Obama Brings in Pro-Iran, Pro-Hamas Malley to Set Middle East Policy


Obama Inc. isn’t even bothering to hold back anymore. Originally the Soros employed Robert Malley was given the boot because of his ties to Hamas. Last year, Rice began talking about bringing him back and now he’s going to be playing a prominent role in setting Middle East policy.

I‘m sure Tehran is just thrilled. And George Soros is getting good value out of Obama.

This afternoon it was announced that Malley is heading back to the White House to serve as a senior director at the National Security Council where he will be tasked with managing relations between the U.S. and its Persian Gulf allies.

…the problem with Malley was never so much about his motives or his father’s role as a supporter of the Egyptian Communist Party and the Nasser regime as it was his own beliefs and policies.

In 2008, Malley was serving as an informal adviser to then-senator Obama when it was revealed that he had met with Hamas representatives through his work with the International Crisis Group forcing him to resign.

Malley was raised in France by his mother — a native New Yorker named Barbara Silverstein — and his father, Simon Malley, a key figure in the Egyptian Communist Party. Rabidly anti-Israel, Simon Malley was a confidante of the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat; an inveterate critic of “Western imperialism”; a supporter of various leftist revolutionary “liberation movements,” particularly the Palestinian cause; a beneficiary of Soviet funding; and a supporter of the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

In a July 2001 op-ed (titled “Fictions About the Failure at Camp David”) which was published in the New York Times, Robert Malley (whose family, as noted above, had close ties to Yasser Arafat) alleged that Israeli — not Palestinian — inflexibility had caused the previous year’s Camp David peace talks (brokered by Bill Clinton) to fail. This was one of several controversial articles Malley has written — some he co-wrote with Hussein Agha, a former adviser to Arafat — blaming Israel and exonerating Arafat for that failure.

In a March 2012 article in Foreign Policy Magazine, Malley wrote that “Israelis, not for the first time, likely are exaggerating the Iranian threat and its imminence,” and suggested that it was in Netanyahu’s interest to keep the world focused on Iran in order to take pressure off of Israel to reach an agreement with the Palestinians.

“Virtually the entire international security conversation has become monopolized by Iran, turning Netanyahu’s 15-year obsession into a global one,” Malley wrote

“Making the Best of Hamas’s Victory”: In this March 2006 piece, Malley recommends that nations worldwide establish relationships with, and send financial aid to, the Palestinians’ newly elected, Hamas-led government.

“Avoiding Failure with Hamas”: This April 2006 article not only advocates international aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian government, but also suggests that a failure to extend such aid could trigger an environmental or public health crisis for Palestinians.

One U.S. security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, states that Robert Malley “has expressed sympathy to Hamas and Hezbollah and [has] offered accounts of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that don’t jibe with the facts.”

Perhaps Alan Dershowitz and every Jewish pro-Israel supporter of Obama will finally wake up.

  • blert

    Malley has to be a finger in the eye of both Cairo and Riyadh.

    He can’t be of any help with Baghdad, either.

    It would not be too far fetched to opine that Barry wants to see the Middle East burn — if not glow.


    When a president relieves a most capable commander of an entire war zone
    because he told an off the record joke about him. We have more enemies than just
    PVT Manning and KGB Snowden. This president to date has relieved 300 front line
    officers and cadre to take down the USA. Now he is going after their wives and
    kids with pay cuts and closing commissaries. Yet he can afford to take a carrier
    task force on Safari while he attacks Americas trucking industry with the help
    of the union hi- jacked teamsters who he intends to put out of work. Just like
    he put the oil riggers out of work, loaned Brazil our SS money and enabled them
    with our rigs to drill oil for china.The same China that just forced Japan to
    build 2,000 nukes. This party of death is not making the world safer for

    Now the losers of the entire Middle East and soon the Far East want to give
    us the phony blood clot queen of Benghazi. This beast as described in the book of revelation couldn’t run a lemon aids stand. Neither can the community fakir. The product of the best communist education tax money can buy.

    The sad truth is this government mafia is being run like a tribal
    sultanate. They are into everything including communist core children’s minds.
    Communism is a religion with no god. The sacraments are treason, dope,
    infidelity, adultery and they worship the false idol Oscar. Less than 1% of the
    nation puts it’s life on the line for 99% who believe they have no skin in the
    game. But the last people who thought that, gave up their skins to be lampshades with nice tattoos. The country is upside down. Bad is good. Good is bad. The wuus virus sweeps the land. Get a voucher and get your kid out of communist cucumber school.

    If we were a corporation we would be ripe for a take over. Turn this ship
    around. It would not hurt to run General McChrystal for president. What is the
    worst he could do? Save his country?



    • Drakken

      I would much prefer General Mattis, McChrystal was another one those useful idiots that bought into the hearts and minds stupidity that have tied our troops hands and has caused so much harm and casualties.

    • carol

      you need to get rid of him . he is doing nothing for the american people . hes a dictator who is going to turn the white house into a mosque, you wait and see.

  • Veracious_one

    Obama continues to show his commitment to the destruction from within of the USA reaffirming the General Strategic Goal of the Muslim Brotherhood


    and Homeland Security has given top secret clearance to the Muslim Brotherhood….

    The Obama agenda is quite clear…

  • Daniel J. Fish

    Daniel, it would be helpful if you would give a source for the italicized material you quote, or at least a link. None of the links seem to go to the quoted material.

  • truebearing

    Either the Obama coup is viewed as faltering, or the Soros cabal thinks it is a fait accompli and they can do whatever they want with impunity. As Daniel implied, they aren’t even trying to mask their anti-American, anti-Israel agenda.

    Soros has been pulling his money out of the stock market and supposedly has bet over one billion dollars that it will crash. With Obama at the helm, making all of the wrong moves, it seems likely to happen. Great evil is afoot.

  • carol

    you dont have a president you have a dictator and a muslim one at that!