Obama Appeases Pakistan by Ending Drone Strikes


It’s not an immediate end, but it’s ended to have that effect over time. Because appeasing the backers of the Taliban and Al Qaeda is more important than fighting terrorism.

The Obama administration has sharply curtailed drone strikes in Pakistan after a request from the government there for restraint as it pursues peace talks with the Pakistani Taliban, according to U.S. officials.

“That’s what they asked for, and we didn’t tell them no,” one U.S. official said. The administration indicated that it will still carry out strikes against senior al-Qaeda targets, if they become available, and move to thwart any direct, imminent threat to U.S. persons.

That’s very different than actively pursuing targets. This indicates a switch to a reactive model by reacting to threats, rather than assertively going after Al Qaeda terrorists.

Moving from offensive to defensive mode puts the terrorists in control. If Obama goes through with this, Al Qaeda has won.

Concern about Pakistani political sensitivities provides one explanation for the absence of strikes since December, the longest pause in the CIA’s drone campaign since a six-week lull in 2011

It’s the same game as Iran. Threaten the fake peace process and force more concessions.

Disclosure of a pause in the drone campaign in Pakistan came as a senior Republican lawmaker assailed the Obama administration for tightening the guidelines under which lethal drone strikes are permitted.

Rep. Mike Rogers (Mich.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Tuesday that policy changes made by President Obama last year to the drone program “are an utter and complete failure, and they leave Americans’ lives at risk.”

Rogers cited the spread of al-Qaeda offshoots in Yemen, Syria and Africa, and said that “individuals who would have been previously removed from the battlefield by U.S. counterterrorism operations for attacking or plotting to attack against U.S. interests remain free because of self-imposed red tape.”

That’s the only kind we have. What does all this mean in the bigger picture?

 The Obama administration will narrow its controversial drone program in Pakistan to target a short list of high-level terrorists, and aim to end it during the prime minister’s current term, senior U.S. officials have told their Pakistani counterparts.

Which means we’re done fighting.

The CIA has long added new targets to a longer “kill list” on a rolling basis as old targets are hit.

Now, U.S. officials say, the “kill list” is not self-replenishing, a change long sought by Islamabad. “By taking one off, we’re not automatically putting one on,” a senior U.S. official said. As a result, the number of targets on the list are decreasing as the CIA’s drones focus on a more limited number of high-level targets that “will enable us to conclude the program,” the official said.

And Obama will be able to claim “Mission Accomplished” because the kill list is empty, when it actually just isn’t updated.


  • truebearing

    And the Meccan Horse continues to trample American security.

  • A Z

    “Now, U.S. officials say, the “kill list” is not self-replenishing, a change long sought by Islamabad. “By taking one off, we’re not automatically putting one on,” a senior U.S. official said”

    The Pakistani ISI is training new puppets and they don’t want a drone strike to undo all that hard work.

    They are prepared to sacrifice a few pieces on the board but not one after another.

  • blert

    Barry’s slow rolling our own flight.

    At a deeper level, is it not the case that he’s getting the army out before the atomics break loose?

    He’s pulling the same shuck and jive as Qatar and Kuwait vis a vis Iran.

    (Like the German Army on the Eastern Front) — this retreat is pitched as something that the Supreme Leader has wisely achieved for the betterment of all mankind.

    Give this player the Dr. Goebbels award.

    • A Z

      Hitler at least promised miracle weapons.

      Obama just promises womb to the tomb welfare.

      Hitler could also speak without a teleprompter.

    • A Z

      “He’s pulling the same shuck and jive as Qatar and Kuwait vis a vis Iran.”

      Please explain this statement. Bahrain is a Sunni Kingdom with a majority Shia population.

      Qatar is a Sunni Kingdom that thinks it is a an 800 pound gorilla which has funded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as well as Syria. Qatari special forces are operating in Syria.

      • blert

        Both nations are spinning on a dime, diplomatically, directly because of Barry’s antics with the mullahs.
        Until this time, they both stiffed off Tehran.
        The mullahs — over the years — have been caught trying to assassinate this or that Kuwaiti or Qatari politician.
        So, what we have is an entire sequence of dominos flipping over — as a direct consequence of Barry’s shuck and jive.

        The maladministration is even getting the MSM to carry MORE water: the meme of the week is that the Taliban are going broke. “Nothing to worry about, move along, move along.”
        Whereas, Barry’s retreating everywhere and everytime it’s possible.
        You’d have to go back to Paris’ behavior at the Munich conference to see such feckless diplomacy.

        • A Z

          Got it. I concur. I would have to check out the assassination attempts, but I suspect do not have to do so. But If I run across it in other swing ti will standout like sore thumb.

          I do remember that Iran has incited the crowds in Bahrain


  • A Z

    With Presidents like Barry Soetoro, who needs enemies?

    “US stops adding al Qaeda leaders to ‘kill list’
    By Bill RoggioFebruary 7, 2014 10:24 AM

    If you want to ‘end the war’ against al Qaeda, one good way would be to declare that all of the global terror group’s leaders are dead, and declare victory. And this seems to be exactly what the Obama administration is doing.”


  • anniem

    No, It does not mean that we will stop pursuing information and bombing those places that harbor terrorists. Al Queda, who is actually not the major threat it once was because of brave me and women who fought them and major intelligence webs that have been and continue to be, set up.
    This war needs to be fought with every thing we have, but not in the way past wars have been fought.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      You may want to take a look at Syria, Iraq and Yemen.