NYC School Plan to Honor Anti-War Activist/Pedophile Leads to Student Uprising


Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary performed at Occupy Wall Street rallies, Anti-War rallies, John Kerry’s wedding and in Ho Chi Minh City to apologize for the Vietnam War.

“Now, I’m here with that history and came to Vietnam ready to get down on my knees as one American and say, ‘Please forgive us.'”

No word on whether Yarrow held a concert to apologize to the 14 year old girl he raped. Jimmy Carter gave him a presidential pardon for it… because Jimmy Carter was, until recently, the worst president ever.

“As reported at the time, the 14-year-old girl and her 17-year-old sister went to Yarrow’s hotel room seeking an autograph. “Yarrow answered the door naked and made sexual advances that stopped short of intercourse”. The 14-year-old resisted his advances but according to reports, did not call for help. Yarrow served three months of a one-to three-year prison sentence. In 1981 the singer received a Presidential pardoned from Jimmy Carter.  At the time of his pardon, Peter Yarrow was married to the niece of Democratic Senator Eugene J. McCarthy, which is believed how he received the pardon.”

Lefties are very forgiving when Party Members rape kids. Or as Peter Yarrow put it…

“You know, you make mistakes,” he says. “You feel terrible about it, make your amends. In that time, it was common practice.”

Unfortunately sometimes mean Republican people bring up Peter Yarrow’s rape of a 14-year-old girl.

At any rate, Mr. Yarrow believes he has paid his dues. “With the mean-spiritedness of our time, it gets hauled out as if it’s relevant. You don’t get a presidential pardon if you’re not doing great work, have paid your debts to society.”

Or unless you’re married to Eugene McCarthy’s niece.

When he campaigned for Sen. Kerry in 2004, the story once again came up — one Texas politician even canceled a fund-raising concert. “The price I pay,” Mr. Yarrow says.

Now sadly annoying people, kid people, are bringing up Mr. Yarrow’s minor mistake of raping a 14-year-old girl, now that La Guardia High School decided to honor him.

Folk singer and convicted sex offender Peter Yarrow will be honored by La Guardia HS for the Performing Arts next month, enraging parents and prompting a dozen “uncomfortable” students to refuse to sing for him.

“Is it even legal for him to be in a school?” fumed one parent of a teen at La Guardia, the Upper West Side institution immortalized in the 1980 movie “Fame.”

It is being billed as “Peace, Love, and the Power of Song/Celebrating Peter Yarrow,” who co-wrote the song “Puff the Magic Dragon.’’

Yarrow said in a statement to The Post on Monday that he was grateful for the pardon he received from President Jimmy Carter in 1981 and “I hope that my contrition and my efforts to help humanity over the years will allow me a measure of the public’s forgiveness.”

Thank you Jimmy Carter. Still somehow in contention for the Worst President Ever.


  • John_Q_Public

    “it was common practice.” So this was just the one that brought charges? Or because it was common it was ok?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There was the “New Morality” back then. Down with bourgeois values. Up with drugs and rape.

    • Chris Gait

      And it was a common practice in past times to have the parents of children molested by pedophiles like this to be permitted to beat them with whatever they want, wherever and for as long as they want. Some lost traditions should be considered for reinstatement.

  • Tina Trent

    How does this square with Carter’s new book aping the feminist campus rape movement?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      What is it about?

      • Tina Trent

        In promoting his new book, Carter is claiming that most rapes in America take place on college campuses. He is using the discredited “statistics” the campus rape activist feminists use. This movement implicates all men for sexual violence rather than using the real justice system to punish specific instances of rape. Victims of child molestation and victims of rapists who don’t also happen to be frat brothers are of no interest to these activists — in other words, most victims are of no interest because they are not politically useful.

        Over the last decade, the campus anti-rape movement has embraced the leftist, anti-law enforcement stance to the extreme. Previously, they just didn’t bother to show up to lobby for laws that would incarcerate rapists in the real world — recidivist rules, mandatory sentencing, truth-in-sentencing and registries. But now, working with the Obama administration and Eric Holder, the campus rape activists are the beneficiaries of funding and federal mandates that legitimate their politics — using resources that should be used for real law enforcement.

        Carter has jumped on this ideological bandwagon with both feet. Considering his record of pandering to anti-incarceration activists, the thought of him crowning himself the new rape expert is repulsive, but I suppose one must fill the hours between hobnobbing with terrorist cop-killers like Bernardine Dohrn at the Carter Center, or chatting it up with killer Mumia Abu Jamal, or using his rollodex to try to get rapist-murderers like Humberto Leal off death row.

        There’s a particularly crazy interview with Carter on Huffpo and a particularly offensive interview with him at Salon that reveals the true anti-incarceration stance behind all this talk about rape and oppression of women.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Focus away from urban crime to the campus where rape is defined downward, while horrors happen where no one cares to look.

    • Chris Gait

      Somehow the term ‘aping’ when used in once sentence with Carter, is amusing in itself. The appearance of his mother, as she aged, really showed that his family origins traced back to some long deceased escaped circus chimp.

  • bigfred41

    and N.O.W. will be hypocritically silent

    • aemoreira81

      What is there for N.O.W. to protest? If there was anything to protest, it would have been back in 1980, when the pardon came.

      • bigfred41

        A convicted pedophile, who victimized a 14 year old girl, is now going to be an honored guest at a school. Sure, that’s nothing for N.O.W. to protest. Lots of brain power you’ve got there.

        • aemoreira81

          If organizations like N.O.W. had to be concerned with every little incident, they would end up out of money.

