Norquist, Bloomberg and Rand Paul Team Up for “Don’t Call It Amnesty”


But wait… don’t call it amnesty. Call it “immigration reform“.

Immigration may not have been “the paramount issue” in Eric Cantor’s crushing primary loss, Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday.

The Kentucky Republican, on a conference call with reporters, added that he’s still in favor of immigration reform and partly blamed Republican gridlock over the issue to a misunderstanding over the word “amnesty.”

“We’ve been somewhat trapped by rhetoric and words, and amnesty’s a word that has kind of trapped us,” he said, adding that some people think it means giving undocumented immigrants a right to vote, while others say it means allowing them to obtain legal status without a penalty.

Others, he added, think it simply means not deporting those who came to the United States illegally.

“We’re trapped in a word that means different things to different people,” he said.

It’s so complicated what is amnesty anyway?

Just break free of the A-word and embrace more meaningful and descriptive terminology like “Comprehensive immigration reform” or “Man-caused illegal immigration disasters.”

Some people think amnesty means legalizing 12 million illegal aliens so they can vote for the Democratic Party. Others think it means giving corporations who like tax breaks and hate regulation a chance at some legal cheap labor that will then vote for tax hikes that will cause the companies to flee to China.

It’s so complicated. Who can even understand it?

His comments came in a conference call hosted by anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and Michael Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy. Norquist and Bloomberg are both in favor of immigration reform.

If Norquist were actually anti-tax, he wouldn’t be allying with Bloomberg or pushing for a dramatic increase in the pro-tax party’s voting rolls.

Paul and Norquist pointed to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s primary victory in South Carolina.

Whew. Graham won. Let’s get back to promoting the Amnesty that Dare Not Speak its Name.

Paul argued that the different outcomes in the two elections indicates that immigration reform wasn’t “the paramount issue” that brought down Cantor.

For his part, Paul said “I am still for it.”

“I say everywhere I go I am for immigration reform,” he added.

Let’s see if he’s still telling in to Kentuckians in 2016.

The Democratic National Committee pushed back, arguing in an email blast that by voting against the Senate bill yet stating he’s pro-reform, “Rand Paul talks out of both sides of his mouth on immigration.”

The DNC is half-right. Like a lot of the GOP establishment he talks out of both sides of his mouth. But he only acts on one side.

He also weighed in on the recent influx of young people from Central America who’ve been crossing the border and turning themselves in to U.S. Border Control agents. U.S. law prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from immediately deporting the children if they are not from Canada or Mexico.

Paul speculated that some immigrants are coming to join the military.

Sure. That’s exactly what’s happening.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I have a new moniker for Norquest: NORQUISLING, the guy who wants the U.S. to be overrun by Muslims and Mexicans, so as to change the demographics in favor of statists, traitors, Democrats, Obamatons, and other creatures.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I like it

      • DogmaelJones1

        You’re welcome to use it.

    • russn8r

      You may not be the first or only coiner of that very appropriate moniker, as you will see if you search on Norquisling, but great minds often do think alike.

      It’s no accident that Grover Norquisling is a director of the National Rifle Association, or that the NRA effectively teamed up with Bloomberg and spent hundreds of thousands on behalf of Eric Cantor in Virginia and Thad Cochran in Mississippi. The NRA is passive-aggressively supporting invasion and amnesty, which within 20 years will overwhelm the native born citizenry’s voting control of the USA to the point where the entire country will worse off than California is today, and we will face mass gun confiscation.

  • BajaRat

    Rand Paul sure as hell turned out to be a huge disappointment. Hamas-loving Norquist is and always has been as useless as teats on a boar hog. Gun-grabber Bloomberg ought to be deported.

  • GSR

    he inviting and “dumping” of illegal aliens on the border over the past few weeks undoubtedly helped Brat defeat Cantor but alas, Cantor represented the “conventional” view inside the Beltway….that the Beltway Elite know best and we RACIST White Americans better stop complaining about our neighborhoods being transformed into Mexican barrios and Islamic “Sharia centers of learning” (as mine is each passing year).

