonest. If Finkelstein was really as isolated and friendless as some of you folk pretend he is, there would be no need for you to indulge in this frenzy of hate against him.

    Still, he’s in good company. You lot have been equally brutal, equally stupid and equally ignorant in your comments about Professor Noam Chomsky and many others who you call (stupidly) “self-loathing Jews”.

    As always, Norm Finkelstein has your measure on that desperate smear….