Obama Million Dollar Bundler Nominated as Ambassador to Norway Has No Clue What its Form of Government Is

obama idiot

That Sarah Palin sure was stupid. If McCain had won, I bet he would have abolished freedom of speech and would go around nominating morons as ambassadors to major countries based on how much money they gave him.

Fortunately Obama won and filmmakers who make movies he doesn’t like get locked up and Obama backers and bundlers get diplomatic positions to major countries, including Japan and the UK.

It’s okay if their entire knowledge of the country comes from a 5 second glace at Wikipedia.

“I have no more questions for this incredibly highly qualified group of nominees,” John McCain told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but not before he had eviscerated Barack Obama’s selection as the next Ambassador to Norway.

As a bundler for Obama in 2012, Tsunis raised almost a million dollars for the campaign, and donated $300,000 to the Democratic Party.

The US’s next ambassador to Norway has committed a jaw-dropping diplomatic blunder before he even begins, describing politicians from the Progress Party, which has seven ministers, as “fringe elements” that “spew their hatred” in a US Senate hearing.

The blunder came after a faltering, incoherent performance from Tsunis, in which he made a reference to Norway’s “president”, apparently under the impression that the country is a republic rather than a constitutional monarchy.

That prompted McCain’s disbelieving answer: “The government has denounced them? The coalition government — they’re part of the coalition of the government.”

McCain, already flummoxed by the apparent inability of Obama’s choice to be ambassador to Hungary to list strategic U.S. interests there, closed his questioning with a bit of sarcasm: “I have no more questions for this incredibly highly qualified group of nominees.”

I do. How much are they going to donate to Hillary to keep their jobs?

  • glpage

    The the left, the most important qualification for any job is to follow the party line. The rest is fluff for them.

  • nacho475

    All that money and all he got was Norway?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      For 50k more, he could have gotten Iceland

      • nacho475

        I dunno… I wanted to elope to Iceland. So I got a travel book and read as far as “please don’t go off unpaved paths as sudden snowstorms come up and your body won’t be found till the spring.” I immediately booked flights for Las Vegas.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Perfect for any Obama donor

    • A Z

      I think Norway or Sweden would have been a cool place to party before 1995 or 2000. Not so much now.

  • Veracious_one

    nothing new here, most of Obama’s appointees know little about the job they’ve been appointed to…

    • DB1954

      Obama knows little about the job he was elected to.

  • A Z

    Went to law school . Works in the family business. Draw your own conclusions.


    • Erudite Mavin

      and a good close friend of Joe Biden. Out of the same low intellectual bag.

  • Yulia Demkin

    It sounded like an answer that a beauty queen contestant would give.

  • truebearing

    I have to agree with Obama’s choice. This guy is an abject moron, so he should fit right in with the leftists ruinning Norway.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    Funny because I remember McCain giving Obama a clean bill of health. Now look McCain is always running for something.


    • DB1954

      McCain is busy killing his chances of election.

      • truebearing

        At least we have some good news.

  • DB1954

    Tsunis, … hmm, is that a Greek surname? Just askin’. Because it makes so much sense, I mean … Greek American … Norway … you know … uh …

    • lapin.grove

      What kills me about this stupid FAT pig is that he is a Greek Orthodox Christian!! He is more than just a member of this Church . HE is an award winner!!!
      This is a church which decries abortion, gay marriage and war…. ALL THINGS supported by this Obama regime…. … and this fat pig of a man has received the highest award that the Greek Church bestows on its laymen. The Order of St Andrew and he is a sworn supporter of the Orthodox Patriarch as a Church Archon…. GOOD FREAKING GRIEF!! WHAT kind of church gives awards to FAT STUPID OBAMA COMMIE SUPPORTERS /MONEY RAISERS??

      VERY, VERY disappointed in the Greek Church! VERY!!!!

  • edlancey

    Imagin John McCain thinking you were an idiot…

    • nacho475


  • DVult

    This is how Obambi makes sure he is “the smartest guy in the room”, fill the room with morons and imbeciles. Someone who was actually smart and was not afraid of being exposed as a dullard would pick the best people available.