    No one is against reasonable levels of legal immigration but today (and for the past two decades or so), there has been too little enforcement of immigration law and too lax, too generous rules for “family chain migration”, when it comes to legal immigration.

    Will the Beltway Elite listen to the American people or the ethnic and business lobbies who want to bring 30-50 million more foreigners here? My bet is they don’t care a bit what the American people want.

    • russn8r

      No, the Beltway Elite will not listen to us. That’s why they doubled down to defeat McDaniel in Mississippi, and the Vichy NRA, of which Grover Norquisling is on the NRA board of directors, teamed up with Bloomberg to spend hundreds of thousands on behalf of Cochran.

  • Erudite Mavin

    A good report on this bunch.
    Paul and Norquist, typical Libertarians, Soft on Amnesty, Soft on National Security
    who live in a world of theory.

    • russn8r

      Soft and, as the Brits say, wet.

  • Jakareh

    Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul: what do they have in common?
    If any of them is the nominee, millions of conservatives will be staying home.

    • russn8r

      I’ll go one farther. If any of them get it, I will donate to Hillary. I’d rather have a Republican legislature in gridlock with a Democrat, than “progress” with a “Republican” President as we had under GW “Guest Worker” Bush. The traitor in your own command post is always far more damaging than fighting the open enemy straight up.

      • Jakareh

        I don’t blame you. If it’s not going to be a real Republican, I’d rather see Hellary get in and let things come to a head sooner.

        • russn8r

          Yep. At least we get gridlock.

  • fpm

    Putting party interest and illegals’ interest in front of state interest is definitely a criminal and treasonous act.

  • Gee

    I keep on hearing how 70% of Americans want this reform stuff that is exactly like amnesty.

    Yet I have never actually met one. Do they even exist? Let alone comprise of 70% of Americans?

    The only ones I see protesting for it are the illegal immigrants or their family members – nobody else seems to want it

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The polls call it ‘reform’ and give few details, they’re push polls really

    • russn8r

      Plenty of disloyal, corrupt, greedy, socialist, venal, and idiotic “Americans” want it. Such as Grover Norquisling, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, the “U.S.” Chamber of Commerce, the Wall Street Journal, and their passive-aggressive collaborators who pocket $300 million a year by controlling the NRA.

  • SouthofCincy

    Have heard Sen. Paul say on many occasions that he’s willing to “find a place” for anyone who wants to work here. He also thinks the “line” begins in this country. He’s woefully ignorant and playing both sides of the fence. Paul’s also admitted the reason he voted against S744 (as toxic as it is) is because his “let Congress vote on whether the border is secure or not” amendment wasn’t included. A lot of Kentuckians have finally gotten his number over this issue.


      “A lot of Kentuckians have finally gotten his number over this issue.” Let’s hope so. It’s a pity about Rand Paul – he’s a good guy in a number of ways, but there’s still that Libertarian core and with it the toxic ideas on national defense and immigration policy. We’re so tired of Establishment-men that Libertarians like Paul might look good at first, but in the end there’s no substitute for solid Conservatives.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He’s not ignorant. His flavor of libertarian just doesn’t believe in the United States as a country for ideological reasons.

      • russn8r

        I call these neo-“Libertarians”, as opposed to real or Paleo Libertarians, who are loyal Americans.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          good one

          • russn8r

            Thanks. I didn’t coin it, but it works.

  • russn8r

    That’s it for me. – Former Rand Paul donor and supporter.
    Gun Owners of America has pointed out that “immigration reform” (open borders and amnesty) and the ongoing de facto amnesty, will overwhelm the native born citizenry’s voting control of the USA, as it already has in CALIFORNIA. Given anything like the suicidal deluge of over-immigration pushed by neo-“Libertarians” like Rand Paul and NRA director/phony tax reformer Grover Norquist and unofficial NRA director Michael Bloomberg, Immigrants have and will continue to vote overwhelmingly Democratic Socialist (a few will vote RINO). Which means that the anything like a real Republican Party will be toast in a few years, and the USA will face mass gun confiscation by 2034.