Obama Appeases Iran by Removing US Carrier from Gulf


These are the wages of the left’s attitude that our enemies hate us because we provoke them. Obama can’t show strength to anyone except allies. Instead he appeases enemies in the hopes of undoing their hatred.

He ought to ask himself whether his own resentment of the United States can ever be appeased even with the highest office of the land in his possession, ruling by pen and phone. And if not, how is Iran’s hatred ever going to be appeased by weakening the United States even more?

The U.S.’s lone naval carrier in the Persian Gulf has spent more time outside the region than in — primarily due to the Obama administration’s willingness to bend to Iran’s will in order to ensure a successful nuclear deal, a military analyst suggested.

According to data compiled by the Hill, the U.S. Navy maintained a two-carrier presence in the region in 2010, due in part to Iranian threats to close the Strait of Hormuz. But the Pentagon’s budget cuts forced one of the carriers to exit last year.

The Hill conducted an analysis of America’s naval strength in the area and found that the USS Harry Truman — the sole carrier for the last year in the area — has actually spent more hours sailing waters outside the Persian Gulf than inside it during the past six months.

The Hill gathered its data about the reduced carrier strength from public information posted by officials on Facebook. It found that the Truman spent 101 days inside the Gulf of Oman and the North Arabian Sea between August 2013 and January 2014.

During the same period, the Truman only spent 45 days in the Persian Gulf and another 11 days in transit or in unknown spots — a marked difference from what The Hill found for the same time period a year earlier, when two U.S. carriers were located squarely in the region.

When Iran says “Jump”, this administration is halfway to the ceiling before it remembers to ask “How high”.

  • Alisia S

    Uh, how many more days are left in the Obummer administration? What an embarrassment that tool has become.

    • darnellecheri

      Too long. Just too long.

    • Bill Sikorsky

      Read the writing on the wall.. His policies are trying to provoke civil unrest so he can implement “Marshal Law” and not give up his power.. He sadly has the support of all the GOP hating Liberal Democrats.. Haven’t you wondered why the Police have become more like a “Para Military Corp with Homeland Security armed to the teeth.. By the way, Homeland Security only answers to one person!!!! POTUS..

  • Drakken

    The more these feckless leaders of ours appease our enemy, the more likely war will come to pass.

  • blert

    Making the right moves for the wrong reason.

    The actual reason for having a CV in the Gulf was to thwart Jerusalem.

    The waters are too tight to permit a proper and ordinary defense of the task force. This takes dozens of miles on a side for the escort blanket.

    Until 1991, the USN never sailed into the Gulf. Some argued that to do so was militarily insane.

    Without a doubt the naval brass has wanted to get out of the Gulf for years and years. The proper location for our task force should be to support the ISAF.

    Air dominance in the Gulf should be left to the KSA air force — with its F-15s. The Iranians have Soviet fighters — which turn out to be hangar queens.

    (The Mig-29 self-destructs. The difference between Soviet machines and American machines is so great that the Indians have entirely re-evaluated which way to place their bets. They certainly have rejected Russian electronics.)

    (American planes are combat ready 80% of the time — or better. Soviet designs are combat ready 20% of the time — or worse. This is so because the Russians have had to take their materials technology further to its limits so that their machines will perform at American levels. The American planes are actually de-rated back from their stress-limits.

    This is well exemplified by the M-1 turbine power-pack. It’s publically rated at 1,500 shaft hp. It has a throttle restrictor. When removed, the turbine can put out an extra 1,000 hp. Field practice has shown that it was over-designed — and that the extra zip is unnecessary and burns too much fuel.

    The F-15 also uses throttle restriction. This is why you’ll read of various friendly fly-offs and mock combats that make the Other Guys look good. The USAF is, in fact, not even breaking a sweat.

    When the balloon goes up, the Other Guys find out they can’t stay in the sky.)

    • A Z

      “The Mig-29 self-destructs. The difference between Soviet machines and American machines is so great that the Indians have entirely re-evaluated which way to place their bets. They certainly have rejected Russian electronics.” – blert

      The experimental F16 with forward swept wings had 3 onboard computers. Without the computers the pilot could not fly the plane and it would destroy itself, because it is a fighter plane and fighters are meant to be inherently unstable.

      Not that I follow it but that is an interesting fact about the MIG 29 that bears further research. I’ll have to ask someone I know who works with that type of code.

      So hacker in the old Soviet Union can hack and scam but they can’t write reliable code.

      Money talks and BS walks and the Indian are walking away from Russian product. interesting.

      • blert

        The Indians, by way of Silicon Valley, have access to state of the art talent — and at local prices.
        Not surprisingly, they are turning up their noses at Russian craft.

        The epic decline in Soviet defense production caused many of the minor factories to entirely shut down/ shift to other markets.

        This means that even getting parts is a headache, supreme, for Soviet era designs. Some are actually flying because the USSR ordered so many spares that they are STILL available for the need.

        Something like that is true for the USAF. It has a boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB that is STILL being used to sustain aged aircraft — most famously the B-52.

        From the first to the last, the Soviets believed that all weapons designs should prioritize production — as if the Cold War was a repeat of WWII.

        This thinking is reflected in the combat tactics of the Egyptians and Syrians. They expected to use it AND lose it. The Israelis expected to use it and NOT lose it.

        This attitude is reflected in the Merkava tanks. The IDF is shocked when they start losing any at all.

        • A Z

          You must have had 2 complete careers.

        • A Z

          “From the first to the last, the Soviets believed that all weapons designs should prioritize production”

          Meaning that Defense industry production came 1st and foremost in the utopia of the USSR?

          After taking a course in the history of engineering, realized that textiles, weaving, and many other industries and crafts were very important to know about and nurture.

          A person can make those connections when they study computer science also.

      • blert

        IIRC, even the Russians are phasing out the Mig-29. While it’s looked terrific in the airshows, its combat performance has been a disappointment. So it’s no longer a big seller.
        It’s not even keeping Russian generals happy.
        At this time, the Su-37 is getting all of the praise.
        However, the mentality has not changed. I would expect that it will take 24+ Su-37s on the ground to balance a single F-22.

  • DVult

    When you negotiate with your enemies, if you are the stronger side, YOU ask for concessions from the other side rather than conceding anything to them. If they refuse then you force them to make concessions or walk away from the negotiations. If you are the weaker side then you ask for concessions anyway and if your enemy gives you any part of what you ask then you know he is a fool and proceed accordingly to ask for more concessions. If he refuses and smashes you over the head for your temerity then you might possibly start to take the negotiations seriously.

  • afftongrown

    May God have mercy on the USA!!

  • truebearing

    Perhaps Obama should just give Iran some nukes, missiles, and a submarine or three. That should make them like us.

    I shouldn’t joke about what Obama will do for his fellow Muslims. Nothing he does for them should surprise anyone, unless he finally acted in the interest of the United States. That would really be a shock.

  • simon.baker4@sky.com

    Of course he could have always forced a confrontation with the Iranians. Was that your preferred option?

    • DVult


  • Sgt koranflusher

    So what! A broken clock is right once in a while. The ships don’t belong there anyway.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Our CiC is dangerous…and perhaps butt ignorant. For sure, he acts as if he hates this Republic.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    One has to wonder, ‘If Iran strikes, will we stop and calculate the cost to respond before actually doing so?’ That’s where we are today.

  • http://www.twitter.com/changeirannow Change Iran Now

    Nothing new here…it’s the whole basis of how Iran has been
    dealing with the West in recent years. They can demand and do whatever they
    like, because they know there is no downside under any circumstances.The Obama administration remains committed to
    appeasement masquerading as diplomacy