Obama Abandons Online Freedom of Speech to Islamic Dictatorships


This is much more serious than anything with the name Edward Snowden attached to it, but it will get a fraction of the attention until the consequences begin to kick in.

The Internet is the one domain where freedom of speech truly exists. It is this generation’s equivalent of the printing press.

The Obama administration has quietly announced plans to cede control of the Internet to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), an international body and non-profit group based out of California,  that seeks larger control, over the Internet.

Now the Obama administration proposes allowing the contract that exists between ICANN and the Department of Commerce to lapse. The assistant secretary for commerce for communications and information released a statement saying, “We look forward to ICANN convening stakeholders across the global Internet community to craft an appropriate transition plan.”

What is ICANN, who are the “stakeholders,” and what is the plan?

International groups have been pressuring the United States for years to cede control of the Internet to an “International” body.  Everyone can understand why these groups want that.  It erodes American power and it degrades liberty online.

The United States is one of the very few countries to have nearly unlimited freedom of speech for anything short of actual death threats. The “freedom” of the internet is largely defined by an American standard. Without that standard, you end up with the definitions of free speech that preclude controversial political commentary and blasphemy.

Just about everything you read at Front Page is potentially illegal even in many Western countries. Add on Third World countries and places like Russia and China and it just goes straight into the illegal box.

“While I certainly agree our nation must stridently review our procedures regarding surveillance in light of the NSA controversy, to put ourselves in a situation where censorship-laden governments like China or Russia could take a firm hold on the Internet itself is truly a scary thought,” Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) said. “I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Senate Commerce Committee and with the Commerce Department on this, because — to be blunt — the ‘global internet community’ this would empower has no First Amendment.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, minutes after the Friday announcement, tweeted: “Every American should worry about Obama giving up control of the Internet to an undefined group. This is very, very dangerous.”

“This is red meat for the base,” said former Rep. Mary Bono (R-Calif.), who sponsored a resolution in 2012 aimed at keeping the Internet free of governmental control. “We’re at a critical time where [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is proving he is capable of outmaneuvering the administration. … As they digest it, I think people are going to be very upset.”

U.S. lawmakers have long warned about the dangers of ceding ICANN’s authority to the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations agency. They see the U.N. as a vehicle for countries with tight constraints to allow even greater online censorship. Congress unanimously passed Bono’s resolution ahead of a 2012 ITU meeting to reinforce America’s commitment to an open Internet.

International Telecommunication Union control would be bad enough. It’s everything wrong with the UN in one package, corrupt Third World types, politically correct mandates and total incompetence.

And the OIC is already moving through the back door

On September 25, 2010, ICANN’s board of directors removed a reference to “terrorism” from the fourth version of its Draft Applicant Guidebook (DAG, or DAGv4), after complaints were received from several Arab individuals and organizations. Failing to retain the ability to investigate applicants for ties to terrorism would significantly hamper ICANN’s effectiveness, and could lead to a proliferation of pro-terrorist websites.


  • wileyvet

    Control the language and the medium, you control the debate. That is what the left and their strange bedfellows the muslims would love. The internet broke the stranglehold monopoly of information held by governments and the conventional media of decades past, and they don’t like it. To think that the President of the United States of America, would be complicit it eroding or diminishing in any way, the sacrosanct tenet of American belief is outrageous. The true test of liberty for any nation is the liberty of freedom of thought and speech. As Natan Sharansky once defined it, to paraphrase, to be able to stand in the town square, orate on anything and not be hauled away for speaking your mind. In the litany of abuses Obama has orchestrated, this would by far be the most egregious.

  • Judahlevi

    The left does not believe in free speech. Witness the politically correct speech codes on campus and even articles stating that all free speech be filtered by their interpretation of “justice.”

    They have never believed in free speech.

    Only conservatives believe in free and unlimited speech. Only conservatives believe in capitalism, the most successful economic system in the world (witness China). Only conservatives believe in individualism where each individual is to be judged by their own actions, not the actions of collective groups they may be arbitrarily put into. Only conservatives believe in private property rights, small government and low taxes.

    These values made America what it is. The left (led by Obama) will try as hard as they can to destroy them. They don’t love America, they hate America and, frankly, they hate most Americans.


      Obama learned at the feet of rev. wright and left wing puppet masters like bill ayers who wrote a book celebrating the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy.

      “prairie fire”

  • truebearing

    The internet is the ultimate forum for free speech and unfiltered information. It enables people to self-educate like nothing that has ever existed before. Informed, educated, and free speaking citizens are a complete anathema to both the Left and Islam.

    Obama used the internet to his advantage in his first campaign, but since then, conservatives have caught up and surpassed the Left in the internet wars. With instant access to facts, the internet is hostile territory for leftists taught by Saul Alinsky to avoid open debate. Lies are too easy to expose on the internet.

    Obama has been hammered by sites like Frontpage, Drudge, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, etc. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and a host of other scandals were kept alive by conservatives on the internet. More people learned more about these scandals on the internet than from the rest of the media combined.

    Obama needs the truth blocked, as does every dictator on the planet. The internet is allowing too much truth, and as a sworn enemy of truth, justice, and the American way, Obama is intent on surrendering yet more of America’s freedom sustaining power to see that darkness prevails.

    The only winners in censoring the internet are the totalitarianists, with the biggest winner being the most evil, Islam. This is a survival suppression mechanism second to none. Criminalizing internet free speech is the autobahn for sharia, which is likely Obama’s foremost motivation.

    Obama is America’s bete noire. An incarnation of evil.

    • http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/dhs-are-you-willing-to-die-for-your-king-i-am-willing-to-die-for-mine/ mountaindaisy

      Great comment!

  • David Lenord

    They’ll never be able to regulate the internet, you filthy Muslim trash can kiss our American Azzes.

  • Libslayer

    Any action that diminishes America and empowers Islam will be embraced by Obama. He is an evil man.