          • bigfred41

            Sure, pedophilia is just a bunch of “little incidents” and N.O.W. might have bankrupted itself by issuing a statement on its website that they object to a pedophile being an honored guest at a school.

          • aemoreira81

            Except that this happened forty-four years ago…some things really are too long ago about which to be concerned. Any organic issue is solely between the student body (and their parents) and the City of New York.

          • bigfred41

            Do you understand the point that schools are filled with school children?

          • aemoreira81

            Yes I do…what about it? This is a student-school (and city) issue only.

          • bigfred41

            Haha, you are pretty weird. Have anything in your past that you’d like to confess now?

          • aemoreira81

            Yes…I would like to come out as heterosexual!

          • aemoreira81

            Yes…what about it? It’s an issue between the students and the city only. Yarrow is not on any sex offender registry.

          • tickletik

            You do not understand that sex offender registries exist to protect human beings from rapists like Yarrow. You don’t understand this because your soul is a shriveled blackened poisoned little thing, the size of a small coal.

            This is why all you can see are the rules and the regulations. Yarrow is not on the registry, hence Yarrow can spend time with schoolchildren and be shown as a role model. Your immature slave mind does not see the problem. That’s OK, freedoms was never meant for the likes of you, we who are Men in the image of Frederick Douglas will rebuild and make sure that next time your chains will rest lightly upon you.

          • windy132

            except if you were a republican and the issue of 44 years ago just came to light today, full extent of media rapture and full extent of the law, well of course.

          • daibutsu

            Ask Ms. B. Winter about that…

  • glpage

    As we have seen with current Hollywood pedophile issues, if you’re a leftist pedophilia isn’t that big a deal. But, if you’re a priest…

  • Habbgun

    They actually want Peter Yarrow!!! What happened? Did an Elvis impersonator turn them down?

  • rosa parks

    I just squeezed out a jumbo yarrow, it was loaded with peanuts ‘n corn. It stank like trayvon, so I wiped my obama and flushed.

  • Andreas Müller

    But it says “stopped short of intercourse”, so it wasn’t rape, was it? Not quite getting that. (Bad enough, to be sure, but “rape”?)

    • laura r

      sexually molesting a minor

  • bigfred41

    Daniel, if you do a followup on this story, you might include mention of the multiple PBS specials featuring Pedophile, Paul and Mary.

    • laura r

      PBS same animal.

  • Crazycatkid

    This is my alma mater and like many other NYC “arts” institutions it leaned left in my day and still leans far left. I am one of the few graduates not swimming in the Koolaid. Leftists are blind to faults of their ‘fellow travelers’ and hysterically focused on the smallest foibles of those who dare to disagree with them.
    This Pedophile is a disgrace. I’m glad some people objected. It’s sad when creativity is a closed leftist shop. Closed to basic morality…..

  • DogmaelJones1

    Another reason never to have cared for Peter, Paul and Mary. Did they ever do a rendition of the Communist “Internationale”?

    • Steeloak

      Nah, that was Pete Seeger’s most favorite song to sing.

  • Steeloak

    That Jimmy Carter – such a forgiving guy!
    He not only pardoned Peter Yarrow and the draft dodgers who went to Canada, he even forgave John Kerry’s consorting with the enemy in Paris as a commissioned Navy officer and had his dishonorable discharge changed to an honorable one.
    Still waiting to see that DD214 John – 10 years now and counting.

  • laura r

    when did this incident happen? in the 1960s? how old is peter yarrow? he told me when i was about 20 that he remembered me from severals yrs back. i ran into him@ a restaurant, he reconized me. then he mentioned i gained weight, & how slim i was before. (& that i should lose the weight). i was surprised, as he was significantly older than me. not the worst thing to have happened, but there were many lechers around those days. regardless whether he has a pardon, he molested a 14 yr old minor. he is a sex offender, & it was not consenual @ all. btw, WHY did the girl enter the room? if a man opened the door naked, i would run away in a panic. (especially an older creepy man). did he pull her in, & use force? if true thats an attempted rape. there’s a piece missing here.

  • laura r

    did they press charges?

  • Maynard

    I don’t have much good to say about Hitler but he would have amputated his penis. How can any parent in that school feel good about this creep even being on the same side of the street as the school? Shame on the school administrator/principal

  • carpe diem 36

    how come it is always, always the lefties, the demoCrats, who are the criminals, who do such terrible things, and even if you say some republicans do that too, just check the jails in Chicago, and other democrat stronghold. and they always vote for the worst possible candidate, see NY and the WH

    • Seek

      The jails in Chicago are filled with blacks. And blacks don’t think as liberals or conservatives; they think as blacks. The notion that most people commit crime out of political convictions is absurd. It bears no relationship to reality.

  • carpe diem 36

    why not???

  • E Plobnista

    This just in. La Guardia High School will not honor Yarrow and will instead hold a ceremony honoring Roman Polanski.

  • Chavi Beck

    He’s supposed to be, though, which is the point you’re repeatedly missing.

  • france john

    “No word on whether Yarrow held a concert to apologize to the 14 year old girl he raped.”
    I hadn’t heard that he’d raped a 14 old-girl, but when I lived in New York (1970-1975) I had a friend who said he tried to attack her. She was a young student at Brooklyn College when this happened. It must have been the late sixties. She said that Peter Yarrow was in hospital and she went to get an interview with him for the school newspaper & that he got her into a corner, but that she had got him off. I always felt that she’d been telling the truth, but this sort of confirms that she was.